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30 minutes till closing

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>no title

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Is this the one without EV shrills and pajeet scam penny stocks? I like that one.

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Rather have no title than an anime image

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Fuck furries I choose this one. Someone post some big titty office ladies to get this going.

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Who’s coordinating the pumps of these EV stocks? WKHS went from crazy volume to no volume overnight for seemingly no reason.

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i'm so close to just buying into TSM now. Anon shared some good DD here like a week ago but why the fuck does it keep pumping? Shouldn't it have a correction by now?
There are no news, monthly sales report for June isn't even out yet. Q3 isn't until July 16.

Why is it pumping???? It was pumping even when the whole market was down

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>manage my broker account and my old mans account
>at peak, I was 1000% (unrealized), and now in the morning I was 500% (realized)
>Took major hits trading in the past week
>Dad doesn’t know I sacrifice myself first so I can get bogged and then get him a better position than me
>he is up 102% since I started managing his account two weeks ago

I will go broke if it will allow my old man to retire

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Anon with the real question.

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>big titty

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>Realized 4800 in losses when it dumped to 12
>It immediately pumps to 13

You’re welcome NIO holders

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it's dead cat bouncing

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>my little sis watches anime and draws
How can I find out if she's a cunny chad?

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good son tho

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$55 before close

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oh damn, i just said the other thread was superior. what patrician taste.

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Pretty cute when girls try to get closer to you by any means necessary!

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If WKHS randomly sees crazy volume again without any news, it confirms that it’s just part of an elaborate EV pumping scheme. If that happens I’m getting out on the next green day.

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Where are all my greenchads

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>used to have a $1600 profile
>took out a $2000 loan to gamble because I'm a retard
>keep losing
>was at $2000 and down my $1600
>now I'm down my entire loan and back to where I was
I don't know if this is irony or God telling me I suck at trading.. but it's definitely making me less emotional at trading. Also a if I go back 4 months to before I started my total portfolio is at $3666 so maybe the devil is screwing me over

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post a pic, we'll tell you

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kek. Based son. Can you manage my account? I haven’t seen green in forever, I’m dreaming about it

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Cmon horse close green for me

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>taking out loans

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Based good son

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Titles can be gay sometimes

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M I L K J U G S - D I S P E N S I N G . . .
[||||||||||||||||||||||----] 75%

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buy FAANG and MINT

>> No.20203911

I thought the whole point of EVs was that you got to skip the pump

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Please NIO, just one more mooning. Give me the $15

>> No.20203933

What are you buying anon

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Hey i was doing some analysis i think the stock PIXY is a buy. my guess is with the rise in unemployment there will be people more likely to take shift jobs and thereby use the APP more people will use it? Any Anon want to help confirm this? its just a theory really but the stock has so far been stuck at 5.1-5.3 range i think its due to take off.

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>took out a $2000 loan to gamble because I'm a retard
you have a gambling addiction that you are justifying as "investing"
would you have done the same thing to gamble in a casino?

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i should collect those. I'll have to go scrounge around.

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You are one reckless son of a bitch lmao
What's it like to have a dad worth sacrificing anything at all over lmao. Hope mine wage slaves until he croaks while I continue to buy faster cars and better guns than him

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Who else here is on the WATT shuttle to the moon? I think it hits 5.50 at least EOW. Here’s some milk.

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Office blouse lactation and skirt wetting NOW frogposter N O W

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This is what I'm in right now. I got fucked the hardest on the jogger stocks, and the bad feels from that led me to make bad desperate moves.

I've never been in a casino but I do like buying scratchers. I don't deny that I might have a problem, but I think I'm just impatient is the biggest issue. Not holding stocks for more than 2-3 days and bailing at the first sign of bad news.. then it peaks the next day.

>> No.20204045

Why are they up? Anything that would cause them to go to $5

>> No.20204064

Looking for WHEN insider anon with details on billion dollar China telecommunications deal later this month. Come back, sir! When is the buy-in time?

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Good company with good valuation. Their product (wireless charging) covers a wide variety of products and markets. It’s barely starting to rise. Missed out on a bit of money but it’s not done yet.

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Take out loans
Buy tqqq
Buy srty

>> No.20204084

>has daddy issues and doesn’t love thy father

ngmi cuck

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>Is this the one without EV shrills and pajeet scam penny stocks? I like that one.

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>skirt wetting
whoa whoa whoa, wrong guy. I'll see what i can manage for the first half.

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He should realy do the needful

>> No.20204169

Lol yeah everyone should just love everyone no matter how shitty they are and I'm the one ngmi. Learn to cut ties with negative investments whether its money or people and you'll be a more well of man because of it.

>> No.20204183

>his portfolio is correlated
Thats your first problem
The second is that you are all in late stage pnd but no value like AMZN FB APPL MSFT

>> No.20204201

Why do you post this autism phrase from time to time, schizo?
What do you think it means?

>> No.20204231

Horse going to end like 1 cent green... drop 50 cents AH

>> No.20204314

Are you not aware of any other way in which you can find out what is happening??

>> No.20204333

Well normie time is almost over - we are going into the Jewing hour. How did we do today? I'm almost breakeven on Dominion, up significantly on TSM and WAY up on KTOV. Going to buy MMP, XOM, and INN but I need them to be cheaper. 80% of my portfolio is cash and I am stubbornly waiting on a large correction before I get back in. Market is crazy.

>> No.20204427

When that large correction comes I'm doing the TQQQ TMF thing for 30% of my portfolio, FAANGM for 20%, boomer divvies 20%, and memestocks the rest. But I want to see 290 SPY first.

>> No.20204490

And after SPY 290 I will start to DCA in over 3-6 months depending on the downward velocity. I am banking on SPY 270 or lower depending on if that senile old pervert Biden wins. Any feedback on this plan?

