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First for magic

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First for hoping you handsome young anons are in the great Apple, TQQQ and maybe the rest gang

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Anons how bad is my shitfolio? Am I just better selling all of my positions and putting it in TSLA and APPL post split?


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Just sell covered calls.

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Big newfag here. Does the AAPL split means my 5 shares of 500/stock is gonna become 20 of 125/stock ? Is selling all and then dip in again after the split a choice ?

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I got burned by both of those. I sold both for a loss and just moved on to other things. I’m holding XOM and RDSB currently. And other stuff

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How can I get started with a miserable 10k investment?
Should I go all in on some moderate risk option?
How can I maximise my leverage?

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I'm up ssl funnily enough, but MRO is flipping harder than this guy.

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I though selling puts you don't mind holding was better?

What about something like the wheel strategy?

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I bullied SOXL anon a lot when it was like $90-120. Now I wish I went all in when he was averaging down. Respect to you, if this shit ever drops below $200 again I'm putting half of my Roth into it.

Also buy Ackman's meme PSTH/U tontine. Thanks. I only respect cunny btw.

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There is beauty in simplicity. Keep it simple, stupid!

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Zoomers have no fucking idea what a bloodbath awaits them next week with their TSLA. That's gonna be a lot of unpaid rents.

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if you had to hold one ETF, would it be SOXL or TQQQ?

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Read up on cost average effect.
Also diversify.

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Ok, thanks

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based on what they're both holding, I'd go tqqq

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>internet was going down thursday so I sold off EVERYTHING
>finally got internet back
>look at AAPL and TQQQ


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Pick an ETF or stable stock, then sell covered calls.

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Thanks for posting this. It’s clear to me now. I’ve done this so many times and I always screw myself over by refusing to buy back in higher than when I sold. It would have made me a lot of money if I’d have just accepted it and bought back in.

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You made thousands of profits you fucking nigger
My boomer stocks are bleeding red

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Where is proof?based on what evidence?I'm russia

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Hello, I believe over this next week we're going to see some *very* red days for silver
>DXY just hit 2 year low
>DXY just broke out 20 day moving average
>PMI just reported above 50 for the first time
>Solid earnings
>Dollar will rise this week
>Dollar shorts will be squeezed, driving DXY up even harder
>PM will tank
>a lot of shorts covered already, so there is less buying pressure than the past few months
>Thursday, Powell will not say anything to discourage market confidence
>will not even mention YCC
>market will rise, even more selling pressure
>JPM will pile on shorts at every trend point they can
>market makers will try to shake out weak hands for September - November bull run
>Gold entries at 1900 will panic and encourage an even greater sell-off
>World Health organization just said 2 years conservative estimate
>Tokyo / Hong Kong will continue selling each night, creating downward pressure on US open
>PM tried to rally & failed (return to normal)
>we are at the start of fear
>barring no other news silver major tank, possibly even below $25 this week

I think you should consider buying some short-term silver Puts this week. I would also sell them before the month of September (and then go long)
Good luck on the week ahead everyone

(where capitulation would be is when it will spike back up)

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Okay so very new, does someone mind explaining what is is they trade?
Like options vs futures vs stocks
I just dont get the difference I think I want to trade future commodities.

Also I wanted to get into investing in mining stocks (mostly juniors) but when I go on WeBull or Robinhood or even Tradestation I can't trade the one I want AUNFF (Aurcana) and SLRVF (Silver One). Is it because these would be considered penny stocks? Thanks for any help anons I am very fresh off the boat

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did you mean to post this in pmg?

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Saw that dip on Friday evening at the end of the trading? That was smart money abandoning the ship. There is a lot of retards who think they are on the Record date (Yesterday) and now they will sell thinking they will get 4 share dividend. It was all over Reddit last week, this is going to be hilarious. Someone shilled FOMO hard there.

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I posted it in both (as it's relevant to both)
Options on a precious metal
Also posted it here because /pmg/ is in bullish denial of any bearish news / hardcore confirmation bias

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I still have no idea how tsla is going up

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I know that Robinhood doesn't list all stocks, so that might be a problem you're coming up against.
There are other free options, those are listed in the OP resources
I'd be careful about diving in. Check the resources on the top to get a feeling for how things work.

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wish i bought SOXL in march too.

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The dip was buy the rumor sell the news leaving. Swing trades leaving. Institutional money will never leave apple. It will just buy more and more post split. Slight dip Monday. Followed by beautiful green dildos all week.

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By the way. /pol/ is talking about coffee pancakes. Anyway to make money off these? They loom fantastic.

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pmg is hilariously delusional

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I was talking TSLA. Apple is invincible, but Tesla kids are gonna get burned BTC style next week.

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how come there are so many tesla/musk haters?

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It's a scam company.

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It was fun, but then too many Anons there convinced themselves that the end of the Fiat is coming. They could print non stop for 5 years and we’d still have the Dollar. If that virus was real, then maybe, but worldwide a million people died. That’s nothing, even compared to seasonal flu.

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how can it be a scam i see more and more teslas driving around in my city

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Imagine you know something, you are cock-sure of your experience and you think you’re a cut above when it comes to the Stock Market. Then suddenly this new kid shows up, exposes you for a dumb Boomer that you are and proves that you know a jack shit. These people hate Tesla because it’s a denial mechanism. There is no cure, it’s as cemented into them as voting the same Party every year, no matter the events.

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I actually finally drank the musk Kool aid. The gains are too good. I'm not sure what will happen to it. Ride the wave and keep a tight stop loss. All good. After it keeps going up I just readjust my stop loss position

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Upset that they didn't get money off tesla?

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That's hardly a objective metric. You also have to look at the cost of producing this shit instead of only revenue.

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People said the same shit in 2011 buying gold, then they held their bags for a decade

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didnt they report profits already?

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Maybe if gold and silver prices were not manipulated, but they are, heavily. So it will always be just a hedge against inflation. I’m still going to keep my 5oz of gold I got like a year ago, you never know. But definitely done buying it until I see the news of Bankers going to jail for price manipulation.

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Musk is a parasite that has abused endless gibbs, tax rebates, and carbon credits to engineer a cult machine with some of the most obnoxious dudebros on the planet. He is also a typical venture capital snake oil salesman. He spouts technical pseudo babble about everything and thinks all problems are really just easy if you think of them as "easy as software". And when it proves too challenging he quietly walks away while weird nerds defend his actions. He exists because the economy has been broken and ZIRP allows for some true tech trash to flourish. But its really the highlander here. If he wasn't some Steve Jobs heir apparent with a non solvent company, it would be someone else. Markus Braun, Elizabeth Holmes, it will just keep going.

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Fin then you convinced me to go all in on tqqq will regret it next year if I don’t buy it when it reaches 500+

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Because market cap should be in some way connected to actual returns, not vaporwave
Tesla is barely profitable and there's little reason to believe that will be different over the next 10 years

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glad i doubled down on TSLA a few weeks back

made 200k

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Correct. However, never sell Apple. I made a mistake selling at 457 after that huge run-up on a split anonswment. Hoped it will retrace back to 420 level, but it never did, so I had to buy even higher. Never sell Apple, own it.

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Accounting tricks. Missing R&D in COGS.
Accounts receivable/Goodwill shenanigans.
Same shit Wirecard did.

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I've got a few thousand to put into a relatively high-risk position. Should I buy TQQQ, or a slightly otm QQQ leap for a year from now at about 5x effective leverage?

>> No.21748105

I wouldn't.

>> No.21748146

Fuck, I'm a pajet

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>Let people preorder solar roofs
>Dont deliver
>Give them back their nominal fiat without adjustment for inflation
>Raising capital like a boss

>> No.21748307

Imagine buying a car for tens of thousands just to not really own it

>> No.21748315

Bearish? Prefer to avoid leverage?

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Do I spend my $1000 on tesla puts in anticipation of the stock split?
>that's how it works right?

>> No.21748345

Not too optimistic.
I bought some puts for safety.

>> No.21748494

I'm selling down to 10 shares post split, I need my gambling money for options to play election

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Why will PM tank? And are you saying they’ll tank and then rally?

>> No.21748587

I don't expect to catch any bottoms, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some selling-off next week. I'm looking for something over a fairly long time horizon. Are you really bearish over the long term? Calls expiring a year+ from now or leveraged ETFs of broad sectors seem like the best ways to take advantage of sustained long-term growth.

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Corona Recession made everyone jump on Gold, but there won't be any recession after all. Printing money unironically helped, but only becauase the entire world did it at the same time, not just America. Gold will not tank, I think the new bottom will be around $1900 for the years to come, and growing slowly due to that small inflation we'll have. It's still the safest asset you can hedge with, but I wish I had the courage to sell half of my stack to throw it into the Tech Market right now.

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Can I invest properly in stocks keeping up with news as a brainlet

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Why is everyone here on a saturday

>> No.21748716

Because I work Saturdays

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Gathering information, planning the moves on Monday. I have a bad gut feeling about AAPL and TSLA next week for some reason.

