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You all appear to me as rapidly shrinking dots on the landscape below. Like livestock.
Soon, we BTCitizens won’t be able to see you at all.

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I’ll thank you in 3 days when you cash out

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cant wait for the day hex overtaking bitcoin.

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I’ll be sure to wave as I lambo past you, kneeling down on your grubby little paws drawing lines in the dirt with a stick.

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>names a literal whatcoin
Haha thanks for that! I’ll add it to my list of complete shitcoin failures once the inevitable $0.000000 is reached.

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yes, shitcoiners are universally ugly and stupid. i pretend to be one in other threads and farm the stupid cattle for more btc.

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>this faggot thinks he’s too good for dirt
i smell weak hands

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