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Afternoon rug pull imminent. Brace for the dump.

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first for anime

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So I’ve been trading nearly a month now. Finally convinced my wife to let me invest our savings as we save for a house (around 11k). I took about $6,000 and went all in on BLNK after their favorable earnings report. Not even 3 days later and I’m down $1000. I quickly pull out and decide to invest in a safer mainstream company. That fucking company was TSLA on the advice of a few anons. I am down around $1300 again. My question is there any legal recourse I can take against Elon musk for not warning shareholders of a massive dip. When BLNK shit the bed I had atleast 4 different law firms email me about a class action against BLNK. I signed up but all I keep getting are ads for stock market related tax prep.

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This dump is going to be so comfy. My work just emailed me saying I can punch out at 2 for the long weekend too so I can watch this chaos on my couch without pretending to work :).
We are going to make it bear bros.

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oh, you think I’m gonna sell? LOL

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just don't be a retard and pile on one stock.
good luck in court, you signed that risk agreement to your broker.

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I hope you retards bought cruise lines.

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Threadly Reminder: According to the Financial Times, SoftBank exercised an unprecedented amount of Call Options yesterday, and that was responsible for the selloff. Fishy that this happened right after Abe resigned. Also, SoftBank had been partially responsible for the huge Tech rally this summer with the sheer volume of buying they were doing

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Can we get another crash? Crashes are so comfy.

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>"he panic bought?"

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Kek, you'll lose even more money in lawyers. You don't deserve to make it

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Covid 19 was a gift from god to kill these boomers, and we stayed inside

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sell you stupid asshole!!!!!! i just wanna make money!!!!!! i want it to crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Go do bareback with your bear bros

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Should I buy puts despite the fact I only ever lost money buying those things

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Just had an IRL homeboy tap out on trading stocks, says it isn't for him.

Soul Status
Taken [X]
Not Taken [ ]

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SQQQ Up or down next week?

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oh my god source on this beautiful creature

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Finally, someone finally understand

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I have no idea what the fuck I am doing!

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Odd day. First time since march a serious dip has been followed up by another dip. I think this signals the end of the golden bullrun.

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You'll never make it, and your wife will divorce you. Keep feeding smart money your dumb cash however.

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Puts are a barrel of pain.
With calls you can just keep holding forever and it'll fix itself, but puts just get worse.

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better tits than megan bitchell

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>bogs used abe to crash it all
Who will they use next?

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Fuck you faggot bears. I’ll keep buying and holding to the grave.

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Back to his wage cage

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Neither do we. Just buy stonk, it go up.
Sometime down, but later more up.

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Shitty bait and you're retarded if you bought anything in tech during these horrendous bubbles. They can and will drop much more. Did you think covid would last forever? That market is forward looking and the chink cold is coming to an end.

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Very suspicipus looks like the algos and hedgefunds knew ahead of time and rugpulled us. But if they were respnsible for pump we could go lower. Might be safer if i just dont buy anything right now.

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no, we'll see a recovery after labor day, then another dip when the traders come off their hangovers and come to their senses.

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shorting tesla ama

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b8 saw yesterday.

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Who else trying to make money to get into general aviation? Flying seems like the true /biz/ mans hobby.

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>bought APPL at the top instead of waiting
>nothing in TSLA, which is currently down 10% from the split
Should I buy TSLA?

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Numerals of truth market collapse 9/9

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Whle chink cold is ending, tech will have value afterwards.

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Just put 70% of my portfolio into RKT. Going to call it a day on that note and check back in next week.

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let's get a few days of crab next week for IV to cool down so I can load up on calls

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I thought we were recovering. We can't possibly go lower just based off panic selling, can we?

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ngl im getting some


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Not even a crash and we shake them out. Nice.

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Get a bunch of friends and buy a plane then hire an instructor, way cheaper than doing flight school solo. A cessna is like 30k

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On the brightside my profit from my $WMT calls I sold right before the dump the other day is still somewhat intact

>put most of it in AAPL calls and immediately lost $400

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Get fucked salty faggot

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nope. we headed to weimar 2.0 and then ww3

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>interest rates basically 0 for the next 3 years
>human consumption steaming upward
>bitcoin regulations rolling out
>Trump re-elected

The bullrun hasn't even started, kid

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here too. also made a bit off msft and amd shorting. not much from intc they've stayed a it stable.

