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i own no link

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im homeless with 20k+ link

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I once owned req

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I was gonna buy link and rlc a week ago but didn't and now I regret it

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I gave an artist 1k link to draw furry porn for me and I'm dead serious. I should have just payed in cash.

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I'm all in on ETH and I'm regretting my decisions.

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I had 48,000 LINK and panic sold in March. I have 12,500 LINK now.

It is what it is, not super bummed I have a lot of BTC

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no need to
post it

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The only reason I didn't buy LINK early was because wallets intimidated me so I waited until it was on coinbase. I now have 2500 link on coinbase. I feel like the chances of me fucking up are higher than coinbase so I don't move them.

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Sold link at 3.58

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I knew about link since the beginning, but I was too lazy, I just lurk /biz/
I only have like 35 link

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I sold my all link stack at 2.5 when corona crashed the market and my greed is stopping me from buying back.

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I am clear of sin father.
I have my 10k Link.

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the more link goes up the more i seriously feel like necking for missing out. it feels like a legit massive whole in my chest. could have owned a condo and made up for the last decade of failure and misery

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I gave away 25k link to a twitch streamer

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It is time I coinfess. I have been trading for 4 years and never bought link. I love the memes and sometimes contribute to the threads but for some reason I can't bring myself to buy it. Something about the hive mind makes me wary.

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I've got a phd on economics.
I own some link.
Never read the whitepaper.

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Was a BTC maxi from 2018 till 2020
Now I own 900 chainlink

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I converted 90% of my link stack to btc at $4

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I had 10k link at one point and gambled it away, i fomo'd back in eventually but i could've had 10x the return. I knew about everything from the beginning and was still too dumb to give in to addiction.

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Put my life savings into link when it dropped from corona. Only did this because I guy in Counter Strike said it was a good idea.

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BTC the worst of the three big bitcoin forks, and i still believe it.

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Sold 1500 chainlink for around 2 dollars sometime last year feel on hard times and couldn't pay bills... it hurts but I keep the portfolio as a constant reminder... but I've been buying since I got on my feet again. Getting close to 500 again. I'm proud of what I've got. I dump whole paychecks into it every month. I hope kek blesses me I'm sorry I ever sold I hope I make it

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I had the opportunity to buy link when it was dirt cheap but blew it off as a scam because of all the memes. I’ve still got about 2.5k, but I could’ve had 5-digits easy

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How do you gamble with link?

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I bought 35k link in 2017 and sold it for Ark because I didn't understand it.

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Exchanged it to BTC or ETH to gamble with it. Yes, i'm that dumb.

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I can't post porn here lol

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I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name
I can't buy a bitch no wedding ring

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Honestly, almost all coins except LINK plummeted since 2017. Just think of everything that got shilled on here, IOTA, REQ, AMB. Even ETH lost over 50% of its value since then

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I got caught being a swingie right before the Google pump and only out back in half of what I could have, end result being going from 10k LINK to 1.4k. So that sucks. Bought XSN at 10c though so I'm still up about 3.5x from my initial. But it still sucks knowing I should be about 10x up. God I hope XSN doesn't turn out to be a total shitcoin, I need to escape this wagie he'll ASAP.

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I had 22k link but only 15.8k.
Thank god I am more finacially secure now and have no reason to sell any more

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used to have 50k link, but over the years i sold 40k of it to fund lavish vacations with a hot girl i used to date, but broke up with. it's bitter sweet. i'm still very grateful to have 10k, but man, if i never met that girl and still had 50k. i would have really made it. oh well.

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I've made several chainlink memes but still don't own any.

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Black bar censor the bits, retard.

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I had 11k link that I lost and I'm now down to 1600. I'm so desperate to get up to 2000 again that I'm thinking of swing trading this moon but I'd an hero if link moons without me

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bought few eth worth of steroids delivered to my door after flipping on h3x then shortly got diagnosed with a blood condition that prevents me from doing them without dying

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I bought 55000 kleros

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I sold mine at around $1.25. End my suffering. At least when I sold I bought PMs.

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sold 10% of my link around $2.00 last year

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i sold 1.8k linkies at $6.50

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I'm thinking of getting a job to buy some coins after seeing Chainlink's pump.

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I was browsing here before the golden bullrun of 2017/2018 when link was sub .50 cents and I never bought any because I thought it was a vaporwave scam that was too good to be true.

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i'm ok with this

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I'm in the same shoes. tiny 2.5k bag of link. 2 MN worth of xsn. was gonna get 3 but got priced out.

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I must confess.....I'm going to make it

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