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How do you deal with dinosaurs in the workplace that refuse change

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Try and maneuver them into a position where they have to do things the new way. As usual when dealing with workplace problems, document everything. They either adapt, or fuck up their task and get blamed for it.

Do you have a specific example in mind?

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Nice tits

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/biz/ made me become a misogynist. No homo tho. I just wanted a trad wife. But that's a meme. They're all disgusting whores.

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Don’t wear a mask whenever you’re around them. Cough in their general direction.

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make them extinct

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Do you want a whore in the bedroom and trad wife outside the bedroom?

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I work in planning and building control. I want to convince the building control team to use Teams and technology rather than printing off shit loads of paper for their files They dont want to look up anything online

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Have you ever consider that they're not "dinosaurs" but you are a spoiled child?
Have you considered that the most efficient and effective means of going about day to day business might have already been achieved and any changes you want to make are actually adversely impacting the company?
Have you considered that maybe you are the issue?
It's not on the company to change for you. It's in you to change for the company. Your opinion doesn't matter. No one cares. Do your job well and stfu.

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I'm working on it, I want to be a part of change, I have a lot of ideas. there is no place for these relics in the post Covid world

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>filing boomer papers in boomer archives is the most optimal way to store documents

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If it's civil service the only way to get them to change their ways is for the current crop to die off. That or the government deciding to force them to adapt. Outsourcing to save costs or some big scandal that gets public scrutiny focused on them are the only things that come to mind.

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That's a man. Just look at those big balls on his chest.

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I don't. They will die out soon anyways, if they fail to do thier job they get fired.

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this, old people never cause problems, its all millennials faults

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At least one woman out there is worth all of it anon. You just need to find her.

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Maybe they print shit for a security and readability reason?

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I considered that the boomers might be right, but then I realized that they've spent the past 30 years of their career in a mediocre position and never accomplished anything meaningful.

So their opinion is probably worthless.

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>horse face
>bolt on tits
That is a man

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Become such a force of change under their nose that they realize its adapt or die, prove theres more money in a new method

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Great, another man I have to add to the fap folder

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They’re fake

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They're usually management that knows how to BS or huck the blame to their subordinates

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