>> No.20204511

I plan to eventually buy bigger more safe stocks.. I was just hoping to get to like $10k first so the gradual gains from big slower moving ones would mean more

>> No.20204537

based. I'm up big on my miners, but held back by my hedges (dividend etfs and cash) and my hedge in UVXY. 1% gain. feels good to be winning a bit.

>> No.20204632

Anons please teach me about options, i understand it as price reservation for future you decide with % fee of total sum am i wrong?

>> No.20204668

UVXY is so tempting. I thought it was getting delisted with TVIX? I need to stay the fuck away from leveraged bear ETFs - TVIX made me a SHIT TON of money but I had to be retarded and hold it for like 3 weeks. The timing decay makes them nonsensical IMO - nobody can time the market well enough consistently for them long term. And I've heard they don't actually track anything. However nonetheless I am happy your play is starting to pay off and wish your continued success in UVXY

>> No.20204678

Options contracts are in bundles of 100 shares. The premium is quoted as a price/share. So take the premium price and multiply by 100. That is what you pay as the buyer of the contract or make as the seller of a contract.

>> No.20204759

UVXY isn't being delisted to my best knowledge. i've been swinging UVXY since like $55, so overall i'm down about 25% on it, but I'm seeing big downside risk on everything right now, and will just VCA into XLU and more miners. Nothing else looks attractive right now.

>> No.20204785

Lets say tesla is now 1359$ i bet that it will go up to 1400 in 2weeks example what should i do

>> No.20204786

maybe SRVR and AAPL too.

>> No.20204808

No more adding for me till fall. Gonna wait to see what happens with our virus friend. Top percentages now: DAL - 45%, DIS - 14/15%, T - 10%, SWTSX 8%. 22% - other stocks and 1 fund.

>> No.20204980

First, learn your greeks. The general strat would be buying out of the money (OTM) calls at say 1400 or 1500, depending on the greeks, that expire in 2 weeks with the aim of selling in 1 week. A large part of the value in a contract is the time left in it. If in 1 week it starts moving towards 1400 and that rate is faster than time decay you can turn around and sell the contract. Probably to someone who will actually be looking to exercise it.
But you should not start with a stock with a price that high. Also the greeks are completely fucked on TSLA in particular because there is options market manipulation going on there.
>inb4 angry Elon memer
Anyone looking at TSLA options would stay the fuck away right now. Someone with a lot of money wants that stock to go a certain way and you'd just be along for the ride. It would have nothing to do with its "valuation"

>> No.20204989

I think on the employment side with less restaurants and jobs needing to be filled it might not be great. The catastrophic earnings last quarter are scary but other than financials look passable, we'll see how bad earnings are tomorrow but I'm leaning towards no.

>> No.20204995


You shouldn't trade if it's not meant ironically

>> No.20205012


That was the stock market word of the day in case you’re wondering

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I lost $50 today /smg/

>> No.20205119

Don't worry SPY will be over $320 by end of day tomorrow.

>> No.20205135

>DXY down almost half a percent
>Gold spiking up
>VIX all over the place
>S&P making three rapid 0.5% swings
idk senpai.

>> No.20205174

Explain? I came here to learn so far >>20204980
helped me alot

>> No.20205234

If you're thinking about XLU, take a look at getting NEE, XEL, ATO, and AWK individually instead. I've done a fair bit of research into utilities and I think the above 4 represent the sector with better performance, growth, and is still diversified across electric, gas, water, and renewables.

>> No.20205252

>he is up 102%
You would have to be the biggest retard on the planet not to put half of that money into index funds.

>> No.20205255

Yeah today wasn't boring at all. I think everyone knows the hat is going to drop, or is worried about it. The market feels skittish this week.

>> No.20205306

Your buying 100 shares with the understanding that if it hits a certain price on a certain date and you sell to someone you'd get a very fat green bag as a reward. However if the conditions specified don't come true on the date in question you get a baggie of shat instead.

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How it feels losing 10k (all my gains for past 5 years) in the span of two weeks because of bad trades made under the influence of dentist prescribed opiates.

>> No.20205405

Damn sorry dude. Time to pull back I'd say.

>> No.20205431

If I was you I’d take all those opiates in 1 go

>> No.20205451

based, i'll give it a peek. thanks for the tip anon.

agreed. The lack of big motion in bonds is of interest to me. Not really sure if there's much else to parse out of the motions today.

>> No.20205454

I said fuck it today and cut all my bags and went all in on nvda. Left 1k for options plays on fcel i should be able to make it back soon bc of how predictable that stock is. Fucking sucks though doctors get the rope

>> No.20205598

You could have retired on those stocks one day you silly goose

>> No.20205734

RIP me then tried trading "not EV" and look where it gets me

>> No.20205743

Cut the crap with the pump and dump ev memes fagnigger. Nio is fucked ive got a fat put play cause that shits dumping hard tomorrow. If u come suck my sick like a good little sissy slut i might give a few pennies to your broke ass. Faggot

>> No.20205749

holy fuck, i want to kill myself for not selling my wkhs options last week. i know they're probably going to suppress the price until the 17th.

>> No.20205768

What’s so great about NIO? I have 916 shares and I’m currently looking for an exit point

>> No.20205774

the second any infrastructure bill gets passed that mentions USPS at all WKHS is going to moon
do you know how badly trump wants to tweet that he saved USPS

>> No.20205841

2nd govt check bill soon I hope.. I can feel that extra 2400 in my wallet now..

>> No.20205890

You think this makes you sound tough but it’s just you admiring you want another man to suck your sick. Faggot.

