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What is your "made it" number? For me it's 3 million

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20 million.

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5m 1st stop.

10m is to be very comfortable

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Need at least 100m to lead a comfortable life

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Need 10 million to safely retire and setup residual gains. Would probably try with 5 million, but I am sure I would regret it.

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700,000k to never work again if I'm cheap, less if I reinvest

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10m which will be 7 after taxes. 7m = $210k+ a year

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I need 60mil to feel rich
10mil to feel comfy

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750k is all I need to retire and live comfily in a cheap country.

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700k, i just want to buy an apartment. But i will sell early rather than later. Learnt that lesson first time round.

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2 mil in a western nation
1 mil in a developing nation
500k in a shit hole

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probs 1 milly cuz once I get that most of it is going into staking cryptos and btc / eth / other bluechips

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unironically I agree, so 2 mil to retire, 3 mil to live comfortably.

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1 million is my "quit wageslaving" figure

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100 septillion

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15 mil

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I'd say 3 million but most ppl are saying retire which is like 10m

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500k after taxes, I'm already 40 and house is almost paid. Got 140k in crypto now, long way ahead, not sure I'm gonna make it. Still need 5x.

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$250k and I quit my job, I'll still work but that's the number for me to confidently take the risk.

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4-5mil after taxes. Just looking for 20-50 acres in the woods, some farm equipment, guns and a nice house. seems like overkill, but still have to worry about cars, health insurance, etc for 40 more years.

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-Buy small house 200k
-100k to make more money

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I think the thing that keeps most goys enslaved to wage cucking is being a nohomer. If you don't own a home outright your main expense is either a mortgage or rent.

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10 Million Swiss Francs

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Similar to me. I could easily do what I want with $1.5mil. Enough to build some property, get stuff I like. Am happy to live a modest lifestyle and live off the interest.

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1 Billion

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im already at 9 million and it doesnt feel like enough. Trust me, it's never enough. Greed is one hell of a drug.

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100k to make flinging shitcoins my main gig and never worry about wagecucking in an office again. What can I say, I'm used to living cheap

10mil to never have to worry about money for personal or family use

100mil to have a chance to make some of my real dreams closer to reality

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I need link at $65 to hit 3M but prefer 5M.

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1 Billion
Why? Because already made a million and this shit is so easy I want to set an unrealistic target to push myself.

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250000 chf
Good enough to relax get a good mortgage and escape the rent jewelry

I like my job

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how did u make so much

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1 billion until that I will work every day.

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1-2mil to buy own business and passport in Europe, preferably in Prague, and then just live on this business and trade shitcoins from time to time, making indie games in unity and attentionwhoring on youtube.

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ive been here since 2016. got lucky with early eth, rode ant shares, then bought chainlink ico

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100,000 for me. I have a very minimalist standard of living.

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I'd van dwell but I'd want an internet connection and power to charge devices so idk what I'd do for those.

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2.5 million for a comfy early retirement.

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post proof of your 9 million. hard to believe u caught each one

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Just use wireless internet and solar panels with battery and inverter for power.

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what do i have to gain doing that? think about it

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Why do we have a new one of these threads every day? Why do we allow bots to post the same data mining threads over and over?

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a simple screenshot of your balance on an exchange wouldnt hurt would it? its not like we can dox u

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yes you can easily with addresses. ive seen it happen time and time again

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300k-500k to help me buy a house. I like my job i dont need lambo money.

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5M usd

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Probably 100k, since 90% of biz net worth is about 500 usd anyway

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hahah why are there so many larpers on this board? do u guys get off to lying about your net worth?

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How do you raise a decent family in that shit.

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do you get off calling everyone a larper that has more wealth than you? is that how you cope

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beGAYgayboy lolololool

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4 mil sounds about right to get a few acres of land by the coast, and to build a few homes on the land for my parents, siblings, and future family. Food wouldn't be a big deal since I'd grow lots of fruit, potatoes, and have chickens for eggs & meat. The land & homes would probably end up costing around 2 mil, then I just take the remaining, invest it, keep a bit of money for some expenses, and set up a charity for the rest.

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This, but I'd raise cattle instead. I love steak too much.

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It's not for raising a family Einstein.

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Same for me, I just want a big house in the middle of nowhere, with lots of lands to hunt, fish, and ride. You can get a massive plot of land here for around 1 million.
Then the other 2 million to live off of, a 2% a year return is 40k which is more than enough to live in luxury here.

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wheres a comfy place with lots of land?
and dont say somewhere fucking COLD

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Stop it ur making me dream again. God I want this so bad

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10 milllion


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Where's "here"?

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When RSR hits $1.....

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Central/northern México.

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Central/northern México, specifically around the sierra, it's the lushest forest I've ever seen.

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this, 2mil

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couldnt cartel guys just come murder you at any time? im afraid of mexico, very afraid. i was thinking florida

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It really depends on what you're aiming for.

You can probably never have to work if you're frugal with 400k, 1mil if you have a family. Live wherever and however you want with 10mil. Super flashy lifestyle with 100mil. Influence the world to your liking with 1bil. Shape it with 10bil and up.

