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I sold so yeah

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I bought so nah

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KYC killed it

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Pipe dream dude

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Nope. Back to 20 cents next week.

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If useless Chainlink is at 5 BIllion I think BAT can go to 5 billion tooo

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i feel like its use case has been left in the dust desu

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free from pajeets

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Daily reminder, central bank coins and/or those indirectly controlled by central authorities are not in line with principles and ideology which cyptos originally set forth in terms of freeing people from the chains of centralization, authority and over-reaching control.

Sad that we have to remind ourselves Cypherpunk manifesto before we lose sight of what we, as a human race, stand for.

Some of these coins/teams include:


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It might go there 1 day

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Pajeets will sell you KYC accounts for dirt cheap on telegram. There’s whole channels dedicated to it.

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Research and educate yourself on BAT & Brave browser before using their product!

>By August 2016, the company had received at least US$7 million in angel investments from venture capital firms, including Peter Thiel's Founders Fund, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, Foundation Capital, and the Digital Currency Group.
Here’s an archived version of Brave’s Wikipedia article in case that information disappears somehow See the section #Business model

Peter Thiel is the chairman of Palantir Technologies. Wikipedia describes Palantir Technologies like this:
>Palantir Technologies is a private American software company that specializes in big data analytics. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, it was founded by Peter Thiel, Nathan Gettings, Joe Lonsdale, Stephen Cohen, and Alex Karp.

Further along the Wikipedia article, some interesting stuff starts coming up
>The company is known for three projects in particular: Palantir Gotham, Palantir Metropolis and Palantir Foundry. Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) and United States Department of Defense, fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor, while Palantir Metropolis is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms.
Which is really concerning. This is also in line with how Brave whitelists Facebook and Twitter tracking scripts while advertising itself as a privacy conscious browser. Behavior of this is like a honeypot.

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omg faggot get a life an please just delete this text file from your desktop

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fags FUD to this extent. you know its good

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>is this shit going to $1?
$1 mktcap

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good one

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50 cents.

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Sold for xrp once it pumped. I believe in BAT but xrp is going to be huge.

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More like you must be desperate if you have to keep posting every day around the same time, while trying to pump your shit.

There are forces (beyond this realm/plane) in play now, where you're not going to win.

If you were smart you would just accept it.

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Does anyone actually hold onto their BATs once they get paid in the brave browser? I dump it for a different coin immediately every time.

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been earning and holding for over a year now. ive seen this thing go from .40 to like .13
im immune to FUD

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Which is going to save the west from economic collapse. BAT or XRP. You think bankers are that fucking stupid that they’re going to ruin their transhumanist one world agenda by fucking the economy over some dramatized chink flu? How else are they going to introduce a digital economy and save their asses from masses of pissed off working class people? Fly to New Zealand and give up all they’ve ever ate children for? No Gaylord, they’re going to create order out of chaos and adopt what all these shekelians dreamed of since the advent of computers. What, bitcoin is going to do this? It’s XRP. Bitcoin is going to get wrecked and a lot of chinks and nerds are gonna kill themselves. Screen cap this for all I care but I’m right.

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what in the absolute fuck are u talking about retard

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Not trying to FUD. Genuinely trying to see what people do with their BATs. I usually dump it for OMG tokens since uphold allows withdraw of it.

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i tip them cuz its only like 5 bucks

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No, you are all retards.

What you are actually seeing is a shift in power and control brought about by math and technology.

You either accept what people want (as in global consciousness) or get left behind. And its not going to be what you try to provide them with as a "solution".

The choice is yours.

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edge is better in every way
its dead

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Kill yourself, bagholder. No one is buying your scam.

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KEk no joke, I actually forgot you could tip with them.

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dont worry, the statement of immunity was not meant for you but just generally thrown out into the world.

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edge is microsoft begrudgingly being forced to switch to chromium because they dont wanna become totally irrelevant in the browser market. edge is so boring that you might aswell just use chrome at this point

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In light of new information, i've since changed my view on these coins & teams.

They are good, and my posts should be taken as only pure FUD.

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tell that to my uninstalled brave browser

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I occasionally see VRA shills in BAT threads. It looks like it might gain significantly more multiples (market cap) and has a similar, if not even better use case. Why not more VRA threads? Am I that fucking early?

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BAT is not going anywhere until real adoption.

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which is already here. meanwhile "muh all the big banks been buying xrp" is what you goys have said for 5 years now. xrp is a joke.

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There is already real adoption. This definitely has the potential to go viral and anyone who has a bag right now will probably do a 40x

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i think you mean $40

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kek you retards. You hold imaginary internet money that is both obscure and literally useless outside donating to terrorist organizations. Meanwhile Ripple provides solutions for the financial sector (I.e swift). BAT is a neat platform but it is no where near as important as platforms like ripple, chainlink, etc.

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Again, youve been saying that for 5 years now.

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$40 is a conservative figure. Bat is actually going much higher than that.

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top kek dude, xrp is already a top 3 coin and you are trying to shill it in here like its some undervalued token nobody has ever heard of. Everyone knows that xrp was the ultimate just. BAT is just getting started and has actual users, and not a whole bunch of talks about "muh banks" for 5 years

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Intradestig.. I never use telegram but it would be nice to unload my batties. Do you just have to trust that they won't fuck you in the ass? Have you personally done this?

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everyone already owns xrp retard

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What kind of logic is that.

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theyre gonna charge you like 40 bucks for kyc because they need to take a selfie with id and shit so it might not be worth it for you

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because if every fucking moron under the sun is already bagholding this shit then who the fuck are you gonna sell it to. the team regularly dumps assloads of tokens on the market too btw.

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you sell it to the advertisers?

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im talking about xrp

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lol the bat subreddit has been overrun with the $40 meme and they are all asking 'why does everyone keep saying $40!!!

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fuckin plebs

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