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Cat Token ($CAT)

Their telegram group started with 20 members and there is still less than 100 now.

$30k market cap
LOCKED LIQUIDITY - Admin is active in the group right now to answer any questions!

Followed the directions here

The shillers and pump groups will start this soon to make it $0.10+



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As an early adopter i must say it is nice to see a DOGE competitor finally on the market. To long have DOGE ruled the animal kingdom. Now CAT is here and the team has locked tokens on UNI. Moon time boys.

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scam, liquidity not locked

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Sending this to all the shillers now since none of them have even tweeted about this.

Remember when that Shiba project did a 100x?! This can at least go to $0.10+ from today.

Memes win these gainz

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This to 0.1$ till morning . Send it

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If you know how to check Etherscan you'll see that liquidity has been locked.


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I'll ride it until 2 mi MC which is 66x from here.

Liquidity locked and Hype around CT and UNISWAP is a easy bet!

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We are warming up frensss

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Broke 20c resistance! Easy!

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doubled down on this shit, go anons!!

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remember shiba? this is going to pull the same shit. But you're at the beginning

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what is this shit with the SEC? https://www.bitclave.com/bitclave-announces-settlement-with-sec

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who gives a fuck has nothing to do with cat

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Bitclave is the wrong token nice try klown

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lol these are great

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Got love money memes

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This has nothing to do with a cat meme token

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Next X20 confirmed. Get in or stay poor.

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Fucking hell it's taking off

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CAT to the moon boiss!

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$DOGE is absolutely FOOKED

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Love this CAT game already

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This will fly to $1 mil by tomorrow, I’ll buy but goddamn fucking slippage. Let’s start adding more liquidity

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I eat pussy, so I bought

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This thread smells like mumbai beaches

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Ez gains frens.

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I’m in around $100k ... gnna sleep on it a day or two

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I'm new.. How can I properly buy this? I only have BTC on kucoin..

I don't want to create numerous wallets for eth and transfer to some indian exchanges..

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>in around $100k
>volume is $114k

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you'll only need one wallet. install Metamask, its a browser extension. in metamask make a new ETH wallet. send your ETH there. then you can invest and swap into any uniswap shitcoin. my advice? take half off after you double and put it in a new shitcoin then take half off after a double again and repeat until you're rich or this hole uniswap shitcoin scam blows up in our faces. shitcoins are mooning left and right so you need to take advantage of this opportunity because no one knows how long it will last.
good luck

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>Unlock date
>11/08/2021 00:03
>in a year

Wait, so it means you can only profit after a year or so? I'm a newfag.
How can even a scam token last so long before people stop putting cash in it?

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Yeah already did that.. But it's a nightmare getting all my btc off crypto.com I now have to wait hours to get it to kucoin and only then I will be able to get it into metamask. Will deposit something into cat though.

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What? Dude I don’t think you understand what a token lockup is lolllll

Also, I’m going in on this one

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I'm new to shitcoins. I've been completely inactive in crypto world for 2 years..

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A token lockup means the developers can’t exit scam... it’s the only way to know for sure you’re not gnna rugpulled on liquidity

While yes this is a memey shitcoin, it’s safe to put your money into (and in almost EVERY case) it x10s

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But we will be able to withdraw, right?

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Yeah of course. This could use a bit more liquidity tho so there can be higher buys and sells , it’ll come tho

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damn, it's already dumping?

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No. It’s not lol

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what prices did you guys get in at?

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>this shitcoin was literally created yesterday probably by a /biz/tard
>no usecase or any information about what the token does
>we are unironically making him a shitload of money
you retards will pump anything lmao

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Probably the creator himself. Typical ponzi scheme.

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whatever I used 1 eth of pure gain from a different shitcoin that looked just like this and went 35x

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I don't believe.. You are friends of the OP and just shill here.

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I bought 1 eth $WAIF Friday afternoon

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WHat happened after? Was it just for one day?

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On Sunday I could have sold for $11600 profit but I'm still holding most of it because I think it's going to go higher. It's not at the ATH high anymore for what that's worth but I bought at like 0.00006 and its at 0.0013 or so now

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