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I love women. I think they're amazing.

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That's gay you fucking simp.

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why do you think they are amazing

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There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to be aware of their nature and not allow yourself to trust them the way you would a man.

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My mom is a women so I think of them as GOD

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Based. Women are great when they are mothers. The problem with today's women is they don't get pregnant soon enough because men are fucking losers who can't even provide for their families without the wife going out to work.

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Best /Biz post in ages.

Imagine being so fucked up by the kikes that you dream of Rolexes and Lambos instead of the love of beautiful woman.

Many such cases.


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Imagine marrying a woman and having a daughter

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Nah, all they care about is money like everything else. At least the other two things on your list age better and won't steal half your wealth.

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do you see rolex and lambo advertisements on television? no.
but you see them on biz.

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Only women based on idealized fantasies are great. Real women are human animals and have all the flaws that includes. Idealizing real women is a failsafe created by your high functioning brain when you realize real ones only exist to use you to their benefit.

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you ever worked with one? jfc they are insufferable on top of being incompetent.

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Never seen and advert on Biz that wasnt a vpn or some kind of porn.

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I don't automatically love a particular group of people but rather love or hate people on an individual basis.

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sluts are pretty fun. playing with their fun bags and wet slits can be pretty entertaining. i dont know though, I can look at a chart for 36 hours straight and not get bored but if i look at a womans tits for that long i get pretty bored.

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Based and redpilled

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well geez luise anon, that sure is swell. I feel exactly the same way about our african american friends. Sure do love em, yes indeed.

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>Imagine being so fucked up by the kikes that you dream of Rolexes and Lambos instead of the love of beautiful woman.
90% of posts on /biz/ are pictures of women's oversized asses and tits.

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>you ever worked with one?

I have. 11 years my junior
>tfw I have become the worker the women gossip about being weird/creepy from 90's office sitcoms.

It was a living death.

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Sure, I love women too. I just don't put them on some pedestal. Women are to serve their husbands and be wholesome. I'd beat the shit out of a ethot irl and I'd enjoy it.

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No you wouldn't, you'd be in prison for assault on a female getting buttblasted by Bubba daily.

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>the love of beautiful woman
I've got bad news for you, youngling

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They're soft, cuddly and you can fuck them in the ass without it being gay.

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because snuggling with them feels really nice, fren

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