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Dear Community!
As we are working to make our ecosystem better and accessible, we are pleased to announce that $STA is now listed on ARGENT WALLET
You can download argent wallet via https://argent.link/vFqvu7IfNab

With Argent Wallet, you can buy $STA with your FIAT using your credit/debit card or a bank transfer.

We consider this a unique achievement as users can been able to buy $STA using fiat without stress.

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Uniswap link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa7de087329bfcda5639247f96140f9dabe3deed1

Minting Delta: https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2/0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1

Phoenix Fund: https://pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0xcd461B73D5FC8eA1D69A600f44618BDFaC98364D


Other useful links:


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delete this sirs

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man its weird how this scam coin keeps adding methods of adoption. When is the rug?

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dashboard still to come, secret project still to come. $1 eoy easy

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WTF I just had 5 ETH added to my Argent wallet????

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You are so pathetic
The only good news for your shitcoin is, that it got added to a fucking wallet
Imagine being a STAggot

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Argent Statera you say?? Iykyk

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Why does statera on digifinex have no volume??

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imo its really only on Digifinex for people who can't figure out Uniswap and have only ever bought on exchanges, or prefer exchanges.

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Fuck me if they keep this up I might brake even on my 5 Eth

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Dropping 5 eth right now

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>5 eth
>55 get
This is a sign

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Let's fucking goooooo

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Sick. It's also showing ETH-STA pool

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Argent looks slick as fuck

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>when rug
your brain has been rugged clearly

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It is about fiat or ramp not wallet per se but you already know that but keep fuding, buy like everyone else mate...

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>buy like everyone else mate.
I sold for PNK a few days ago and it was the right decission

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>high iq team constantly working on inovations
>strong dedicated community
>novel idea
>first mover advantage
>sick memes
Imagine not thinking this project will hit at least 100M mc.

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Yeah you did...

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are you retarded or a nigger? please tell me

This is bullish for sta, non rug.

But if you are also a sta holder this might be a signal to sell.

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So a 15x?

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Not accounting for future burn, price at 100M marketcap should be $1.17 per STA. We will probably pierce the 100M marketcap as well so $1.38 is literally the next peak.

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Memes are gold...

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This anon gets it

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I am in the top 50. Sell now.

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Statera genuinely cannot be rugged.

The dev wallet is less than 4% always. At one point it was literally 2%. Devs would have to buy more to make more money.

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>he sold for an utopian fantasy token

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Checked and checked
10x is imminent

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why would I lie? STA is a shitcoin without a usecase, without adoption, without adoption. Literally nothing

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>plebbit spacing
>why would I lie
go back you massive faggot lmao

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reddit is the superior image board

with beter quality memes

and cooler people


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>not an image board
>all good memes come from here
>far left tranny niggers aren't cool
>no free speech
lmao suck some more cock rabbi

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>all according to plan

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>Anti-semitic sentiment

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Wow!!’ Who the fuck cares??

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That image is just niggerlicious isn’t it

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Statera expanding all the time, all the time frens

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$0.1 EOW.

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$0.1 EOW
$1 EOY

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If the gay-ass swingies would leave the fucking thing to breathe for a bit instead of making (or losing) a hundred dollars here and there, we'd already be over a dollar.

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>not swinging to burn supply and increase your stack

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bigger picture retard, swingers are cancer for any token, small acute gains instead of fat long term gains
swinger's selfish greed will cost them the big pump and are delaying everyone's including their own profits from arriving sooner

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some braindead retards actually live cheque to cheque on trading gains

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>can you imagine

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>With Argent Wallet, you can buy $STA
but why would anyone want to do that

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100M marketcap is $1.17 currently. And $1.38 is the prophecy. $1 is fud next pump.

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lol probably accurate

also lmao
these idiots attempting "fud"

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just sold, thanks guys

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if you aren't larping, I think I found your sell anon, you created a decent dip, I'm not sure if Statera will ever recover after that

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>pic related

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this coin ALWAYS pumps and dumps like once a month now. that's the 'balance' of statera
i will buy back in at 4 cents

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Of course you will

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>he knows

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Based my dude

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>boomers be like 5% share growth this year
>STA chad: 20% in a day

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Trips of truth

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Bumping for that sweet pumping

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I finally got my 10k suicide stack. Should I start pooling with another 10k STA or just buy 20k more?

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pool at $1,38. for now just ride the pumps

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since the coin is primed to pump any day with release of news, youll potentially miss out on the bigger gains if you pool now, as the balancer will be selling your sta to buy other coins while sta moons to keep the balance. general consensus for this reason is to hodl statera for now and pool at hwatever u think the top is and ride fees on the way down

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