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P2P on/off ramp for erc20 tokens
20k required to stake (only gonna get more expensive)
Staking allows you to list your erc20
Once this starts to catch on projects will be scrambling for 20k in order to list their projects here.... this shit is gonna blow
Imagine a decentralized p2p market place that lets you cash out without using scam base who is confirmed working with the feds
This thing is gonna blow...

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There's like 10 threads on this shit on the front page now. This makes me want to sell honestly

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6 mil mkt cap ... this is easily going to break 100 mill and beyond fellas

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if you arent already buy dth you are either a pajeet or a newfag

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lol your loss fren, its only gonna get harder to list your project on their platform as 20k dth goes up in price

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How can i buy this send link uniswap

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We are just trying to help you see the light!

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>if you arent already buy

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>Doesn't work in USA
>Can be built on top of protocol, independently
>Who is actually going to risk building it for USA?

No value if can't be used in one of the largest countries.

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wrong anon. UK has plenty of crypto users.

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UK users only =/= worldwide adoption.

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So that’s 3 threads? Not enough anons bought huh, scammers?

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>this fucking homo uses a meme of bill Clinton and calls others newfags
The absolute state of /biz/

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>50 threads on biz
>pump running out of steam
I sold here and will buy back in when it dips later today.

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Go and download the app and try it out for yourself.

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I already got my plot of land set up. Ready for my first customer.

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Oh look at that, two threads posted at the exact same time. Totally not a co-ordinated marketing effort >>20771702

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I would but some youtuber/shill bought 2m tokens a few hours ago. Never know when the vid or tweet will drop

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Or it could just be organic enthusiasm about a cool new project...

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Will take at least a day or a few days. I think the price will drop with the volume, which already seems to be happening. Looks similar to yesterday
I'm sure a lot of you anons bought this and can take 2x profits right now, I'd consider doing it and jumping back in at a cheaper price

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>lol your loss fren, its only gonna get harder to list your project on their platform as 20k dth goes up in price

So it either fades into obscurity (most common shitcoin story), or becomes prohibitively expensive on the off chance it actually gains a little traction... this sounds retarded

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Or we get a massive green dildo like we did today and you lose half your stack. Probably just gonna hold.

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They could just adjust the %. Not a big deal

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I like to live dangerously

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well thats how most exchanges work, except they are centralized and charge up the butt to get listed. This is cheap as fuck right now, even 20k is cheap to get listed, and this allows users to buy with fiat or eth rather than going through hoops. Its a pretty cool project with a working app and growing userbase, this run is just getting warmed up and projects will flock to get listed as many places as possible including here... but ok I guess that logic is dumb

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Just doubled my 13eth investment, my assessment of the current situation is a lot of new hands wanting to join in that are uneasy with how much it's pumped. IMO likely to see a large dump soon which I plan on buying back in, otherwise I'll find a decent spot to get my 100k stack back.

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How many of the new users are buyers? I feel like there are only sellers with zero sales
Probably. Number of wallets has been decreasing past few hours. Biz shills are hard at work to keep the price afloat. There's like 10 dether threads atm

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>3k subs

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Exactly what im thinking as well. I took profits at 0.078 and expecting a dump

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I just sold my 50k stack. Too many scammy anons

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You're going to regret that in prolly an hour or less.

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Stop shilling. There are already so many fucking Dether threads, you couldn't make it more obvious.

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Stay Poor faggots

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Maybe the anons with good hearts are trying to get it into your thick skull, that this is a make it token, and we are actually trying to help you succeed

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Not all of us are gmi

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So happy i found this now that it has the stamp of approval from coinbase

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