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>> No.21135785

Rocket companies RKT going to the moon. Up 30 percent after IPO

>> No.21135831

Might try to catch the Monday opening wave.

Wonder if i can grab some calls before the boom.

>> No.21135836

FOMOing RKT because I think there's a dip coming this week

>> No.21135911

Look at lending tree, it’s almost 400$ a share and Rocket is a better company. I really think this is a 200+ stock in two years

>> No.21135953

There is no shorting for first 30 days after IPO. This baby is going to 30-40 next week. If stimulus is passed maybe. 50

>> No.21135954

Will BABA be green on monday?

>> No.21135965

for how many people are still on /smg/ after trading hours, it's amazing how lazy you guys are on making new threads

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wonder who the anon with the biggest poftolio is
yesterday i saw someone with shares in Berkshire Hathaway

>> No.21136023

Does anyone remember seeing their ads on the gas station tv's a while back, or was it something else?

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>> No.21136063

Yea the ads are everywhere also pro golf has been shilling hard for them recently

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>> No.21136121

was it brk.a or brk.b? cuz brk.b is not expensive

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>> No.21136509

RKT upsets me because I was going to keep an eye on it and most likey buy in, but then life got in the way and I forgot to follow up on it. Why am I doomed to have a thousand things to do during trading hours and literally fucking nothing on the weekend?

>> No.21136542

How fucked is TSM?

>> No.21136555

>en route to be world monopoly

>> No.21136592

you should still buy

>> No.21136595

You still have time given it doesn’t moon pre market on Monday. Remember RKT is not just a mortgage company it is mainly a tech company. They are already talking about acquisitions and possible dividend. This stock is an easy double by November and 10x next two years. This is one you want to buy at or below 25 and hold long.

>> No.21136603

You're no different than me 2bh I saw it the day after it hit the market and even said I would buy it the next day but instead bought gold
Might just invest in a lobotomy

>> No.21136643

Trips confirm the advent of the TSM Empire. Though I think anon was thinking about the chinks hacking the Taiwanese Semi industry.

>> No.21136730

Was the dump these last few weeks because of news or is it just consolidating? If there is a chance it'll start moving next week I might buy in

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no options on RKT yet. buy the stock for a cheeky 50% gain then once options are live switch to calls and become a true MAD.LAD.

>> No.21136796

I have 40 shares of TSM and will never sell, only accumulate.

>> No.21136809

>nothing on the weekend
crypto is pumping again (just like in 2017). throw some money at some DeFi shitcoins during the weekend and you will make bank.

>> No.21136946

>no options on RKT yet
fuck. my broker is full jew-ing me on stock transaction fees.

>> No.21136999

i was up $550k a month ago and now i'm $405k
that was when tesla and wkhs were both at their highest for a day or two

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I’m at Orlando universal bros, I just rode Hagrids, I’m going to Jurassic park now. There is a lot of people

>> No.21137065

Dont get Covid before you have a chance to bake and enjoy those tendies fren.

>> No.21137122

SMIC is most likely using a similar process to Intel, there's nothing to worry about. Whatever 7 nm they manage to do will have a shit ton of problems just like Intel.
Start worrying if SMIC gets their hands on EUVL equipment though. However, there's no indication that ASML (european company) would be willing to deal with the CCP with all the geopoltiics shit going on. Look at who ASML chooses to sell to currently.

SMIC is turning out to be another pump and dump like your typical CCP bullshit.

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Have fun fren

>> No.21137185

are there any profitable day trading strategies? i just want to pay my bills bros help me out.

>> No.21137196

Anyone think theres time to buy some puts on Monday for Intel ?

How low can it go ?

>> No.21137250

sell high buy low

>> No.21137296

I averaged up from $56 to $67 like last week. The news about Samsung lagging behind and TSM potentially thinking about buying ARM too (though NVDA still ahead on that currently, just a crapshoot speculation on that part so far) is what pushed me to buy more at the current valuations. I'll buy long calls and more stocks if it dips more, but it held pretty damn steady on Friday considering what happened to the rest of the tech sector. Market's beginning to realize how massive TSM is going to become soon because Samsung might shit the bed like Intel soon. Qualcomm shit, yields continue to be shit, can't get 5 nm to work properly and then they hope to skip to 3 nm?? Odds are against Samsung right now.

TSM is still largely overlooked despite jumping up +40% within a couple months. I'm going to keep averaging up on TSM because it's such a no-brainer to me. Market's too stupid to understand semiconductors, they only realize once earnings are out.

>> No.21137311

Straddle through earnings.

>> No.21137319

Pardon me, sir, but this is a buy high hold straight over the top hodl the bear break and panic sell the bottom board.

>> No.21137399

I just decided to make the safe play and put everything into microsoft since they had like a 5 dollar dip on friday. Did I do good?

>> No.21137492

From what I've heard on that, both TSM and Samsung want ARM, though only to have a stake in it, not to outright own in like NVDA wants to. Even then, the co-founder of ARM is against NVDA buying them altogether. Instead, he wants it become independent and have its own shares as a part of the British economy. I'd prefer the later and would try to acquire as many shares as possible should that happen.

>> No.21137539

Yes, though AAPL dipped lower and will most likely grow faster.

>> No.21137569

No, it can dip a lot more (up to ~$30-40 is possible). Unless you want to hold long term (at least a year), then no worries you did good.

>> No.21137627

can never go wrong with either MSFT or AAPL, i might think of diversifying a bit into one of them because upside is always higher with software and whatever. I shill TSM a lot but ultimately they're just a manufacturer, they're just so good at it that their growth ended up being similar to MSFT over the recent years. Probably since GlobalFoundries dropped out the race, now Intel, and soon Samsung. Honestly my tech exposure is basically 100% TSM right now, and i still want to keep it that way as I keep funneling more money into my account.

