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You amerifats dont have idea how lucky you are.

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What am I looking at Mehmet

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Don't move to western europe please

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Buy honda instead

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just import one you poorfag?
and please dont come to Germany.

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Reading comprehension bro. A ~8000 dollar car in the US is worth 50k in his country.

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fuck you really, you dont even know me and im sure im whiter than you. Enjoy getting raped by syrian refugees.

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We don't need you in India also. Stay where you are, rot where you are.

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$1500 you mean lmao maybe $3000 because of the inflated used car market due to the inflated new car market

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>Civic 1.6 VTi
>Equivalent of 10k usd
Fuck this place im buying myself a s w i f t g t i

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Fuck off Osman

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>Just buy a şahin bro

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Same in my country in Eastern Europe, i want to buy a Lexus/Toyota but there's no Cars for sale and if i do find one there are no Parts/Service for it. All we have is german cars FUUUUCK

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wish I lived in yerop so I could get the vm golf GTD. Love my manual diesel. I'm a manlet so tiny car = nice, plus 46 MPG is the most /biz/ car there is.

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A lot of turks are lurking in /biz/

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Even cheaper in the UK

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Yeah but you got that oil money, right?
>laughs in Saudi prince

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>5 owners
imagine the smell

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>5 owners
do i even wanna know?

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fuck off you pay nothing for petrol

cars are cheap in bahrain go buy one from there

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gas is about 95c usd what are you talking about

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KEK. Hitler wouldve chosen me without betting an eye. White as fuck. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. ngmi

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>Compared to a Muslim shithole, we're lucky because of........ cheap 350Z's

pffttthahahaha it's not because our country isnt all desert

it's not because our country isn't a totalitarian dystopian 19th century shithole

it's not because nobody here literally lives in mud huts

..... it's because of cheap Nissans.....

the absolute STATE of retarded shitskins.........

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I got a 2012 Buick with like a thousand miles on it for 9 grand. It amazes me how bad people are at finding used car deals

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Oh god turks are the absolute worst. White wannabe subhumans all of them.

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you live in some sandy shithole in the middle of nowhere, of course things cost more, muhammed

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I have white skin, brown eyes, brown hair, basically i have the davinci genes. blonde and blue are scum

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what are the chances of you being retarded mutts who dont know jack shit about global geography

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>"w-we have trees!"

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Believe me we are well aware how awesome the USA is and how much you suck.

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ahh you got me, here is a pic from my desert shithole

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>"p-please ignore the other 99% of my desert wasteland country and focus on this tiny 3 square mile patch of land that looks somewhat European!"

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this is now a Turkroach thread

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why don't you import cars to your country and resale them for a chunk of profit? the cost of import must be high?

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naw thats not the problem.
>you buy the car.
>Ali sees car before you see it.
>Now ali has a new car.

Thats why he doesnt import.

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beat up ali?

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>but don't you dare criticize my country, fat American piece of shit, how dare you

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that does not work. Because you dont know ali. He just stole your car from the harbor. kek

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wrong again my guy
This pic was from asia but ok

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>buying 17 year old car
Why would anyone do this

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please stay in your mooslim shithole achmed

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>a desert is defined by temperature

>turkish education

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Here you go. I had a good map for both but it was a webp file for whatever reason

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Turkboys where we at?
1TL = 100$ EOY
Oh yea! Feels good to be rich!

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>"this map has no data on it but its colored blue, PROVING Turkey isnt a desert!"

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Feels good to be the rulers of Europe

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there is a legend on the bottom right corner are you actually blind?

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a legend for fucking WHAT you stupid turkroach

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We Turks love to breed white girls

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Nice cope turkroach nigger

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also congrats on BTFOing yourself.

20% of your desert shithole country is by definition DESERT and another 70% gets less than 20 inches of rainfall a year, comparable to the driest parts of America.

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>"Turkey is a land of vast forests! we're not like the middle east! Our geography is just like Europe's!"

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File: 94 KB, 400x290, Maps-of-a-the-altitude-b-the-annual-rainfall-in-Turkey-Ozden-et-al-2001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also I couldnt find an English map for it but here is another one which shows that it it about rainfall(you can translate it if you want)

>What is a desert? Deserts cover more than one-fifth of the Earth's land area, and they are found on every continent. A place that receives less than 10 inches (25 centimeters) of rain per year is considered a desert.
By this definition 0% percent of Turkey qualifies as a desert but please keep this thread going im enjoying this

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You're a cowardice filth who would betray his homeland at the drop of a dime.

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The map shows that we arent like the rest of the middle east
>lol you dont look like yurop
Have I ever mentioned Europe once?

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>By this definition 0% percent of Turkey qualifies as a desert
>A place that receives less than 10 inches (250 millimeters)

>"oh fuck but the map i posted shows we're a desert! uhh uhh I'll just go upload another one that has different data and say it was because i wanted the map to specify the data was in regards to rainfall"

>"oh shit, the words "rain" are in another language. fuck it"

hahahahaha dumbass turkroach

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>>"oh fuck but the map i posted shows we're a desert! uhh uhh I'll just go upload another one that has different data and say it was because i wanted the map to specify the data was in regards to rainfall"
The two maps I have posted dont have any contraditions, all of the turquoise parts in the first map either fall in the yellow or the orange parts in the second map
Are mutts really this retarded?