>> No.20205924

the manliest thing is dominating another man :-)

>> No.20205943

Not sexually

>> No.20205953

Think beyond the next couple months, you complete amateur.
It is one of the better placed car manufacturers for the purposes of servicing a (quickly) growing middle class in China, which is already the biggest EV market in the world. It may never knock Tesla off its perch (or come close), but it is poised to be a major winner in its domestic market over the next 5 years, particularly given the government support. There are valid bear arguments with regards to inherent risk with Chinese companies, but most of the anti-shilling you see is literally just butthurt faggots from nu-/pol/. For me personally, the risk/reward is worth it, so i'm accumulating in a tax-advantaged account and not touching until it's three figures.

>> No.20205958


>> No.20205960

Hmm Gov of my state just said that due to spike in virus cases he's gonna add more "requirements" people gotta do tomorrow. As if wearing a mask and social distancing wasn't enough..

>> No.20206037

making a straight man do gay shit is the ultimate demonstration of power
it's all the rage with prison rapists

>> No.20206059
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Loled. My unrealized was huge but not as huge as yours.

>> No.20206096

Most prison rapists are just like you, faggot, gay men who don't want to come out of the closet.

>> No.20206148

I'm bisexual fren
Prison rape is a well-known phenomenon that doesn't indicate sexuality
Every man has a faggot inside him, but not all men manifest it

>> No.20206149

I want to get raped to death by a pack of riled up congolese niggers. Imagine their thick tree trunk dicks shooting aunt jemima like loads into your boi pucci. I want to feel that hot sticky cum dribble out of my boihole while i lie in the street covered in dirt blood and cum hemmirhaging from my internal organ damage. God i love bbc

>> No.20206181

"After funding his account with $15,000 in credit card advances"
How do people like this exist?

>> No.20206189

I'm afraid you've misspelled 'faggot', sir - let me show you to your rope.

>> No.20206237
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As an options day trader, how do I manage not to keep FUDing myself out of taking positions? I think there is such a thing as playing things too safely, and it's causing me to miss out on major gains.

Lately my daily gains have gone from several hundred to less than a hundred just because I'm so nervous about doing anything.

>> No.20206243
File: 40 KB, 657x527, 2F54E38D-3C06-4DB1-8372-D9007BDEAED1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Halo sir id like u to ravage my boihole very good. I want my colon to hang out like santas present sack on christmas night. Fuck me gud mr daddyboo

>> No.20206245

Prison rape is not about sex....



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not before I give the mother of your children AIDS pal; do you know anyone I could borrow some from?

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/NVDA/ chads report in

>> No.20206308

Have 3 shares. I wish I had more, but that's over 10% of my portfolio already. The most I've had was 11 shares, that was before covid.

>> No.20206316

Im retard

Using a TOS cash only and have been playing around with options very casually. I make sure that my buying power lines up with the risk im taking, and im only selling covered calls and (cash covered) naked puts.

Everything was cool, but today I noticed I could close my covered call for a lot of the profit, and then open another at a different strike to make additonal profit.

A few hours later, I noticed my buying power is now way lower than I calculate. Is this because of transaction times? I suppose in my dumbassedness thought this was all relatively instant.

I cant get the math to line up, does this seem like the case?

>> No.20206326

pls no

>> No.20206331

only make trades in stocks you are confident in
don't chase moons or pump n dumps if they've already left the station
only check your portfolio a few times a day
don't put anything on the line you cannot afford to lose, losses are the costs of making gains, learn from them

>> No.20206338

I just bought 19 today fren. I hope to have 25 by the end of the month as i see nvda hitting 1000 by the end of the year. That shit is mooning just slow and steadily. Remember that story about turtle and rabbit? Rabbit got fucked in his nigger ass thats what gonna happen to all these pump and dumo niggerkikes

>> No.20206412
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>made 325 so far this week
>in the green this year again

After being crabbed to death for weeks it's looking up guys.

>> No.20206416

>only make trades in stocks you are confident in
>don't chase moons or pump n dumps if they've already left the station
>only check your portfolio a few times a day
well, I'm checking the chart a lot, and I generally only hold one position at a time
>don't put anything on the line you cannot afford to lose, losses are the costs of making gains, learn from them
I'm so afraid to take a loss, any loss, at any point, that it seems to just petrify me before I take a position I would otherwise want to. I have taken losses before but lately that fear has been unusually debilitating.

It may depend on the day too, today was hard because the market didn't have a clear direction, and with each potential reversal I spotted I convinced myself that it might not be real

>> No.20206424

What’re your positions orangunigguh?

>> No.20206437

>he didnt buy the tesla dip

>> No.20206446

Seriously who the fuck are you people and what are you doing in my house

>> No.20206455

Fuck my boipucci like a gorilla. I want to be ripped apart like a softshell taco from tacobell at 3 am in an inner city park

>> No.20206459

This thread is already infinitely worse than the last one with all this gay talk

>> No.20206466

Rudy, is that you?

>> No.20206483

WKHS or NIO tomorrow?

>> No.20206487

I think the risky plays happen when you've got actual losses staring at you. I lost 2500 on the shit ONTX. Found TRNX on a whim. Didn't do any checking on it or nothing. Just saw where the stock was moving up. Sat on it for 3 days and sold with my losses covered. Hell of it was if I'd held for only one hr more I'd have made double my green.. By the following week the stock shat and well it's still shat now.

>> No.20206492

No its me Faggot. Now whip out that pink cock and fuck my boihole

>> No.20206496

I doubled my portfolio and was on a good run, up £10K. Last 3 days of trading I lost almost £3K. Decided to just go 100% cash and take a break.
I find having no positions gives you a much clearer mindset towards the market and I can find pre-moon stocks much more easily.
The FOMO is hard though. I have been bogged many times recently. E.g. I sold MYT and DGLY literally the day before they mooned when I took my break. If anything that's a wake up call KEK.
I am trying to work on my patience. I am an ADHD sperg so it is challenging. But I think that is one of the most important factors. I am not very good at holding stocks when they're red.
If anything, a stock you're in the red on that isn't actually moving that much is a bullish sign. All it takes is a pumper to shill it or a PR for it to moon (if it's a penny stock)
Good luck anon

>> No.20206502

the one with an actual viable product in a country not specifically designed to fuck over everyone not from there?

