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The market is going to crash soon, /biz/, get your cash ready!

Here's why I'm buying BAT:

>Has an actual use case
>Brave generates hundreds of thousands in >revenue per month
>Brave Browser becoming adopted by non >crypto normies
>Founder co-created Javascript and Firefox.
(How many founders have TWO household names under their belt?)

If you're an investor, the choice is obvious. Buy when the market crashes and hold on until it's at least $20. If you're a gambler, there are plenty of memecoins that will gladly take your money.

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sounds like VRA but worse

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atop shiilling that shit coin VRA its a baby and BAT is a Teen entering adulthood....

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VRA sounds good, but it's an esports platform. BAT is based on a browser that pays people to watch ads. You could use VRA on BAT and make double $$$

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>21.4 cents
Still too high. Only buy BAT below 20 cents.

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you only made this post to piss me off you fucking discord trannie. if this pumps im buying bullets and going for it.

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we will never make it until cameron sells and i dont think that faggot will ever sell

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i have my money ready for whet it touches 18c do you think i could buy cheaper??

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>BAT cant even display ads properly for me all of a sudden
>no one can fix this
Absolute shit, they cant even do this right and thousands of users have the same issue and no one at BAT knows what to do. Plus Its almost 2021 and your only means of withdrawing are still through giving all your info to uphold for outrageous fees

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Don't forget to shill. Meme magic is what made stinky linkies what they are today. We're next.


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Probably, but I doubt it will go that much lower. DCA in.

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Accumulate what you can while you can. If brave keeps growing at the rate it is now or more you will be rewarded extremely well. It has nearly 2x the amount of users as bitcoin.

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Been holding since ten cents.

I pay off my mortgage with this or I baghold forever. No middle ground.

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Only people I am seeing bitch about this are the same pajeet faggots that can’t find an on switch.

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im pissed i ever clicked on a bat ad, from now on any company i see advertising on brave is getting no more of my money or attention

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I have been getting ads for days, both popups and new tab ads, and my BAT balance has stayed frozen. What gives. Is there a delay in updating or am I being screwed?

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No you're just retarded

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Thank you for your help.

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Me too

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My theory is that supply is drying up

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thats a nice photo. do you mind if i save it?

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thats just an estimation. its often wildly off.

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It used to update every single ad though. Now it's completely frozen. Is it an estimation based off the entire month, rather than to date? So if I walk away from the computer for a week, I actually get *less* than that number?

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Solid. Memes will be shilling fren

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lurking for braps

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don't forget ARPA is the real deal too

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so are you saying that VRA is earlier and will have a growth trajectory not unlike BAT?

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I tried using Brave, but it never showed any of it's ads for the BAT rewards, and I couldn't find out how to fix it, so I just deleted it.

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they have been cracking down on people abusing the system and the last month or so have been quite funny. Im not quite sure how it works, but its never perfectly accurate for me, and last month it was wildly off.

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I have always received more than the estimation (been using it for +12mo).

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did you turn the ads on in the 'brave rewards' system? do you live in a first world country?

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Yes, I had them turned on. I used that shit for like 2 weeks and it never showed anything.

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what cuntry u in

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