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18k soon

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Yes. The value they had before the cold, plus a little more. People are craving a return to normalcy. They want to be outside. Cruising. Flying. Shopping. Living. Keep buying tech stocks though idgaf

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RSI on SPY's 30 second candles has bottomed out. BUY BUY BUY

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massive panic selling is literally what causes crashes. smart money takes out their big positions first

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Don't sell just hold. It's not hard to understand

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Lol what a Busch league crash This is nothing

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Calls seem safer if it dumps Tuesday I pretty sure I have atleast 5 mins to sell before the ahhhh

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Wtf are we looking at

>> No.22212334

my QQQ puts are going to fuck me. what a joke. timing the absolute bottom with a put, lol. $1100 down the drain

>> No.22212335

Honestly yeah there's probably gonna be a airport boom soon.

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I try to make money so I can shitpost on 4chan all day without my family annoying me about wagecucking. I don't care about anything else than sitting in front of my PC all day.

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...is for faggots

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Wait you can just teach yourself? I'd have never thought that was legal

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Anon, you got the UTZ dip, right? Chips go better with dip! UTZ keepin me green today.

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why would them exercising call options cause a dip? if anything wouldnt that cause the price to go up since they are buying up supply?

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Anime is the lifeblood of these threads.

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WKHS is the only green in my portfolio

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>hire an instructor

>> No.22212376

Am i dumb for buying intel and NVIDIA today?

>> No.22212378

whats IV?

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I bought APPL and TSLA today

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What's everybody having for lunch? I'ma get one of them Capacolla grinders with the salt and vinegar chippies.

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So I’ve been trading nearly a month now. Finally convinced my wife to let me invest our savings as we save for a house (around 11k). I took about $6,000 and went all in on BLNK after their favorable earnings report. Not even 3 days later and I’m down $1000. I quickly pull out and decide to invest in a safer mainstream company. That fucking company was TSLA on the advice of a few anons. I am down around $1300 again. My question is there any legal recourse I can take against Elon musk for not warning shareholders of a massive dip. When BLNK shit the bed I had atleast 4 different law firms email me about a class action against BLNK. I signed up but all I keep getting are ads for stock market related tax prep.

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It will go lower. Just wait.

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>> No.22212397

>if anything wouldnt that cause the price to go up since they are buying up supply
it did
and then they sold all the shares they were forced to buy

>> No.22212404

i bought apple but i'm never touching tesla

>> No.22212414

This is why circuit breakers exist, now

>> No.22212416

You're dumb for buying Intel.
It has shit leadership and will just die a slow death from now.

>> No.22212426

Is market just gonna crab for the next 3 months?

>> No.22212428

Not sure to sell off stocks and take less profit

or if its just the end of the week slump.

either way this is crappy for AMD. i was hoping they were gonna go higher.

>> No.22212432

im all hedged for next week and literally cant lose bros unless we crab or go down significantly but thats probably not gonna happen

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My only green is jogger shoes.

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it was funny the third time.

>> No.22212448

2 spicy McChickens. All I can afford.

>> No.22212458

Popeyes chicken and miller lite

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So, we broke the support on Nasdaq, right? What's next?

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nice one, I laughed

>> No.22212480

today is what's next

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oh fuck

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Cup o noodles

>> No.22212490

Spicy or original?

Who raped you? Was it Elon? God damn fucking niggers.

>> No.22212491

nice pits

>> No.22212509

yes, it will only stop once acceptance sets in.

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All in for next week

>> No.22212517


there will be some ludicrous pumping in the next 6-9 months from speculation over their graphics card experiment but otherwise i agree

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>> No.22212531

Tim Apple

>> No.22212533

My gf looks at me just like that after we're done making love and I'm still inside her.

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I got a 20% discount since I bought Jan and sold on Aug 31st

>> No.22212546

Delusion from a bear.

>> No.22212549

lol your chart looks exactly like mine. mountain down followed by a big boner

>> No.22212554

sausage, tomato, cucumber, brine cheese, brown bread, boiled egg, wine

>> No.22212559

Who, what? Guessing Elon or Trump.