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>"we're not sandy like them!!!"
pftthahahahahaha 80% of your country is rocky DESERT wasteland

>"b-b-but we get 5 more inches of rain than what scientists consider a true desert!!!"


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>a value of 200 falls within a range of 250-300
hahahahahahaha you can NOT make this shit up hahahahaha

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What the fuck is that saturation lmao
Pic related is what the majority of turkey looks like, probably could fool a lot of people into thinking that it is from the Midwest

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you have to be fucking with me at this point
the turquoise colour represents the area where rainfall is between 200-400mms a year. I am genuinely curious as to how you dont seem to understand this

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>Google Earth kills the lying turkish kike

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what's the first number in that range? and does it fall between 250 and 300?

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top KEK /pol/cucks BTFO'd
those prices are fucked Turkman, you guys don't have an alternative? like a bike or something?

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lol no, I have looked up the coordinates and sure enough you posted the dryest part of the nation. If you can generalize on that so can I generalize and say that all of turkey is made up of montane forestland

>> No.19909761

200 could have been chosen for it to simply allign with the rest of the legend so that they all end in x00s. You cant form a conclusion based solely on that

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>4chandeki beyinsiz muslukçulara laf anlatmaya çalışıp bir de karşılarında küçülmek


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Literal retarded tier arguments.
The extend of american education right here, folks.

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everything except the coastline looks like barren rocky wasteland and the rainfall totals back it up. just look at your country. it looks dry as fuck

>> No.19909816

we're reaching new levels of COPE we've never encountered before....

>> No.19909838

>The extend

>> No.19909972


this pic is from the same region as >>19909245. If anything I am glad that I can discover very unique climates without having to travel much

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Skim read so don't know if it's been said, but, that's a shit car anyway anon get something better

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daha ne kadar küçülcez ki kıçınısikeyimistan

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idk at this point this is the most fun ive had in /biz/ in such a long time

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>unique climate
yes, I'll be sure to travel there in the fall to watch the rocks change colors

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What do you expect? Nissan has four factories in the US while in turkey its import only.

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At this point I am 99% sure that you are indeed blind judging by you not being able to see that the ground is full of vegetation with not one rock in sight in the pic ive posted. You okay there anon?

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Just import some used JDM straight from Japan.

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>pic you posted was a pic of grass

I'll be sure to visit in the fall to watch the GRASS turn brown

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wtf, 50k?
I sold my 350z for 2700$ in dubai

>> No.19910459

Unfortunately the import taxes are (as far as I know) absurd and there seems to be a lack of info about it. I wouldnt want to be the guy who spent half his paycheck to import an MR2 or it be stopped at the border and get confiscated for some law that you cant find unless you know a lawyer or smth

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he cant. Muhammed or Ali will steal his car at the harbor

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this one is selling for 3.4k but you can easily lower the price

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It seems that you have stopped trying to convince yourself that Turkey is a desert shithole. I am glad that we could come to a nice conclusion

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Well Mehmet you need to improvise.
We are all Fucked not only in Turkey but Europe as well. US has its own riots. And the Chink flu is still claiming people like the scourge.

>> No.19910892

>average annual rainfall in turkey is 15 inches
>5 inches more than what is scientifically considered desert
>for comparison the USA receives an average of 32 inches a year and is literally half desert

haha no, I still consider 15 inches of annual rainfall to be shit-tier desert and Google Maps proves my point

>> No.19910931

In Canada, most cars are even cheaper.

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File: 513 KB, 1366x768, Ekran Görüntüsü (50).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, I guess it comes down what you consider as a desert. Pic related is the Köppen-Geiger Climate map and as you can see it changes quite a bit from region to region. The orange regions are what you can call semi deserts the rest is mostly the same as in europe and nothing like the middle east

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oc sutu de bimden alip koymus. amin oglu

>> No.19911382

Sandnigger is angry.

>> No.19911419

350z a shit anyway, especially the early ones.

>> No.19911640

massive amounts of COPE going on here

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Looks like I need to post this again

>> No.19911883

Care to explain?

>> No.19911995

lmao there there you dumb fuck

>> No.19912007

If you can actually browse 4chan for more than 1 year without coming to the conclusion that whites are inferior, then maybe you do belong with them

>> No.19912045

Careful now no need to blow up over it

>> No.19912105

I guarantee you're American. Even when you lose an argument and the facts are against you, you still claim victory, like the 3 year old intellect you have.

>> No.19912117

youre also comparing something with aftermarkets parts to some stock garbage

>> No.19912710

>"we're ONLY a semi-desert!"

at this point, its obvious you are enjoying my America company. probably makes you feel important. later turkroach

>> No.19913487

Your racism shtick is getting old. Nobody wants to read your hatred for Muslims faggot!

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A Nissan 350Z with a high mileage will probably have some annoying and expensive issues. It often makes financially more sense to buy the overall better 370Z instead.

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just get a sportbike like a bandit 1250s or 1200s if you want a fast comfortable bike if you want to commute. Cars are overrated anyways.

>> No.19913698

lmao /biz/ dunking on turks with racism
makes me feel less bad about not being able to admit I'm an Israeli femanon since people will go mad. we are united against racists.

>> No.19913722

Have you seen the map ive posted dickhead? whatever good day to you aswell

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