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didnt touch my pp today

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good job fren

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I stopped looking at my pp entirely. Haven't looked at it for a week.

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Haven’t coomed in almost a month

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I masturbated 5 times yesterday and twice today. It makes me weak and ruins my focus. I want to quit this stupid habit again.

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Great job fren!

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reminder that you can only make it if your brain is at constant post nut clarity. fap more and then after cumming immediately force your attention to something productive. the first moment a tit or ass comes to your mind you start fapping, then you cum and then you force your post clarity nut attention towards making money.

it also has financial advantages:
>fapping to porn is cheaper and more entertaining than holding a 5/10 3DPD and their mediocre sex
>porn can be easily pirated which makes it FREE
>no risk of getting babby (babby very expensive)
>dont need to pay for STD medication
>dont need to pay for roasties in any way
>can retire faster and invest more
>more money = more chances to make it

or listen to the nofap discord shills that want to drag you into the wagecuck ponzi for life while chaining you to some 3D pig. its your choice

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Lord knows I want to. My desire to coom is especially intense today because I’m thinking about the tight Puerto Rican chick I’m going to rail after this nightmare period of my life is over. But I refuse to give in

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>>fapping to porn is cheaper and more entertaining
this is the problem
Since it's more entertaining..then you have problem with real women because your brain associate pleasure to being alone in front of a digit screen

It's not a question of ''focusing'' for me... it's a question of being impotent with prostitutes if I fap
P.S. I can only have sex with escorts cause I am ugly

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Sexual behavior is reinforced by doing it so you're fueling the problem by engaging in it all the time. Post nut clarity is a cope for the overall brain fog cooming brings too. When I'm on nofap I have post nut clarity at all moments. I'm also less horny and don't think about sex or women as much so you're assumptions are wrong.

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>Sexual behavior is reinforced by doing it
The neural network is reinforced again and again and then when you are in front of a real women you're not able to do it... you should at least mix sex and fapping
not fapping alone

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I disagree that sex is good. It is best to abstain from all cooming unless you're with a woman you really love and want to procreate with.

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>I disagree that sex is good. It is best to abstain from all cooming unless you're with a woman you really love and want to procreate with.
I have red that you can have prostate cancer if you abstain from cooming
By the way I can't explain why buddist monk don't get it
I suppose that they abstain from masturbation and sex

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This is the worst advice I've seen here.

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never going to make it
maybe you are just asexual

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Kill yourself

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