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anons what should I do?

I will be 24yo this month and I still live with my parents

living with them has a lot of financial benefits
If I continue to stay here I would be able to save up 7000€ in 10 Months but with each passing day this place turns into hell

I currently make around 1360€ so I could afford to rent an appartement but then I would only be able to save 2000€
plus there is a risk that I could get fired any day and then the "minimum rental period" would completely fuck me from orbit

>> No.21137680

FB will fall to 260 monday

>> No.21137684

So stay at home if you can? I mean, what's the problem here?

>> No.21137706

crash with a friend for a month, do some meditation and invest in LINK

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>tfw i finally beat Mr. Bones on saturn

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bros i'll never make it. what's the point in living anymore

>> No.21137721

U are lucky my stepmom hates me and wants me to leave asap

>> No.21137747

worst case scenario, i don't think the general market even cares or understands the news around TSM so regardless of the outcome, TSM will just crab/consolidate until Q3 or Q4.

i like it when TSM is crabbing though, makes me not have to worry about timing and just keep increasing my position as my wageslave cheques come in. I still don't really understand what caused the huge July rally at the start when TSM has never really moved much with news or earnings historically.

>> No.21137777

get a job traveling for work and continue to "live" with your parents by spending as much time making money on the road as you can. medical installations has a lot of work.

>> No.21137833

Buy the dip late this year

>> No.21137882

Crypto doing well is a bullish sign for Monday right?

>> No.21137915

fuck off

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>> No.21138043

okay 5nub

>> No.21138045

I was making nice, steady gains with weekly calls on TSM in June before that rally fucked everything up.

>> No.21138117

I was disappointed with the Jurassic Park ride a few years ago. I expected so much more from it. The King Kong one was better.

>> No.21138130

Wait some months for cheapies, rents are already going down.

>> No.21138152

If SPCE gets under 15 ill buy some. I have a severe lack of meme stocks.

>> No.21138289

Has Im in line for King Kong now, yeah, Jurassic Park was trash

>> No.21138290

no worries there is hype behind RKT so they will likely start trading options sometime next week. market makers want that sweet spread

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I'm paying attention to the following stocks on Monday: CGC, ILMN, NET and DKNG after earnings reports on the 14th.

TSLA seems in an interesting position and AAPL splitting seems like a sure choice too.

>> No.21138400

I wish someone would of taught me not to use margin as it is a fucking meme
>use leverage for bigger gains
>but don't forget that half of that belongs to us

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>> No.21138511

FB 8/14 $290 with a premium of $150 more or less, would I be able to profit at least double digit percentage before theta fucks it all?

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Price preditions after AAPL stock split?

>> No.21138556

use margin to buy a stock right away when you have to while making sure you have the money to back it up in your bank account. the money might take a day or 2 to transfer from your bank account, but if you need to buy a stock right now, you can use margin to buy it while waiting for the money to xfer

dont use margin when you dont have the money to back it up in your bank account

>> No.21138670

400 again in 2021

>> No.21138675



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>How Robinhood Is Shaking Up Stock Trading | WSJ

Boomers with GE and Ford in their portfolio seething

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>> No.21138745

thanks for buying my bags nerd

>> No.21138785


>> No.21138912

Why is Cisco and Red Robin in with the B team?

>> No.21138942

Your basically looking at free money post split cause it'll go back up. 125ish back to 400+. Dump a fat wad in and wait. Sell at 400.

>> No.21138972

>2 weeks after lockdown ends, there are still some people who have it
>We have to do this again!
>ruins the entire country

what planet do these retards live on?

>> No.21138975

yes invest in link that moves slower than the fucking stock market

>> No.21138998

Mercado Libre
Agile Therapeutics

OH NO NO NO this week is going to be CHINA and PHARMA WILD AS FUCK
Staying away from all of this shit

>> No.21139000

I believe NIO will hit $16 tuesday

>> No.21139011

Good luck WKHS anons.

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>> No.21139095

WDC, will it recover?

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Crypto doesn't even allow for advanced strategies like condors, spreads, jade lizards, and the like. Crypto is literal dogshit. Fuck off.

>> No.21139218

I'm waiting for $14 but basically same.

>> No.21139237

To me it's a sign of volatility. More people are betting on fake shit vs investment. I go here and stocktwits to learn what generally not to buy. Make no mistake you can gamble fakecoins and memestocks and make money but the house always wins.

>> No.21139266

yeah. Bulk storage requirements ain't going nowhere but up. All those data centers and home servers need bulk storage. Just imagine it when 8k films start showing up

>> No.21139273

They make 7 figures off of the infinite government dole for their "job". Whether you have a job or not and whether factories produce anything or not means jack shit to these people so it's easy to comprehend why they just make up whatever sounds good to them because it'll never effect them. Walmart Grocery delivery will still deliver their food and their government paycheck will still arrive every two weeks regardless.

Can't possibly comprehend how people don't get that when they look to politicians and their cronies for "answers".

>> No.21139308

Man $OSTK has been good to me!

>> No.21139469

Can we talk about real stocks and not 50b MC RKT? I'm looking to pick up some FSLY calls, any suggestions?

>> No.21139492

TikTok ban, FSLY relies heavily on it so..

>> No.21139520


>> No.21139531

Is the chink ban 100% or just Trump being Trump ?

I cant decide wheter to buy puts and slide the zipper tears or calls for the greenies.

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>they said i could be anything

>> No.21139590

Why did I buy the SILJ top

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Anyone here still holding NET? Yesterday was painful.

>> No.21139661

They have 45 days to comply. Also, chink companies need to be audited by an American within the next 2 years or they will be delisted. That isn't important to the market at this very moment, but keep it in mind because I guarantee a lot of investors will forget and be blindsided by it.

