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Iblivebin Thailand and pay girls $300 to stay with me for a weekend and shoot three videos. I post the videos on pornhub premium and get paid in USDT. When I'm not "working" I lift, gamble on shit coins, and travel around S.E.A.

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That's the dream

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I’d rather wageslave than stick my dick in those ugly Thai girls

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Post hottest prostitute, please.

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hope you're making enough money to compensate for eternal damnation oh wait you're not because that's impossible

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We need some numbers to calculate ROI.

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Sour grapes
$200∼300 per weekend nets me three videos
1000 views nets me ∼$35
My videos average 3000 views a week each.
I have about 30 videos posted.

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what the fuck $35 for 1000 views?
can anyone confirm this?

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And here we though onlyfans were the ones making bank

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Do you tell them you are recording? How do they take it?

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So 9000 views resulting in $315 profit off $200-300 investment.

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Post porn hub

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Google pornhub premium viewshare

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Link to the videos?

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Ngl that guy looks based.

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Is this steady or do your views drop off after awhile?

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KEK, have fun dying of AIDS you retard.

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What’s the STD situation.

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Lol, you must be one ugly fuck because she looks like she wants to die really bad.

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fully diversified portfolio of them

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$35 for 1000 views... hahaha, even on YouTube the highest average RPM is $7-$9 max (USA). Adult pays 2/10 of YouTube rates...

And you make this with Thai video... sure
Don't listen him, he only want to up his EGO with this "unrealistic" story.

12x$35=$420 monthly at most, but still too high, you are bad at math.

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Please share a link to one of your videos to
1) Confirm you're not LARPing
2) Look at how big your dick is
3) See if you're really living the dream or fucking 3/10 whores
4) Send some USDT your way.

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Is that bitch the best Thailand offers?

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Both thots would look way better without piercings/tattoos and normal hair

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Literally the case for all the new “pornstars”

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I still want to coom in the redhead so bad

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The views drop off, but some videos seem to grow more popular over time. I can't figure out if it's the SEO or some feature of that video. Even after the views drop off, they stay steady and trickle in the USDT

That's the downside. I'm rocking herps and have had the clap before.

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a quick google search does show numbers of around 40 usd/1000 views on premium
regular ads are at 0.7 usd/1000
this works because viewers pay money to have premium, 9.99 usd per month to be exact

i take it the real trick is in going your vid out to viewers
i do wonder how you market this type of content
what are your pr secrets anon

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>get paid in USDT.
buy some fucking sheets you filthy cunt

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> guys i found this ez way to make a few hundred bucks by being a total degenerate and getting diseases!

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Nah those views are premium only views kinda like just youtube red viewers.
Normal non premium cpm is a few cents.

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Super specific search terms, good lighting and long videos, with good thumbnails

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Imagine worshipping a god that damns it’s creation based off of arbitrarily defined morals that have no place in the thoughts of a god. LMAO.

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Do you ever worry about gentle warts and herpes?
Also, how big ur dick

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What if you ever want to get married and have kids and your porn films are all over the internet?

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not fucking worth it. The HPV aspect will stick with you for life and give you a 30-40% risk of colon/genital cancer during middle age.

NGL Anonymous I thought you were making a couple of grands with this

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Everyone gets a chance to by saved by Jesus in the end. I’m sure some reject him even then, though.

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Post a vid, we'll sit through the ads for you, HerpAnon

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Yeah nah, Taiwanese """"girls""""" don't look like that you fucking faggot

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You are correct, there is no eternal damnation.

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link to your channel or larp.

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>mongoloids dont look like my anime waifu
Take that back you fucking faggot

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>1000 views nets me ∼$35
What planet do you live on? Porn ads cpm is way way lower than adsense.

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You obviously never been a YouTuber. You make pennies on thousands of views on YouTube. The only people making money on YouTube is people either with Patreon or Donations or a clean channel with over 200K Subscribers. The rest don't make shit on YouTube.

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> found the wannabe nazi

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It beats cucking for Mr. Goldstein

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Link for proof

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>That's the downside. I'm rocking herps

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Wrong. You can make good money if your audience is 100% usa and you sell out to mobile game sponsors.

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HPV is not the same thing as as HSV dummy

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It's PH premium

OP, could've avoided the AIDS if you just filmed solo girls, or hired two girls at a time for lesbian scenes (bigger investment, but potentially higher return? Especially if you also invest in some toys for them).