>> No.20206512
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>Literally grinded myself nonstop the whole day for a major project at work only to find I'm almost 4% down EOD because I didn't have time to check

>> No.20206522

Either stock or long options on wkhs.
Shorter dated calls on NIO. Will need to baby sit them in case of sudden drops. But I think the ccp will keep pumping it for a bit.

>> No.20206529

Whats the most high Risk High reward stocks right now?

I have norwegian air, norwegian cruise, carnival, wirecard and denburry recources on my list.

Any Additions?

>> No.20206531

awh did someone touch you in your sexuality anon? it must be hard not being confident in your heterosexuality :-)

>> No.20206533

You need a strategy. Set a target that you will sell at, and have an exit price/date as well. Otherwise you are just gambling and using emotions and will get cucked by your weak hands.

>> No.20206540
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I am the wolf of Wall Street.

>> No.20206541


Sold NIO and TSLA at profit today

Sitting on TTNP patiently, I didn't buy at the top like every other idiot here so I'm just slightly at a loss while it hyper crabs, expecting another spike in price in a week or so

Bought, luckin coffee, some dumb chinese tea thing, tencent, WATT, and NKLA, all of these aside from tencent are probably short term and in small quantities just for fun. Chink stocks are the future.

>> No.20206561

no worries anon, I went for a haircut, came back and found myself down -17% on GSAT on the day it mooned +10% :^)

>> No.20206562

I hope so. I want to redeem my retarded decisions i did yesterday.

I bought $15 call and $12 put and i somehow fucked both of them up.

Held the call for too long, not selling for good profit and sold put too early, for a loss.

>> No.20206565

you're almost all-in on WKHS

>> No.20206579

Listen to him and dont be a retard like me.

>> No.20206588

>I am an ADHD sperg so it is challenging
I'm a probable ADHD case and I have OCD so I'm constantly imagining the worst outcome to my trades. Immediate reversal, losing hundreds in minutes, etc.

I'm not much of a penny stock chaser, but options behave a little like penny stocks sped up several hundred times, depending on which ones you're buying. Similar to you I have a problem with selling before they really get going, but I also have a problem taking positions, and as soon as a stock starts moving in the direction I wanted, I give up because I "missed the boat"

Anyway, I'll just have to work at being less and less emotional about this and literally not giving a fuck about losing money sometimes, enforcing a hard stop on the amount I allow myself to lose in a given interval or overall. I'd probably be a lot less nervous about this if I were still employed but oh well

>> No.20206599

TTNP looks like a good hold. It's very steady at $0.30. Will of course pump and dump at the first sign of PR.

>> No.20206606

I know everyone in /smg/ hates the horse now, but there was a buy order for approximately 507k shares at $16.66 at 5:03 PM EST. Do with that what you will.

>> No.20206608
File: 645 KB, 600x809, 2c4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then use your brain, retard.

>> No.20206613

>luckin coffee
this still exists?
>Chink stocks are the future
tbqh, banking on and thinking /pol/ might be right for once in /tgdg/. The threads stink to high heaven like other natural disaster generals, but it seems like they're actually fixated on a real economic happening there, dam breaking or otherwise.

>> No.20206619

Anyone ever try outshine popsicles?

>> No.20206633


>> No.20206637


Like I said I'm just trading daily, so for now I'm either going with weeklies or next-weeklies.

My "strategy" at the moment is to decide upon a price in my head that I will sell at if the movement goes south on me, i.e. a mental stop loss. I wish Robinhood had a proper stop loss rather than stop limit feature on options. Otherwise, when I sell for a profit is when I start seeing the movement of the stock become unstable or leveling off. Then I get cold feet and sell for whatever modest gain I can take.

>> No.20206650

You dumb faggots.


ALL garbage today.

You dumb fucks keep getting garbage companies.

Just get FAT MANG stocks, wait for a dip and get call options on that stock (SEE FACEBOOK AD DIP) if you want a safe, easy way to make THOUSANDS of dollars.

>> No.20206654

I can relate to all of this anon, we must be at a disadvantage
I think the main problem is simply investing too much money. Never be unhappy with a gain because you wish you had put more in, just remember that if it had dumped you would've lost that much more, too. When you have a lot of money on the line it also makes those small red % look like big ones, and then the emotions set in. Always have confidence in an investment and do your research into the company, its history and trends.
Personally I am going to be playing with a £10K account from now on rather than a £20K account. Too much on the line. I will start investing bigger amounts once I get to a milestone like £50K or £100K. Patience

>> No.20206662
File: 18 KB, 445x250, those big nosed FUCKS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20206677


They are just going to dump from the flood gates at max flow, might flood some villages down stream but they aren't going to allow the dam to burst. The chinese build some retarded shit but they obviously did the research on their most famous and largest engineering project. Listening to /pol/ """"""""engineers"""""""", wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.20206694
File: 229 KB, 1920x1080, F70356BC-CEE4-404D-90C7-298102ACBBF0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else comfy in their parents house? My dad knows I use most of my paycheck for stocks and he encourages it. I don’t make much money (16 an hour) and he encourages me to lift weights, invest, and takes me golfing atleast twice a month. Feels good man. He even paid for me to get my truck fixed.

>> No.20206705

Idk man we’re talking about the same faggots that helped call in Russian air strikes on two different terrorist positions and geolocated a fucking flag based on star fields seen from a god damn camera and some sounds. They may mostly be retarded but the few that aren’t retarded are fucking geniuses.