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Because the government said so

>> No.21748795

I have nothing else to do

>> No.21748836

>Corona Recession made everyone jump on Gold, but there won't be any recession after all
You don't want gold or silver during recessions. You want gold or silver when treasuries have negative real returns. Yes, it is "unoptimized" to not just be all in on stocks but there is a shit ton of "conservative" investors with real money that are more occupied about protecting their capital than wanting downside risk from the market. The Fed advertising that they don't expect to raise interest rates until 2022 was the "go" signal for PMs or any other commodity really. The fed made a pump fake in 2011 that they were going to raise interest rates. That gambit won't work again.

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Hey /smg/, anyone have that photo of the bald, smug stock analyst saying "buy every dip"? Many green lines will come to you if you post it.

>> No.21748860

Saturday /smg/ is the most productive threads. People talk about ideas for plays and theory. During the week everyone's just reacting to short term price movements.

Except when baggy posts drunk. Then it gets shitty fast.

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Why the fuck is SMG so obsessed with covered calls when they’ve been proven to provide measly upside, if any, in the long run? Is it the same reason so many people care about dividends when they are really pointless?

>> No.21748922

Dividends are pointless if you invest 50 million.

>> No.21748936

>Why the fuck is SMG so obsessed with covered calls when they’ve been proven to provide measly upside, if any, in the long run?
Because they don't understand it.
Covered calls only make money if IV is overpriced or you're a TAChad.

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ah yes, going into split when all of the poorfags from RH will buy the shit out of TSLA and after that going into battery day which they are hyped beyond belief for... yes im sure it will just tank completely... makes complete sense...

fuck off retards. im holding until some time before battery day. i recommend you all do the same, im not holding into battery day, THAT is going to be the big "buy the rumor sell the news" event. stop being afraid of profit taking creating some pullbacks, it's not a big deal if you plan on holding for a month.

>> No.21749035

>DXY just hit 2 year low

aren't multi-year lows usually a great place to buy for long term holding?

>> No.21749070

it's literally just dumb bears trying to FUD so they can make back some of the large sum of money they've lost on TSLA shorts.

>> No.21749076

Just because it's down it's not necessarily cheap.

>> No.21749125

So why can't this general be as general and substantive during market hours as it is during the weekend? Seems more calming and comprehensible during the weekend.

>> No.21749153

>be as general and substantive
repeating myself unnecessarily

>> No.21749253

People that do covered calls are canonically NGMI. When you sell a call you are showing to the world you dont trust your self

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Is Joel Greenblatt right? Is the magic formula one of the best ways to invest?

>> No.21749328

Is Alibaba a good investment? Just started investing a week ago

>> No.21749346

today I overheard some random woman on the street talking about how she had 4 AAPL shares, but wished she had bought 10 times more

is this it? is this when the bubble pops?

>> No.21749358

You sell lottery tickets to idiots who want to get vola crushed. Not every week. And certainly not as a main source of revenue.
It is just the state of dividends that covered calls outperform them.

>> No.21749392

I wouldn't recommend a company from china

>> No.21749411

i guess, i don't know shit about the DXY i just know one kind of high probability setup is buying at multi-year lows or shorting at multi-year highs. but of course this needs to be backed up by FA too. like i can say pretty confidently that if SGMO ever gets to around $8 again it's a good buy, even when it broke that support during covid it still recovered very nicely to the $12+ area nicely. around $7-8 is a multi-year low for them.

>> No.21749442

what's your covered call strategy for determining pricing? and do you just do monthlies? i want to get into it with AAPL after the split, gonna take my TSLA winnings before battery day and dump them into adding to my AAPL position and just hold that for a couple decades while managing it selling covered calls.

>> No.21749447

Supposedly a lot of people are saying that it’s going to grow exponentially in the coming months and years and it’s price is at $266 right now. Seems like a smart buy

>> No.21749478

the opposite. just proves that everyone wants to own AAPL and TSLA. the split is going to cause a huge influx of money into these stocks, it's free money that you should be collecting on at least for a short term profit if nothing else. the key is knowing when to get out before the big selloff and for TSLA that's before battery day, for AAPL idk it'll probably still just be fine long term because it's AAPL idk if they have a big event similar to battery day coming up.

>> No.21749498

Where at depends are we talking about some hood rat neighborhood
Or are we talking about a upper middle class neighborhood

>> No.21749507

I wouldn't recommend a company from china

>> No.21749534

>what's your covered call strategy for determining pricing? and do you just do monthlies?
When I did it like 5 years ago it was generally weeklies around earnings at 5-10% strikes above current price. Since there are only 4 earnings reports I only bothered with it 4 times a year. The premiums otherwise are a joke. Vola is so stupid high right now that you can get 5-10% swings off stupid news like announcements of stock splits. So now is really not a time to do it.
Maybe with AAPL you could sell calls right before the split at 10-15% and retards will buy it anyway. If AAPL runs like that a week after a split for no fucking reason than the market is a casino anyway.

>> No.21749570

To me the fact the two biggest growers in a recession are companies that produce luxury goods should tell you everything you need to know.

>> No.21749574

we are talking about a bumhole in eastern europe

>> No.21749584

I hate China, so even if they were decent, I'd never buy their shares. Politics and Stock Market go together, I admire people who can just ignore the fact that China is a Commie Regime and put their money on their business. I'd rather see them burned away with the power of atom, Bugmen had it coming for the last 100 years.

>> No.21749593

stop being mad that most people are financially retarded and dumb with their money and start profiting from it.

>> No.21749596

Oh shit now we are fucked

>> No.21749621

>And when it proves too challenging he quietly walks
could you name a couple instances where this happened? just curious

>> No.21749626

Never said I wasn't. The trend is clearly that investment capital is fleeing poor performing stocks and fleeing to meme stocks. It's going to stay like this for a while.

>> No.21749766

>Value investing is dead and investors will find long-term exponential growth in tech stocks, a report said on Friday.
>Strategic advisory firm Aquaa Partners suggested that companies ignoring tech will stagnate and lose value, while indexes tracking tech firms will grow exponentially for the next two decades, far outpacing other investments.
>The London-based firm forecasts that the tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 index will reach 90,948 in 2040, around eight times higher than its current level — but while tech is a good bet, investors should bolster their portfolios with alternative investments.
>“Fine wine and stamps as well as art and other collectibles as investments tend to be uncorrelated to tech company equities and other asset classes and as such can serve as an effective hedge,” said Paul Cuatrecasas, chief executive of Aquaa Partners.
>The report suggests that the best long-term hedge is inflation-protected assets like property, fine wine, stamps, gold and cryptocurrencies.
>Cuatrecasas is a tech-focused investment adviser who believes technology will become more pervasive in society, leaving companies ignoring its rise falling behind.
>“Apple is a great example of exponential value captured in a company’s growth,” Cuatrecasas said.
>“Since the late 1990s. the tech sector has transitioned from being volatile and risky to becoming a safe haven of value over the long term,” the report said.
>Cuatrecasas said: “The fundamental risk-reward relationship in finance is now consistently being broken: Tech now offers higher reward and lower levels of risk relative to traditional stocks.”

honestly nowadays i look at it less as being about the company and more about supply and demand. people want to own this shit, the stock market is an auction, so people are going to continue bidding the price up.

>> No.21749791

You’re conveniently ignoring the facts that his cars are legitimately good, his factories efficient and effective, oh and he’s sent fucking astronauts and satellites into space with reusable rockets. He actually does the shit he talks about. Stay poor boomer.

>> No.21749853

>Dividends are pointless
Dividends are why stocks exist. Stocks that don't pay dividends only have value because of the expectation that they will at some point in the future.

Imagine a company that is guaranteed to never pay it's shareholders. What would be the value to them? Why would they want it? If you say it's because the share price will increase, who are they selling it to, and why does that person want it?

Buybacks are maybe one other option - they're kind of like getting all your dividends out as one lump payment. Maybe the possibility of a buyout as well. But fundamentally, if you don't have a means to get value through ownership, why would you value ownership?

>> No.21749871

Why are you here

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I capitulated and am just going to ride the wave. My boomer portfolio with voo/vxus is now slowly moving into vug bc the retirement accounts don't have qqq. Probably dump vxus and bonds on the next dip.
My Robinhood account is tqqq fngu soxl appl.

>> No.21749901

mRNA vaccine "factories"
FSD, going through its third reboot with a new name - Dojo
Mobile battery farm stations for blackouts in California (2019), which would have been useful in 2020
Solar City
I would bet money the Boring Company goes literally nowhere. It will farm subsidies and contract money but peter out over "disagreements"

>> No.21749912

That’s outdated boomer thinking. People pay full price for shares with zero dividends, zero voting rights, zero anything. Snapchat stock has no voting rights as do many others. Facebook stock has votes but they’re irrelevant because Zucc owns >50% votes. What does a stock provide without a dividend or votes? It doesn’t matter.

>> No.21749926

>his cars are legitimately good
They are not
They would be OK for a quarter of the price
>oh and he’s sent fucking astronauts and satellites into space with reusable rockets
He did not
His employees did
He memes social media

>> No.21749953

> he did not
> his employees did

>> No.21750002

>You’re conveniently ignoring the facts that his cars are legitimately good
They are poorly made and increasingly dangerous.
> oh and he’s sent fucking astronauts and satellites into space with reusable rockets
This is his endgame. It does not matter if he is a fraud or piece of shit if he gets someone to Mars.
>He actually does the shit he talks about. Stay poor boomer.
Consumer cults are the worst. Seriously fuck Steve Jobs.