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How does it feel knowing someone can sin their heart out and skate in at the last second if that scam turns out to be real?

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I know. I'm stating it as a side note

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My face is blurred if it shows up in the videos. If I get married it will be to a woman who is OK with my work, and OK with me continuing to film. I'm not a monogamous person.
My dick is 6.5x5.2 nothing special
Google pornhun premium viewshare

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Link to your channel pls

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Lol all the little faggot crab in a bucket fags in here.Don’t pist anything new or good on 4chan it just gets ruined

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Feels great. Of course they have to truly repent and accept Jesus in their heart. There is no faking it to Jesus.

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Cringe. You really thing the market for gook hookup porn vids isn't already saturated?

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Post some Screenshots of ur Videos or fuck off.

Enough larpers here on this board

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What’s your income like? Plug you porn hub

>> No.22128294

It really isn't. Most videos are very low quality, and don't cater to any fetish outside of "Asian"

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Dude seriously fuck god. God ruined my life. I was a christfag and everything praying wearing crosses trying to be a good person.

God came and ruined my fucking life. Gave me ptsd destroyed my entire fucking life destroyed everything. Living for god literally fucking RUINED my life. It’s all fucking bull shit.

God is just a stupid ass hole and those rules just exist for loser virgins. If anything hell should be reserved for people who make and sell cigarettes, put chemicals in food, create scam charities. If people go to hell just for living life well then fuck god.

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Like those Gogo girl audition videos?
That guy is most likely making bank.

>> No.22128326

Dude exactly look at you jealous crab faggots. Who cares. He makes money to fuck hot protistutes.

>> No.22128344

Yes just like that. You need to have a believable story line to justify the sex. Impregnation fantasies is also very popular.

>> No.22128351

get back in the closet godfag this place
isn’t for you

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Good shit man, living the dream.

>> No.22128377

>those rules just exist for loser virgins
No they exist to control populations and promote beneficial outcomes in society.

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Of course anon, god is great. He blessed me with the ability to live this amazing life. I thank him everyday

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link to channel to prove you aren't larping. Also are you in shape at all or just an average dude? I'm not opposed to doing this, but also surprised that a Thai hooker costs $300...I thought they were cheaper. I mean fuck not even 10 years ago in Spain I was fucking hookers for 30 euros or less...

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He is a larper. Can't provide any proof at all

>> No.22128538

I'm in OK shape, not fat but I could use more muscle. $300 is actually low for filming three videos. I'd pay more for the right girl.

>> No.22128544

nigger did you ever read the book of Job? God fucked with him just due to a wager with the devil

>> No.22128570

More stupid christcuck shit

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>> No.22128573

post your fucking channel dude. Absolute LARP. If you weren't larping you'd post your channel so that you'd get more views and make more money

>> No.22128593

Most Thai hookers are 60-120$. He must be using high quality escorts

>> No.22128616

You’re so stupid I can’t even tell if you are larping. You think benevolent Jesus is judging the actions of every person? You contradict yourself

>> No.22128653

Can you post a screenshot of your earnings? A screenshot of the views? This sounds like a larp

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You are blinded by reality. I question whether or not you really ever had true faith. This life is nothing. It is a blink of the eye. All pain felt on this earth is temporary and all of it can and will be erased by Jesus.

>> No.22128679

You realize that your belief in being animated by another entity and blessed to live a life only reinforces the scientific idea that we are in a simulation, right?

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Where do u find the women?
What kind of contract do u have so u can post the videos?

>> No.22128754

Lol god damn it every white guy is so bald and ugly

>> No.22128760

all anons are beating their meat right now kek

>> No.22128776

Japanese and Thai people are not the same race and don’t look the same at all.

>> No.22128785

I just watched a bit. That dick isn't 6.5 x 5. Doubt it's u. Sad

>> No.22128788

Not based. A little chlamydia here and there is one thing but I'm guessing you also weren't strapped up either. This isn't the way to make it anon. Do you tell these sluts you have diseases beforehand?

>> No.22128805

Whack porn. Asianstreetmeat is superior to this.

>> No.22128808

I use pros, and pay them to reffer new girls. I pay them a flat rate to make a few videos. I release the videos slowly over time.

>> No.22128809

who tf pays for porn

>> No.22128823

As long as you ask for forgiveness before its over, you will too be saved.