>> No.20206706


It's funny because I put $30K in my RH account so I could day trade as much as I wanted, but I'm too afraid to make plays over 1-1.5K. When options start going south on you you can struggle to sell them off, particularly if the price is continually tanking. That's always a scary ordeal, having to cancel and resubmit to get the sell through and settle for what's left.

Although a strategy I tried this morning, and one which I may continue to use, is to get in on morning spikes, consulting the VWAP to determine direction likelihood, and only buying one or two contracts with a weekly expiration. I only need to put down a few hundred, and if I'm right I still make a hundred or two on just that play. If this turns out well for me I might start upping the ante a little with more contracts.

>> No.20206714

Sell/buy options in the stocks you own to give yourself some more confidence to hold. I.e. buy some puts so that you know you can sell the stock at a certain price in a couple months so you don’t feel pressure to sell it until that day.

>> No.20206715

They're crabbing it and doing traps along the way to vacuum up as much as possible for next week. It's pretty obvious that it's being heavily manipulated considering its floor/ceiling.

>> No.20206721
File: 72 KB, 2298x202, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.42.18 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is anyone in GEO? i just saw the ex-div date get announced for 7/16, the day before my covered calls expired so i rolled out the call to 8/21.

i feel like they're bracing for a potential biden victory.

>> No.20206729

He sounds like a great father anon

>> No.20206730

they actually bought a spy satellite to take pictures of the Dam to confirm their suspicions are lurk the thread for the pics but have been absent for the past 3 days.

>> No.20206750
File: 122 KB, 750x507, 7A05DE85-5F5A-421D-8C27-B0A2B97FBCED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Up 9% today

>> No.20206754

Tesla dip

>> No.20206758

No, I'm not in the camp that is expecting the dam to break (although it could), but I'm definitely seeing that the rainfall numbers and flooding that's already taking place is going to disrupt that whole area, including Wuhan. There's implications for their manufacturing and agricultural capacity at a minimum.

>> No.20206761

They didn’t buy or obtain shit until the images are up. And even then there’s no way to independently verify their legitimacy, unless some inter/pol/ field agent decides to take a trip to the dam themselves to verify.

>> No.20206780
File: 241 KB, 600x800, 87F752EE-78AA-49A9-89E0-977A6B8414C5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NIO back up after hours

>> No.20206800


Interesting strategy, and of course puts are a good hedge against stock you own. However I've exited all of my actual stock positions; right now I'm only scalping options and I hold nothing overnight.

In a way this relieves a lot of after-hours tension but an unexpected emotional consequence is that I find myself ruminating a lot more until the market opens again, since I obviously can't lose or gain anything during off time. I am a programmer and I have some thoughts about a day trading practice tool I'd like to build so maybe I'll focus on that

>> No.20206811
File: 940 KB, 1688x1125, processor1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will I make it if I throw 80% of my portfolio into NVDA, AMD, TSM, and a good non-leveraged semiconductor ETF?

>> No.20206816

Yeah I only trade by buying and selling the shares. That's commission free for me. Britbong CFDs cost like £20/trade, mostly from currency exchange.

I have noticed that stocks tank at some point before power hour. Usually 14:00 - 15:00 EST is when they're at their lowest, before pumping hard during or right before power hour. That's when I want to make my plays. Missed it today because I was playing CSGO. Morning sell offs are good as well, I will always take a bit of profit on a morning pump after holding a stock overnight. If it continues pumping then you're still making gains. If it dumps then you already took good profit.

>> No.20206817

But RH only lets you do 3 daytrades every 5 market days.

>> No.20206819

2% is not a dip retard. 7, 10, 15% is a dip. (SEE ELON TWEET "Tesla is overvalued in my opinion" DIP)

>> No.20206827

Just buy tech and tqqq then come back in 10 years

>> No.20206828
File: 42 KB, 757x612, DC69814B-744F-4439-A72D-2D65656C09DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ViacomCBS is still under $23 buy now.

>> No.20206836

Is noone going to buttfuck my pucci??

>> No.20206843


Yeah but my thing with china stocks is that if you think US fed pumping of the market is crazy the chinks are willing to do anything and everything to have their companies compete at the global stage, I just want to be along fore the ride.

>> No.20206876

>Just buy tech and tqqq then come back in 10 years

Why does the YouTube crowd shit all over leveraged ETFs? I don't know enough to make a good assessment.

>> No.20206883

CBS is a failing company (SEE 3 year trajectory).

Just wait for a good company to have a dip. Until then, FAT MANG stocks.

>> No.20206886

Trump could decide to exec order for all Chinese stocks to be delisted at any time tho. As long as that threat exists, I don’t feel safe investing in any substantial way into Chinese stocks.

>> No.20206889

I am a programmer too fellow ADHD anon, what a strange coincidence

>> No.20206908

So if that happened what would happen to my NIO stocks?

>> No.20206911

They slowly degrade in value over time. You won’t notice it short term but it makes them retarded long term holds. It’s like owning a mutual fund with 10% expense fees. Read the prospectus. They’re gimmicky derivatives and can blow up.

>> No.20206939

Okay good, I thought you were trading stocks. Options are a lot simpler - you already know you max loss going into it and I always go into options expecting to hold until expiration if it goes red, I take profits at 30% every time, no matter what. Of course I SELL options so the majority of my trades are winners, if you are buying options then you want a bigger profit sell point because you will lose most of the time.

>> No.20206940


Not if you have 25K or over in your account. Which is why I deposited that much


Lately I've come to think about day trading like chess, in that there's an early/middle/endgame to daily markets. I'm not particularly good at chess but I'm working on refining my day trading early game, whereas middle and end are a lot harder for me to strategize for (and leave me much more subject to psyching myself out of doing anything).