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nah nevermind

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What would you build with so much money?

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a dildo large enough for ur mum

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850k USD to get that 4 percent a year and live a comfy NEET life, no work stress, can save up a few month interest and go travel or go store my shit at my mom's house and just live off the interest abroad for a few months.

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Have you ever been here?
You have absolutely no idea my friend.

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Nice one

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Comfy af innawoods house in central México.

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i dont want to get my head chopped off by the cartel thank you very much

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Comfy local township with a catholic church.

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Where would you get decent wireless internet service?

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That's a literal meme, normal people are not involved in the drug war, which exclusively happens up north, where the accrual of economic benefit happens by smuggling product to the good old USA.

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If Mexico is so great why are beaners flooding the US?

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Only the poor retarded beaners cross the border.
I'm not a spic, my father is from Barcelona and my mother from Nantes.
It really is comfy here if you're white.

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The Death Star

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Any third world country is paradise when you have first world money.

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Is this assessment of the current situation in Mexico correct?

>> No.21625973

If true I'm going to check out ukraine, women there are gorgeous.

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Very much spot on.
I've been saying that for years, that is the only logical conclusion, and I applaud and welcome the US military to intervene in México and restore order.

>> No.21626300

But you'll be out in the country side so you think you won't be caught in the crossfire Iraq-style?

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*knock knock knock* "its time for your daily wallet flattening, anon"
t. one of hundreds of drug cartels that rule the country

no thanks

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House on 40 acres in Tasmania - 1.5m
Nice truck and car +upgrades & gas - 80k/y
Raising kid - 300k
Hobbies/wife - 300k

Probably like 3m aud or 2.2usd

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No, only the north and certain areas are affected, I would never buy a property where cartels operate.
That does not happen where I live. They only do that to local businesses that operate on their turf.

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Nothing wrong with a mortgage. It's fucking stupid to buy a house with cash. You're bypassing a 3.5% interest rate loan and spending a shit ton of money that you could have invested for at least 7% interest.

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10-30M is my general target range. Been in since 2017 with a fat stack and it feels weird to actually be within reach of the goal. Before people used to say I’m delusional that we’ll go to 300+. Now people are telling me that they wish they listened to me since it’s fairly likely to happen by 2022

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500k to never work again. 2m to never think about money again

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Enough to build a modest castle somewhere in Australia.
The castle will include:
- Moat
- Walls
- Courtyard
- At least 10 bedrooms
- At least 3 bathrooms
- A throne room
- 2 watch towers
- An armoury
- Air conditioning

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please be joking

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For my mother it would be either 180k or 330k EUROs for extra comfy.

For me? I need 330k to keep me afloat comfily and 3+ million euros in free money to fund my projects.
I'll only be comfy when I can provide digital products and make money off of them.

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lol dont bother. his entire perception of mexico is based off of rekt threads on /gif/.

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One. Thousand. Dollars.

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he's right assuming you can invest for a greater return than your interest rate. assuming.

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>10 bedrooms
>3 Bathrooms

Are you Indian?

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i have told my wife i want a ranch in mexico in the mountains - but im scared of the cartels anon. will they bother ranchers/farmers in the middle of nowhere? i dont want my skin peeled off while im still alive

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yes sire

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thats literal boomer think. have you seen the stock market lately? everything is over bought. i dont think 4% returns every year for 30 years is feasible

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one million
a few hundred k for plastic surgeries
a few hundred k for a nice house fully paid off
and a few hundred k to just stash away

i like my job so i'd be happy to continue working stashing away the vast majority of my wage as savings

>> No.21627366

Look up opportunity cost. Lower interest rates mean it's less worth it to buy a house in cash as opposed to a mortgage

>> No.21627370

At what age? At retirement age, $3m but $5m to be comfortable.

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100k would make me happy. 1 million would make my life easy. 5 million would see me to the end

>> No.21627627

literally 200k is enough to start flipping real estate and working for myself. working for myself is 'making it'.

6 figures+ passive income from real estate is 'made it'.

>> No.21627675

fair - but i bought mine when interest rate wasn't as low. the cost to refinance and the state of the market means its better to pay mine off than gamble on wall st

>> No.21627688

A few hundred thousand for plastic surgery? How ugly are you and what the hell procedures amount to that?!

>> No.21627710

Wants to look like Bogdanoff.

>> No.21627779

to be truly comfy 33milions
but just 1 will make me happy enough

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I think I can do it with like $750k
>buy land
>build tiny house
>solar power
>satellite internet
>grow vegetables, kill meat
>stockpile drugs and guns
>become hermit and just make art/music forever
I just want to be left to explore my mind.

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jaw surgery
jaw implants
limb lengthening
maybe zso
adds up fast

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you could do 90% of that with literally no money

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I need it for the land and setup expenses. Also, drugs, guns, and bullets. You’re right, I can probably do it for even less. Thanks!

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this is the new american dream, unironically. thanks diversity!