>> No.22128848

Youre this guy? Quality have jerked off to your videos. keep doing gods work

>> No.22128870


you could've just pulled that up but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. How does the actual filming process work? I mean, what if you screw up and accidentally nut too early or something. Is it a wash or do you fuck the bitch multiple times over the course of the night and then edit it all together to make the videos seem longer?

Idk seems fun minus the herpes. Also fuck you, you're potentially giving herpes to other thai hookers, thus ruining them for the rest of us

>> No.22128884

no if you have to cuck for the goldsteins you do so as you smartly invest in crypto and q few select stocks. This is the disease free way

>> No.22128888

>herpes, a mild skin disease
>heart disease from the crushing stress of living a meaningless life as a rat in a cage waging for a Jew CEO

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Worthless hedonistic pleasure won't bring you happiness. The bitterness and torment of such pleasures are far worse than whatever momentary hit they provide and will turn you into a slave. You will die an object of contempt for yourself at having traded what could have been a life of virtue for trifling sums of money. You are and all the companions you scandalized will forever reflect on your miserable eternity and the causes of it here on earth. You are a fool.


>> No.22128988

>that guy who prays his shitcoin gets a 10x

>> No.22129002

could you also post a screen of your pornhub earnings dashboard, of course without doxable info

i prefer jacking it to chart porn

>> No.22129035

only if you make your job your life. Have a life outside work and most importantly have smart investments. Only people who go your route are the ones caught up in normie-tier consumerism

>> No.22129040

You know early Christians believed heaven and hell were constructs. Your religion just needed you to be more obedient so they changed the story

>> No.22129043

I'll pause for a few minutes if I'm going to cum. I bite the shit out of my cheek and that usually helps. Sometimes I cum and throw her another $50 and keep filming. Viagra is a hell of a drug.

>> No.22129055

OP do this or LARP

>> No.22129056

whats up with all the moralfags on biz

>> No.22129198

This op, still looks like larp

>> No.22129234

Wow...so Pornhub pays in USDT lmao?

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4chan is a Christian website newfag

>> No.22129280

poor girls. you are disgusting.

>> No.22129291

Really? I've never heard this

>> No.22129299

I'm waiting for another flood, you never can quite sate god's bloodlust can ya. Flood em burn em all the same

>> No.22129385

Ah so you believe in a jew god

>> No.22129389

Thanks but what about STDs and STIs? Is that a concern?

>> No.22129480

Role play with the girls like theyre your long lost sister when dad was in the war, or adopted sister. Watch your views spike.

If youre gonna be degen might as well go full degen anon.

>> No.22129625

I lol'd

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File: 148 KB, 1216x1710, nun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Catholics are the biggest hypocrites and an affront to God's green earth. Both the sexually broken sheep who follow them and the boy loving priests who trick them into given the church their 30 pieces of silver. Every Christian act that the rest of the world hates Christianity for were the cause of Christcucks.

>> No.22129937

Aren't you worried about STDs? That is my only concern and it is a big concern. Have an 8" cut cock that looks like a porn star cock.

>> No.22130137


>> No.22130157

Mah nigga, fucking based. You have one of the better channels. Most are low quality and bad angles. I have a request for more cowgirl positions, many videos seem to be lacking that and missionary. Good shit, was planning on doing the same thing for fun once corona is over. is the one in the thumbnail one of them, looks more Philippine/Chinese?

>> No.22130185

you fucked coco yet?

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>> No.22130388

Yikes, I wouldn’t fuck any of them even if you paid me $10k

>> No.22130397

Sadly Thai and Filipino are the lower quality ones, let me know when you Japanese/Korean

>> No.22130407

What you are doing is illegal in Thailand and when you do get caught you will be fucked. Read about one of the degens who operates one of the Thai porn sites and they put him in prison until he paid some massive fine or something

>> No.22130431

Good for you man. How much do you make pm total? Looks like you're in some expensive apartments.

>> No.22130456

>Yikes, I wouldn’t fuck any of them even if you paid me $10k
Yikes! That's because you're a faggot.

>> No.22130488

How did you learn about lighting and camera work? Do you have a cameraman?

>> No.22130625

Wait you’d unironically fuck them?
They look fucking ugly, and disgusting.