Around 1/13:00 or so Eastern I took a look at the chart and saw what looked to me like the beginnings of a rush for the door effect. And yesterday midday I thought I was seeing some tapering and that stocks would slide off toward the end. My intuition seems okay but I'm not yet comfortable just making plays off intuition. The market has no obligation to honor mine over anyone else's.

>> No.20206943

They decay because of 3x volatility meaning when they drop then go back up they wouldn't be close to the original price before the drop. You CAN hold them but I'd only do it after the upcoming recession

>> No.20206948

I think it would crash hard and fast because everyone and their grandma would be running to sell in order to minimize loss.

>> No.20206954

any stocks that are <25 a share that are good long holds? i want in on this covered call meme

>> No.20206959
File: 769 KB, 1080x1331, 7812738213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nio back to green after hours, workhorse looking even bloodier after hours

horseniggers getting btfod by nio chads once again. We back to green even after Tesla flash crashed 5% in a matter of minutes. Sold my calls for a nice 100% profit once i realized a flush was incoming and loaded on cheapies when it was red. Thank you for the 3 free contracts, dumb money!

>> No.20206962

Are you even supposed to hold TQQQ overnight? I thought it was for intra-day trading

>> No.20206968

>CBS will cease existing.
Just because you don’t watch doesn’t mean shit. Still paying dividends. Football still on. Still selling adverts.

>> No.20206979

true shit

also true shit

>> No.20206983

Definitely. The biggest moves occur at market open, before market close and after hours. The middle shouldn't really be paid attention to unless it's contradicting a trend from market open, or is indicating a new trend for market close.

>> No.20206984

daily reminder to buy huge as much as you can afford of NESN.SW for that sweet bullish hedge against weak dollar + good dividend yield in expensive currency + zero (zero) inflation in the currency + literally 0 risk

>> No.20206986

Just look at their charts. If the charts show growth, then you know they're doing something right.

TQQQ is a great investment. Made 25% gains and that was a couple of weeks ago. Better than NIO faggots today and I slept without any stress....Unlike WKHS niggers.

>> No.20206988


>> No.20207004
File: 52 KB, 632x461, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

biggest robinhood stock holder increase

whats VBIV

>> No.20207007

It gaps up almost daily atm
There are a few anons here that post that "ETFs aren't for long term holding" but almost every ETF has a good long term return...

>> No.20207026
File: 105 KB, 844x742, 31231231254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this image has never been so accurate, lads. NIO is literally and unironically following Tesla's price action almost candle by candle. You know what that means? Algos deemed NIO worthy of Tesla. This is incredibly bullish.

>> No.20207035

What’s the deal with these blank check merger companies? Are they just rich niggers looking to buy a company or something? I know SHLL was one and took off but I’m seeing some others such as FMCI

>> No.20207037

Wtf. It's a literally who vaccine company. Latest post in the media was this:


Do Robinkiddies just look for any news like this and base their trades off that? Kek

>> No.20207038

>>20206959> -0.10

>> No.20207058


The majority of my options trades have been winners too, and often I consider ideal plays which I then don't take but do turn out to be profitable a lot of the time. That's of course not to suggest that it's worth betting 10-20% of my savings on anything but I seem to have okay sense.

Like I mentioned I'll often sell for a profit when the underlying movement appears to consolidate or starts hitting an apparently support/resistance limit. Then I kind of panic and just take the money and run. Nothing "wrong" with profit-taking of course but you don't want to be jumpy about it either

>> No.20207060

ETFs are for long term holding, but leveraged ETFs are not exactly the same and a large % of people dont hold TQQQ overnight, as far as I know

>> No.20207070

Ahhhh, i see
t. small stack

>> No.20207071

Go ahead, invest in shitty CBS.

I'll invest my money into ARKK and make 10x your crap stock pick.

CBS is in a dying industry and if one nigger football player dies on the football field and the NFL/NCAA cancel football, I'm going to think of you and your failed investment.

>> No.20207073

fuck imagine the immediate fucking crash in the market from that.

>> No.20207092
File: 61 KB, 867x577, wally_world_pepsi_covid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make sure to pop in to wally world to purchase a deliciously refreshing pepsi cola after your corona chan test!

>> No.20207096
File: 15 KB, 270x369, canteen_gasmask_375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where my CLNE chads at?

>> No.20207100

So you need a strategy - a system - an entry and exit point - you get in and you get out- stop worrying about what happens to the stock after you exit. You have a strategy and it’s working for you. If you aren’t then you are just gambling and emotions will eventually cuck you big time.

>> No.20207102

Why's that? Leveraged ETFs have good long-term returns, too.

>> No.20207108
File: 86 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20200708-180629__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what kind of pattern is this brehs

>> No.20207115


No worries, the rules were pretty unclear to me for a while. I'm fortunate to have that kind of weight to throw around; it's good to be able to take and get out of positions at my leisure. If anything it's just good for practice; you don't want to be artificially bottlenecked and forced to hold positions against what your strategies or intentions demand.

>> No.20207119


No one wants to discuss actual high potential macro economic play ?

color me surprised

>> No.20207120
File: 1.64 MB, 1800x1228, wuhan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

check the recent thread if ya want ill be lurking

>> No.20207134
File: 878 KB, 1795x1795, 1579487407776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bloody red

>> No.20207145

Like exit every position after you have 50% profit. Every single time. Fuck what happens after you exited.

>> No.20207150

READ THE FUCKING PROSPECTUS. Zooming out on a leveraged etf chart tells you nothing. They are routinely split and rebalanced and carry heavy fees and weird risks. They are ok to trade but holding one long term is dumb as hell.