>> No.21750055

Tesla actually makes cars and products people use.

>> No.21750059

Is crypto the only thing anyone talks about here?

>> No.21750060

> cnbc
> consumer affairs
> seeking alpha
Lmao enjoy being spoonfed your opinions by brain dead simps. Do you just trust whoever agrees with you on page 1 of your google results?

> you do

>> No.21750114

>That's outdated boomer thinking
Its reality
normies are just obsessed with (((what others tell and do)))
Normies ignore reality, they are ok with a lie as long as it is accepted by other normans, or they are just too plain stupid to understand it and just suck up the view of others instead
It will come down on them

>> No.21750146

>t. robinzoomie
What? The only ticker that doesn't is SPCE.

>> No.21750159

Exactly. It's just greater-fool theory: people think something worthless has value because they'll be able to sell it to someone else for even more money. Whoever is the last fool in the chain gets left holding the bag.

Not to say that people won't make money from it, of course. But there's bound to be as many losers as winners, and as many bagholders as there are bags. It's not quite a Ponzi scheme, but it's beanie babies. That's why dividends (or some other means of returning value) are crucial to a functioning market.

>> No.21750185

Do you really believe elon desides over important design desicions?
At most he gives his ok to what is engineers say or tells them to do it cheaper
Bet he didn't even had the idea with self landing rockets but just employed someone to make affordable spacecraft

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>> No.21750221

To see what you fuckers are talking about

>> No.21750256

buy TQQQ

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the market runs on hype now. the key to making profits today is finding where they hype is, riding the momentum, and getting out before the hyped up event actually occurs and reality is worse than expectations.

forward splits are free money though. the only expectation of the event is that it will be cheaper and therefore more people will buy it which will make it go up even more, so it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. TSLA's battery day is the one you gotta be careful of, not the split. AAPL doesn't have any major catalysts coming up soon afaik so that should be fine to hold on to long term as well but it will probably slow down and consolidate after a couple of months.

>> No.21750305

weekend /smg/ is chill and far less autistic than it is during the week. you can actually have real discussions with people instead of constant OOOOO AAAAA spamming while you sip your coffee.

>> No.21750333

Hahahahahahahaha if you guys want to be in for a laugh listen to Bloomberg podcast hosts trying to continuously be over positive about the to very versus an Italian realist who gets more and more angry during the podcast even when they try to interrupt him to dampen his statements
Haven't laughed this hard in a long time


>> No.21750400

Thanks for the link, will check it out.

>> No.21750403

>Look at the build quality of a tesla
>Look at the build quality of a Toyota or some other quality car company (everything but ford/gm/chinese really)
>Compare prices
Youll find that for the same price you get cheap plastic interior and high tolerances in a tesla you'll get nice leather and a fine tuned bodywork in a non tesla
Or alternatively you get the same cheap interior, but still better tolerances and durability at a quarter the price
>But tesla has a big touchyscreeen
Controlling everything with a touchscreen is just anoying really, different buttons for different stuff are superior in many cases

>> No.21750420

>it will be cheaper

>> No.21750431

>mentally ill dividend retards back at it again

>> No.21750461

To very = recovery
My keyboard fucked up

>> No.21750571

>The market runs on hype now
The market runs on printed money, TINA and wageslave desperation. None of these are sustainable sources of value. What exactly does your endgame look like?

>> No.21750653

everyone's endgame looks the same
a hole in the ground, the deeper the better

>> No.21750691

TSLA is still a bigger hype train than Apple.
Up 50% since last week, up 100% in less than 2 months

>> No.21750693

Who cares about quality? People buy their cars. If a company sells a pile of shit for $1000 that company is worth a fortune. If you pick companies based on “quality” you will fail. Consumers don’t give a fuck.

>> No.21750696

>call female broker
>yeah gimme 100 more shares of BABA at market price
>Sir that’s kinda risk-
>hang up

>> No.21750723

You can always buy rocks. There's no real downside contrary to stocks.

>> No.21750966

that's not my problem, that's for the governments of the world to figure out. either they do and i get to live a comfy lifestyle with no day job for the rest of my life or literally humanity goes extinct. im fine either way, really. but if we end up being fine in the end im not missing out on the massive profiting opportunity since these events are so rare, the last pandemic was a hundred years ago, the last financial crisis was over a decade ago, these things don't happen every day.

>> No.21750993

Yeah, that's pretty much the upside of shiny rocks: next week, next year, a decade from now, they'll still be rocks and they'll still be shiny. You can't say the same about stocks.

Chasing upside is fun, but controlling risk is how you keep those profits. An 80% drop wipes out a 400% gain.

>> No.21751029

>zooms out on gold price graph
ok retard
god this thread is filled with absolute morons on weekends

>> No.21751045

thoughts on CRSP?

>> No.21751074
File: 78 KB, 800x800, 1585486475970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still no fucking cheapies

We're in the middle of a pandemic and revenues are down massively. How long till this bubble pops already?

>> No.21751087

>gold prices fall 0.3% for the week

woooah slow down there buddy! *sip*

>> No.21751164
File: 34 KB, 600x360, BigGreenWads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oil up 0.3% for the week
Ahh yea, that's the stuff

>> No.21751194

thoughts on what the next big mega meme corporation will be to do a forward split? i want more free money. i know if amzn ever does one im leveraging to the hilt on that shit.

>> No.21751235

>break even on gold and oil positions

that's called investin', son. i can wait.

>> No.21751254

All in tesla

>> No.21751283

Chipotle would make the most sense.
It'll probably be BYND before Impossible Foods IPO literally eats their lunch.

>> No.21751294

>You’re conveniently ignoring the facts that his cars are legitimately good
>Who cares about quality?
>People buy their cars
Not that many people tho, not even one percent of total carsales for the car company with the most marketcap kek

>> No.21751327

>We're in the middle of a pandemic and revenues are down massively.

priced in already. first time in the stock market, kiddo? it's about expectations. wall street now makes expectations on companies based on the pandemic and revenues are expected to be down. look at TGT for example, they had low expectations because of the pandemic yet they fucking crushed it so they skyrocketed after their recent ER. what matters is the expectations of the best of the best minds that are hired to work on wall street and whether companies beat or fail to live up to them. there's also hype in whether people expect a beat or not leading up to the event before it even happens which you can profit from.

>How long till this bubble pops already?

it won't. the FED won't allow it. the USD is backed by the strength of the US Military and i sure as hell won't bet against the one thing we're actually autistically good at.

>> No.21751346

Is this seriously an argument that the US will send tanks and carriers to Europe because the Euro isn't being printed into oblivion as fast as the dollar?

>> No.21751357

Buy Planet 13 Holdings Inc first thing you do on monday.
And buy big. Big BIG. Trust me. It's about to go nuclear.

>> No.21751363

that'd be pretty sweet, i'd love to diversify out of tech a bit. i need some mega food corp and mega financial corp to do a forward split some time then i'll be all set writing covered calls for the next 10-20 years.

>> No.21751366

Do many people really eat the bugman dystopiafood?

>> No.21751395

>Priced in already
It's not at all, what's priced in is that the recovery will happen fast and is permanent to stay from now one whereas we can see from the data from labor reports and PMI's that this isn't the case.
Mind you PMI is only compared to last month and not overall confidence.

>> No.21751399
File: 114 KB, 687x612, 1573319116553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trust me bro

>> No.21751400

>gold up 71% last five years
>SPY up 62% last five years
>QQQ up 152% last five years
None of that being especially relevant, of course. I'm not arguing you should be all in PMs (or tech or S&P for that matter), but your portfolio should have some ballast. It'll slow you down a little when things are good, but it keeps you upright when things are bad and allows you to rebalance to a position of strength. This is Boomer Investing 101 stuff.

>> No.21751401

who's gonna collect on the debt? what are they gonna do if we just say "no"? threaten us with violence? we'll just keep printing money as long as we want and no one is gonna do shit about it until they find a way to have a better military which hasn't happened yet and probably never will.

>> No.21751441

Screencap this and repost it in a few months, and weep for missing out.

>> No.21751447

He ain't dumb as far as I know he genuinely got rich by PayPal and other tech startups and probably knows his shit around many areas of his business as it's basically his hobby,and an autistic focus driven to his hobby probably knows quite a lot,industrially he is making good decisions,I dislike his normie flamboyancy and naming for retards/reddit gold but the gigapress and other decisions from a industrial point of view are very smart

>> No.21751470

>what are they gonna do if we just say "no"?
That would be a dangerous precedent leading to the end of the world. No one would buy any us treasuries again. All they have to do is to dump their treasuries onto the market and it would be all over.

>> No.21751531

i prefer to just invest in stock of actual companies and follow what they're doing on a regular basis, alongside global news. i learned some big lessons from the US-China trade war last summer (was down over 30% on SGMO and eventually got out during ASH in december for a small profit before it crashed) and now during covid (i was way up on AMD and thought it would be a position i could hold forever, got stopped out a few bucks per share over break even). luckily they were just small profits instead of big losses but the next time that shit happens im going to respect it instead of trying to ignore it and hope it's not really that bad.

