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those democrats wet dreams won't simply happen, nigger

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Buy cheap Detroit factories and put those Nigger to work

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There's literally nothing we gain from this.

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I will bend the knee to Chinks if they make Niggers work again.

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checked but source beyond the reuters?

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that's the beginning of the end tier shit

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Me too. Would be a sight to behold.

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ni hao

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Quit taking zerohedge so seriously bro

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source: https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3100307/china-may-ditch-us-treasuries-decoupling-risk-looms-global

this shit has been happening since 2018.. no need to worry: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/china-reduced-u-s-treasury-holdings-for-third-straight-month-1.1153421#:~:text=China's%20ownership%20of%20U.S.%20bonds,%241.036%20trillion%20a%20month%20earlier.

the Chinese banking system is the biggest financial scam the world has ever seen.. a $42 trillion dollar ponzi scheme that was borderline ready to blow up when the mainland had a run on the banks back when the 19' started

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so will china collapse before we do? how baste

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Satellite photos (specifically infrared on industrial areas) of China are showing that the economic recovery is still not there for them.

It's a race to the bottom, but keep an eye on the Chinese's government implementation of the digital yuan. US Gov is watching that closely.

Long equities till September 25th. October and November will be a mess.

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what does the word "may" mean i wonder? also, what does "clickbait" mean?

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Giant nothinburger. China holds ~$1 trillion, the fed brrr’ed ~$3 trillion in response to covid and nary a fucking wrinkle. China’s fucked, they lent money to a bunch of Jews with a money printer. GG no re

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they will make YOU wageslave forever until you're dead or they decide to take your organs whatever comes first

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Scmp is a rag tag mag....terrible click bait source

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Chinese banking system is backed by actual productive industry though. What does the US have to back them? Fast food, meme tv and meme internet companies?

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buy gold and silver

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What's you people and this satellite photos meme?

>Guh their economy is terrible! Look! A car accident on Google earth!
>Guh muh 9 trillion Uighurs in concentration campus, so what if it says Xinjiang #12 primary school on the front!
>Guh the three gorge dam collapsed, please ignore the live stream it's still there.

This shit is so lazy I'm getting brain cancer every time I read it. YouTube and even TikTok are full of sexpats trying to get rich just by lurking around shopping malls so I really don't believe these endless arm chair pseuds preaching the end of China for the 50th year while it only gets stronger because you people are to retarded to open your fucking eyes to see what's really going on.

Inb4 herro zhang, nihao, 你亲我的屁股。

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w-what happens Sept 25?

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Unironically it’s my birthday

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>doxxing yourself

lmao you stupid mother fucker now I know where you live. Open the door retard I'm here

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You have a bday present for me?

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I'll give you my ski mask

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Nectar can fix this.

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Nice digits there.

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