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>The draft of the DRC Action Plan was prepared and shared with the DRC community representatives. The final version will be shared with the community so you can better understand DRC goals and mission. I wanted to remind you that DRC is owned and controlled exclusively by its community and the most appropriate governance mechanism and structure will be discussed and then published on the DRC Foundation website.

>DRC has potential to become a global digital store of value, but this cannot be achieved in a few months. This project has serious long-term goals and we move steadily in the right direction. Stable historical performance and widespread adoption are crucial for DRC. However, we do not move slow! I never promised DRC token price appreciation though DRC market cap increased x200 in one month after the token was released at Uniswap. We currently have ~700 token holders. This is the big picture of the DRC ecosystem growth.

>What’s more important, this project is not a regular DAPP or altcoin, DRC is based on the conviction that the current financial system has serious flaws and decentralized digital assets with the fixed supply will inevitably become an essential part of the reserve holdings both on a consumer and institutional level. We are creating the new asset class that may be used globally in the future as a fully decentralized, censorship-resistant, and trustless digital reserve, governed only by its community. It’s a long journey but well worth it!

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>discord tranny shitcoin thread general

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If it is a long shot, then why I should buy now?

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Did you forget to Reserve your Rights anon?

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Wow! An erc20!!!! Never seen before! This is definitely worth it! I just bought 100k

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Reserve your rope

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That's a decision for you to make anon

Ignore fudders, they will never learn and that is okay

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here anon, i fixed it for you

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Here i'll fix yours for you

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I am curious why you would come to DRC thread to shill RSR when we have RSR threads?
Do you genuinely feel threatened that another token has reserve in the name enough to not only post but create fud pictures?

By fudding other tokens and shilling RSR in other threads, it can give the impression RSR is no different than Booba.finance or other scams

RSR is an okay altcoin, there is no competition between the two; it seems very forced and your effort would be better spent promoting RSR in threads for RSR

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Yes, I need to shill RSR in your thread, we need that 80k volume. KEK

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DRC faggots never try to hijack my RSR threads either.


Stay in your lane faggots or I will destroy you more than you were destroyed by your uniscam faggot coin.

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That claim was never made, I asked why do you come to another thread to shill RSR, not why do you need to

Here's a new question, maybe you can answer this. Why do you feel the need to be disingenuous?

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this coin literally has no use. a "community driven" store of value is basically a decentralized ponzi scheme kek

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Fuck your scam token. You morons lost all of your money and now you're trying to lure in greater fools.

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I also never made that claim, you are really desperate for attention

I hold BTC, RSR, and DRC, I have enough testosterone to do so and do not need to fud other coins to make me feel better about my holdings

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If you truly believe this, then clearly this will fail with/without your fud, if it is so obvious to fail, why do you feel the need to post this?

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quit while you're ahead

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It should be obvious. To rub salt in the wounds of the assholes trying to scam other people into buying this vaporware.

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What part of this is a scam? The most common fud is the "token not needed" statement that is valid for 90% of altcoins

I do not see you posting to protect people from Luigi/Booba/the countless of Andre scams, but yet for a project with actual potential you appear

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Notice how they disappear when you ask them to back up their claims
Disingenuous fudders are parasites and nothing more, none are as altruistic as they claim they are, most are trying to fud you into selling so they can buy cheaper, others are just lost souls

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was this your admin trying to censor his zoom call from the public?