>> No.21751565

My sides. He was kicked from paypal for pure incompetence. He himself did nothing but get in the way. Yes, he got rich on it... by being paid a fee to fuck off permanently, for being so ludicrously bad at his job. This happened again and again every time he tried to make his own stuff, too. The only time he was successful was when someone else was doing the work (e.g. he didn't found tesla, he purchased them and the owners are the ones doing all the work while he gets in the way. He didn't really found openai, he is "lending his name" to sutskever et al.).
He is genuinely really, really dumb.

>> No.21751594

exactly. which is why no one has ever done it and they never will, we'll just keep racking up debt that will never be paid back, maybe they'll do some other kind of jewery or debt forgiveness one day or something i don't fucking know.

but the USD will remain the world reserve currency and we'll be able to print as much fiat money as we want. because if we can't, we'll go to war over it, and we have a retard strength military that probably has hidden R&D shit the public doesn't even know about just waiting for the opportunity. so like i say, the bubble won't pop, because of the implication.

>> No.21751617


>> No.21751662

This, its not the petrodollar, its the navy dollar. USA has a monopoly on dollar production, sets the price, and others WILL buy that dollar, or else

>> No.21751693
File: 411 KB, 1242x1237, 80864702-08B4-4CFC-A8F7-11EFF235DEA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make a ton of money
>lose some of it
>lose more
>lose more
>Sick of it and don’t want to lose any more gains
>go all in on SHLL at 19
>SHLL moons
>will moon again once the merger happens
Based bros I’m back

>> No.21751706
File: 35 KB, 698x709, Beautiful Expirations.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't you love it when you wake up to hundreds of options you've sold expiring worthless?

>> No.21751733

guys, guys... it's honestly a lot simpler if you just accept that it's a hype machine and that people want to own it really badly, like crack. imagine you go to a crack addict and give him a deal, 5 crack rocks for the price of 1? that's the split.

elon musk is a cult leader. it has nothing to do with who he actually is, it has everything to do with what people BELIEVE he is and what people BELIEVE he will do in the future. TSLA stock is up so high on what people BELIEVE TSLA will accomplish in the FUTURE. if you realized that you could have made a shitload of money so far. hell you can still make a shitload of money off of it right now. any purchase of AAPL or TSLA before the split is guaranteed to be profitable, this sort of opportunity doesn't come around every day so you should really enjoy it while it lasts. (just get out before battery day)

>> No.21751743

That's not what I meant.
The us is not is a position to start war against the world in order to enforce their borrowing power.
No manufactoring base. If everybody dumps their treasuries the only buyer left is the FED.
I think it's over.

>> No.21751782

honestly the scariest thing are the democrats and the deep state. and probably why the stock market will tank if biden wins. the only real flaw in this plan is the democrats are actively seeking to destroy the US and their place of power in the world, to defund the military, to defund the police, to remove our global influence and turn us into a 3rd world shithole dependent on government handouts, to destroy our industry and economy and markets. our only real weakness is from the inside.

>> No.21751792

What are sectors that are in for a rebound after the economies start up again?
I am thinking about retail estate and oil. What other sectors are good?

>> No.21751827

>blaming the democrats
Republicans have been destroying this country for 20 years

>> No.21751869

Quite the opposite: The days of unquestionable US military dominance are already in the past. Our areas of strength are becoming less strong, and our weaknesses more glaring.

Besides which: What exactly does this hypothetical "dollar war" look like to you? Switzerland doesn't debase the franc fast enough, so we bomb them? Europe concludes an energy deal we don't like with Russia, so we bomb them? We couldn't even stop North Korea from making nuclear bombs - do you really think we can stop China from signing a trade agreement?

>> No.21751887

>deep state
>"to defund"
Wrong you partisan retard. Stop falling for electoral propaganda.
Budgets only go up. Markets only go up. The rest if the planet will buy our inflation. US dollar inflation is literally imperial tax that Nu-Rome levies on barbarians in exchange fir letting them use our markets. We should print more, fund more, patrol the carriers more, remind plebs of their place.

>> No.21751889

>The us is not is a position to start war against the world in order to enforce their borrowing power.

you're just flat out wrong though, idk how to describe it any more simply to you. the only way the US would ever give up all of it's power without a fight is if the democrats dismantle it from the inside. as long as that doesn't happen though, as long as the US military is the strongest in the world, no one is going to start shit with us financially.

besides, think of the ramifications. what's going to be the world currency, china? really? i don't think anyone wants that, and if they do, the world really is well and truly fucked and i don't want to live in it anymore because it's going to become a fascist shithole with the han mandarin being the fucking kings of the world at the expense of everyone else. fuck that. just one more reason why the dems can't be allowed to win, because if we lose our military strength it's all over.

>> No.21751919

>watch some shitty youtube trading videos
>they all have something similar to "only do a small % of your entire wealth for each trade"
i don't get this part. if i have 500k to trade with, i would rather have it in spy or even tech stocks, then after that use a small % to trade with. why would you want to just have it in shitty cash and missing out on potential massive passive gains?

>> No.21751930

China imports food and fuel, it fall apart within ten weeks of naval blockade. It's the most fragile country on the planet.

>> No.21751958
File: 1.93 MB, 2452x1836, Clydesdale_horse_by_Bonnie_Gruenberg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WKHS Chads report in

>> No.21751967
File: 41 KB, 400x286, Weirsky_NJ-winner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I lost $4000 in the stock market.

I just buy safe stocks and lottery tickets now.

>> No.21751974

you don't use a small %, you RISK a small %. usually 1-2% is the most common. so if you had 500k you'd at most risk $10k on any individual trade. so if you were doing 1:1 risk:reward, if you won that trade you'd make $10k and if you were wrong and lost you'd lose $10k or 2%

>> No.21751985
File: 344 KB, 738x638, 1397856328802.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm holding a few shares each of FNGU and TQQQ. Only FNGU is tracking TSLA, correct? I've seen healthy gains from it lately but if TSLA shits the bed on battery day will it be enough to tank FNGU along with it? They seem heavily correlated but I know the other tech stocks have had retard strength too.

Why is battery day the potential sell date for TSLA? "Sell the news" type of thing?

>> No.21752025

I enjoy my 50% commie profits. What kind of retard buys stocks based on hiss “feeeeelingsss :’(“. If they didn’t bring profit, i wouldnt give my money to any of these companies,commie or not.

>> No.21752047

that's what i thought but it's not what these videos claim. they all say "use a small % of your portfolio as the amount to trade with" or similar

>> No.21752089

who are you watching? just watch all of livetraders shit if you want to learn how to trade. all of the youtube vids are free, and he even gives good stock picks every day for free on his twitter.

>> No.21752093


Wait for catalysts before attempting recovery plays. If you're paying attention you should be able to ride most of the wave when it arrives without being stuck bagholding for who knows how long.

>> No.21752099

Youtubers need to cover their assess because they don't masses of their retard viewers to to chase runs, buy at the top, sell at a massive loss and get angry with them

>> No.21752107

I hate to say it lads but with the new call of duty trailer ATVI is officially based and redpilled. Is this bullish or bearish?

>> No.21752116

Sound good when you've got a lot of money, what if you start with like 2k?

>> No.21752129

I have a question about the chart pattern on silver futures, SI. A bullish pennant has formed, however I have also read that the chart can be read as a head and shoulders. The break out for each of each of these patterns are opposites. Is there enough time for a head and shoulders pattern to have formed from only a few candlesticks or is that mass media manipulation?

>> No.21752134

dunno just random shitty vids that started coming up as recommended and i went on a binge

>> No.21752148

I'm literally a loser who stakes my money on advice from these threads.

>> No.21752151

then you don't have enough capital to be trading and should probably get a fucking job. or just be happy with making $40 bets on the long side.

>> No.21752167

>It's honestly a lot simpler if you just accept that it's a hype machine and that people want to own it really badly, like crack.
>elon musk is a cult leader. it has nothing to do with who he actually is, it has everything to do with what people BELIEVE he is and what people BELIEVE he will do in the future.
Yes, that's also my point, that's purely what it is and nothing else.

>> No.21752183

Also on that point, where tf is FCEL Chad? I just wanna talk.

>> No.21752197

>reading tea leaves

>> No.21752214
File: 66 KB, 1080x803, qd8l0jkgvn951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any tax loopholes to invest using my Health Savings Account and withdrawing it for non-medical?

>> No.21752233

No joke: they do it to disguise the fact that their strategies flat out don't work. If people only risk a couple percent, it takes them hundreds of trades to run out of money. They'll lose a few trades and tell themselves "I'm still learning the system, it'll get better," and when they won a free in a row, they think "See, it works, I just need to stick with it!". And they'll go on winning a few, losing a few, until they check their overall return and realize they're underperforming the index while sending hours a day glued to the screens.

