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Sometimes i jerk off 3 or 4 times a day

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I fuck hookers and never cum

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[Forwarded from gixxer girl]
When yall actually start having sex?

[Forwarded from gixxer girl]
U need to have sex with other girls. Not just your hand

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>When yall actually start having sex?
>Not just your hand
I have Sex with my onahole
dont need smelly 3DPD cunts

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me too

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how do you not cum? i have problems to last longer than a minute

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don't know. too autistic? can't focus while fucking

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sometimes I jerk off intermittently all day, but not cum until like 3am then i go fall asleep

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how do you not cum, i have to jerk off 5 times or more to not cum anymore. i cum within minutes

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how old are you? 13?

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I always fall asleep so easily after a coom
Plus edging all day maxes out the orgasm

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I have the opposite of what you have, trust me its just as shit.

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how is that even possible? i can fuck for hours but at most i cum twice a day. the second time it's just a drop. then there's nothing left. i can still get hard but definitely not cum. my record was 4 but that was when i was a teen

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we all do

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Chinks can never truly know the concept of beauty. All they have is cheap imitation.

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median ejaculation is 3.7ml volume
if you average 3.5 cums per day, then in a year that's
3.7*3.5*365=4726ml of cum (~4.7 Liters per year)
this can be monetized OP

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rookie numbers son, i think i've been masturbating since i was 14, i'm 24+ now
if i nofap, i can cum 3 times in succession within just a few minutes of each other, just need a drink inbetween, i never tried my maximum, but the only thing stopping me is boredom
currently on a 1 week nofap >>23530683
will probably go for longer, masturbation is the devil anon

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I could jerk off 3 times a day if I always gave into the urges. I really just need to fuck a hooker then go no fap, too worried about getting ripped off though

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>business and finance

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So that’s seems normak

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if you don't see how this is related you really never gonna make it

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you just get to the edge and stop jerking it
sometimes I even cum a little bit but not like a full cum
then i go do something else for a bit then back to cooming
repeat for 12-36 hours

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Based; I've done that.

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cooming 20x a month massively reduces your risk of prostate cancer. masturbating is potentially life saving

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I'm only a 1 time coomer with my GF, but can fuck for hours. Sometimes it's too wet and feels like nothing and my dick loses firmness. GF gets self conscious when I don't come in like 5 mins or my dick isn't rock hard.

Masturbation ruined me.

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this kills the kidney anon
edging will give you blue balls and more problems down the line
especially "cum a little bit" oh god, your dick is begging for it but you force it in

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What’s with all this paranoia about hookers lol. Are you planning on picking up a streetwalker or something? I fuck a hooked once per week for the last few years, never got ripped off, never been busted, only got chlamydia after barebacking a few in a row a while back. If you take minimal precautions there’s very little downside

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Me too anon. It’s hard enough bareback. With a condom it’s impossible.

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>I have Sex with my onahole
how does it feel, you degen?

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asian wife is the only wife i want

fuck a white bitch

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