>> No.20207153

During year long bull runs yeah

>> No.20207156
File: 377 KB, 2048x1154, 0AA99E64-E003-4262-ADCE-D21CCF4F2348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not liking football
You sound like a communist.

>> No.20207164
File: 162 KB, 680x717, AF619579-DA9F-4628-BC0D-62C0E25CB72F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No nigger you buy low and sell high it’s that simple

>> No.20207167
File: 13 KB, 225x225, images (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does chocolate hedge against a weak dollar?

>> No.20207169

why do you call a sport where you predominantly hold the ball with your hands "football"?

>> No.20207177


I don't get particularly upset over what the price does after I'm out. Yeah I'll look for a few minutes afterward or later that day, and sometimes I miss out, sometimes I dodge a bullet. I know the woulda coulda shoulda line of thing is extraordinarily unhealthy and thankfully none of that is driving me toward any kind of FOMO behavior. Again, if anything I'm clamping up and becoming too conservative. Although I guess as long as I'm bringing in something I can't really complain

>> No.20207179


>> No.20207181

Viacomcbs is more than just CBS you know.. My avg on the class A stock is under 23 per. The 52 w high is 50+.

>> No.20207185


you mean buy HIGH and sell LOW

>> No.20207194
File: 164 KB, 422x397, 274E116C-C826-4ADF-8CE7-321A90D43BF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ummmm why did they add NKLA calls up to $140??????

>> No.20207206

This feels so artificial, like it's chankoro doing it

>> No.20207213


it's the CHF retard. You're owning CHF denominated shares. Nestle is immune to crisis, their stock only fell like 10 chf for a couple of days in march and they always spike back higher whenever there is uncertainty.

>> No.20207219
File: 531 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200709-001319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you call this pattern?

>> No.20207227

They're bretty cool anon. It's a cheaper and faster way for private companies to go public. I use them as pseudo cash positions, since they are designed to have a price floor of $10.50. I recommend looking into CCX, CCXX, IPOB & IPOC. The latter 3 are longer term holds, but CCX is in the general timeframe where a prospective merger is announced.

>> No.20207231

I love football.

But like Niggers, I'm just keeping it real.

Black people- Most affected by virus
Football- Full Contact Sport with close interactions...especially in lockerooms
Virus- Most Intense in Fall

Out of the thousands of football players, all it takes is one to be in critical condition to make CBS investors sweat.

>> No.20207237
File: 22 KB, 334x506, 21326112-1024-4087-A064-330A391447D5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does one obtain insider information? Also, what’s a broker?

>> No.20207243


>> No.20207254

some form of cunny

>> No.20207266

I can't help but feel that a 'boycott China' movement is going to go viral in the west. it seems to me anti-chinese sentiment is steadily growing, both politically and economically. I smell a short opportunity on something like BABA. anyone else thinking along the same lines?

>> No.20207268
File: 154 KB, 254x349, Vern_Schillinger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You gonna start sucking this cock soon you fucking prag bitch cunt. Get over here and start suckin.

>> No.20207272

Yeh, dont' just look at the 5-year chart and think you should hold on that shit. Don't touch leveraged ETFs if you dont understand its derivatives, debt, fees etc.

>> No.20207279
File: 39 KB, 831x78, wtf is a broker 4chan biz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also, what’s a broker?

>> No.20207283
File: 15 KB, 255x255, 4B9FB093-CD7B-4885-972C-5659A834CF7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I turn 2k into 10k

>> No.20207293

I call it a tech bubble that's about to pop

>> No.20207294


The best I have is to immediately exit if my options go ITM, although that doesn't always happen within the span of a day. And like I said if I see movement volatility, and I'm up 1 or 2 hundred, I'll just sell. I don't care at that point.

>> No.20207304

Reporting in shilled it here since 200

>> No.20207306


>> No.20207313

We need to figure something out to kill off this shitty NKLA stock. I just fucking can't exist in the same world that this piece of shit retard stock pumps for no reason and people make money with it.

>> No.20207318

pay a faggot pnder on twitter to shill a pennystock up 400%

>> No.20207319
File: 83 KB, 636x700, 1542630656900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So why not own a gold company instead of nestle Switzerland, you will make way more money off the inflation.

>> No.20207320

This really is the dumbest investment community on the internet

>> No.20207321

It's because you have a cash account. Cash from things you sell isn't 'settled' until a day or two after the transaction, and it doesn't count toward your buying power. I don't think it's a problem for margin accounts.

>> No.20207332

The sentiment is there, but for every bag dropped there will be someone picking it up, because money is more important. I don’t think any significant drop in Chinese stocks will occur without the government coming in, saying they’re gonna start taking steps to delist all Chink stocks, and then actually start following through.

>> No.20207369
File: 91 KB, 960x960, 4C4002E7-5758-4F58-8455-60EDCEE45590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m gonna buy calls on NKLA. What strike and exp should I get?

I’m thinking 71c Aug 7

>> No.20207378

Post.sharpe and returns

>> No.20207381

did she go on a long holiday to America?

>> No.20207383

>"let's boycott china guys!!!"
>big ccp green dick comes in
>short squeeze
>alibaba jumps to $500 within a week

lmao, just do it

>> No.20207388

Just wait until they make a product, if it doesn't live up to the hype (99% chance it doesn't), it will fall to NIO levels.

>> No.20207394


>> No.20207403
File: 10 KB, 489x68, 1592309038968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no idea what my Sharpe ratio is but my returns are decent. I include myself in my previous statement by the way

>> No.20207405

big green dildo

>> No.20207416

dude I was down my whole first 3 months. I just kept buying, even when it crashed.

Guess where it at now. Stop chasing shit.