>> No.21752245
File: 35 KB, 680x418, 1593380959571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Print dollar
>Nobody wants dollar anymore
>Nobody wants to lend dollar denominated debth
The military will solve this somehow
They will force other nuklear powers to give us stuff for dollar!!1!1
We need a world reserve currency!11!1!!
All those states hoarding boomer rocks do so just for fun!!
We have more ships and tanks then the other nuklear powers, they have no chance, we could easily obliterate them as long as they dont defend themselves using their thermonuclear intercontinental rockets, and they totally wont because that would be unfair - just think about it, we spend so much on our aircraft carriers they just have to let us win

>> No.21752258

Yes, but it's still very profitable so you should buy TSLA if you haven't already. im 1/3rd TSLA and 2/3rds AAPL right now and plan on selling TSLA before battery day and adding to my AAPL which i plan on holding long term and writing covered calls on every week. feel free to critique my plan if you want, but it seems pretty sound so far. if another good forward split comes along i'll hope on that train with all of my money too.

>> No.21752259

I need more money to secure these. i'm just a $100k-let

>> No.21752284
File: 1.66 MB, 1243x653, March 9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you have 2k, you can still write stuff like SPY spreads two, three times a week for 3%+ consistent gains. Of course, you'd have to go all in each time since you want to grow capital as quickly as possible. When people have lower capital (25k or less pretty much, PDT requirement) it's better to take risks since growing capital ~the normal way~ with such a small amount of capital will take excruciatingly long.

>> No.21752315

don't get me wrong, in that scenario everyone or at least most of the world will die in the fight. Mutually Assured Destruction and all that being what it is. im just saying that's why no one has called us on our debts so far and likely never will because they value their lives as much as we do. and as far as they know we might have some super secret tech that can disable their missiles while we can still bomb the shit out of them, who knows.

in the mean time im just gonna continuing profiting off of daddy powell.

>> No.21752317

Rachel Maddow deserves to be publicly executed

>> No.21752342

>selling TSLA before battery day and adding to my AAPL
If a ton of people do that, what happens to FNGU??

>> No.21752377

>Yes, but it's still very profitable
Never said otherwise. TSLA is a relatively safe stock with good upside (I wouldn't say "great", because I don't think the people who invest in TSLA have infinitely deep pockets, and I think that since they're ADHD kids, they might pull out if it stops going fast as quickly).
I am not going into TSLA because of the above as well as what I see as better, and on top of that, safer, opportunities. For example, I think AAPL is a better stock overall for my risk targets. I also like NVDA and AMD. For the long run, I think WMT will do well. My major position is simply SOXL.
It's always been a fact that business quality, CEO quality, and profitability are entire uncorrelated, under some regularity conditions (e.g. that you can time a pump and dump, or that you are otherwise not going to baghold).
There is literally nothing wrong with your plan except for the fact that maybe using calls instead of the underlying might work better.

>> No.21752382

Is it easy to file taxes once you sell stocks? I'm hoping they just send you some 108b or whatever from and you just fill in some boxes.

>> No.21752389

I'm not a believer in TA, so I can't answer your question in a helpful way. I can say I'm personally about 17% in SLV (of my 'hoodie port, not total), and that I rebalanced my position to take profits at about $26. Beyond that, aside from the expectation that it'll beat inflation over the long term, I can't help you much.

>> No.21752399

When volatility dies down again, which is difficult to see when for the time being, I will shift all of my positions to longs and all of my options to LEAPs again.
At that point much of my position will be back into ETFs, maybe some as a backup in index funds. There are exactly 4 companies I care to learn about or see where they go and those will be my smaller positions (I have only seen one of them mentioned here over the past few months). Just so the market is at least engaging and interesting. I'll probably be more concerned about a house for my family at that point to really care to put more time into the markets than that.

>> No.21752419


i have no idea what that is. also i bet a lot of retards especially the RH retards that will pump the stock post-split will hodl through battery day because they're retarded. then smart money will dump on them and the retards will panic sell causing the stock to dip hard, and when that bottoms out that's when you buy back in like 3 days later probably if we assume the 3 day rule is in effect.

>> No.21752428

>TSLA is a relatively safe stock with good upside
Are you having a giggle here?

>> No.21752435

what is your outlook for nvda on monday guys?

>> No.21752438

Because TSLA is a larger component than AAPL, FNGU should tank a little.

>> No.21752448

>to defund the military, to defund the police, to remove our global influence and turn us into a 3rd world shithole dependent on government handouts
>dependent on government handouts
What in the fuck do you think the police and military are? It's the world's most expensive welfare program

>> No.21752449

Guys how do you justify draining your brokerage account to put 20% down on a house?

>> No.21752462

i honestly wouldn't be invested in TSLA and never have been before now, if not for the forward split. but i know a sure thing when i see one. there's a reason i doubled down on AAPL and not TSLA with my money.

>> No.21752470

Until such a time that the ADD kids drop the crack, it's not going to go down. So long as not all of them are 100% TSLA, there's going to be an upward momentum.

>> No.21752486


Bro you sound salty as fuck that you aren't holding any TSLA. You can cure your pain for the low low cost of $2,000

Toyota isn't trying to colonize Mars and change the planet. Toyota doesn't have Elon. Dude just stop.

Buddy, the coronavirus forced companies to adapt or die. Companies are cutting back and making things more efficient anywhere they can.
This is great for tech this is great for big companies. The only people who are getting burned in this recession are hospitality workers. Especially those who work in hotels and large venues because events / conferences are cancelled for the rest of the year.
That doesn't mean we are in a bubble. It just means that there's winners and losers.

TSLA is like 12% or something of FNGU where it's only a few %s of TQQQ so yea you will see bigger swings based on TSLA.

You're probably better just holding TQQQ + TSLA or going some mix of TQQQ / FNGU. I don't understand why Twitter is in FNGU but Microsoft isn't.

There's no point in dumping TSLA. Maybe you sell and it tanks after so you can buy in cheaper. Maybe it doesn't. Don't try to figure out TSLA you'll just get burned.

>> No.21752499
File: 3 KB, 125x125, coffee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else holding BAC? when is this crap gonna pump

>> No.21752500

Equity holds real value and land is a non-depreciating asset even if your house is a dump.

>> No.21752523

I like Tesla and Musk, but I'm not sure why people can't understand they are invested in Tesla, not SpaceX.

>> No.21752567

Land is a non depreciating asset for tax purposes, but the value can certainly go up and down for land. For example mine subsidance down, New strip mall up.

>> No.21752569

>and as far as they know we might have some super secret tech that can disable their missiles while we can still bomb the shit out of them,
Doesn't exist, missiles get coordinates and go whoosh
Interceptor missiles only have a limited success rate, and multi warhead intercontinentals exist
An open military conflict between nuclear powers just wont happen
Thats why nobody will come to collect debth but also why the dollar wont stay the world reseve currency
Also whoud you lend somebody more stuff who didn't even pay you back before?

>> No.21752610

You've gotta love somewhere, anon. House prices normally keep up with inflation, and you're getting 5x leverage to buy it, at historically low interest rates.

There's a bull case for renting and throwing every free cent into equities, but housing isn't a bad investment by any means. Think if it as a very poorly-diversified REIT that pays out it's dividend in free housing instead of money.

>> No.21752617

Yeah missile defense is helpful for crazy rogue states with few missiles. Not against large powers with tons of missiles.

>> No.21752652

It's going to be a game of chicken. There will be war, just not nuclear. Beside, new nuke tech was designed to be "clean", not causing radiation damage for centuries after the blast. Thus you can murder everyone and still keep the land relatively intact.

>> No.21752654

>Toyota isn't trying to colonize Mars
Tesla aint either :^)

>> No.21752657

the key with a stock like TSLA is you play the hype events. i'll probably buy back in after what i expect to be the very obvious and inevitable big selloff on/after battery day (unless they somehow have a massive beat on the already stratosphericly high expectations of the event like the second coming of battery jesus), and ride the momentum into whatever the next hype event for them will be and sell it a couple of days before the actual event itself. wash rinse repeat. im doing the same thing with AMD in anticipation of shit like big navi and the next gen consoles being released. just ride the hype momentum of any name brand stock and get out before the actual event, the losers are the ones who play the event itself (which you don't know the results of) instead of playing the before and after (which you do know the results of). you can know the hype before the event and you can know the reaction after the event. i wouldn't be surprised at all if TSLA ends up being a great short term short play on a battery day sell off. not that i'd ever short TSLA because who fucking knows it could still go up because it's TSLA, but i just wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.21752664

Your right. I guess it bothers me that I can make a better return on my money in the market. Also property values are too high.

>> No.21752681

Yes you're correct, apologies.

>> No.21752707

So, I should probably ride my gains up until battery day and sell FNGU for a minute?

>i have no idea what that is
Well look it up bruhah I dunno what to tell you. It's a fund that tracks FANG stocks plus Tesla.

>probably better just holding TQQQ + TSLA or going some mix of TQQQ / FNGU
But you wouldn't advise selling before battery day? Of course I can't predict what will happen then but I'd like to preserve my FNGU/TQQQ gains if possible

>> No.21752710

what penny stock should i dump my 200 USD into

>> No.21752770


>> No.21752773

>There's no point in dumping TSLA. Maybe you sell and it tanks after so you can buy in cheaper. Maybe it doesn't. Don't try to figure out TSLA you'll just get burned.

im just here to take my free money im not gonna try to figure it out. i have no problem buying in higher if the hype calls for it to have momentum to go even higher than that, but after so much upward movement for a whole month, battery day is going to be the perfect opportunity to get dumped on.

don't get me wrong it'll be a temporary dump and TSLA will likely continue to make new ATH's but i'd rather stay out of the way instead of take the risk. but that's just me. i just don't see holding through battery day as being a "sure thing" like i do with the forward split and the month leading up to battery day is imho, know what i mean?

