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Biz is being astroturfed hard by uniswapjeets

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true but this board is dead anyway

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Better than generic defi erc-20 scammers

At least biz is united for a change

Don't be salty, faggot OP

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Right. We had some many fucking rugpulls. I can name one today: yfgrowth

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Eth is being attacked kek.

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Im going to self reply as once again I have the only good post and none of you stupid fucks figured it out and thats why youre all still broke and everyone hats you

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1500 was just gifted to probably 90% of all of /biz/ you complete kook. The price is fucking holding as whales buy en masse. When was the last time something like this happened? Correct.

Fuck off.

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I wish they'd fuck off this board's really gone down it quality over the last few months, blaming all of the faggots from twitter that came here for the "ebin memes"

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stay poor

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dump your LINK.
this is a UNI board now.
accumulate or die

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Literally pump and dump

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