>> No.22130664

>Wait you’d unironically fuck them?
>They look fucking ugly, and disgusting
Post body pic and gf pic, fat incel faggot.

>> No.22130672

Kind of need to agree, SEA girls are nearly jungle monkeys. See all the videos are SEA, low quality.

>> No.22130729

You fuck them raw, so you risk guaranteed HIV at some point if you don't have it already, for such shit tier earnings? Wtf is wrong with you

>> No.22130811

Most people on here are autistic NEETs that are jealous of successful people 'kek, wage cuck!'
Here is some guy fucking cute women for a job and the NEETs are like 'kek. Gross!'
Sure. Great self-reflection guts. 10/10. GMI.

>> No.22130841

>SEA girls
Pick one.

>> No.22130866

Good job op

>> No.22130870

>You fuck them raw, so you risk guaranteed HIV
Risk or garuntee? Do you speak English?
The chances of contracting HIV through vagina sex with someone with the virus is something like 0.9%.

>> No.22130890

As is always the case.

>> No.22130980

Show me your gf then. Let's all rate her compared to this girl:

>> No.22131028

There is an allure to it, I'll admit.
The thing for me is that there is no comparison between a girl you paid to fuck you, and a girl who wants to fuck you because she is into you.
These thai girls all force a smile for you, but desu when theyre riding your dick, they look like theyre cleaning a toilet or doing something tedious. Its' a world of difference between that and a girl clinging desperately to you, squealing your name, looking directly in your eyes, smiling, laughing, hyperventilating from coming, crying from the orgasm and gettiing her drool and tears all over your chest etc.
Ive paid for sex, and ive fucked girls who had developed an emotional attachment to me and thought I was the shit. They really arent even the same thing.

>> No.22131045

This is scary, but how can he get caught? Likely won't upload until you're back home in the states or another country.

>> No.22131059

man yall got some wild risk tolerance if you're chill with a 1% chance of hiv from raw doggin some hooker

>> No.22131080

>Show me your gf
I'm waiting bro. Probably takes you a while because she's so beautiful, huh? She's probably famous. Man, I bet she's perfect. Just show us any picture anon.

>> No.22131155

It's only 1% IF she has HIV. In Thailand you can get instant portable HIV tests from the pharmacy for like $10.HIV is not the biggest concern, it's probably different strains of HPV which can cause penile cancer.
Personally, I'd just film them solo and fuck them with a condom later.

>> No.22131193

Because hes retarded

>Thinks im gonna post to some rand on an anon board.
Stay mad you have low quality taste in women.

>> No.22131202

I have to admit most Thai girls at least seem to genuinely enjoy it.

>> No.22131217

so a million view video makes $35,000. wtf really?

>> No.22131255

>rape 1000 kids, fuck sex trafficked prostitutes, kill people
>dedicate an entire life to degenerate atrocities
>”accept jesus in your heart“ 10 minutes before the electric chair
>cheat code your way into an eternal heaven
If this isn’t a larp kill yourself

>> No.22131267

>writes garuntee
complains about my English

according to a study that was done on white people living in high-income countries with no other STDs
The risk with Thai hookers is obviously a lot higher, and when you have enough exposures, the risk approaches 100%

>> No.22131272

>Thinks im gonna post to some rand on an anon board
Oh yeah bro. We'd probably recognise her. At least tell us, is she a model? Like are we talking Vercace/Dior or like GQ/Playboy?

>> No.22131283

god is just normies coping for the lack of reason in existence

>> No.22131313

Thats from the perspective of man. Only Jesus will know if the person is genuine.

>> No.22131328


Yes, for the clicks.

>> No.22131347

He said he lives in Thailand. All it takes is someone snitching on OP or someone recognizing the girls in the videos.

>> No.22131348

>according to a study that was done on white people living in high-income countries with no other STDs
>The risk with Thai hookers is obviously a lot higher, and when you have enough exposures, the risk approaches 100%
No you fucking spastic. It's 0.9% of vaginal intercourse with a female that is HIV positive.
Run this through Google translate and read it in your own shit-bin country language.

>> No.22131407

Okay not that bright then OP. Prison in another country other than US is hell on earth

>> No.22131445

He did just pull that up.

OP is a phony. monger-in-asia is much bigger than him https://www.mongerinasia.com

>> No.22131471

Look at the videos, the guy obviously moves around SEA. Stop being a little faggit.

