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BATthread. Post BATmemes and praise Eich!

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I still have not given the ok to talk about BAT. And that has a reason. Be patient.

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5 million bat bro?

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pic related. Just wait for it. You will see.

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Stfu faggot. No one cares about you.

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if u say so

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But I always talk about BAT. BAT is awesome.

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BAT will have its time. I really think so. But it must wait.

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Agreed, I need more time.

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Haven't seen you around in a while, lad.

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I have two different PCs and two different Brave wallets. Can I cash out both using the same identity with uphold?

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And here we are now. And we do not even understand this idiocy now. Neets and other incapable retards.
How to be proud of not having any skills?

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Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?

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bat bros we all gtmi

dont worry kek speaks to me and told me to hodl and preach to good word to my fellow biznessmen, bat will take us to the citidel.

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Watching /biz/ devolve is what I mean... neets and their (only) hope in life that some gamble will pay off. What have we done?

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Just wait for next months MAU. If we hit 17m its GG's

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you know that nypa thing? well, i do have an army. And they all have some skill. No skills, and just posting retarded shit on /biz/ in order to boost abc coin is not enough. I am disgusted by all of you to be honest.

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