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Tell me your rape stories so I can jerk off to them.

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I bought YAM and it really fucked me in the ass without mercy

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Wrong board soz

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I brought GHOST at ATH and sold at next ATL.

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I bought FUN

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I listened to a pajeet and lost all my money.

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Brought that when it was crabbing low and 4x - currently its waiting for another pump.

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I bought REQ. We were supposed to be LINK's brother. It's not fair.

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i watched gran torino today and the scene where the guy raped and beat his cousin turned me on and i masturbated to it

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I touch my sister

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How do I delete this. Why are people replying to it?

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i raped a girl at a christmas party and then some slut in my office told everyone

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Used to fuck my girlfriend in her sleep all the time
There was one time where I was quite forceful with her while she was awake and she loudly protested and asked me to stop, so I did, then she asked me why I was being so obedient suddenly and we had some hot rape-like sex
I hold LINK now

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I had 2500 XOR when it was $1.00. It wasn't doing anything and there were other tokens to buy so I sold it at $1.00.

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probably jealous desu

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one time I bought this shitcoin called Icon (ICX), and I didn't know it was the ULTIMATE BUTTFUCK coin
then I proceeded to receive an ULTIMATE BUTTFUCK and lost almost 50% of my investment in a week

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definitely i fucked her in the ass and got the clap

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One time I put my penis in vagene. Very nice

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Just wait for people to realise PNK and STA are scams and you'll have 1000s of rape stories.

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The kleros court shall now pass judgement.

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I sold 100k LINK for BITTORRENT In February 2019

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Top Zozzle!!!

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One time I swung my linkies.
I'll never be the same person.

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I bought COSS :D

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I used to go to meetings for MLM pyramid schemes where they offered free shit to hear their pitch. Then I wouldn't buy in. I'd leave and show up and get the same free dinner or drinks at all kinds of places again and again. They thought they were going to rape my bank account, but I raped their operating budget. I raped it real good.

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holy shit, are you okay?
I did this in Philippines to meet struggling female college students who were also dumb enough to work for a pittance as MLM marketing agents. Show up, eat their food, get their numbers, then fuck them while promising I was going to buy their whatever. lol

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I bought a coin named Substratum because I am friends with a shady guy who worked with ICO marketing in 2017. He told me that the CEO hired a super shady Russian “market maker” that actually pumped and dumped shitcoins for BTC/a percentage of the supply. He had told me a few other coins which hired this group but I didn’t but because I didn’t trust him but after I saw the results I went into substratum. I bought literally hundreds of thousands of these tokens for next to nothing, like a few thousand bucks. I saw the shill posts start flooding reddit/biz/twitter/youtube/etc pumping substratum. I knew it was a scam the whole time and watched as thousands of people threw their money into this coin and I didn’t say anything. They jerked themselves off all day for a few months how it was web2.0 and a bunch of other bullshit, I sold all of them for an average of $1.65, it went up to around 3$ if i remember correctly.

I made nearly a million dollars from dumping on all the retards on reddit and biz and never said a word to them about what I knew. Well as you can imagine this shit eventually collapsed and I read so many stories on reddit about how people lost tens of thousands on this coin, how enraged they were, talking about class action lawsuits. I smiled the entire time I read these posts, months of watching these morons circlejerk themselves about how this was the next big thing, only to have their delusions catch up to them and I made a fortune. It was like a drug i’ve never felt before

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Yes. After a long deliberation, the court finds that there is only one suitable punishment. OP shall have his wallet taken to be distributed and he shall be sent to the gas chamber.

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This destroyed my relationship. Ex-gf was hooken on MLM, goes to meetings/seminars that would go on until 12am. I got real angry one day and within the month,she broke up with me.

It hurts bros...

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you learned a valuable lesson, anon

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You honestly think I would touch cryptocurrencies. LMAO.


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In 2017 I bought BTC at all time high
In 2018 I bought XRP & ETH at all time high
In 2019 I didn't buy a fucking thing thank god
In 2020 I fomo'd in to LINK at around $8. Seems to be going good so far.

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I'm holding XRP since 2018. Fucks me in the butt everyday...

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Bought RSR ATL and made a fortune.
This is a story about me raping the kike system.

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Jesus, that's a lot of work to fuck a Filipina. When I was in Philippines I just said "hello, give me your WhatsApp" and fuck them within 24 hours.

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Fucking Chads man.

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Flips are some of the biggest sluts, especially if you're white and double so if you're American

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I took a Hong Kong girl's virginity and her boyfriend is STILL devastated about it years later

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democrates are raping America right now

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fun powr poe verge
i dont like selling anything so i watched these crash
i got rlc at like 40c

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im sure anon is writing a book to sell. this is a economic business discussion

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I bought Stellar Lumens for 45k

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lmao KEK

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>Girl I'm seeing is super crazy, wants me to "rape" her.
>Take her to park at night
>Chat for a bit
>Take her under kids playground thing
>It's pitch black all around
>Can see the moonlight illuminating her smooth, pale skin
>Get to business
>In the middle of fucking her she says stop
>Put hand over her mouth and keep fucking her
>Choke her hard
Later she told me that she genuinely meant stop but when I kept going it turned her on so much. Major redpill on women for me at that time :) wish she didn't move away

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Once I was completely blasted drinking 10+ drinks smoking a blunt and popped a percocet and I was at a party and a girl pretty much grabbed my hand pulled me into a room and we ended up fucking but I was so wasted i pretty much just layed there while she rode me and sucked my dick
I didnt cum but I think abt how I couldve easily got her prego or some shit I was not in control of my body bro

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LINK price action raped LINK bobos

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yeah I did that too, but tapping new markets of pinay poon made things interesting
lots of cuties that had never fucked foreigners before at those mlm things, plus they always had good food and drinks to attract the rich chinks and retirees that were the potential whales

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I was walking in the park and a man raped me. His name was Sir Gay.

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In water park
See loli with thicc ass cheeks sticking out of her swimsuit
get close enough to cop a feel with the back of my hand
She never notices

Good lord, loli cheeks are plump and soft

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fucking lmao being Chad has it's perks

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Hey that's pretty good! I got a good buttfucking from ICX myself. Lost 90%

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