Read the Wall Street Journal

>> No.21139664

It's 100% ban or sell to U.S. company at this point. TikTok already had to leave the Hong Kong SAR. And it was banned in India. The U.S. banning it is not a farfetched idea, at all.

Also, elections are less than 100 days away. Be careful with your investments in the coming months..

>> No.21139669

I was thinking about getting something a little farther out. If tiktok gets banned, I should have some time to get out, if it doesn't and gets acquired I win

>> No.21139671

Yessir. $50 EOY. They should have a profitable quarter by then.

>> No.21139677

Literally just unregulated penny stocks

>> No.21139744

I honestly wouldn't take that risk.. it's probably better to buy calls on a dip. It's only going to keep tanking until Microsoft officially announces acquisition. But even then Microsoft might just switch providers.

>> No.21139785

anybody still riding CLSK? picked up 250 shares at 7.50 nice returns so far

>> No.21139812


>> No.21139816

I think il just stay safe and avoid Chink stocks all together.

>> No.21139834

when will Intel recover?

>> No.21139843

Is this not a dip? It dropped from 110 to almost 75

I was thinking calls for like December or Jan at 100

>> No.21139930
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going to take years but they will

>> No.21140018
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>he bought the mortgage company larping as a tech company

>> No.21140050

I still have faith in NET. I should have sold it during the open and bought it back when it dipped. Of course nobody expected that nose dive to happen...

>> No.21140060


>> No.21140098


>> No.21140105

Why is nobody talking about HCAC?

>> No.21140130

Nah, momentum matters a lot. It's very possible it gets dragged down with other stocks next week.

>> No.21140140

>he bought the warehouse company larping as a tech company

>> No.21140162

I got a small holding, yes. Nice little stock

>> No.21140171

>he bought the chip reseller larping as an innovator

>> No.21140178

>It's very possible it gets dragged down with other stocks next week.
don't you mean dragged up ??

>> No.21140226
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AAPL bros how fucked are we this coming week

>> No.21140268
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Does /smg/ gamma scalp?

>> No.21140292

Unless it drops down 22 dollars I'll still be green.

>> No.21140333

Kek, Netflix is at 500+. DIS is at 130. Netflix is a pure streaming company. DIS is streaming & a whole lot more. Netflix blows tons of green to create content. DIS doesn't have to. DIS has 100 million subs and growing. In a few years the previous all time high of 154 of DIS will look "cheap"... Those who bought in the march lows thanks to our virus pal will be rewarded biggly. Imagine if DIS hits 300 and they do a stock split.. DIS could toss it's music arm on DIS+ and make the bundle even more enticing.

>> No.21140371

>what is market cap

>> No.21140443

Did you not see it div3 down then back up immediately after market close on Thursday?

I knew i had to sell that shit asap

>> No.21140468

I prefer vega neutral & net delta share neutral

>> No.21140553

how do you find what underlying to build your delta Vega neutral portfolio? What parameters do you scan for?

>> No.21140559

I saw it jump up to 44 and then dive down to 37 AH. It crabbed back to it's opening price, went to 45, then slowly dropped down to 40. I'm honestly not sure when they'll be done fucking around with it.

>> No.21140639
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>Pets.c- oh I mean Stamps.com
>some shitty website that sells fucking 25 cent stamps
>up $47 a share yesterday to $309 a share
>postage stamps

>> No.21140649

The power grab isn't complete... this is panic

>> No.21140656
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>stock price == marketcap

>> No.21140767

Surely NIO is a good bet ? I mean, its a chink face of EV innit ? I doubt glorious leader will let them report shit earnings.

Either cooked books or good earnings, both good for greedy old me.

>> No.21140789


>> No.21140845

What are we thinking about CSCO ?

Its tech so surely good play to buy some calls and then GFTO before earnings.

>> No.21140908
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why is biontech still dumping?

>> No.21140938

Years, or they'll become the new IBM.

>> No.21140982
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340 shares, first buy at $2.50. They called me a shill at $4. They called me a shill at $5. They doubted it at $6. I’ve tried to help all the sparklets time and time again, I told smg on Thursday it was the last chance to buy below $8. If you aren’t in by now you never will be.

>> No.21141014

Trump says he's killing the middleman and demanding that biotech charge USA the same price as anywhere else instead of 100x more.

>> No.21141029

If they're gonna do it again, at least do it right. Don't half-ass it and allow people to sort of congregate and still spread the contagion. Just make it a one month super-strict lockdown and get this garbage over with. This is why I'm starting to sort of believe the Chinese numbers. Yeah, I'm sure they fudged it by claiming deaths as non-covid, but their hard-ass draconian-style lockdown seems so much more effective than our discretionary shelter-in-place, i.e., "you can go out, but make sure you stay 6ft apart, lol :^)))" That shit sucks. Just do it fucking hard and be done with it.

>> No.21141044

Has it finished dumping or should i buy some puts to ride this bitch ?

>> No.21141079

>trumps issues ban on regional pricing

what a genius

>> No.21141085

Any free money option plays ?

>> No.21141091

dont try and catch a falling knife

>> No.21141102

Unless they pull a LK

>> No.21141127
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Why did the dive alert you, like, what did it mean in your mind? I was surprised and the drop considering the volume and news. I think it had a lot to do with people taking profit and then people panic selling that had bought in recently. I’m thinking it will get back up to like $43 Monday and then slowly rise to $45 again by the middle of next week. I want to get out at $50 and buy back in during the inevitable and just have some shares to hold long.

>> No.21141129

AAPL leap calls

>> No.21141136

SPCE after it goes down more

>> No.21141250
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It's been a couple of years since I've been here. Can someone update me on a few things?
Did baggie's degenerate ass finally OD on drugs and die in a dumpster?

