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.25 - .30

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>implying BAT can ever go above 50¢

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This. It’s in the white paper

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You're doing it wrong, fren. The meme is $1.

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>It’s in the white paper

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How do “ah hahaha faggot” sound?

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$40 eoy if they can fix the exploit in the broser

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25 cents

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I read about that. You think they would have fixed that by now. RIP.

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what exploit?

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it fills your hard drive with CP, however you cannot access it

the exploit hasn't been fixed yet because they haven't decided if the CP or the fact that you cannot access it is the problem

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cant believe they haven't patched it yet. does reddit know about the xploit yet?

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used to be, but let's face it. It's never even gonna break 50 cents. Trash token handed out for free, but nobody even wants it. worthless

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sounds like Vitalik is the dev there kek

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>10k batlet
i just want to make it bros

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Why is he such a fucking schizo?

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Will go over .50 before october

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1.5k BAT is the equivalent of 21 BTC in terms of % of the supply cap.

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88 bat for each wallet. shame about the exploit though.

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i dont get what this metric means. can you explain it to a brainlet? What is the significance?

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There can never be more than 1 million people who have 21 BTC/1500 BAT

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yeah but what does that mean i dont get the point of that champ cheers cob

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2023? 100 bucks

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it means buy at least 1500 BAT to make it anon.

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i got way more than that big fella just dont get it champion

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He's talking in terms of % of supply. 21 BTC is the standard number that constitutes "making it". Anyone that bought 21 BTC when it was cheap made a bunch of money, and with BAT having the same type of scarcity principles he means that 1.5k BAT would be like owning 21 BTC

BTC has a max supply of 21m
BAT has a max supply of 1.5b

Divide the supply by a million and you get 21 for BTC and 1.5k for BAT. Also your gay and your mom is a cunt. Go fuckyourself

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Kek. Probably. 25

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Ok turbo calm your jets a bit no need to throw around that language champ.

I dont get the point of measuring % of total supply because it only matters if the token is worth money i could make myself a uniswap token and own all of them but owning 100% of the supply doesn't matter rooter.

in other words tiger i've really learnt nothing from you good for nothing belters all that its a random metric which seems epic but isnt really that valuable to me muscles thanks for your opinion but champ ill tell you it didnt really help me

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Definitely $40

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80 cents

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this is why you can't pay neets to watch youtube ads with a meme currency and expect it to be "sound money".
you're lucky anybody will pay anything for it at all.

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the money isn't in paying a NEET anon, the money is in advertisers paying to get their ads in front of people that will actually buy their product. I ended up buying a sub to protonvpn because of brave ads.

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I just wanna cuddle Jennie so bad, she's just so fucking lovely!!!!!!!

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how does it feel to be the only paying customer in the free shit store?

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people are basically getting this shitcoin for free
and dumping them at will
will never be more than $1

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Correct. BAT breaks out from time to time then slowly returns to it's rightful price range.

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1.50$ by the new year screencap this

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>double topped
>volume dropped
>momentum dropped
>lower lows, lower highs
Yep. Looks like I was right. If this shit doesn't pump past 3.8k sats next week then it's GG.

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get the fuck out of here boomer

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Maybe, we have to reach at least a dollar first. Bat is something you will just have to hold to see gains, and even then they may not be moontastic. It is fairly safe in a sea of shit coins though.

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BAT is the next Yearn Finance token.

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>The year is 2042 and BAT is still hovering at 0.25 cents. The authorities cant keep up with all the hanging BATties who missed countless Moon Missions
OG Linkers sides have left the orbit decades ago

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under performs VRA again desu

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