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Where is weekly saturday thread edtion.

Looks like we may see a huge pump soon :)

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Dump coming soon, ranjesh and his click farm are ready to dump

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People get this token for free you arent supposed to buy it

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cucked spyware browser

>it's an ad-driven browser that panders to advertising agencies with a blockchain-redistribution scheme while pretending to be ethical by hardcoding deprecated web extensions into it's core (https everywhere & adblock plus)

>and contains a ledger system that measures user attention aggregate to accurately reward publishers.

>The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BATs.


>the data is stored in-browser

>uses open source, fucks over anyone who forks from them...

>The browser sees everything you do, including actions to stop that annoying phenomenon of retargeting where an ad chases you around the Web, often for something you just bought or decided not to buy. We keep user data out of our cloud Brave Vault by default.

>Brave has been redirecting searches to crypto companies to affiliate links that give it a commission.

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>muh privacy, muh browsing history
>implying chrome or firecuck is any better
if im going to get privacy and ad-raped I might as well get paid for it
good luck finding an isp that doesnt sell your browsing info either

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is this the explot browser?

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Yes don’t buy

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but i already have plenty

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wheres the bat news you nerds i need the hopium

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FUD increasing as more and more users join. Bullish. Will probably be at 24m by year end.

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>Looks like we may see a huge pump soon :)
Go fuck yourself

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>No news
>No thots
I’m getting scared bros.

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Damn boys the bat threads are getting sad :( where is he hero we need

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Fuck you.

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checkd all u fellas

big nothing happening for BAT atm. user growth is increasing, but seemingly no new usecases coming soon aside from the ones we have already talked about for the last 12 months.

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>where is he hero we need

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lurking for braps

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Hes the hero we need but not the one we deserve. Where is brap anon

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unironically bat-man

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I actually dont see bat mooning for a long time. Which is fine by me cause i keep accumulating and watching the user number go up. I just miss how comfy these threads were a month or so ago when we spiked .4

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They will be back. The way I look at it, BAT is basically at the bottom of an accumulation period and doesnt appear to be going out of business anytime soon. That basically leaves it as one of the safest assets to hold with an extreme amount of upside potential. Im sitting on a stack of about 507k BAT and adding to it weekly.

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Go take a look at Eichs head and breathe. You are going to make it anon, just keep buying BAT

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Song kul rul yay pul-yaya ulwan spastika kushunkoo oponowa tweepi

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those bat threads were comfy. the peak for me was the extreme fud of the comp yield farming BAT thing or the bat mining rigs from easter europe/asia

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I'm gonna coom

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Where can we view Brave MoM user growth?

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Sorry, I'm late today, lads.

Based fellow thot poster.

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I'm getting fucking JUST'd by these CAPTCHAs harder than BAT price action, holy fucking shit.

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memeatlas anon checking in. Once again spending a Saturday night browsing this thread and working on my website while drinking. Its a good life.


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I wish Eich would give a shit about BAT, bros.

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whats the capcha problem? i havent noticed it. usually it takes me 1-3 windows to get the tick.

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>memeatlas anon

based. keep up the good work man.

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BASED. Glad to see you around.

If any BATlads like to tip, make sure you show this lad some love. His site is pretty based and he's always supporting.

That middle shot is shooped. Idk why because she was stacked already.

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Damn, I remember dropping this one in a BAT thread like last year. BASED brap collector.

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>That middle shot is shooped

yeah that's weird, I thought I had her webbum saved but I guess not. Wonder what ever happened to that girl, her ass is in that clip is God-tier

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You thot posters do us proud.

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Found her for ya:
Ana Margarida Alves

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You are going to make it

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Based. If you want more bit tiddie Asians, let me know.

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Jesus christ man nice stack. I could have a bigger stack but im split between bat lit and ftm. Id sell some ftm for more bat but the staking has been 2 juicy for me to stop.

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The man himself hope your doing well bro

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Jesus Christ moar please

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Thank you gentleman. Just want to do my part.

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BAT does seem like it's due for another pump within the coming weeks. It's one of the most cyclical coins I've ever seen.

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The tide comes in, and the tide goes out again. I suppose this is the kind of thing we see everyday.
The tide comes in. The tide goes away.
>Oh, the tide comes in!
>Yeah, the tide!
>Yes, the tide!

