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How old are you and how many startups have you launched?

Let's talk about real entrepreuners here, no memecoins, set foot onto something real.

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>Foot PsyOp

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what the fuck are those

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>those feet
>small hands
Need to see that guy's dick. Research purposes.

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Why would someone photoshop fake feet on this image?

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A real enterpreuner, a man who trode all roads, and got in real touch with reality.

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thats what your feet get like after doing about 6 months of noshoes
I went through a phase in my teens and did noshoes for a year, and my feet became beastly
after the initial horribleness your feet basically become numb to all discomfort and you develop a few massive callouses and your toes spread back out till you are bigfoot style

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Is he a new street fighter character?

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healthy as fuck

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And they will fail. This is just a way to get attention so a big company hires you for publicity purposes after they all go under.

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based and hobbit pilled

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Cringe. Business men dont call themselves Enterpreuners, that's a word for con men.

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Startups are a meme, everything is regulated and taxed to death everywhere you look. If you make it past that 10 million copy cats pop up over night to compete with you taking advantage of the trails you blazed. Eventually some VC may come along and trys to fuck you sideways, if you turn them down they'll just move on to one of your competitors. It's very hard if you don't already have capital to fall back on while you trying to press forward.

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>New Headline
This guy launched 12 failed businesses in 12 months.

This nigger is so broke from trying to start 12 businesses he cant even afford shoes.

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>jew hobbit

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t. enterpreuneering expert

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Why the fuck doesn’t anyone want to start a company anymore. Everybody calls their shitty zero profit attempts startups for 7 years until they fizzle out when investors don’t cut them checks anymore.

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31, I've started an event promotion company as well as a bar. no gay tech start ups for me, though.

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I wonder what the cost of doing business is in the shire

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wtf is wrong this niggers feet

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This is an old post from something like 2014 and his feet are photoshopped. Now go shill your scammy food coins

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(((they))) dont want you to open a bussiness since thats how you get the big money

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people have been meme'd too hard by shows like dragon's den/shark tank and companies like uber. They think you need mass amounts of VC funding to make it, and think you need to go 100% all-in on your first business attempt which (rightfully) scares them. But ya, there's tons of low barrier to entry, low overhead, quick profitability businesses models that work. People also think they need a 100% unique idea, when most people will never have a unique idea in their entire lives, nevermind a profitable one. They think you can't just copy another profitable company's business model and succeed, when you totally fucking can.

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Cunt needs to buy a pair of shoes

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didn't all of them fail? i wouldn't call them startups either they were just a webpage

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You only fail when you stop trying

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Yo finally a good thread

I work in one field agriculture since a kid. At 18 launched startup in agriculture I farmed. 22 launched my wholesale to wholesale produce. At 26 I launched distribution produce delivery. Farm most of my vegetables buy fruits. Sell them wholesale and distribution to stores and restaurants. I smoke weed all day now.

Longest thing it took me was to get my own strategy down. I’ve been in 25+years. In my age 31 I have knowledge someone who started something at 20 know would be 40+ would have learned. Since of my early age in business.

I know have good cash flow, large reserves .good equipment

Bad habit gamble on shitcoins on 4chan

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The photoshop couldn't be any more obvious, you can see pixelation around where the feet were pasted onto the image.

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Hardest part is waiting for your funds to grow so you can grow business it’s a waiting game

And yeah during covid sales were through roof with food panic buying lol

Normies how do you not grow you own vegetables

Recession depression Covid Ebola don’t matter. Hurrricanes. Floods don’t matter

People never stop eating recession proof

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this guy makes millions per year off of 2 websites

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>At 18 launched startup in agriculture I farmed.
mushrooms, microgreens, or drugs?

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