>> No.21752775

You should probably just buy and hold and forget about it, but if you want to do an active play, that is it.

>> No.21752824

oh, well i guess it probably won't really effect FNGU if other people take TSLA profits and put them into other FANG stocks. like, im taking my TSLA profits and putting them into AAPL so i assume it'd be a net change of 0 for you.

>> No.21752848
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1595339409072s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey anons, we got a big chinese EV IPOing next week, looks promising https://www.investors.com/news/xpeng-motors-electric-car-ipo-seeks-more-than-1-billion/

>> No.21752870

I think I would be more comfortable with buying and holding if I had more money invested, but I'm mainly trying to grow my stack as quickly as possible so I can get to that point. I'll probably throw $500-1000 at TSLA after the split and watch the ride

Ah didn't consider that. I guess as long as TSLA doesn't absolutely shit the bed, like -15% or something, FNGU probably won't move south too far

>> No.21752886

>There will be war, just not nuclear.
Nuclear war would be unfair, all that billions for the military industrial complex would be useless, they cant do that to us!
The moment US declares conventional war on a nuclear power the answer would be something in the likes of
>No fuck off or we nuke the shit out of you, if we fight we lose either way but we make shure you won't win

>> No.21752894

i've been recommending holding and selling before battery day for a couple of days now since i got on board the hype train. all of the super high expectations are going to be priced in during the inevitable rally after the split leading up to it for a month. if you hold through that you're basically betting that they will come out with something that actually EXCEEDS those extremely high crazy expectations. do you think they will? i don't. it's gonna be like coming down from a high, being hungover. i want to get out while everyone is still high on the tsla crack.

>> No.21752936

to be fair i also believe TSLA will eventually recover like it always does. i remember people thinking the cyber car fiasco was the end of the world for TSLA and you can look at a daily chart to see what happened after it dipped hard on that.

>> No.21752996

>Fags on /ptg/ shilling CHFS in the run up to earnings
>Breaks $1
>Fags assemble, bags bought left and right
>Stock immediately dumps
>Stock keeps dumping, is now at $0.45
>Pink wojaks everywhere

The Circle Penny Stocks

>> No.21753006

So with battery day being September 22, when are you thinking of selling? Day before? Day of?

>> No.21753027

These are popping up like altcoins at this point.

>> No.21753031

TSLA batteries and AI will be used on any and everything SpaceX does.
Aside from that, the point is that when your CEO is as ambitious as Musk you are going to see a lot of innovation.
Here's another argument for TSLA based on zero TA and only my observation aka 'dude trust me'.
Last night at a restaurant there were 3 Tesla cars there at the same time. It's a pretty small parking lot so that's significant/ I'd say 20 cars max.
As I mentioned in an earlier post addressing the 'bubble' concerns, those in tech are not only safe but thriving. That industry sucks Elon's dick like no other and everyone wants to show off how woke they are by driving a Tesla. It's not about anything other than the name and that's what you guys don't get. People don't give a fuck about EVs if they aren't Teslas because saying "I drive a Tesla" is way cooler than saying "I drive a Chevy Volt".
Do you think girls buy Louis Vuitton bags because the build quality? No. They buy them to show off to other girls. Nerds and rich people will buy Teslas to show off and be smug.
Stop trying to use TA to value Tesla and start using human psychology.
Buy a fucking share dude. What's the worst that's going to happen?
>everyone is going to dump on me reeee
Ok? And then watch as 'the next thing' drives the shares up another 100%. It's insane man. Elon is a once in a lifetime investment opportunity and whether you think so or not everyone else seems to and I'm betting that continues rather than it ends with a huge bang. RIP gay bears 25 billion and counting.

>> No.21753072

The stocks are not all equally weighted, so putting an equal amount of money from stock 1 to stock 2 in FNGU is not going to result in the same valuation.

>> No.21753078
File: 132 KB, 348x342, 1525553684882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that Netflix is basically promoting CP, will it crash or go up?

>> No.21753091

This feels like a reworded 2017 bitcoin post

>> No.21753129

But when they receive that response, the counteresponse will be: "fuck you, if you nuke us we nuke you into oblivion". That's why it turns into a game of chicken: whoever nukes first gets obliterated if they fail in any way to hit the target (or hell, even if they do hit the target due to alliances). As a result, there will be no nukes flying except from shitholes like the middle east, NK or china, who don't actually care about anyone but the leader's wellbeing.

>> No.21753133

I'm unironically holding 50 1/15/21 $25c for BAC that I bought like two days ago. It's on the downtrend but I know that there will probably be a temporary rotation out of tech into financials for a tiny bit like August 10/August 11. Basically financials is my bullish hedge against my tech positions struggling on those red NASDAQ days. Keep holding BAC OR sell on red-tech, green-financials days.

>> No.21753155
File: 1.92 MB, 1414x789, 1583790396293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because the market is closed, duh.

>> No.21753178

at least 2 days before i'll have to see where the price is at the time and what the price action looks like. often in these sorts of scenarios tutes will take profits and hedge the day before so 2+ days before should be good or you can look at the range a week or so before and try to sell the top of it. if you want to be really ballsy you can just start putting a stop loss a couple of dollars below the low of the previous day or otherwise do intraday pivot management ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miWV2FJEL6M ) but if it gets dumped in the premarket a stop loss won't save you, so at a minimum i'd get out the day before. depends how risky you want to be.

>> No.21753207

>buying no name penny stocks when you could just buy TSLA and AAPL


>> No.21753211

Except Bitcoin hasn't made any fundamental improvements since inception and has no use case as a currency.
Tesla actually makes improvements year to year and is growing in market share and consumer consciousness.
If you feel like it's going to tank then buy all means open up a short position and report back.

>> No.21753219

Honestly this can’t come soon enough.
The thought of killing bug men or whoever by the tens of millions while numales fry and die in the distance makes me incredibly erect.

>> No.21753251

>TSLA batteries and AI will be used on any and everything SpaceX does.
Because everyone knows that rockets need to know the difference between a hydrant and a bycicle
SpaceX gets its own ai
It may use tesla batteries but be sure that elon will negotiate a deal with himself that massively favors SpaceX, as this is the company he really loves

>> No.21753261

Tesla can be a titan 10 years from now, but holy fuck, there will be a lot of Pink Wojaks here very soon.

>> No.21753285

MAXR is my best stonk so far. I bought my share for 4,85$ piece. Not sure If I should start thinking of selling now though.

>> No.21753292
File: 24 KB, 1169x567, Look-Into-Bitcoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bullish. Time to buy Bitcoin.

>> No.21753310

is BAC really the best financial tech hedge? i've been also looking into shit like V, i know they're solid as fuck. i figure ultimately my long term portfolio will end up being AAPL, AMD, 1-2 financial companies, and 1-2 of some other good non-correlated companies (i was thinking food like MCD or something but idk yet, something that is always going to be profitable especially by abusing poor dumb people).

>> No.21753336


>> No.21753343

You would THINK Netflix would go down right?
Well, one movie title doesn't mean the entire fundamentals of Netflix has changed. If anything, if there is a dip due to Cuties (doubtful), then people will just buy it right back up.

>> No.21753388
File: 997 KB, 998x631, Lovely Red.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

V/MA are financials too but not as "financial" as say, BAC/JPM/GS. I only went with BAC since it's easier to get option liquidity on BAC than JPM/GS. I'd say V/MA are half tech, half financials.Think of it like a 50% TQQQ 50% TMF doombull portfolio, except instead of TQQQ you have your own goodie bag of tech, and a small percentage like 5-10% on financial LEAPs. Basically playing on sectors that haven't recovered yet, which are financials and energy. Not touching energy because that one is a fucking mess.

>> No.21753433

bring on the pink wojaks, i'll just laugh. those pink wojaks are from retards who don't have a long term view (which i mean, for me is a month which isn't actually really long but look at how these dumbasses freaked out over the dip at the end of the day friday, like intraday short term view) and likely people who hodl through battery day (and don't intend on holding for like a year after that).

>> No.21753445

Nononono you retard
If war happens the non us nuclear power only has the choice between mutually nuclear destruction or conventional destruction
They will absolutely choose not to get cucked without resistance obviously so they go for either no war or mutual destruction
Just read about the cold war goddammit
Nothing has changed except for some actors

Nobody wins in a nuclear war, even a third party gets fucked if so large portions of the ecosystem gets wiped out

>> No.21753537
File: 248 KB, 700x700, dominos.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The federal government has been doing it since 1789.

>> No.21753556

Dubs decide what I all in into with leverage.

>> No.21753561

>They will absolutely choose not to get cucked without resistance obviously so they go for either no war or mutual destruction
That's exactly what I said though. They'll always go MAD whereas outside shitholes they'll do normal war.
Stop being retarded anon.