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WKHS stands mighty and strong against the Lil' Zoomie dump army.

>> No.22212564

based & spicy pilled. I like the popcorn shrimp from popeyes.

>> No.22212565

It's too dicey. I don't have a good feel. No buy signals on anything. Hold on airlines, surprisingly, and industrial metals like copper, nickel, platinum, palladium. Precious shinies are might hold support but it depends on the dollar.

>> No.22212575

Taco Bell and loli

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Black coffee and cigarettes

>> No.22212603

im never buying options again

>> No.22212606

Wkhs is still the best stock /biz/ has shilled

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Sour Green and Onion.

>> No.22212610

believe in su bae

>> No.22212620

Tesla is green again

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>> No.22212655

Wait it is an American company I seen these all the time and I swear they were mexican

>> No.22212656

I'll hold SQQQ over the weekend and nobody can stop me.

>> No.22212657

Surely the rug pull is over.

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>> No.22212660

I wonder how much he's actually down.

>> No.22212661

Going to flight school is stupid expensive, hiring an instructor for your flight hours is not as bad.

>> No.22212664

Oh shit, not again.

>> No.22212683

he's in on it

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Aaaaaaaaand voila!
Just like that, the S&P will never, ever, for the rest of time itself, even dip its toe below 3400 again.

>> No.22212686

Fucking faggot ass trip.
I'm saving room for dinner where I'm gonna grab and deep dish pizza and maybe some fresh canolis with the wife. Well top it off with a few bottles of wine and continue our horror movie marathon.

>> No.22212688

I don’t get it. What is making this stock do nothing and then jump 20% every 3 months

>> No.22212691
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puts on DIS?

>> No.22212695

Most people who aren't loaded do it via military but I think you have to sign a contract for a crazy amount of time, ten years or so

>> No.22212699

ditto for aapl

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will TSLA ever go below $400 again?

>> No.22212707

Mad lad

At semi decent support, I see (((them))) crabbing it a bit, maybe even going up. Followed by the biggest bogdanov you can dream down the road

>> No.22212711

i was just telling him what you were saying
hiring an instructor is pretty much infinitely cheaper

>> No.22212714

Definitely American. There was an episode of Mad Men set in the 50's where Don had to advertise for them

>> No.22212715

the goblin that steals your option gains

>> No.22212718

yeah give it an hour

>> No.22212722

what was that

>> No.22212728

but i want it to dip every so often so i can buy cheapies

>> No.22212729

Cheese balls, bro. Cheese ball monopoly.

>> No.22212740

Well that was quick. Nice confidence though.

>> No.22212749

Mexicans love them, idk why.

>> No.22212754

did not age well

>> No.22212765

Guess the Tik Tokers are still trading. We’re going to need a bigger crash to shake them off.

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They're American, family owned, and local to the Northeast. If you grew up in Northeast US then you almost certainly have had them. They're just starting to expand nationally and went public this week.

UTZ just went public this week. If you're looking at the chart before this week, then you're only going to get an accurate read of Collier Creek Holdings before the deal. The fact that it pumped so hard when the deal went through should be an indicator of the confidence the brand brings to the table. Everyone in my area knows this little girl, she fills our snack isles and is often a better and tastier deal than big cats like Frito Lays. You're still early if you haven't gotten in yet.

>> No.22212776

god damn, today is a fucking fight to the death

>> No.22212782

No. $1500 next month

>> No.22212796

I'm a brainlet that bought some SQQQ with my allowance from mommy today, first time I bought a stonk
If I understand correctly, I need to get rid of this shit before close to avoid losing money over the 3 day weekend because if QQQ moves just a little bit SQQQ moves 3x that, is that right?

>> No.22212807

In what?

>> No.22212843

Who else is all in on SOXL?

>> No.22212851


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uh ohhhh peepy poopoo whoopy poopsyhuhuhu

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who /here/ still getting paid regardless of what the market is doing?

>> No.22212875

SQQQ moves inverse to QQQ at 3x leverage, yes. QQQ goes up 1% makes SQQQ go down 3%. You don't HAVE to sell it off but long term holding it is risky. Right now QQQ is crabbing so I'm unsure how much you'd even gain before close. We'll have to see what the power hour (3PM EST) has in store for us.