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>selling 10% of holdings per month
kek, rope faggot

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i told you nigger, quit while you're ahead. everyone knows you're peddling a literal scam that's being used to money launder. nobody will buy your heavy ass bags faggot. stop trying to hijack my rsr threads or ill continue to make you look like a faggot in all your little threads. nigger

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Updated just for you anon

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digital retard currency

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Low effort fudders bumping thread, thank you

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tbqhfam this shitcoin really is going nowhere. however considering it only takes about 2 eth to make a significant change in value, i do think we’re gonna see a 3x+ from its current position at some point in the near future

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It is an obvious 3x+ easily, beyond, I am very confident we will retest .005 in November

There is plenty of news coming but it doesn't matter what the news is or when, fud will complain even if Satoshi re-appeared and said DRC is the future, miserable beings that they are
>inb4 lowT voice "news what news can an erc20 token have reeee?"
Guess you will just have to find out and buy at a higher price

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>It is an obvious 3x+ easily, beyond
will easily go beyond .001 again*

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yeah 3x down to fucking zero more like. dont buy this dogshit coin
not too late to sell, anon

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hahaha this coin is DEAD as this dogshit

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plenty of time to sell before maxim rugs you idiots

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look at the chart. look at liquidity. look at holders. look at trannygram numbers. everything is down you scam artists

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LOL look at the chart! MAXIMum dump incoming

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So you changed VPNs, dedication to the fud life, are you the same one posing dog poop pictures in Statera threads?

Why would someone be so desperate to fud "an obvious failure" "coin is dead" "token not needed", one must ask how is this beneficial for fudder to spend their day doing this?

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>only 1 person could want this project to fail so curryniggers stay poor
buy rope

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look at this skitzo... hurr everyone that doesnt like this token is one person durr. jeez take your meds and seek therapy

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stinking jeet

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kek OP on suicide watch with his rug

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So you admit it's not going to fail and you are attempting to cause it to fail by fudding it on /biz/ meanwhile most of the DRC audience is from Twitter/Youtube/etc

How demoralized you must get when you see even the smallest green candle appear on the chart knowing that you are not negatively affecting the price as you had hoped

Further, /biz/ bought in this a few Fridays ago, late night eastern time, most of those buyers were not like you and they were US based

The "thought" if you can call it that, that DRC is an Indian coin is even dumber than typing "scam" in other project's threads without any basis or clarification on how it is a "scam"

You have to recognize that nobody is buying the garbage that you are selling and it must make you more miserable than you already were prior to DRC existing

Find God anon, do not worry about crypto, you have bigger issues to tackle

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he's not gonna make it anon. kek

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>Find God anons, do not worry about crypto, you have bigger issues to tackle

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put that shit in your diary faggot. didnt read, not buying lmao

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kek unironically also didn’t read let’s all laugh at OP LOL

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Do you ever stop and think how many people read your posts and realize, "that's pretty odd that someone would dedicate so much of their day to posting this on a project that is bound to fail"?

Although, I know the answer is no

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it's a dead token. literally no use case, no reason to buy. you guys can say muh coonbase soon until you look at the chart one day and see maxim ripped his liquidity out and closed the telegram kek

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Fearmongering is all you have and most people see right through it, you should give up

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checked and kek

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The dedication lmao

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checkin them dubs
your dubs are negated by the post above you and the trips above that. go back to your trannygram circlejerk

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Unironically it seems like you are the discord tranny

I have post the word trannygram every single time when referring to that and I do not use or have discord

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Cregnon? Is it u?

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If you know you know

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Please do. This fucking scammer deserves it. NEW FAGS DONT BUY OPS SCAM.

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So tiresome, how is this a scam? After that, address how this is -my- scam even though Maxim is the creator of this project

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Also I would hope that anyone who is new or experienced in crypto would do their own research and not blindly buy any token because they saw a thread for it

Equally they would do well to ignore obvious disingenuous posts like >>23556910 and form their own opinion on any crypto, any investment, or honestly any decision that they ever come across

If you were to buy because you see a post, you should pause and research, if you were to avoid buying because someone posted a picture of dog poop and said "scam", you should pause and research

People are not spoonfeeding you to wealth and success most of the time, you have to look at the quality of the posts and understand why people would post said content, compare it with the research you have done on said topic, and form a decision

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Raking this one to nothing, all the way.

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Because they banned you from the tg? Kek

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