>> No.21753573

i don't do options (except covered calls on AAPL when i finalize my full position on it in about a month), im just looking for a couple of stocks across at least 3 non-correlated sectors that are name brands that i can be long biased on buy and ride the momentum whenever they have hyped catalysts coming up. or at least where i have my main position in AAPL and if tech starts going down the tank i can move my money from that into one of the others and continue writing covered calls there until that doesn't do well and i can switch to another one like hot potato. preferably with good growth although i know that's hard to find outside of tech. but maybe im just dumb and should just stick with AAPL forever and forget about it, idk.

>> No.21753589

I have all my money in Citi calls and stock. My options gains have been put in the stock. Right now I'm about 2/3 stock and 1/3 options. 1000 shares of citi.

>> No.21753594
File: 95 KB, 653x490, 2d6qNNL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21753603
File: 6 KB, 229x111, 1584380306843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

QQQ calls

>> No.21753609


>> No.21753630

No you said there would be a conventional war between nuklear powers and that just wont happen

>> No.21753638


>> No.21753639
File: 33 KB, 396x385, Pepe-Trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bullish. I'm voting for Trump. Stonks only go up with our man in the White House.

>> No.21753641

SOXL otm near-dated calls.

>> No.21753676

>literally can't read

>> No.21753677


>> No.21753689

was buying then with him and encouraging tech dip buying

>> No.21753701

Bitcoin potential- 1,000,000
Tesla potential- 20,000

>> No.21753708

Probably just go like 70% tech, 10% fintech (V,MA,PYPL), 20% financials (GS,JPM,BAC,C)

Citi is solid, honestly none of the financials are at pre-covid levels yet so it's a good idea to have long calls on them. And they're less affected by tech selloffs.

>> No.21753763

i'll make a watchlist and check them out at least. why are financials a good hedge to tech?

>> No.21753804

Do you know what happened to transaction costs and the time it took to transfer bitcoin when it was above 18k? Bitcoin will literally be unusable above 30k, not that anyone uses it for anything outside of trading but still

>> No.21753861
File: 40 KB, 736x357, Dormants.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bitcoin is a fucking joke, ever since that 2018 hype blowup, it's been crabbing for eternity. You could've gone in on LEAP options on literally ANY big tech company in 2018 and made 10x, 50x on the options. Anybody who's playing bitcoin post-2018 are just playing a sucker's game.

Like 95% of people don't even have 1 BTC.

>> No.21753874

Home Depot/Lowe's will be 2x in 2 years.


Liberal city faggots who can't comprehend why their economic/social policies always fail are moving to the burbs. Homes require maintaince, upkeep and repairs. Lawn mowers, lumber and anything dealing with home repair should go up rapidly.

....also not a bad idea to become a handy man as zoomers can't even change a light bulb. Charge them $140 for the job ;).

>> No.21753900
File: 237 KB, 1242x2001, 7820FC17-4AA2-4269-AEFE-D7F54EDC3923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because my August options in Citigroup gains was $26,000.

>> No.21753939
File: 168 KB, 640x480, Pepe-Bitcoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bitcoin is going to be unusable because it is going to be worth more than $30k soon.

Time to buy Bitcoin before it is unusable.

>> No.21753972
File: 1.05 MB, 631x631, 1594676594828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's my portfolio lads


>> No.21753992
File: 308 KB, 900x720, wuhan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno man, I bought in at the lowest dip during March and made a 50% return on my investment thus far DCA in. I don't think it will ever visit it's low again, and I'll be holding long term for the next halving.

>> No.21753997
File: 211 KB, 679x374, Ef-DVgzVoAEyQlX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pic related
So even if you get "diagnosed" with Corona and gets strangled to death by a mexican within 60 days, your death will be marked as a Corona related death. Kek'd

30k was just me rambling though, could be 25k or 50k. But it's clearly not 1 million if it's barely useable at 18-20k

>> No.21753999

Prepare for pain on Monday, prepare the rope on Friday.

>> No.21754021

So in previous busts, tech wasn't as large of a component in S&P. Now that tech are the leaders of the S&P by a hefty amount, whenever there is a rotation out of tech, the money flows into different sectors. It's basic sector rotation, except that money flows back into tech over time. The idea here is to long COVID-beaten stocks like financials, energy (oil, airlines, etc) but choosing safe ones. This leaves us with mainly financials as REIT is too hard to understand for many people (and not as much volume), so the idea is to long the financials and taking profits on whenever there's a rotation out of tech like last Friday and into financials - then you yourself rotating back into tech as you take profits on financials. Basically buying calls on tech on deep red days while selling off your financials then rebuying financials on deep red (after people rotate back into tech) and repeat.

>> No.21754022

>conventional destruction
This is less true today than it has been for decades. Our conventional superiority hasn't been this marginal since the 60s.

>> No.21754028

That's what they say every week, but I'm only holding AMZN as of right now :^)

>> No.21754035

>also not a bad idea to become a handy man

as someone who was an electrician (apprentice) for a year, it's really not unless you enjoy hard physical labor 40 hours a week. holding up recessed lighting above your head for extended periods of time is not fun, trust me.

now i make money in the markets and use that money to pay people to do the hard menial tasks. though it's nice because i can still use what i learned to do my own electrical, but it's not my job so it's pretty chill instead of being rushed all the time like you are in the trades.

but if you're the kind of guy who's physically fit and greatly prefers being outside in the elements and fresh air and being tired and sweaty and physically exhausted at the end of every day, then go for it. i quit, went to the best community college i could find for STEM, got an ASEE and became an engineering technician, which is basically like being a blue collar worker except you get way better pay and benefits and you do most of your work sitting at a work bench soldering PCB boards. way better lifestyle and i still get to work with my hands while working in a climate controlled lab where no one bothers me for the most part and i even get a lot of free time to day trade stocks when work is slow. way better than being an electrician imho.

>> No.21754055

That's cool and I'm happy you made gains but you could've bought literally any big name stock in the stock market and made 200%+ since March. 20000%+ if you bought options.

>> No.21754072

The rotation out of a tech is a fool's game. It's like rotating out of sidewalks to invest in the nearby stores.

>> No.21754076

no, im asking why you made the trade in the first place. like what's the reasoning behind those plays? like how i explained going all in on AAPL and TSLA because of the split and getting out of TSLA before battery day, im curious on what your reasoning is where you knew you'd make money on it.

>> No.21754103

The potential is there and that March crash didn't kill crypto, which is reassuring. The worst the dollar gets, the better Bit coin becomes and unlike Gold, I don't need to carry it around and keep it safe.

Worst case scenario, it'll crab. Best case scenario....1,000,000.

Tesla's best case scenario is 20-30k. Great 10x.....however all of that relies on Elon being alive. Cancer, crash....Chinese virus....
But seriously Bit coin has the higher upside.

>> No.21754159

see this is why i love hanging out here on the weekends, it's much easier to have actually legit discussions about these sorts of things. i look forward to seeing how the pro tech/financial rotation vs. anti tech/financial rotation debate pans out.

>> No.21754164

The average coronavirus death you see in figures is like 7 days old on average and across a 10 day time scale.

The "501 people died today in Florida" is basically extremely inaccurate. The death toll is a combination of lots of earlier deaths finally being reported. So in essence the cases/deaths are 4-10 days old+ that you see in news. Extremely lagging indicators.

>> No.21754194

If you understand at all what role google, fb, amazon etc play in the economy you would never rotate out and never invest in non-tech.

The only thing holding them back was boomers who can't use technology at all and half of those started to,.

>> No.21754233

Part history. I knew how quickly the bank stocks recovered from 2008. Also I knew how beaten down the stocks were and people kept saying low interest rates hurt the banks. And they do, but the banks are still profitable from fees. Plus having a massive housing boom isn't hurting them. Add to that that Citi has a massive war chest of money for loan failures. More than any bank. And the future is pretty clear. The banks will go up. Now they are trading in a tight trading range, which allows me to make money in options while building my long stock position.

>> No.21754251

so i should just all-in on AAPL and hold it forever, basically? tech can never fail?

>> No.21754262
File: 1.69 MB, 1273x652, March 17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, it's definitely real and there if you look at the boomer retail headlines from time to time. It's just that the rotation doesn't last for more than a few days at maximum. Basically it's like forcing yourself to take profits in the sense that you sell off your financial position to buy calls on tech on deep red days.

I think it's pretty alarming that most of Bitcoin users aren't actively using it to deal with everyday purchases even in 2020. Development and adoption seems pretty stagnant, and that's coming from somebody who frequents visits to Japan and Korea (visiting family). If I don't see BTC being adopted in those type of countries, I don't see it ever being adopted in places like Europe or America any time soon. If they adopt BTC, sure, I can see it going to $50k and beyond. But for now, there's higher gains to be had in new budding tech companies (data focused) or established giants like FB/GOOG (online advertising footprint) or AMZN/BABA (consumer cyclicals).

>> No.21754267

have sex

>> No.21754293

interesting, thanks. i'll do some research on citi this weekend and add it to the watchlist. any news catalysts coming up for them besides earnings that might be good hype momentum to ride?

>> No.21754309

Handy man and electricians, two different sectors.