>> No.22212881

Yo I'm this guy but I also want to eventually give my brother a millie.

>> No.22212887
File: 117 KB, 730x783, green+wojak+crypto+meme+2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A mere hiccup.

>> No.22212889

>market is "crashing"
>$evz below 8
This is not the real rug pull. When the real rug pull happens, $evz will skyrocket.

>> No.22212900

fug :^)

>> No.22212907


me mate
I'm 20% tech, 40% index nonsense and 40% divvys.

>> No.22212926

Never bet against The Mouse.

>> No.22212930
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Cucks thinking this is anything other than a dead cat bounce are funny.

Price is going up on fuck all volume. Absolute joke. Will duuuuump power hour like a rock so will the meme stocks.

>> No.22212931

I will hold until then. Thank you for the hope, anon

>> No.22212933

Dividend investing is fucking retarded and so is anyone who buys a company for the yield

>> No.22212942


turns out Softbank niggers were pumping FAAGMAN all of august
now that the jig is up, what is keeping meme stocks up?

>> No.22212947

wtf is in her hand?

>> No.22212948


>> No.22212951

>what is keeping meme stocks up
does it look to you as if they are being kept up

>> No.22212952

God I hope so

>> No.22212984

their accomplices

>> No.22212988

>buying the company for the yield
look fat, no one is advocating yield chasing

look for the companies that are GROWING their dividend every year and at a good rate. it proves stability of the company and ensure the company isn't wasting its profits

>> No.22212989
File: 811 KB, 700x1094, 73845777_p0 Pyra Mythra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I honestly miss March. Those day hitting circuit breakers live were fun as fuck with all of you guys.

>> No.22212995

Today has been my third best performance all year. If I keep doubling my stack at this rate, ill be making it.

Literally LOL at anyone who didnt finish selling longs yesterday.

>> No.22213004

So do I sell TSLA at a loss or what

>> No.22213005

thats what im saying, it might mean that we are in for another -3% day to return to july levels

>> No.22213018

All the billions in profit taking and selling the top these last couple days have to go somewhere. There is no alternative. It'll have to go back into the market.

>> No.22213026
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>> No.22213027

This exactly

>> No.22213029
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Do most SMG bears actually have puts or are you guys simply accelerationists?

>> No.22213037

is NVDA a buy?

>> No.22213043

Yes, it is still about 150% over valued.

>> No.22213051

I’m from Maine and UTZ is everywhere and those shits are delicious. Maybe I’ll toss some money at it Tuesday

>> No.22213064

I’m not sure

>> No.22213066

my meme lines say much lower

>> No.22213075

I'm not buying puts without strong sell signals.

>> No.22213076
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Canadian Tire doesn't care about your market crash.

>> No.22213077


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i have only myself to blame for gambling on puts that expire today. i really thought QQQ would keep falling. fuck you jerome. this is gay. whatever, i was stupid, i deserve to lose my money. ill be back

>> No.22213087

quick shill me the most overvalued tech meme right now. Is it FSLY? DDOG? TWLO?

>> No.22213098

Wait for Tuesday, 3000 series has a lot of hype and will most likely sell out on launch. The ARM buyout rumors are also bullish. A lot more going for them than Intel.

>> No.22213099

>nasdaq used as a vehicle for p&d
fuckin zipperheads

>> No.22213103
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>> No.22213108

that's a great way to lose the rest of it
price memory will kill you
your portfolio is worth what it's worth. it isn't worth what it was minus whatever you've lost

>> No.22213109


>> No.22213110

is this the end? we back to bull market infinity??

>> No.22213123

This isn't a crash...not yet.

>> No.22213127

What if I wait for the dead cat bounce so I can break even?

>> No.22213144
File: 219 KB, 1568x844, longview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, still overbought on RSI.

>> No.22213145

Calls are safer if it is going to dump you have atleast 10 mins to sell at open at break even maybe even a profit before the ahhh

>> No.22213160

Anyone looking at PLM rn?? Are they a good buy or is the pump over

Its up 90%

>> No.22213161

Why does everyone here say Zoom is overvalued? I get that you guys hate zoomers and think the virus is a meme, but just about every college in the country is contracting with zoom right now. Seems like they're valued just right

>> No.22213166

wtf is the point of shorting? limited upside with unlimited downside that can exceed your initial principal. the stock market historically goes up WAY more often than down, and in the long term stonks literally do only go up eventually.

way better to just DCA buying cheapies of a good company of your choice and keep an eye on the fundamentals of the both the company, the country, and the world at large.

