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For me its ass

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For me it's soft Asian bubble butts

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i love panties
white panties

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boobs > butt
Your pic is fine, the focus isn't ass tho

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I can agree with this thread.

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Cringe. White men prefer titties

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Why chose ?

A woman is generaly composed of both those attributes.

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Check'ed and based as fuck.

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if you are serious may i ask you a question?

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god she is literally like me

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whats it like to smell her head in the warm sun bros

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Fuck Jannies and Mods

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A true rarity, especially for hookers

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please bring back the asian posting
asian chicks are a huge bull flag

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Goddammit this looks like what my daughter will grow up to be. I’m gonna get arrested aren’t I?

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based, i'm an ass man myself

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why are there shit particles flying all over the place?

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sho bobs

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When is ASS getting listed on Binance sirs?

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alkemanubis is the artist

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>having a daughter
>current year

have a son bro

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I can't wait to have a daughter.

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I'm sorry for her.

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jesus dude

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What a pedo. Bookmarked.

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just kill yourself now and save everybody the trouble of raping you and feeding you 20 years for free

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biz changed
so few thick asians these days
/biz/ is about making money and thick asians

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I agree wholeheartedly.
fire away.

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i cant relate to pedophilia at all. what is it exactly what you find attractive?

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What is it you find attractive in a woman? What do gay dudes find attractive in other dudes?
Not pedo I just like loli.

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curves, ass and tits have them, little girls not, not talking about teens

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I believe he got cancelled because he kept sharing and liking irl young girls on his personal Facebook so he just stopped doing it. Some good stuff though

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what a fucking creep

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Bros I need to marry an Asian girl with a big butt and breed her

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Well that’s not cool. Best archive his stuff before the van comes.

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Likewise a young body is just more physically attractive for them I'd assume.

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Lmao people like you don’t know how to cherish a good thing. Even if you found a subservient partner who fulfilled your every wish, you’d destroy it because of the untamed thanatos inside you. Ofc there is no all serving partner, so you’d be even more fucked up.

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their explanations will never justify what is 100% a mental sickness
it will never be about 'body type' or anything like that because you can find short, flat, skinny, young-looking women of age--enough to scratch the itch, but for actual pedos it's way more than an itch. you or I will get through life without necessarily fucking our 'ideal' partner but pedos will go as far as literal child abuse/exploitation/rape to satisfy themselves. they keenly understand that children have developing and vulnerable minds but would still be willing to satisfy their sexual and emotional urges by abusing them.

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Thats a man

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good choice. pawgs are better but not in our current times, they are all being scouted by bbcs so the chances of them being coal burners is high, plus they adopt nigger culture and are degenerates in general. big assed asians is the go to right now if you're smart. the only challange is finding a fat assed asian which is hard and then making her your gf which is another thing.

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i doubt that they are psychopaths. there must be something that triggers them

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