>> No.20207436

Thats not bad. Think about going to ibkr for.margin.cheapness

>> No.20207454

I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. Been thinking about moving platforms

>> No.20207458


try to find out on your own anon, I believe in your abilities

>> No.20207464

What do you faggots think about SWBI (Smith&Wesson)? Trend looks good to me going into an election with the possibility of a gun reform advocate getting elected.

>> No.20207480
File: 14 KB, 225x225, images(12).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the market is closed

>> No.20207484

w-what is Tesla going to do tomorrow, frens

>> No.20207487

What’s the next big meme stock to get into

>> No.20207490


Thanks bud

>> No.20207492

>gun """reform"""
Begone communist

>> No.20207498

Webull trades to 8pm eastern time. Opens at 4am too

>> No.20207506


>> No.20207510


If my id is green it will be up, else it will be down, each by the last two digits of this post in %.

>> No.20207524

wow enjoy your +10% in five years (wtf are you doing?)

into the fucking sun

>> No.20207529

thank you based god

>> No.20207532
File: 1.52 MB, 1200x675, 1591578270375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll take that as an I dont know.

>> No.20207534

Ugh, just using the generally accepted nomenclature. I've done my time in /k/

>> No.20207535

1k eoy

>> No.20207536

Based if Tesla goes up so does NIO

>> No.20207564
File: 58 KB, 646x768, 6F8DF697-FF78-4390-A892-6A5F87EEED47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well thanks for the stock tip of ARKK.

>> No.20207571

Imagine getting emotional over the price of a chinese stock. Some of you need a caretaker to look over your finances because of serious mental issues

>> No.20207572

The lite has free trades and cheap margin
The pro has paid trades and cheapest margin

Worth if you have 400k+ margin for sure

>> No.20207579

Amazon goes up.
Ss this

>> No.20207584


pee pee poo poo

>> No.20207597

Does anyone else check ark etf holdings on the reg for ideas?

>> No.20207613

b-bbut muh ev spam!! these ev spammers are totally retards for getting 400% gains!! i'm the one that's not retarded!!

>> No.20207616

Boycotts never work.

>> No.20207620

I want to spend my whole life savings on QQQ puts but I know I’ll just get fucked

>> No.20207626

>It's up 37% these past 5 years, 4 of which were under a gun supporter in the oval...
>Enjoy your 10%

>> No.20207642

You will
Worst thing to short.too

>> No.20207646

only if they're a milf with big tiddy

>> No.20207661

last two digits decide WKHS eoy

>> No.20207673
File: 78 KB, 1242x822, received_256326552445414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made $100 on NIO when my trail stop kicked me out.

Just bought the dip ready to make more from China waifu army

>> No.20207682
File: 175 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200708-173625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20207684

Anon you have a genuinely good father. Cherish that shit and get fat gains

>> No.20207700

ARKK is the best long term investment next to TQQQ.


>> No.20207720


>> No.20207729

fuck ill buy that

>> No.20207733


sounds about right

>> No.20207742

Buy airlines!

>> No.20207745

The hardest hit industry stocks (airlines,etc), well today and yesterday saw another buying gift just dropped in your laps. Watch them all fly once any hint of a vaccine is being mass produced... All the moans about "this sucks, I'm losing money" will turn into "holy fuck I'm rolling in green"

>> No.20207746

>gun supporter
>banned bump stocks

>> No.20207748
File: 26 KB, 480x720, 1559184534913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope. TA isn't right even for a quick swing. Also that's the most clown car utility stock in the entire USA.

>> No.20207765

Wow why do I have so little money in FNGU holy shit. Gonna 10x my position tomorrow

>> No.20207769

for anyone who wants sauce its ggu.bbu on instagram

>> No.20207779

>the YouTube crowd

Shit that’s a good point.
Wait it’s near wuhan? If they release water is that going to fuck over any semiconductor manufacturers?

>> No.20207785

>it's a NVAX vaccine
>NVAX goes to 1000
>I kill myself for missing out on 100x due to weak hands
please no

>> No.20207798

stock trading apps are all like "free stock, can receive up to 500 dollar stock" but they only give out stocks between 3 and 6 dollars

>> No.20207800

>Low risk, low gain
>High risk, high gain
>Bull market might be over soon

If I go on all in on calls, I could make a killing, but the market could reverse at any moment.

>> No.20207834

I couldn't tell you. the full extent of my knowledge of China with regard to /biz/ is that they fuck over small US engineering firms and that they've been the primary driver for growth in our media industry and potentially our financial industry.

>> No.20207841
File: 43 KB, 691x592, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seriously i dont understand why TSM keeps pumping

>> No.20207847

Can't wait for tomorrow's job numbers dip.

>> No.20207863
File: 527 KB, 1024x682, perogies-and-sausage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Upcoming earnings dates for airlines:
>Delta July 14
>United July 21
>ALGT July 22
>LUV July 23
>Skywest July 23
>Alaska July 23
>AAL July 24
>Jetblue July 28

>> No.20207874

you mean pump as usual?

>> No.20207950

Because all of tech is pumping adn they have.most demand fab in world

>> No.20207990

making new just a moment...

>> No.20207995
File: 105 KB, 276x229, E053521D-D6E8-4480-ACB7-E1BE46F8E51B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New to selling covered calls, any anons want to share some tips?

>> No.20208004

Maybe you're right, but at some point we'll run out of hot air. Read the latest CFO inquiry, nobody is hiring.

>> No.20208070






>> No.20208270

chinas banks are collapsing

>> No.20208304

After sucking ass at trading my first 3 months and being down -$2600, I’m finally down only -$700.

Mostly gave up on day/swing trading and took up long positions/calls. Also helped being in NIO since 7.30. NIO has been my sturdy long hold and I love it. Good luck boys. If you’re in a hole, you’re probably listening to people on here too much and not doing your own research.

Hope you all make it.

>> No.20208399

there's a lot of shit brewing.

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