>> No.22213181

I really want to get into AMD, anyone have any suggestion what price levels would be good buy-ins?

>> No.22213184

they have 1 product in a crowded space with 3 other elite players boxing them out slowly in the stuff that pays.

>> No.22213185

Yeah it seems it's just a Softbank pump and dump. I'm glad they didn't buy Canadian Tire options.

>> No.22213202

as you can see though that's bullshit because it can remain overbought for quite a long time.

>> No.22213208

>3 other elite players
Doesn't matter because zoom is taking all their business away since they offer a more popular and frankly superior product

>> No.22213211

it's a penny pump, ignore. you missed out.

>> No.22213214

i used zoom all the time
nobody involved pays for it

>> No.22213234

For now. What do you think is going to happen to Zoom when the rona scare dies down, or a competitor like Microsoft or Amazon enter the arena?

>> No.22213241

yes that is the case, i agree, however just imagine a world where one of the others gets off their ass and beats them out.
Its too easy of a market for folks to get into and swoop in.

>> No.22213250

>stonks go up
Cringe reddit thought.

>> No.22213262

It's a video conference company. This technology is not new or revolutionary. I had two virtual interviews this month; one used Microsoft Teams and the other used Google Meet. Both worked and were free.

>> No.22213272

Microsoft Teams is good, it's what I use for work.

>> No.22213279


new tweet

>> No.22213280

how do i stop buying options? i just blew $1,500 down the drain fuck

>> No.22213284

market looks overbought again....

>> No.22213287
File: 416 KB, 640x800, 1598298416539.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Absolutely but wait for Tuesday.

>> No.22213304

not my president

>> No.22213308

Retard. Universities are paying zoom big money to run their classes on the server. You may be using the free version, but hosting 100 student classes via zoom is not a free service. The school pays for it and you get access to the license
>a competitor like Microsoft or Amazon enter the arena?
Schools won't want to change their infrastructure
>What do you think is going to happen to Zoom when the rona scare dies down
It won't for a while, and even then the Zoom contracts are good for a whole semester at least, which means even if the scare ends, they won't lose their money in the short term. That's when you sell
You may use other software. Doesn't change the fact that every college in america is paying zoom big money for their service exclusively

>> No.22213319

no one cares about leafs, chang

>> No.22213321

to be fair they literally do if you zoom out, zoomer.

>> No.22213328
File: 87 KB, 768x1024, xiox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rise SEB. show them what youre made of

>> No.22213333


>> No.22213341

>every college in america is paying zoom
Ah, didn't know about that
Glad I graduated before this shit

>> No.22213342

how much do they pay for it?
should i find out who they use to host their email service and buy the shit out of THAT before it surges to a billion dollars?


>> No.22213348


I started with a cash account for a few months and then upgraded to using a margin but still don't use options.

More money to be made but more risk.

>> No.22213349

Isn’t this a sell signal

>> No.22213370

Let nasdaq slip below the waves you dumb niggers

>> No.22213371

literally every night my phone blows up with robinhood notifications about my divvies
september is the THE month for divvy payouts

>> No.22213375

yeah.. shooting down now. thanks anon

>> No.22213382

yes , what we are telling you is that there is a good chance another big player comes in and swoops those juicy contracts. you make it sound like its a massive infrastructure change like moving from windows to linux. its literally just changing the hyperlink on your fucking classroom page

>> No.22213395

Universities aren't big money. Businesses are. And businesses don't want to pay for zoom when they get teams for free. Zoom might have a space in the education space, but it's going to have severely limited growth beyond that.

>> No.22213397

can't they just do the same gamma ramp thing again once things calm down in a couple weeks?
nothing has really changed, they can just wait for a dip and then ramp tech up again

>> No.22213399


And people probably called them both “zooms” sometimes being a meme is all that matters.

