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>interesting thread about hitlor starts
>anons start dropping redpills about central banks, petro dollar, etc etc
>jannies delete the thread
what did jannies mean by this?

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I guess some of them a filthy freemasons shielding the truth. Watch Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon for more insight, he was spot on, they killed him for exposing them. Also noticed how "good" things are deleted here that spread the word.

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Bump any screen caps? Also fuck jannies

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the thread was active here like 10 minutes ago
got a bit too close to the truth for the jannies apparently so they axed it

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Baywatch gave me lifetime onepiece swimsuit fetish.

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The weak eye sees evil everywhere

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it IS kinda weird that tranny shit, dick pics and all kinds of disgusting crap stays in the catalogue forever. but an interesting thread with food for thought gets deleted instantly

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Behold a Pale Horse from Cooper was a good read, too. Now i can't wait for some freemasonic shill to appear in the thread and tell you do not read it or smear it in some way. What do you expect of 4chan, it would be crazy to assume they are not monitoring this incase some dangerous truth spreads.

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>>>tranny shit, dick pics and all kinds of disgusting crap

Bread and games for the plebs.
They would lose control if many normies get properly redpilled. Their superiority is only based on secrecy, thats how all these secret societies operate. They consider themselfs the guardians of the secrets of the ages. Their biggest secret is how to control everybody else.

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Read this in high school and I credit it with beginning my journey down the rabbit hole (plus strong derealization that took a while to get past)

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i should actually read this, now that the US government basically confirmed they have UFOs kek

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Same with me fren, also read it at the end of high school, watched everything on youtube about him, heard almost all archived radio shows on hott. I guess that man let many people go down the rabbit hole. Like he said, don't believe him, research yourself and the truth will set you free.

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i do wonder why those kinda books are not banned when they literally shut down all discussion everywhere, even here?
they probably know most people are too retarded to ever read a book

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>>>confirmed they have UFOs kek

That was something Cooper warned about.
If climate hoax, terror whatever plandemic shit does not work to bring about a one world socialist government, the effing last resort of the secret societies will be a faked/staged alien invasion to unite humanity under a one world totalitarian socialist government.

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here in yuroland we had some EU parliament member whos a notorious drunk ramble about alien masters in a parliament session lol
I just checked bill coopers wiki, its all about muh white power, muh ebil natzee, muh conspiracee theories, def not killed by cops on purpose
def gonna pick it up and give it a read now
I guess my first redpill was gary webb and dark alliance
literally hundreds of pages documenting in detail how the CIA trafficked cocaine into america and the whole iran contra scandal. they suicided him too. the crazy thing is that all this info is out there, well documented but nobody gives a shit.

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>>>they probably know most people are too retarded to ever read a book

Yes, and the truth is well hidden under a load of shit, like Alex freemason jones, David icke and so many other conmen. Cooper exposed a lot of freemasons in the truth movement back then. Art Bell was a confirmed freemason sprooking this UFO bullshit. Infact a lot of cunts sprooking this Alien shit are freemasons. Tom Delong from former band Blink182 is a confirmed freemason as well, sprooking this UFO Alien Bullshit, but i guess that faggot is so retarded he really believes it. I think he just is a blue lodge or prince hall mason. So to speak the useful idiots of freemasonry, not the higher degrees.

>>I just checked bill coopers wiki, its all about muh white power, muh ebil natzee, muh conspiracee theories, def not killed by cops on purpose
def gonna pick it up and give it a read now
I guess my first redpill was gary webb and dark alliance

Bill Cooper was an american patriot and a hero to freedom loving people all over the globe.
He was of mixed native american blood had a chinese wife (forsure extrem racists kek) and loved all people or he would not have set out to spread the truth and risk getting killed for it. He knew they were coming after him for doing so but he did it for people like us to find out and hear it. I think he said it in his very first broadcast that he sealed his faith by choosing to do so. Maybe a bit like Jesus did 2000 years ago. These shitheads try to smear this hero every way they can, they don't want the truth out.

If you consider yourself redpilled with that bit of CIA shit, then you really are not red pilled yet. This Cooper stuff is going to make you see the hole world with diffrent eyes it goes extremly deep. It is all over, make no mistake. They are doing this control over the population since ancient babylon, that is where the mystery schools had their origin.

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biz and pol are known honeypots

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Your vegan "king" was a shit leader, he just advocated the glownigger brainwashing you've gotten from the /pol/ acolytes.

Congratulations, you bought into the divide and conquer bullshit. You probably also think there's a difference between the red team and the blue team. Do you also waste time on distractions like trying to "own the libs",

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you have a link for his radio show archive fren?

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anons this is information warfare. recording everything. I have had so many threads deleted last few weeks.

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