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How do the veterans of 2017 feel when they see nuLinkers and crypto Twitter stealing their valor by posting pink Wojaks every time BTC takes a 3% dip?

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enjoyment because they bought my bags

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Not safe for work image on a worksafe board.

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Nice brapper

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I just coomed

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thats a man

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3% ha! I have had 20% of my portfolio smashed.
(obviously mostly alts) mind you I managed to swing three of my biggest holds and am looking to buy back in any minute- so that is profit.

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Yeah, this dip is a joke, call me when btc goes 8k or something

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Sorry about that

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I do not suffer from yellow fever condition ( actually asians are one of my less preferred races ) but god, there is something about fat ass-fat thighs asians that especially turn me on.

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time flies

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I think it's cute and I am actually happy for them. They'll never have to deal with waking up at 2AM to check blockfolio and see you're -$35,000 then have to try and go back to sleep

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imagine hating yourself so much you actually subject yourself to fucking Twitter.

Getting rich won't fix that OP.

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We were posting the same wojaks at every small dip too.
In fact, since I cashed out 95% in 2017 and started from scratch a few months ago everything feels the same.
The only real difference is that now alts follow bitcoin movements when it pumps instead of crashing.
I can't tell the difference between the ico and defi gambling it's all the same to me.

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seeing normies playing the faux-autism and using all of those memes makes me furious

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what a lovely xirl. beatiful skin

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lol for sure, the start of 2018 was nothing but wojak for months. war, war never changes

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You have yellow fever now. This is how it starts.

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that was so hot

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Sounds great tbqh.

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If you didn't make it in 2017 you're retarded anyway, they're as bad as the newfags if they didn't already make it

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It's funny. I only play with crypto; any money I put into it I expect to lose and don't fuss about. I feel jealous about people who go all-in with their life savings and 100x by margin trading, but I'm also glad that I never go insolvent and make decent profits here and there before I lose it all with a bad bet on a shitcoin.

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