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shut the fuck up faggot i run the bat cartel and ill tell you when its time to pump it

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$DEC is it’s only competitor at under 10mil market cap....

>> No.21206481

Can you tell me please

>> No.21206511

tell me please I DCAed into this instead of LINK all 2019 and lost hard

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fuck off faggot ill tell u what u need to know in the next saturday thread. sell your bat and kys if u wanna be poor forever.

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Be nice, calling people faggots isn't what BAT is all about.

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I'm probably gonna sell it and gamble on UNIswap

>> No.21206999

it literally is though, since its made by brandon eich(who hates faggots)

>> No.21207017

not defi

no pump

>> No.21207047

go ahead and gamble on defi shitcoins because u have the attention span of a fucking 3 year old. thats why i run a cartel of millionaires and u suck tranny dick for a living.

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the only thing you run is your mouth, you gross, poor, baby-dicked shitskin
BAT is a dead coin for gains

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then why u here cuck

>> No.21207113

trips acknowledged.
Eich is a god

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I have 10 million from LINK alone. Keep pretending you're important, I'll keep posting BAT when I want.

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It went from 0.25 to 0.26, that's a big pump for BAT

>> No.21207168

post lambo or gtfo. prove youre rich and i will match u.

>> No.21207194

handwritten notes with time and date + /biz/ and show of wealth is the only currency i will accept btw

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I "only" have 1500 BATs, which is an opportunity cost of 20k dollars for not buying more link instead. And I feel very salty about it.

But I've understood that some anons here have 10k BATs, 50k BATs, 100k BATs even? How are you holding up bros?

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Gosh anon i hope youve read the whitepaper, or atleast skimmed it and looked at the table of contents.


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>pajeet can't even type properly
>literally claims to have a cartel for bat of all coins
>even if he's not larping, he's retarded
>accuses the linkmarine of being a larper even after link has pumped like crazy
good luck with your browser ads lmao

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what do people get from investing in it then?

>> No.21207438

>implying i missed link
post lambo or gtfo

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Here's your timestamp bro. You can find the thread in the archives where I give proof of my holdings.

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Now it's your turn, simp. Post your proof of your """cartel."""

>> No.21207516

based, i remember your thread actually

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Seriously will this ever move?

>> No.21207557

It will go up with the rest of the market, but the white paper says it can't go over $1

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lol wtf is this faggot a 2018 cancer patient with no timestamp? post literally any show of wealth that you claim to have and ill smear ur moms name in mayo on my lambo with a timestamped pick homo.

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>he doesn't know cancerbro
You don't belong on /biz/, go back wherever you came from.

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>posting a bunch of hundreds like that means something
post your discord or something, some proof of your cartel claims dude
like seriously, you're embarrassing yourself here

>> No.21208074

Anyone got popcorn?

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why are people holding this

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>posting a bunch of hundreds like that means something
hundreds more than you posted though. all you have done is talk so far?

>> No.21208134

endless sell pressure from everyone getting it for free you fucking retard why would you pay for something you get for FREE

>> No.21208137

Extra salt light on the butter plz and thx

>> No.21208168

show me literally any proof of u not being a fucking pajeet and ill download discord just to call u a faggot

>> No.21208175

That's sunk cost fallacy for me senpai

>> No.21208224

Lighten up man, do you seriously not recognize obvious shitposting when you see it? Picture of the shirtless dude is a guy from a classic /biz/ thread, not me (obviously). Like I'm amazed you're taking this seriously.

I know it's been painful holding BAT, but come on.

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Anyway, this was fun but I'm going to post in another thread now, you're weird and it seems like English is your second language.

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Why would it? They literally give this shit away for free

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The most pathetic token in the history of tokens. The epitome of "cuckold" token. Team keeps LARPing about users and utility, but in the end the only thing that will skyrocket the userbase is BAT's price and everybody knows it.

JUST'd project. We all need to convince each other to sell and stop pretending it will ever moon.

>> No.21208395

Yeah but that's exactly when it WILL moon. Something is fucking happening with BAT underneath all the bullshit I can see it.

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I have 40 BAT, migm?

>> No.21208470

You'll make 1000 bucks usd

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I've been around too long to continue believing this. At this point I legitimately believe either 1) the team has some sort of incentive to keep the BAT price low, or 2) has given up on BAT to the point where there's no interest in incentivizing price increase of the token.

Either way, I'm starting to believe the token is doomed and was an awful investment. Not sure where Brave/BAT will go from here

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oh you have like 700k link huh

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damn bro you are so rich...

did you get a flash loan so you can shitpost on a golf course for /biz/?