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Distribution seems to be spreading out more and more. Liquidity getting deeper and deeper. It gets pretty hard to unload millions of dollars worth of BAT without it.

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Thoughts on DOJ antitrust suit against google?

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Not sure if anything is going to come from it, but google now has the government watching their next move. Probably shakes up their plans for manifest v3 or web bundles. Basically their hands are tied, and Brave can come in and start taking shots at them. Seeing google split up would be pretty based though.

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Boolish. I mean putting the suit aside, it's not as if Google ad's ecosystem could last unchallenged forever, people fucking hate them.

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Yeah growing hatred of google,facebook,twitter and brave is very well received while their competitors like firefox keep losing ground. I think its only a matter of time until brave gets the spotlight and people switch over en masse.

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> seething PRL holder

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Gay coin

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BAT is a useless coin. Overpriced, and needless. Be patient and watch API3.

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Forgot to mention that I'm getting a steady rate of around 10 downloads a month of the Brave browser through my banner ad at the top of the pages. Sure its nothing to write home about but it is cool to see random peeps from the internet downloading the browser.

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Also this guy proves that Brave can't be fingerprinted:


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how did you learn webdev?

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I don't know about you anons but my bags are getting pretty heavy. Been holding this piece of shit for three years...

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Taught myself. Did a CS undergrad and work as a robotics engineer now. Although my webdev skills are pretty rough desu senpai. I could use a lot of work on my CSS and JS and just general webdev practices. I enjoy it though.

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If I were you I'd just forget that I have them. Ya it might go to 0 but then again you don't want to be kicking yourself in 2030 saying "why didn't I just keep the fucking tokens I had". I remember downloading my first bitcoin wallet in 2010 and going to faucets and getting a decent amount but that computer is long gone. Not upset about it but I do use it as a learning experience and I apply that to BAT now.

Very few projects have VC backing like Brave does and that speaks volumes about the project. Success is a slow burn, not a flash in the pan and it takes years to build a solid foundation of users and customers. If I were to pick one project that reminds me of bitcoin in the early years (in hindsight of course) this is the one.

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Good shit. Hope those downloads keep multiplying for you; keep up the grind and the good work.

Been holding this long too. Worst thing is seeing how much my other investments have grown in that time, especially since I put a shit ton into BAT, but our time is coming.

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Thanks man. It's good for all of us.

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Delayed gratification. You could be in something else making sweet short term gains, but it will pale in comparison to waiting out the gains BAT will bring.

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Sorry lad, missed your post. I've been good and hope you have been as well

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Brave ought to be more crypto friendly. Metamask extension et al should be available for mobile. And they should actually work on desktop.

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what are your lads sell prices at? i never see much chat about it on here.

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Good point, I'm just worried about holding long term as eventually they'll have to switch to a stablecoin for payments if it goes maintream. Then what happens to the token? Or maybe they'll try to peg the token to a usd? I got a comfy eth stash and not touching that, but might give bat another 6 months for some action

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Two dollars

>> No.23498894

Can you still get paid BAT for referral link downloads?

>> No.23498900

Start at $15 sell on the way up to $40 until ive liquidated half my stack.

>> No.23498935

you intend on holding past 40?

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I think Brave's main goal is to onboard advertisers. Without them the company dies, so for better or worse they focus on that aspect.

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> as eventually they'll have to switch to a stablecoin for payments if it goes maintream

??? I don't understand why people make up retarded, baseless theories and then act like they're a given fact.

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It is retarded but I don't see it going mainstream being so volatile. Content creators don't give a shit about crypto price action, they just want their dollars out

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I bought a Purple bed and signed up for Gemini this week. I also looked at the PRPL stock and put it on my watchlist, it looks interesting. I bought a Trezor from an ad once as well. I donated some BTC to a charity. I've earned a good amount of BAT from ads which I've tipped the majority of to some YouTubers that I watch (I get excited when I see that channels that I watch are verified like Hot Ones First we feast the chicken wing thing). I really like the browser, I can't imagine switching to something else. The ads are literally interesting to me instead of intrusive.

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nice digits

are you serious?

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