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Does anyone else feel like a lesser man due to being subservient to an employer?

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sometimes, but then I take a piss while on the phone with my manager and things are alright

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Only if the employer is a PoS.
It should be a pretty straightforward agreement.
My time, for your money.
No reason to freak out and make it more then that.

Now some people/employees do. And that is on them. I've quit 6 jobs over the past 4 years and moved onto better things each time. If you don't like it quit.

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Wagie = slave

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i am 21 y o NEET shutin looser for years and recently got a part time job.
it gives me a sense of being useful and not like a sack of shit like i did for years. i really try to do my best at work (i am full of energy and motivated) which is probably laughable because its basically minimum wage, full of foreignerns, muslims and boomer higher ups and its a multinational company that tried to shove their SJW agenda the first day.

I would say i am more subservient now, the wagie mentality colors up on you.
When I was NEET i was much more open minded and had my own mind, but was too big of a pussy to act on it. I mean that in a way that i had unlimited free time and no dread from going to the job the next day and actually finding Link at a low price, doing my research and pulled the trigger on buying it. instead of pulling up vidya because i want to forget that i have work tomorrow

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Having to pretend jokes are funny, being nice and not telling abruptly others to get fucked when they want to extract some more labor out of you at their advantage is castrating. Pretty sure it lowers your T.

If we were in the jungle I would easily fuck a boomer shit up if he tried to boss me around (i'm a 193cm 88kg fit autist) but in this system I have to smile and suck it up otherwise he can destroy my career by ganging up with HR roasties, boomers and other wagies wanting to please him.

Such is life in civilization.

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