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Drunkanon here, just wanted to say I love you bros, that's it, that's the thread

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Hope you're doing well brother.

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Claw is the law

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Busch Light bby

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>Drunkanon here
That's funny.. because i'm the real drunkanon.

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We're all gonna make it.

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Hope you're doing well brother.

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We are all gonna fucking make it. Literally. And you know what? I'm laughing my ass off while drinking vodka of course. A bunch of racist intellectual neets on 4chan predicted it very early. Some men will say luck. But few will understand it was intelligence. GG WP bois

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checked and based

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Anyone have some interesting videos/movies that this drunk-anon could get sucked into at this hour?

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<3 love ya my boy

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Another drunkanon here, love you too, bud.
And with that the time has come for me to pass out.

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Wouldn't mind a real drunkanon thread. They were comfy.

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I had 4 yuenglings
,mini bottle of fireball, tall can of red wicked black cherry, w xanax and nonstop weed but still not where I need to be

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Death wish movies are always fun

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What genre?

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based uncle charlie

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I love you all :)

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-This to ensures that everyone in this channel able to get in EARLY,contribute to private sales or even start mining on those DELICIOUS APY before anyone else.
-As always,this is not financial advise.There are no guarantee that the alphas/project will be fully legitimate like how nothing in life is guaranteed .Always DYOR


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*sssssssip* *ahhhhh* cheers anon

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seconding these movies.... Charles Bronson is a man and handles business like a man something modern age "males" could learn from

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everyone itt is gonna make it

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