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Can you idiots please capitulate into my 1600 buy zone when BTC goes boom

>> No.21208620

I want to believe whales are just keeping the price low so they can accumulate more before BAT moons. The order books have almost no liquidity. It seems like at some point the growth should suddenly become explosive. 16m users is pretty serious.

>> No.21208701

It's genuinely shocking how retarded these people are. Amazing that they manage to feed themselves.
Just look at the way they type, and how they miss any sort of subtlety whatsoever. You could have a better conversation with a chatbot.

>> No.21208709

Stop fucking talking about bat save it for Saturday and don't tell anyone about it ffs this is our last chance

>> No.21208743

I guarantee you're not good enough at golf to be playing ProV1s.

>> No.21208745

1500 bat is like $300 anon. why didn't you just buy another $300 of link at the time? it's $300, literal mcdonalds money.

>> No.21208753

Says the fuck living in mom's basement kek go eat your dino shaped frozen chicken nuggets it's dinner time

>> No.21208781

Stop with the Saturday thread shit, it's lame.
Exhibit A, this is not how a normal English speaker types.

>> No.21208812

$300 is a lot of money in this >>21208753 guy's country.

>> No.21208815

Ok I'll try iambic pentameter for you and write you a Robert Frost poem next time cuck

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I see a lot of posts like this and I don’t really understand why BAT should be kept secret. LINK was the exact opposite with people constantly spamming the board. It seemed that at virtually any time of the day there were 3+ threads regurgitating LINK memes. Apparently that was successful.

>> No.21208864

Exactly. The more threads the better.

>> No.21208889

There's some weird off-site group that thinks they control BAT, trying to act like they can say what we post. Fuck them, post what you like.

>> No.21209016

What the fuck am I doing here on a Sunday night fuck off you fucking fuck

>> No.21209035

It’s not even that serious. Saturday threads are just when all the oldfags and regulars can catch up and actually discuss shit rather than trying to randomly catch each other during the weekly random threads.
You can check the archives and see how much extra information and posts in general are in the Saturday threads compared. Quit spinning shit into conspiracy theories.

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Almost every shitcoin with letters in the name is mooning right now. Once a week is plenty for this fucking fuck ass fuck shitcoin until it moves.

>> No.21209121

why would something given for free moon?

>> No.21209124

i own the company that owns the company that owns the course that your club pro wishes he could work at faggot

>> No.21209166

1v1 me in golf faggot

>> No.21209226

any day of the week bitch. what state do you live in? i will personally fly you out to my course on my own dime and jam my cock down your throat while my bev cart slut blows me for tips.

>> No.21209255

I'm from the streets of Bombay. I live in Mexico though because that's where the gold is.

>> No.21209275

oh sorry just checked next weeks tee times looks like its a full house. maybe some other time.

>> No.21209284

Show this guy just how rich you really are by sending 1000 BAT to this address:
You got so much 1000 is nothing to you and this is how you let his dirty ass know it!

>> No.21209290

You seem obsessed with man sex, anon. Just saying.

>> No.21209326

It's cool.

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u must be the pump you wish to see

>> No.21209351

I will concede defeat if you send 1000 BAT to that address. It's nothing to you and your cartel, right?

>> No.21209417

Bet you he can't do it, dude probably has 0 BAT.

>> No.21209426

lol you fucking pajeet, this is an empty wallet with nothing in it. if you had some bat in it i would consider it. post a verified creator account and expose yourself for the mumbai bitch u are and i will tip you 100 bat.

>> No.21209474

it's actually an exchange address cartel anon. coinbase to be exact. they give you a new deposit address each time you click receive.

>> No.21209520

maybe someday you can be a big boy and control your own keys. verified creator account or lick my balls. final offer.

>> No.21209548

If I post mine can you give me the 100 bat instead?

>> No.21209554

Token not needed

>> No.21209559

he's not as rich as he says guys! wont even send some random anon 1000 BAT, a pittance!, to flaunt his wealth in the face of another anon.

>> No.21209586

i will tip you 200 just so i dont have to give it to that pajeet.

>> No.21209592

give this guy the 100 BAT also. a drop in the bucket for your oceans of wealth!

>> No.21209623

Kek, I use the brave browser on both pc and mobile and don't own a single bat

>> No.21209631

Notice how he only offers 100 or 200 BAT. I doubt this guy has more than like 2000 BAT total. Sad!

>> No.21209714

2000 on a good day. Wallet balance probably hovers around 500. Then he's quick to cashout when he gets his free batties for the month from the UGP.

>> No.21209732

says mexico faggot who wont even come to my country club on my dime. i swear to god if you are changing your ip address and shit posting me like a dirty pajeet to try and goad me into giving you 200 bat i will find your mother and lick her butthole clean.