>> No.22213407

Why haven’t you been in NTDOY anons

>> No.22213429


Literally everybody is using their product and PE is 500. When are they gonna start making money? Next year when everybody is back at the office?

>> No.22213435

gotta get blown before i can get in nyuk nyuk

>> No.22213436

Just because it has been going up since inception, it doesn't mean it will keep going up forever, boom boom.

>> No.22213438
File: 341 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200904-141545_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I have a stroke or is this deja vu x 10?

>> No.22213442


Because I’m a retarded faggot nigger who doesn’t put my money where my mouth and heart is.

>> No.22213444
File: 803 KB, 112x112, 1587944399629.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$CRBP insiders are buying their own shares, and the option book is very call skewed now. Phase3 results are coming out "any day now".
It's a biomeme, but I figured some people may be interested. Extremely high risk/reward.

>> No.22213446

The meme may matter, but people still buy store brand "kleenex" over the real deal. Money matters more.

>> No.22213458

based. its true. too bad most lost jobs currently are due to piece of shit democrat governors and states deliberately destroying the economy to try and win an election

>> No.22213460

Zoom is in for a big fucking dump once people stop believing that coronavirus is dangerous.

>> No.22213463

based, reinvested divies can help grow a portfolio

>> No.22213466

Only retards would use the term zooms. I swear if some one asks me to zoom them I'll lose my shit.

>> No.22213490


Mother fucker I’ll zoom you right now

>> No.22213496

This, Google Meet or MS Teams, none of that gay zoomie shit.

>> No.22213497

I've been there homie, just remember that you need the job (if you do).

>> No.22213498

zoom out

>> No.22213499

Dedicated to those who held strong, those bought the dip, and those who did both.


>> No.22213508

Thoughts on buying December calls on apple on a possible Tuesday morning dip

>> No.22213512

Again, retard. They all use outlook and gmail. These products are tied to much larger companies whose values are tied to other, bigger things. Zoom has a single product, so that product's use is a good measure of zoom's performance. That's not to say that zoom is a good buy anymore, though. It's obviously at the top since they have nowhere else to expand, no one else to sell their service to. My point was that the company is valued correctly. Once the virus stuff is over and classes stop being remote, they'll lose value
I don't see it happening. My school, as an example, using 802.1x network protocol just like any other school. I used to work in the tech dept and apparently it took months to get zoom to play nice with the network. They'd have to do it all over again with a new service like teams. So no it's not as simple as you think
See above

>> No.22213525

AAPL 5 years from now? I wonder what the price will be

>> No.22213534
File: 56 KB, 1000x330, xsuxs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shes a cute one

>> No.22213538

Does browsing here count as my DD?

>> No.22213540

premiums may be higher now making this riskier
also seems to me it only part of the story since there had to be more people/institutions involved in this right!?!?

>> No.22213546

How often does Coke pay out dividends?

>> No.22213553

People don't do that, if anything they would probably call it a "facetime" if they didn't know what they were talking about. Anyway, the meme doesn't matter long term. Generic shit gets bought and called the brand name but the actual brand no one gives a fuck about.

>> No.22213557

>boomers fear the zoom

>> No.22213559
File: 2.92 MB, 600x600, fdsfds.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

portfolio went own 26% today, recovered a little, now only 14% down for the day.
still 55% away from my goal of $6800.

>> No.22213564


>> No.22213577


>> No.22213579

>They all use outlook and gmail
1) outlook isn't free
2) they don't use gmail, retard

>> No.22213586

Teams integrates well with Outlook, which has all the biggest email contracts. So that's who I expect to win in the long run.

>> No.22213588

A lot higher than it is now. It sucks to watch stocks go down on these days but I guarantee you no one has ever said “Man, I really regret buying AAPL at $117” after holding it for more than three weeks

>> No.22213591

500 again doing it another split

>> No.22213594


so you agree that this is the top and they are not even close to justifying their valuation. How was it a good buy then?
They make 50 cent per share in profit and the stock is hundreds of dollars. You can't make this shit up.

>> No.22213607

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google will be at 0 in five years. Consumers will reject proprietary software, social media, and spying, politically interfering globocorps in the uprising of 2024.

>> No.22213611

What's the T for?
The one world currency that we'll have to buy it with?