Did big5guy finally kill himself? His life was in shambles a few years ago because his wife found out he banged a tranny in Mexico.

Lastly, did that terminally ill tranny rkg finally kick the bucket?

Thanks for the update /SMG/ it's been a long time. Also I would like to remind you that if you hang out in these threads you're guaranteed to lose money. Love you guys.

>> No.21141256

yeah, US is pretty fucked up. You guys spend much more money on healthcare per capita than basically anyone else, but healthcare for general population is still shit somehow because of who knows fuck is getting the actual money.

like for a few years, there was a business (illegal in so many ways yet it somehow survived for years) that made a killing with online delivery of prescription drugs from Canada over to the US. I still have no idea how the fuck that was allowed since im sure it also involved controlled drugs. Like they only got in trouble because of counterfeit drugs

>> No.21141326

>healthcare for general population is still shit somehow
It's shit for illegal aliens and niggers which drag down the average much like they drag down every average of everything. They don't take care of their health, don't care to, don't practice any sort of preventative measures on checking something when it first starts, and then bitch that it's the white man's fault they are like this. If you are worth a damn it's the best place in the world to be.

>> No.21141369

Baggie is so cute and nice and I am in love with him

>> No.21141414
File: 106 KB, 472x461, 1525363912314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That must be you, you degenerate asshole. I don't know how you haven't died yet.

>> No.21141433

turn your trip on baggie

>> No.21141452

I wish I was him,
he will make it soon with very heavy NAK bags

>> No.21141461

Baggie remains. Big5/lci remains but doesn't use a trip anymore. Kneepad appears on occasion still.

>> No.21141475

>It's shit for illegal aliens and niggers which drag down the average much like they drag down every average of everything

I've never heard of this before, do you have some references or something? Interested in reading about it

>> No.21141476

Go back to bed baggie

>> No.21141480

>You guys spend much more money on healthcare per capita ... but healthcare for general population is still shit
I think that has to do with the monthly cost.
I pay $400/mo for my family to be able to afford going to the hospital if need be.
I'm sure many people dropping $4,000 every year view it as an investment, whether in their health or an elevated amount of care that can be provided, and in turn adopt unhealthy lifestyles b/c they've paid their dues.

>> No.21141519
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>complete nothingburger that struggles to even kill geriatrics workout underlying conditions

>> No.21141551
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>Big5/lci remains but doesn't use a trip anymore.
Smart. That douche was one of the worst traders on this board, which is sad because he's a trust fund baby on top of it.

>> No.21141557
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They gobble up crap food and lounge around all day popping out kiks.

>> No.21141642

>Buys 3k worth of HMNY
Wow he lost 3k and his bitch.
Ive lost more this year alone

>> No.21141685
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My favorite era of /SMG/ was watching hordes of redditors lose everything on HMNY

>> No.21141748

Oh, well yeah, they're fucking clueless on how to take care of themselves, but isn't the cost of healthcare similar?

>> No.21141776
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>Ive lost more this year alone
That's because you hang out here. The smart people left here years ago because this place is as bad as wall street bets. Warren Buffett can barely beat the S&P 500 and you think you retards can do it? It's fun to gamble for awhile but you eventually have to get serious and smart.

>> No.21141841

Anything buffet does moves the entire market.

>> No.21141854
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where's the proof he went to mexico to bang a tranny?

>> No.21141901

Checked. Are you "up" that amount or is that your total unrealized value?
Also, in either case, what do you do for work and what's your investment strategy?

>> No.21141946
File: 1.11 MB, 1348x1798, rkg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He generally doesn't make too many moves though
He admitted it at one point. I didn't screen cap much from those days unfortunately.

>> No.21141973

>non-Hispanic Whites
Are they still including MENA ethnic groups and other non-Europeans as white in this?

>> No.21141980

Are you planning on selling soon or holding long term? Everything I've seen looks really promising and they're growing exponentially

>> No.21141994

Nearly all the tripfags here got BTFOed during the crash earlier this year, they lost a bunch of money, and they removed their trip out of embarrassment. The only really active one left is Baggie.

I'm sure we'll get some fresh ones soon as the market stabilizes and idiots go back to thinking they're genius traders.

>> No.21142023

Puts on SYY thoughts?

>> No.21142048

you really are retarded aren’t you?

>> No.21142122


>> No.21142143
File: 270 KB, 1000x563, wb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ended up just putting all of my money in index funds and high dividend yield stocks with DRIP. I don't touch it, I just add more money to it. I wish I would have done that years ago but I drank the /SMG/ koolaid and wasted a bunch of time day trading. Live and learn I guess.

>> No.21142195

Did he catch aids or what lol?

>> No.21142205

Thoughts on Intel Puts?

>> No.21142220

>my cryptofolio only at $16k up from a low of $4k of like a year ago
they’re going up but definitely not a 2017 style pump at all

>> No.21142237

>AAPL splitting seems like a sure choice too.
I swing some apple before Fridays dip and bought 20% at 435.
This shit is gonna be hot.
It'll be back to $200 by christmas.

>> No.21142305

Where do you see it going leading up to the split? I see tons of people buying $470+ calls

>> No.21142345

You gotta buy that Porsche, brah.

>> No.21142346

No, it's a mess. Imagine your employer offering a Nissan or Toyota plan.
Depending on the hospital you go to, they'll accept either Nissan or Toyota. Sometimes the doctor moonlighting accepts the opposite, and you have to foot the whole bill.
Then there are the poor(unemployed) without a Nissan or Toyota - maybe a little Vespa. The staff kick them out asap b/c they don't get the same ROI from insurance.
Then there are the retired with Medicare (govt insurance). They're in the middle of poor and having a Toyota and Nissan.
Basically a fucked up system that fucks all of the little guys, the poorest by far the most because of their situation and likely inability to understand how to comply with the complicated system.