>> No.21209757

you 2 faggots are literally the same person im going to come to your house in mumbai and flush your samsung galaxy v1 down the toilet homo

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you're alright cartel anon, but i am not that other guy and i'll have you know I use an LG Chocolate when i'm not in my mumbai home.

>> No.21209859

alright im upping my offer to 500 bat on a verified creator account. the offer expires 5 minutes from this post.

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>> No.21209935

>posting cash like anyone gives a fuck
fucking spics are so tacky

>> No.21209954


>> No.21210030

that's not at all how you drift a car in vice city stories anon.

>> No.21210038

you beat the clock by literally 23 fucking seconds. alright ill send you 500 bat in 5 batches if 100. check your account in 30 seconds.

>> No.21210110

Shut up
Got it thank you!

>> No.21210123

post better content

>> No.21210138

Give me some free BAT plz :(

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Someone is stealing all the memes I'm using

>> No.21210175

guess cartel anon really is that rich. I will continue to hold on to my 20k stack then.

Missed the boat pal.

>> No.21210184

too late go fuck yourself.

alright well nobody wants to golf with me when i literally offer to fly you out on my own dime and basically you guys are gay. i got shit to do and also go fuck yourselves for making me waste my time talking to multiple account pajeets suck my balls.

>> No.21210347

You just gave a literal Jeet money. It's the 2nd time he does this. He only posts to ask for bat tips.

>> No.21210349

If you guys are giving away more free money in these threads then let an anon know plz

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Fuck off you fucking paki

>> No.21210423

CNBC got xrp to $4. Just wait until you see what Facebook mom groups get BAT to.

>> No.21210583

ok i have seen enough 100+ post bat threads in the past week. i am buying some of this. im not sure what is going on here with your pissing match nor do i care.

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>> No.21210732

wtf Anon why would you post my channel? Thank you but my mind is getting fucked rn. Did I do drugs and make this post

>> No.21210760

wtf seriously

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You aren't fooling anyone shit bathing paki

>> No.21210887

Alright I demand to know who is getting fucked here. Post wallet and tip history + proof of channel ownership.

>> No.21210910

My other channel (unverified) with 150 subs keeps getting restricted for some Hitler memes I posted long ago. That's why I didn't verify it
Plus I have tons of unlisted videos

>> No.21210937

This YouTube channel literally isn't even verified. Go back to fucking India or post you received tips from the person you claim to be.

>> No.21210983

>36th largest market cap
oh no no no no
glad I dumped

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File: 1.22 MB, 1200x1200, 1597046261618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These 2 are literally the same person
>He doesn't know how to see People's IP address'

>> No.21211063

Someone else has been posting on my behalf I swear

>> No.21211090

Learn to read

>> No.21211130

I swear to god if your next post doesn't show a screenshot of your verified channels tip history...

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Vice City anon is literally an Indian. Look at how many Indian channels he is subscribed too. Yet u faggots keep claiming India has nothing to do with this shitcoin.
This is exactly why BAT is not an investment

There is nothing to swear. Everyone can see your IP address on /biz/

>> No.21211214

But I live in Vietnam since last 15 years

>> No.21211314

>tfw the daily percent changes are smaller than the dollar value of a BAT Token
>Price is 0.27 cents
>Percent change is 0.23%

>> No.21211599

its not free tard, advertisers must buy it in order to give away.
2/10 fud. would not order this curry again.

>> No.21211680


>> No.21211757

Cartel checking in you guys are all pussies

>> No.21211966

u fucking nigger i literally sent u 500 bat thats over 100 bucks and ur gonna try and jeet me into sending u more? take your fucking ball and go home u ungrateful bitch.

>> No.21211997

i am never fucking tipping anybody again unless they can confirm they are not an ungrateful cunt,

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Try harder to impress randoms. And no you don’t.

>> No.21212329

Stop making BAT threads so popular

>> No.21212418

> to golf with me
Found the person who doesn’t play golf. You say “play golf” you wanna be. You aren’t on tour. You won’t ever be. You’re probably not even a scratch player. Lol.

>> No.21212420

Who pays for a shitcoin that you get for free for just shitposting?

>> No.21212728

Why should it? Liquidity providers like me make tons of money with BAT staying stable.

>> No.21213091

Don't lie faggot it was only 30 bat
Also both >>21210110 and >>21210732 are impersonating me. IDK why

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that fucking OP image

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File: 461 KB, 800x993, 9A9016EE-A4B9-4275-9C7B-6B3C7CC27C11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Why is this thread still alive

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