>> No.22213616

Based and Stallman pilled.

>> No.22213617
File: 86 KB, 684x1000, 1598933725265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh boy!
I sure do want to kill myself golly gee whiz!

>> No.22213623

Zoom, Peleton, Twilio, are all going to be worthless in 5 years

>> No.22213627

Same senpai

>> No.22213637

I meant 10 trillion market cap.

>> No.22213638
File: 98 KB, 650x1024, 1598923149542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I make money off this?

>> No.22213640

Shill me on buying palantir on ipo day

>> No.22213648


>> No.22213650

year of the linux desktop

>> No.22213654

>1) outlook isn't free
I never said it was
>2) they don't use gmail, retard
My school uses gmail, retard. Before you say I got to a literally who school, I don't
>so you agree that this is the top and they are not even close to justifying their valuation.
No. They are at the top and the valuation is justified. How do you not get this?
>How was it a good buy then?
I didn't buy it. Had you bought it in march, it would be a good buy. It no longer is because, like I said, although it's valued correctly since the company is doing a ton of business right now, it clearly has nowhere else to expand, meaning the value won't go up anymore

>> No.22213677

Puts on white boos.

>> No.22213678
File: 517 KB, 1280x1942, 1565580462406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah right, wait until the true King returns

>> No.22213679

>getting paid nothing to stream 4k on your own dime
>worth billions

Youre a fucking retard.

>> No.22213689

>sending your children to a school with niggers

>> No.22213690


>> No.22213698

>>getting paid nothing to stream 4k on your own dime

>> No.22213713
File: 98 KB, 496x330, 08syukuden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they bought?

>> No.22213719

>My school uses gmail
literally who school

>> No.22213724


>> No.22213727


>> No.22213737

don't worry, even if there are none in your area, they'll kindly bus them into your kid's school

>> No.22213743

How does zoom earn money by using their servers to provide HD video to customers who pay nothing. Go ahead, tell me why skype was also worth 100 billion, retarded nigger.

>> No.22213757
File: 241 KB, 1059x349, 1597767616484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22213763


It isn't justified because they are not making any money and they have no room to expand. Companies like that explode.
If you think the value is justified then what metric do you use? Mine is simple, a company has to either make good profit or have some possibility of making good profit in the future. Zoom has neither.

>> No.22213764

>to customers who pay nothing
Retard. Go back and read. I'm not typing it out again

>> No.22213765

Good post except that his hedges should have the same term length as your original bullish bet. IMO.

>> No.22213770
File: 2.13 MB, 1350x2402, 1591213973734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bought the dip?

>> No.22213773

Word, if that's the case scotch will be on me anons

>> No.22213784

>TFW no autistic GPU GF.

>> No.22213795

I did read your garbage. Youre a dumb faggot. Tell me how much skype is worth

>> No.22213801
File: 98 KB, 482x413, 1499892174028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22213810

I'm still holding 7011 since early August. Abe's keeping me green.

>> No.22213811


>> No.22213826

Skype's service sucks, that's why it shit itself

>> No.22213833

Lol, so true. My friend shilled me AAPL back when the first iPod came out. My dear God, how I should have listened to him. He passed away a couple of years after that

>> No.22213861

You sound beary upset

>> No.22213864

I feel skeptical that one bank could have that much of an impact on the entire tech sector

>> No.22213883

>zoom is better able to provide service than fucking microsoft

Ok dumbfuck holy shit your IQ is actually sub 60

>> No.22213896

Bears upset indeed

>> No.22213924
File: 377 KB, 1065x777, Gordon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just made $6 in GME. It's been wired to you -- play with it. You done good, but you gotta keep doing good.

>> No.22213953

Beary upset I meant to say. Fucking auto correct

>> No.22214066

(You) poor phoneposter

>> No.22214186

Phone poster here. Im rich, also autocorrect is off. I don't speak for all of us.

>> No.22214202
File: 212 KB, 220x396, 942B473F-2731-4813-AF2F-D4D511825012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope you bought that TSLA dip. That’s the last chance you’re getting
>t. Bought for $500 in march

>> No.22214466

I could have made 5 to 7 percent just buying the dip

>> No.22214921

give me 3 stocks to put 30k$ into

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