>> No.21142399
File: 845 KB, 1366x2364, 1534527676900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never found out. Believe me rkg fascinated me more than anyone else on this board, but I actually believed his story to an extent. Was always curious if he got better or not.

>> No.21142446
File: 99 KB, 740x400, 1596909423427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once the crash happens will animal girls inherit the world?

>> No.21142484


Since the case numbers are rising because of the travel meme - wave surged , would it be a good point to actually sell all my stonks and bet on a huge sell off like later this year?

>> No.21142530

That’s exactly what I am doing except some additional heavy BABA bags.

>> No.21142543

I’m thinking about to buy two tesla stonks. Just have crypto at this point. How much upside to expect

>> No.21142657

Unlimited upside unlimited downside.

>> No.21142660

How does 500 a share sound?

>> No.21142665

Tesla fucking a stinks of fraud in my mind, but every time a say that I check a couple of weeks later and it's doubled. .I don't know man, it was what $280 early this year now it hovers around $1500? It feels similar to buying the top of Bitcoin when it was 19k

>> No.21142670

I've seen SHLL get shilled occasionally.
What's the story, there, they're merging or acquiring something in October and expected to moon?

$470+ easy, assuming they pass the stimulus.

>> No.21142741

I guess but provided you have insurance, whether I'm a barely employed fat nignog or Rockfeller's great grandson, the cost should be comparable right?

Obviously the rich have more options, do they get higher quality at the same cost basis? I'm trying to search up stuff regarding that in the US but I don't even know how to find stats on it, if any are even done

>> No.21142803
File: 122 KB, 1830x795, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

too late at this point
it's more likely to just crab upwards now than to dip any further.
retail retards see march-level stock prices and think it's a good idea because their DD is "price memory" and justify their own buying with CEO is buying intel share too, not any actual fundamentals.

>> No.21142833

It already hit 1700 then holders took profit and now its around $1488/share

>> No.21142850

Did they ever announce the leaks on CNBC? would think that would've tanked it

>> No.21142907

Baggie does drugs? Wtf I like baggie now?

>> No.21142916

They fucking building a gigafactory in germany and didn’t even dropped a car atm that every normie can afford. But yeah I‘m also afraid of buying the fucking top...

>> No.21143014

>ll of my money in index funds and high dividend yield stocks
That's fine if you have capital and income, most people here are lacking both which is why they're rightfully taking on more risk in hopes of better gains. It took me a little over a year to beat the entirety of SPY since inception without short dated options, biopharma or penny stocks. It would have taken over 26 years to get the equivalent return in SPY with compounding so it was a good 'gamble' that paid off and I'm now starting to derisk. It would take a true black swan event for me to completely lose everything I gained.

Statistically there are a lot of people who risk-adjusted beat the market long term but you don't hear about it because they're not institutional investors. As for why Wall Street can't beat the market, that's pretty simple, they are the market and any outperformance gets picked apart by other people on the street. Any group is full of relatively average people who make poor decisions and lower the return against the more intelligent people within the group. Also the amount of stocks they have to buy basically turns it into its own index and negates high performing outliers.

>> No.21143021

Some of baggies pastimes were railing crystal meth and banging black prostitutes.

>> No.21143032

honestly that slipped off my mind because of the tesla thing

>> No.21143046

It's an EV SPAC, so 2x the hype factor.

In all seriousness, they have a working product and barely any competition. I don't think anyone else is really positioned well to respond to EV regulations in trucks. The MC for it is currently around 1b, a lot of room for growth.

>> No.21143053


>> No.21143054

I truly am uninterested in their ability to get cheap cars to people. i am only interested in their self driving AI and how that will change the landscape of ride sharing, public transit, air and space travel, etc.

>> No.21143057

No funding way he's a sub 10k investor how would he even afford it

>> No.21143078
File: 21 KB, 570x365, blog-compassionate-care-socioeconomic-status-chart-3_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

'Healthcare service by socioeconomic' might be a decent phrase to start with.
It'll be tough to find though because
>Poor forgo care due to expenses, so even if the care is the same - at the same cost - the poor don't receive it
>The wealthy can afford what insurance doesn't pick up whether rehab or surgery or ____
Perhaps it'd be best to research average lifespan by wealth and work backwards to see how much the (((healthcare industry))) actually helps

>> No.21143090

Funny, I did the opposite and it's working out well so far.

black prostitutes are cheap but he's a virgin

>> No.21143114

I posted the Tesla leak on stocktwits and it got deleted in like 2 minutes kek

>> No.21143125

Yeah I started out here with 4k and fucked around with high risk shit. Basically broke even the over the entire course. I'm much better off now financially so your point is definitely valid.
Why do you think he's a perpetual sub 10k investor? Blows his money on degeneracy.

>> No.21143154

black prostitutes are cheap man, in my area you can get one for under $40, better wear a condom though unless you want the aids. And meth is basically a poor person drug

>> No.21143201

>putting in work
we wait for hapless "gentile" (NGMI) breadbakers
/biz/rael emulates the Jew whenever possible

>> No.21143222

>Funny, I did the opposite and it's working out well so far.
Until it doesn't. Your method of investing isn't safe long term. I'm investing for retirement not quick cash. If you are in your early 20's it's not really a big deal but you would still be better off my way.

>> No.21143227

Blood red mondays

>> No.21143235

What should I buy on monday.

keep in mind I'm investing 500 dollars of my mom's money and she trusts me to make a profit

>> No.21143241


>> No.21143244

didn't baggie buy like a 50k new truck

>> No.21143254

Hm yeah, they are years ahead of other players. I would love to invest in spacex, but they won‘t get listed I think.