>> No.22131514

how is it illegal? Because they don't know about it?

Pornhub requires you to give government ids for verified videos. do the girls know about it?

>> No.22131527

It is you who should read the fucking studies you fucking retard. They are done in high income western countries and the 0.9% rate applies only if there are no other STDs present at the same time. Being the stupid fuck that you are, I bet you don't even realize that the studies are not even done on the same subtype of HIV that is present in Thailand. The 0.9% figure can not just be generalized like that. I don't comment unless I know what I'm talking about.

Now fucking kys you fat piece of shit mutt. There is also nothing wrong with my English. I bet I can score higher on any English test than you, despite English being my third language, you fucking disgusting, degenerate, faggot.

>> No.22131561

But one million views will get you $35k. Which is not hard to do if you know how to make a decent video. Or even just one that can click bait people. And pornhub has less restrictions than youtube which will demonetize your video for any reason

>> No.22131578

>how is it illegal? Because they don't know about it?
Because production of porn is illegal in Thailand, especially if the producer is not Thai and not bribing the police mafia

>> No.22131614

Uh huh. Well I just made up the 0.9% statistic but please do continue with the details of that study you know so well.
It's an anonymous board, no one knows how stupid you really are. You don't have to try to impress people.

>> No.22131648

>I don't comment unless I know what I'm talking about
Kek. Missed this part.

>> No.22131712

hmm. interesting idea.

>> No.22131745

>t. Jew

>> No.22131751
File: 68 KB, 553x506, xw5s66dgcg7z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>English being my third language
Bantu, Swahili and English.

>> No.22131768

>produce content
>save it
>fly back home and then release it

>> No.22131798

how do you deal with the ID issue? dont you have to get the girls to supply their ID and verify?

>> No.22131829

Yes, the rate in the study is actually 0.1%, but my point was that any rate from any study is irrelevant for Thailand. I just copied the 0.9% rate that you used.

But I guess you already have it since you are coping so hard. Go fuck some more monkeys.

>> No.22131864

Yeah, this would work

European languages

>> No.22131902

that girl is way too hot for being thai, looks more like a nip
thai girls are ugly as shit

>> No.22131921



>> No.22131975

>Go fuck some more monkeys
Why don't I fuck you. You're getting all so wound up talking about how you wouldn't fuck women.
Maybe you just need a nice shoulder rub and I put myself inside you a little bit. You can tell me how much you don't like women some more.

>> No.22131980

i also need to know this

>> No.22132025
File: 11 KB, 225x225, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22132058

>European languages
Click-click undongo undongo. Click. Uma-jung boro?

>> No.22132064

how about this for a porn business plan:
>pay amateur new comer 1k for a video
>shoot the whole thing with different clothing/scenes
>cut it down to multiple 10min videos that can you know will get a few million views each.
>make BTS or extra videos that are youtube safe and post them on youtube for more ad revenue
you could probably get a few thousand from it and repeat with new girls

>> No.22132110
File: 200 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nzwkikqhcH1titub2o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You a genius.

>> No.22132140

BASED today op was 110% not a fag or larp

>> No.22132208

what happened anon?

>> No.22132220

>make BTS or extra videos that are youtube safe and post them on youtube for more ad revenue
that's the key. Get exposure in more ways. Just like all those fucking e-thots who stream on twitch to advertise their onlyfans/chaturbate.

>> No.22132292
File: 39 KB, 469x452, 1557974077595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22132384

>I’d rather wageslave than stick my dick in those ugly Thai girls
Great news anon! You'll be wage cucking until your 40 and kys AND you'll never stick your dick in anything except orifice-like objects you find around your filthy apartment!

>> No.22132459
File: 26 KB, 317x474, 202FAA58-BCC4-49B1-A60C-FE7A46E41E8F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh look its the HIV-AIDS paranoia again

>> No.22132535

Is this available in Bantu?

>> No.22132680

op never posted a screen from his pornhub dashboard
so i am gonna call it a larp

however if you were to attempt this what do you think the bribe to the local constabulary would be to keep you out of prison
and would they be smart enough to raise the price if they see you get more views on the videos

>> No.22132800

If you worshiped YHWH/Saturn yeh I mean you're not wrong.

>> No.22132815




>> No.22132934

Sir, the gentleman who is scared of HIV only speaks Bantu and Swahili competently.

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