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Good evening, everyone! (or morning, depending on your time zone)

With the stocks opening back up after the COVID quarintine, I'd like to know what stocks you would consider investing in.
I've heard airplanes from friends and family, but are there any others I should be looking out for?

As for finances, I'm living at home attending university in Canada.
I would prefer to test the waters with $500-$1,000 (unless I should be putting more into a stable stock, which I can spare $2,000).

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Sorry, I'm pretty new to all of this.
I can't find those companies, only their stocks.
May you please explain what they are?

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Nigga don’t buy stocks they’re about to dump

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>airline stocks
HAHAHAHAHAHA it always cracks me up what "family and friends" recommend. My npc friend is saying if he had money to spend, he'd be buying cruise stocks. Fucking normies never cease to amaze me with their poor judgement and perma-sheep rationality

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SPXU - 3x short S&P 500, S&P goes down you make 3x gain
SQQQ - 3x short nasdaq-100, nasdaq goes down you make 3x gain
TVIX - 2x long vix, volatility index goes up (big dump) you make 2x

You could also dabble in put options. Buy some puts on SPY and QQQ. 250+ strike anytime after september is probably 100% safe. Or get a big boy futures account and buy VIX calls to cash in on the mega crash.

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When? We've been waiting weeks

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Although crass and short, this ànon it's partially correct. Be patient, don't buy on Mondays or Fridays until you have more experience (more than myself aswell). Watch a few less expensive prices so you can buy as many shares as possible and you really can't go wrong, everything seems to be down right now because of fear so eventually any solid company will bounce back.

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Video 100% related to your comment:

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At first we should ask anon, if he wants to be a long term investor or if he wants to speculate.

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Or do what this guy says if you want to have a heart attack by 22. He's what you call an addict, and I would guess that in the span of 5 years he looses money or just breaks even, even if he produces a picture of 160% gains in a week he's not showing you the -500% in his other holdings.

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Taiwan Semiconductors
SPXS Option call as a hedge

Most of my money is in LINK though.

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Meh labels, it's the same thing until your old and op is not. OP in like 30 years learn how you can take hundred's of thousands and turn it into millions, for now learn how to afford top quality ramen.

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More like retired at 22

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WOOOOAAA! calm down, sonny

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I suppose I'd like to put roughly $250 in a long term investment, and experiment with $50 investments in other stocks.

>for now learn how to afford top quality ramen
Fair enough.
I learned two years ago that there is no such thing as "the right moment" or "turning point" in your life. You slowly become a "grown up" bit by bit, so I'm more than willing to learn now.

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Where have you been the past 2 weeks? Last Wednesday spy was over 320 now it’s 306

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Stay in your containment general, stonks fags.

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>Taiwan Semiconductors
I'm allowed to in foreign companies?
People will still be buying computers after going broke?
The flight simulators?

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Here's something to learn, no ONE should be giving you a specific company to invest in and you shouldn't ask. If it's your friends and family it's just something they heard on tv, if it's people that play the market they're trying to use you. Honestly, your talking about 2,000 duck coins so no one cares about you, but it's all about being the jewist jew with options (calls puts). Racism is profitable, fear is profitable, never get emotional or brand loyal and in a few years high dividends will keep you comfy forever.

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Jewiest jew 88 haha

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getting antshares vibes from gilead

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Why would you bet against recovery now?

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Stonks are back to all time highs but we have the worst unemployment and GDP drop in history (worse than the great depression)

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I am curious why now though? Why not later in the year

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Trumpbux will run out and consumer spending will plummet

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Post nothing, we’re at 8 million cases out of a possible 8 billion. For those of your bad at math that’s 0.1% of the population. This shit is just getting rolling

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Stocks are hitting all time highs again about now, plus gibs run out end of July. That's why I said September is probably 100% safe.

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Honestly what do you guys think is going to happen once the money stops being printed and dumped straight into the markets!? This shit is a slow moving disaster.

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This is horrible advice for a newbie, leveraged indices have to be continuously readjusted because beta decay makes them guaranteed to depreciate in the long run.

OP just buy gold and silver, sit back, and watch and learn from your first financial collapse

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>guaranteed to depreciate

Only if the indices don't go down.

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If you're hoser ass is able to buy any of those on Monday you will lose money, see what I was saying>>19819454

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Nothing. Nothing has happened and nothing will, everything is cyclical. Your emotional, are you on your period?

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>just buy gold and silver, sit back, and watch and learn from your first financial collapse
After Trump regained control of the Federal Reserve, I think there's a (small?) possibility of everyone switching back to the gold standard.
Plus, if George Soros was able to make Great Britain crash by dumping silver, rare metals could be worth investing in.

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True if bigly

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Any stock can list themselves on the NASDAQ. TSM is also planning on building a massive plant in the US starting in 2021. Expect a moon from them on top of just being a good company.

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Thank you all for your advice!
Since I'm still fresh, I'll be placing $50 in Gold, $50 in NASDAQ, and then wait until September for "proper" investments such as airplane lines and the national railway.
If anyone has anything else to say, feel free to post.
Good night!

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Meant to say Taiwan Semiconductors, not NASDAQ

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