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September 4th came and Craig won. Peter McCuckmack has not said a single thing about Craig on twitter since because he got. BTFO in court. Get in before we go to new ATH!

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Uh no, The court date got pushed to 4th of January 2021

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That’s the Ira court case, nice try though.

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What? He delayed the court hearing you retard nothing was “won”

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Again that’s the Ira Kleiman case retard, this one vs McCuckmack went as planned. STIFF

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I really wish you were right, Oppie, but nothing has happened.

>and it never will!

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Notice how you’re a lonely incel

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Notice how you're using JIDF tactics? And probably projecting. Pic related is marches from 4 days on tinder virgin.

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Get fucked you absolute fucking faggot!

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Dr. Craig Wright is a visionary and putting forth revolutionary ideas, where as his detractors are short sighted neanderthals with tunnel vision. They will remain stagnant as Dr. Wright will rocket into the stars.

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Dr. Craig Wright has the stamina of a horse.

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Aren't the court documents online?

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>10 days
10 days

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that's like 3 baseless assumptions in one sentence. nice.

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Explain to me anon. Why should we waste our precious time on redpilling this bunch of redditors? Let them play with their DeFi shitcoins, and loose all of their money on obvious scams.

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Biz fail Satoshi IQ test.

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Those are men

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and his cock is also horse sized

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