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limb lengthening makes you barely able to walk or carry anything for life and puts you in a wheel chair after a few years

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And I’m not paying taxes anymore. It’s just subsidizing the negro race at this point, that’s literally all it does.

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could do it with 1m. 3-5m would be ideal. just wanna live simply without having to wagecuck anymore, that's it. 5.75 btc pls be enough in the next 10 years.

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nope. puts you on crutches for a couple of months, that's about it. if you're active before surgery and after recovery, you do just fine. if i was a professional athlete, it'd be a concern, but it doesn't prevent you playing sports casually or anything.

if you're only growing shit for yourself and to house some livestock, you don't need much land at all. honestly the ammunition is the only serious expense there

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3 million as well. 1.5 million for house and land, 1.5 million for passive income from dividends.

>> No.21628270

Won't you look ridiculous with a short torso, small hands and feet but incredibly long legs and arms? lmao

>> No.21628290

True. I can get the drugs I like for extremely low prices, and I can grow half of them myself, too.
This will probably honestly only take $250k to do. Maybe $252k so I can get a rickenbacker without dipping into my hermitstack.

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Jesus dude, limb lengthening is a meme. Just move somewhere with a bunch of manlets and call it good.

>> No.21628331

1 million is well off
5 million is rich
10 million is /made-it/

>> No.21628346

im 100% with you. im not paying the jew interest, power companies, water, hud, property taxes, nothing. off grid and self-sustained is the only way. i will pay the internet jew tho ofc

>> No.21628364

Hey mom said today was my turn to post this

>> No.21628390

1.5 mil
les go DIA les go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.21628402

1 million after taxes, so 1.25 mil if held for long term capital gains
I dont intend to live a neet life, I just want to live comfortably as a wagie with a nice home and not ever worry about money

>> No.21628448

$800K after taxes to be financially independent; just enough to have that peace of mind where I know I don't 'have' to work. Anything over $1M is extra cushion and allows greater comfort and luxury indefinitely for the rest of my life. I'll almost definitely still work though, just on low-stress stuff. The comp isn't even a huge deal to me, I just want to get better at what this career I just switched to and see some tangible results. (COVID has basically shut down my previous industry for the past 6 months; >95% are not still working with not much optimism).

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Do one of you want to give me a referral code? Pretend you referred me. Get it?

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You have ten seconds.

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living in a house I own

>> No.21628736

i'm 6'
i can get 6'2 and be considered tall in 99% of the world and still above avg in the remaining 1% just with a 2 inch increase
and i'd still look proportional

LL is only risky if you get some russian or indian to do it for $20k. modern high tech procedures are safe and have almost 0 long-term side effects, but they're just super expensive. which is why it's a "made it" goal

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3 million but reality is its actually 15 million

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>> No.21628857

1.2 million. Then i can have a comfortable, action filled life where i can work a shitty but fun job part-time and get more income from trading and smoke weed all day.

>> No.21628900

currently sitting on 13 million
it doesn't make a difference anymore i still live in a 1 room apartment with my cat

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>> No.21629361

But you can take 50k vacations

>> No.21629393

200k for a house, 1,2MM to not work and 600k for future investments.

>> No.21629553

Checked mein brudder.

>> No.21629594


I'd say seek therapy brother. I'm 5'10" in the USA and I have literally never thought about my height being a problem. And it never has been a problem. You've been taking the 5'11" vs 6' memes too seriously.

>> No.21629635

Give it to me then if you're not going to use it you dumb nigger.

>> No.21629703

Seriously, >>21628736 is a straight up r9k poster. People get plastic surgery hoping to attract women... which means (1) you're ngmi and (2) your problems run deeper than the superficial

>> No.21629724

$48,500, i just want a bmw m3

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>> No.21629789

10 - 20 mil

anything else still requires wage slaving.

>> No.21629806

500k after taxes would be amazing. My goal is to have a sturdy house in a semi-rural area on several acres and grow a forest garden with my girlfriend and work only part time.

>> No.21629837

Made it is being happy with 100 bucks to your name.

>> No.21629878

£2m after tax and also a house and car

>> No.21629970

i m already well off

>> No.21630060

what's the point in making money?
it's either
>to create intergenerational wealth
>to be happy
for the former, you need yourself a good woman. and no, there's no point marrying a gold-digger who's repulsed by your face, she'll just cheat on you and divorce rape you.
for the latter, well obviously having a good wife would make me happy. now of course you tards are gonna go "hurr durr you don't need women, women won't make you happy" - while at the same time you'll talk about having far more superficial shit like lambos and mansions will make you happy.

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i just want to see green at this point

>> No.21630460


I can completely change my life, and never work a day again if I don't want to, with $300,000

>> No.21630475

If i made a 100$ a year from this i'd be happy.

>> No.21630487

This exactly.

>> No.21631148

I think a lot of people itt are underestimating by 1/2 of what they will actually need. Remember that surprises and unforseen things can happen, especially of you think you want to build something

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Only like $200,000 desu. I just want a modest house that I can live in while I comfortably freelance.

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