>> No.21143281

> As for why Wall Street can't beat the market, that's pretty simple, they are the market and any outperformance gets picked apart by other people on the street.
That and big boy hedgies are proportionally less liquid than retail investors because they have to move around billions upon billions worth of money for their positions.

>> No.21143309

Insurance varies in quality as much as cars.
A good plan and you pay $25 to see the doctor. He says you need a specialist, you see them next week for $40. Then the surgery they say you need is free.

A shit plan and you're looking at $50, $200, then 25% of whatever the hospital and insurance company lawyers decide the surgery coats - cause it sure isn't itemised consistently and each company will have argued how much an anesthetist is worth per hour. Then you might need to get your own lawyer to argue what everything should cost.

>> No.21143331
File: 726 KB, 631x478, 1592672780072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keep in mind I'm investing 500 dollars of my mom's money and she trusts me to make a profit
Oh fuck your mom is gonna lose all of her money. But fuck it, invest it in FUN.

>> No.21143351

Can anyone tell me whats going on with this stock
Looks chronically undervalued with massive dividend - why?

>> No.21143357

Tell me a growing industry except for electric vehicles

>> No.21143373

Good investors do coke and white prostitutes.

>> No.21143423

>not just investing, but day trading other peoples money
Dude no, specially no if its your family. Theres a reason family business burn and explode harder than Beirut.

Just stick it somewhere safe, some bluechip stock and leave it.

In a year its prolly worth 25% more.

>> No.21143464

But healthcare is free in murrica if you're poor. Only the middleclass pays significantly.

>> No.21143492


>> No.21143493


>> No.21143504

TSLA is based but two shares won't make you a millionaire. It will still likely outperform most megacap stocks over the next decade and any non-leveraged index ETF.
I have to disagree, it's average annual performance is not much different than a lot of the top tier growth stocks. TSLA was consolidating for six years before the recent pump despite growing from a niche automaker to the automaker that produces the most EVs out of any company.

As for why its valuation is so high, it's not a true pure play automaker, it's an automaker with tech like gross margins that is becoming a major player in the renewable energy and storage business and they will possibly solve autonomous driving before anyone else. The company that does that is easily worth a trillion because the robotaxi market will be giant, far larger than the auto market. Tesla also has numerous other advantages because they're not tied down to the dealership business model and they're inherently more efficient as a business.

>> No.21143524

Yeah, but here's the difference:

There's a reason REITs and financials are still at march lows. Granted, given a couple years, assuming they don't blow up, you'll recover in a grandiose manner, but I wouldn't gamble on anything not blowing up.

Honestly, consider all the people who bought AirBnB houses to rent them to travelers who are now totally absent during peak season. All the people who overleveraged to do it. Imagine all the paycheck to paycheck scrubs that the economy has manifested into existence due to stagnant wages in a grossly inflationary environment, that somehow managed to grab up credit to get a house and were promptly cut, fired, or laid off.

Throw in the massive retail bankruptcy list and the small business shuttering across the US.

All of this points to a massive sloughing of cashflows, but nobody is showing that loss on paper because of the forbearance policies.

>> No.21143569

VZ. It's basically a bond (if bonds weren't currently dogshit). Don't take huge risks with your family's money, anon.

>> No.21143598

Any more good option plays for next week ? I still got 100 bucks left.

>> No.21143608

The internet

>> No.21143622

Yeah but it‘s a start. Not expecting to much out of two shares.

>> No.21143639

Where are you from? I wanna get me one of them cheap whores

>> No.21143664

Enjoy your 3% inflation adjusted growth for 50 years until retirement my dude. Most the companies in the S&P are dead weight.
Sorry you fell for all the pump n dump memes and used zero common sense in your investing strategies.
Even if you’re scared of tech you can buy blue chips but total market investing in current year is retarded and I wish I knew that sooner.

>> No.21143669


>> No.21143706

I'm finding some research articles
Measuring Socioeconomic Differences in Use of Health Care Services by Wealth Versus by Income
Socioeconomic Status and Utilization of Health Care Services Among Asthmatic Children
Health Disparities Based on Socioeconomic Inequities: Implications for Urban Health Care

Shit. I should have just searched for 'racist healthcare system' and I woulda hit the motherlead.
And hospitals are only one part. When you have retard level pharma prices, the poor, or even middle class, can't afford to purchase them.
This guy gets it. My wife went to the ER due to stomach pain (gallbladder). An MRI and a bottle of hydrocodone later, as we were getting discharged, someone rolled in a cash register and said 'that'll be $900. How do you want to pay?'
That was with insurance. And she works at the hospital.
Yes and no. The staff knows who have what and treat them accordingly. The poor will die penniless if it's a chronic illness. The middle class gets raped in fees. The upper class probably pays way too much and subsidizes the poor.

>> No.21143746
File: 198 KB, 500x500, Not_in_My_Backyard_Graphic_copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

* pic related

>> No.21143747
File: 31 KB, 604x516, play time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

going to just sell everything put it in blue chips and sell covered calls until im 65

>> No.21143756

Stamps, apparently

>> No.21143765

>dude the ecomony is gonna drag for 50 years look at me i'm retarded

>> No.21143779

>not just banging drunk sluts at bars

>> No.21143840

>lives in the age of exponential scalability in tech
>hmmm I’ll just invest in McDonald’s and waste management

Ok bro

>> No.21143856

Sure thing champ, keep up that arrogant, smartest man in the room mentality and see where that gets you financially in a couple of years. I don't care what you do with your money, but I do know you will without a doubt not outperform the s&p 500.

>> No.21143871

How do we profit off fags and other mentally ills slash liberals? It’s the largest growing consumer base.