These Portland Zoomers with their BLM shirts that move to Austin Texas would rather pay you $250 to come to their house and install their RING doorbell than do it themselves. Time to take advantage of these fags.

>> No.21754310

AMZN is far safer. The first thing to understand is that tech isn't tech, it's "everything" nowadays. AAPL is a luxury company, not tech, but they have tech-like revenue streams. That's why they're a good bet, but not the best infinite-term choice.

>> No.21754336

If FNGU is just 'the main drivers of TQQQ" but FNGU's main driver is TSLA is there any reason not to just own TQQQ + TSLA instead of 100% FNGU? Like 75% TQQQ / 25% TSLA or 80/20.

>> No.21754343
File: 60 KB, 1280x720, 1579507553264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very nice.

>> No.21754376

No. There will probably be some sears and blockbusters that happen over time as they age. You need diversification and to pick up some smaller cap tech stocks as well for long-term.

At the same time you should definitely still have megacaps. Just try to stay within the tech currents. All in on one is more risky if you are playing tech momentum.

>> No.21754391

i'll keep it in mind but i still abhor physical labor as a job. i make plenty from my tech job and from stonks already, and stay in shape using a concept2 rowing machine so it's not like i need the physical labor to stay fit or anything.

>> No.21754408

Yeah, AAPL is a play on inequality and status seeking as much as tech. So it's probably good longterm but the brand has to stay luxury and appealing.

>> No.21754409

While I agree that tech is a leader for a huge reason, we have to remember that there are other factors at play in the world.

This is why things like lumber futures, precious metals have also been great plays but less noticed by many. I think financials/fintech are one of those too. I'm not saying going all in on AAPL or AMZN is a bad idea at all, it's just that I like to have plays on days when tech is red instead of just sitting there. I also want to make additional plays when tech is massively up. Basically I'm always looking to buy a dip in something.

AMZN used to be ahead of AAPL in marketcap. The problem here is that AMZN is not as retail investor friendly. And there's no real brand loyalty, just that people use AMZN because they kind of need to. But I see more room for growth for AMZN. Basically I see it running to $4000.

>> No.21754474

Bezos should invest shit tons into developing ghost kitchen brands. A chinese food one, mexican food, subs, etc and eventually use drones to deliver alongside amazon deliveries.

>> No.21754481

so what would you suggest besides AAPL and AMD? i mostly want to have something i can hold long term and write covered calls on while also having money left over to play hype events when they occur that are more short-term swing trade sort of events.

>> No.21754502

FNGU is 3x leveraged, TSLA is 1x leveraged. It's that simple.

>> No.21754521
File: 57 KB, 474x266, Bitcoin-Baron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bitcoin has not yet been adopted in Japan, Korea, Europe, or America.


>> No.21754534

AAPL, AMD, AMZN, NVDA, TSM, MSFT, FB are all good bets.

>> No.21754535
File: 1003 KB, 1604x791, lotr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21754545

if AMZN ever does a forward split, best believe im dumping everything into it, with leverage.

>> No.21754550

Physical jobs are way better most of the time compared to white collar.

1) Pay is higher
2) Job Security (Haha non-essential fags)
3) Benefits (Insurance/Pension)

Time goes by faster and there's something natural about moving around, being outside compared to being a fatass eating pizza on top of your keyboard staring at a screen for hours.

>> No.21754553

I don't have exceptional insight into these companies. I usually just pick AI-involved companies like NVDA, GOOG, etc even if maybe they aren't on the best path. tech ETFs aren't bad either aside from a weird pick or two in most.

>> No.21754584

Honestly Bezos should invest into a lot of things.
Did you know that Amazon might the publisher for Lost Ark?


If Amazon starts publishing MMORPGs and games, I can definitely see those RPGs being pretty successful because Amazon has no need to squeeze $10 from its MMORPG players. Just like how Amazon loses money on its Prime Now and Fresh/Whole Foods deliveries but it doesn't give a single shit because it gets Amazon into people's homes.

I do see Amazon growing into so many more areas and if those drone deliveries ever do take off (in say, like 2025 or 2026 even) I can see Amazon absolutely popping the fuck off. And if Amazon, Tesla, nVidia ever team up for some AI self-manned delivery shit.. you know all three of those will absolutely pop the fuck off to the moon.

>> No.21754613

Breddy gud

Corona changed things. Forget about the masks, the social distancing and all that gay shit. It pressured companies to sink or swim. You HAD to move online, you had to downsize, you had to do a lot of things that can't be sustained without tech.
Do you know what happens when you start laying off associate level staff in retail / hospitality / etc? They get replaced with automation. I'm not saying I'm in favor of it but that is absolutely what has happened and will continue to happen.
It's like the gold rush in the west. You could either mine gold or you could sell shovels. Tech is the shovel.
What do you rotate out of tech into? Real estate? Healthcare? Financials? Just because it's 'cheap' doesn't mean it's going to go back to the price it was before and by the time it does you could have 5X'd your money in some meme company or a 3x bull etf

>> No.21754629

thanks. i think i'll probably focus on tech, financials, and fast food. im interested in doing some FA and seeing how much of a correlation there is between some new item they put on the menu and hype that leads to good momentum plays.

>> No.21754630

I believe most of what you're saying, especially ("there's something natural about moving around") but I don't really believe (1) is true, honestly it depends. I've always worked at factories as an engineer and in cases where the operators and techs make more than me, it's because they're working crazy overtime and not even seeing their fucking kids.

>> No.21754639

Games aren't really reliable. High churn in employees. Hard to stay consistent. etc.

If anything they should invest in technology like unreal engine type projects or ML applied to content creation for games.

Actually developing games is the wrong pathway. Amazon should know this as a storefront provider.

>> No.21754702

1 is so false it's scary that you think that.
2 is not true either. "non-essential" is usually codeword for "get paid 100% to do nothing at home". Not always, of course, but if you do anything with computers, that's how it is.
3 Is also bullshit, I don't know a single whitecollar job that doesn't guarantee benefits even at startups. On top of that, they usually let you wfh a few days a week pre-corona.

>> No.21754714


>Pay is higher
A Network Engineer with a CCNP or equivalency gets anywhere from 70k-100k USD, is this true for blue collar?
>Job Security
There is tons of jobs with security in tech. It's been one of the markets with massive growth in the midst of all this. Electrical Engineers, Network Engineers, etc. and the likes are not going to get laid off during all of this. I don't know about code monkeys, but I'm not one of them, so I don't care.
>Benefits (Insurance/Pension)
Depends on your employer so ymmv
>there's something natural about moving around
I agree with this, but I just go to the gym after work anyway, I wouldn't want to be physically beat and then have to lift.

>> No.21754717

I think at this point Amazon has so much cash to work with that they might actually try to dip its hand into the video game industry as a developer and a publisher at the same time. I see them developing New World (Amazon Game Studios) and trying to reach publishing deals (Lost Ark, Smilegate) - and I don't think they care if it loses them money. Whatever gets the word 'Amazon' into more homes and more minds of old and young people alike, the more they win in the end.

>> No.21754727

TSLA smokes FNGU if you look at their charts. Unfortunately FNGU has only been out like 2 years so It's not really enough data but in that time TSLA = 579% ROI and FNGU = 163%
Obviously a company can't just grow at that rate forever and that's the pros / cons of an ETF over just picking the right stock every time.
I just wish I could compare FNGU and TQQQ without TSLA being part of either's holdings.

Or if one of these companies would make a legit FAGTMANN 3x bull ETF. Fuck twitter and fuck chinks

>> No.21754758

new thread

>> No.21754769

basically this. also it's nice to not be physically exhausted and aching all over at the end of each day, being on your feet all day every day. plus it's incredibly monotonous.

>> No.21754799

......and what if they broke Amazon up via Anti-trust.....

BitCoin just popped into normie's lives, relatively new. It's a speculative investment; however all it takes is for the right scenario to play out and BitCoin (or some other crypto) will be lifting off into the moon.

>> No.21754900

>Unfortunately FNGU has only been out like 2 years
That's the first problem. You can simulate FNGU for longer (or look at TQQQ as a micro-FNGU: basically double TQQQ gains for a FNGU estimate) to get a better view of it.
Secondly, TSLA didn't grow that fast until a few months back where it started going parabolic. It was far more modest before. Combined, these two things make FNGU look far worse than TSLA when actually that's not how it works at all.

>> No.21754934

Also, you can do your own 3x leverage if you want. You get to not even pay the fee, which is cool. Deep itm calls work, futures work too. CFDs otherwise.

>> No.21755226

1) Job security-......yes retard. Most of these blue collar jobs have great deficiencies in enrollment and qualifications. HVAC & Plumbing are some examples. Most of those jobs have older workers that are retiring while demand for work is increasing.

2) Job security- Non-essential means you're so useless to society that the government would rather pay you $600 a week to be scum than spread a disease. Essential employees albeit missed out on government dough, still kept their job and their employer is likely in decent financial shape.

3) You're using the higher echelon of white collar jobs as an example. Most white collar jobs on average don't have nearly the same benefits.

Also to add, you're not easily replacable in blue collar jobs as most employees need certain certifications and skills. White collar employees are replacable if performance falters.

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