>> No.21143883

lol I sold calls but earnings on WKHS are going to beat again because of the acquisition deal that LMT is getting.

>> No.21143927

What're they buying into?

Is it more WKHS, cause they're the EV truck peeps.

>> No.21143933

>big corps isn't going to adopt tech and finish killing small businesses
mcdonalds will be the first to have fully robotic fast food

>> No.21143936

Speaking of McDonald's I'm up 19% in under 3 months on my McDonald shares but yeah you're right, I better invest in high risk OTC stocks to really get as good as you right?

>> No.21143937

Why would earnings do bad?

>> No.21143949

Puts on sysco might be something, but i'm usually autistic with these kind of trades

>> No.21144023

Imagine putting that amount of cash into literal pnds like WKHS

>> No.21144044
File: 510 KB, 1085x775, 1544469401300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry to all anons with shitty jobs, but I will laugh for a day straight when every minimum wage worker at McDonalds gets fired because of robots

>> No.21144069


>> No.21144074

Wkhs is getting that contract and will pump nicely for it

>> No.21144082

when that day happens will shares of mc donalds go up for down?

>> No.21144101

Is United Airlines one of those airlines that are in danger of going bankrupt? I kind of put 1500 dollars into it...

>> No.21144115

Stamps.com outperforms the S&P500 nigger.
The best shot you have at making a double digit return is if TSLA gets added. And you’d still do worse than just holding ARKK.
I truly have no idea why you think 3M, JNJ, McDonalds, and Coke are going to do better than FAGMAN

>> No.21144158

most of the mcdonalds employees in my area are middle-aged mexican women

>> No.21144191

The next stage of automatization will be bullish on several levels. If a job isn't worth paying a honest salary for, it should be done by robots instead of humans.

>> No.21144195

Some pizza company has a literal vending machine that pumps out fresh pizza. It's like 5 vending machines in size, and has limited options, but they just plop them down like a Redbox. Europe or Japan. Can't remember.

McDonald's will still need like 25% staff, for cleaning and stocking and to deal with niggers.

>> No.21144201

Ty bro

>> No.21144292


>> No.21144336

>The upper class probably pays way too much and subsidizes the poor.
several bullshit aspects to your claim:
1- unlike education loans, debt owed to hospitals is forgivable. That's how the poor will never have a problem (not to mention they have state assistance anyway).
2- It never mattered what people pay in absolute terms. What matters is what they pay in relative terms. Paying $10k is nothing to a billionaires. Their monthly personal expenses usually easily exceed 100k (between maintenance of their properties, security, special services like transport, etc.) even in retirement. Paying $1k can make or break someone in the middle class.
3- Insurance subsidizes the poor. Insurance mostly operates through the middle class. Therefore, middle class mostly subsidizes the poor. The rich have their own private entourage of healthcare professionals and often don't even participate at all in the system. Rich guy with chronic illness goes to be treated in japan. Middleclass gets treated right where they live: in the US.

>> No.21144342

Hyliion, to me, from an engineering perspective seems like a longshot. They have to cram so much shit in, push it into a competitive price package, and then move the product. Electrification of C8 trucks is nigh impossible as far as I'm concerned. Their hybrid systems need to be self-serviceable and mechanic-friendly, and again they're going to need to push enough range into the system that they're viable from a cost perspective. Their ERX is interesting to the extent that it's basically a locomotive drivetrain, but I'm sure that has been experimented with and decidedly failed considering that the electric transmission has been around literally forever.

>> No.21144343

>PE 9, div 3%, revenue still increasing
Yes, short the bottom

>> No.21144374

Up. They will heavily decrease their expenses on labor, thus increase their profit.

>> No.21144381

>msft is otc
>only 20% from bottom and proud of it

>> No.21144385
File: 183 KB, 1242x491, 47C3AFA9-201F-44D6-938D-35201F41B358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought I was going bankrupt on my citigroup options, but Friday saved my ass big time. At one point I was down 19k on the options. Now I'm only down 2k.

>> No.21144430

Found the intcel. Since you're still in these threads it means you're not bankrupt yet. If you're not bankrupt, it means you haven't gone long intel. Conclusion: LOL!

>> No.21144458

Maybe. Might buy ITM call depending on how well opening hours perform.

>> No.21144496

Well done.

Now we start making profit fren.

>> No.21144526

You just ignoring the leaks, or?

>> No.21144579
File: 30 KB, 500x425, 1543543195472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Up 15% in the last 3 months
>McDonald's has outperformed Microsoft in the last 3 months
It's somewhat disappointing to see /SMG/ is as retarded as ever these days.

>> No.21144595

Yes, though I've accepted that I may have to sell for a minor loss next week if the market crabs because of no stimulus. I also make the same mistake of every stock and option I buy. I always buy too early.

>> No.21144610

>retards back at it again with their retarded dividends shilling
your best dividend stocks don't even beat SPY, fucktards
you are literally PUTTING IN MORE RISK THAN EVEN A FUND LIKE SPY just to under perform it
you can not getting more fucking retarded than this

>> No.21144635

Shorts vs puts on INTC ?

>> No.21144701

Explain 2019

>> No.21144710

>I always buy too early
Can always buy long. C O O M of gains doesnt feel as good, but its not as anxiety inducing.

>> No.21144713

Dividend stocks tend to be more stable. And a lot are beat down bad. They are great long term holds. Easy way to double your money in 2 years. But yeah I understand you want to buy companies like workhorse or the like that are risky but can move much faster. Really depends on how much money you have.

>> No.21144717

how the fuck do you get this much glitter out of your eye? this is on par with fucking torture.. fuck

>> No.21144746

i said SPY you motherfucker read

>> No.21144797

so whats up dogg? is SPY the only good long term investment in the stock market or something?

>> No.21144819

I've got 9 puts expiring on 8/14 at a strike price of 47.50. I don't think dropping a few dollars is insane. Especially if the leaks go mainstream and the market crashes.

>> No.21144834

True. I started out long on citi, but then I bought June options, made some money. Did the same with July and now August. Though August I went full retard with 140 options and 22k margin.

>> No.21144835
File: 34 KB, 500x500, 1564332880529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok poorfag

>> No.21144847

>blue chip divvies
>doubling your money in 2 years


>> No.21144917

no that's not what i'm saying
i'm saying dividend stocks don't out perform a boomer pension fund like SPY
you're the retarded poor fag thinking you will get anywhere getting less returns than SPY with more risk

>> No.21144987

What's going to happen Monday if theres no stimmy? SPY 340?

>> No.21144999
File: 107 KB, 406x596, 1596751824482.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21145019

Ignore the grammatical errors in this post, I'm high as fuck.
ERX is their best product, since the retrofit business model rarely works, but the real problem is that compressed natural gas suffers from the same problem as hydrogen, there are not enough fueling stations and they're expensive to build. There's not nearly enough renewable natural gas to fill these trucks so there are higher environmental costs compared to electric and it limits their future outlook.
>Electrification of C8 trucks is nigh impossible
Why do you think that? Electric drivetrains come with much lower operating costs compared to both diesel and CNG, as much as Hyliion claims otherwise. Battery weight is commonly toted as the reason why they'll never work for long haul trucking but 93% of truck payloads in the US are under the weight where that would be a concern. Electric drivetrains are the future for both passenger vehicles and trucking, their advantages are too overwhelming.

>> No.21145026

You realise there is a lot of "dividend stocks" in the SPY right?

>> No.21145028




>> No.21145039

It hit reddit with big numbers, so the nu-nerd will hopefully spread it further.

>> No.21145048

I saved tens of thousands of dollars living with my parents. I'm now well above the common net value of people my age and I have perfect credit. It wasn't a walk in the park. I do regret not leveraging my position a little more and attending college while I was working, I'd be well ahead of the game had I chosen to do that. I suggest, if you do stay, to apply yourself to learning some sort of meaningful and documented vocational skills while saving money.

More or less, don't just ride the gravy train, you have to pilot it too.

>> No.21145075

i'm talking about chasing dividend stocks with """high yield"""
other way around donkey

>> No.21145077

>Ignore the grammatical errors in this post, I'm high as fuck.
It's 3 in the afternoon you degenerate fuck, do something productive with your day

>> No.21145124


Okay, thank you daddy. I just need something reliable to park my money for like 3 years while I save for a house and wait for a housing crash.

>> No.21145131

blessed productive anon
what are you working on right now

>> No.21145144

park it in TQQQ

>> No.21145176

Here's hoping.

>> No.21145198
File: 158 KB, 1059x677, 1555029060208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros... I feel like I could have saved my mom some losses on INTC if I'd been firmer about warning her. When Ryzen 2xxx series came out I told her stuff like "hey, are you sure Intel is still good? AMD is doing pretty well lately...", but I didn't really have any experience in stocks at that point so I didn't feel confident in telling her to sell. I know she reads the 10-k's and everything, but I'm not sure she really understood just how bad AMD was kicking Intel's ass. It wasn't her only pick so it's not catastrophic or anything, just feels bad.

>> No.21145249

Next Thread is up


>> No.21145257

1. Sounds like a lot of forgiving is going on
>A new study from academic researchers found that 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues —either because of high costs for care or time out of work.
2. A sliding scale only shows ridiculousness of the system. You don't charge a wealthy pair $10,000 for a pair of shoes
3. several bullshit aspects to your claim. See point 2

>> No.21145275
File: 49 KB, 500x458, 1574300902800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just finished cutting the grass, it's hot as fuck out so I'm relaxing for a bit and drinking some water.

>> No.21145285

>Pot calling the kettle black
>Assuming everyone lives in the same timezone as you
>Assuming you can't be productive and high at the same time

>> No.21145339


>> No.21145352

I mean, yeah if you are only chasing the dividend, it's a bit stupid IMO, but there is some good undervalued stocks out there that pays great dividends. The dividend rate souldn't be the only factor on categorising a good opportunitie, Sometimes, the dividend only implies the stage of the company you're buying into (growing stage vs later stages)

>> No.21145445

no, even the most stable and best dividend stocks don't beat SPY

>> No.21145698

Truckers drive at 65mph for up to 11 hours a day. Some team truckers drive around the clock. 715mi/day and 1560mi/day

Trucks can hold as little as 150gal and as much as 300gal. They average 7mpg, ranges then vary from 1050mi to 2100mi approximately.

Then there's inclement weather extremes, which drastically reduce operating range of EVs, particularly "cold" which trucks commonly suffer as they necessarily drive through all seasons.

So you've got long runtimes to meet schedule demand, which means charging is going to make shipments late, and reduced range which destroys efficiency, and then you've got unpredictable swings in the weather which can cut your range in half. They also have to compete against conventional designs insofar as costs are concerned. And then you have to sell it, like really sell it, 'cause adoption is going to be a hard wall to climb. Especially with maintenance.

Like I said, the ERX might fly, but I don't see it as a good product. The tech has been available forever, I imagine Caterpillar and their subsidiary EMD have done some good deal of research into it and found it to be impracticable.

>> No.21145786
File: 342 KB, 1223x2048, Screenshot_20200808-121526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21145908
File: 72 KB, 1204x537, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very embarrassing, underageb&.

>> No.21146154

Holy shit. Are those US prices the pharmacy counter price or the amount hospital charges to inpatients (to gouge insurance)?

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