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No Bots No Shills No Indians
I See PNK mentioned constantly here, is it a permanent shit coin or is it wort something? Need a high IQ individual to convince me

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Ask yourself this question and come to your own conclusions based on your answer: when two parties disagree about the outcome of a smart contract, what happens?

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i bought, shoulda held. since I sold it. it will moon.

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To doubt is the first step, soon you will realize why it's a maybe not the best, but the least worst.

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>when two parties disagree about the outcome of a smart contract, what happens?
But how many times will such scenario occur? The point of smart contracts is to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy in the middle. If such events happened constantly then what’s the point of smart contracts?

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One party writes a self-executing smart-execution contract tied to a self-destructing drone that flies in the face of the other party and detonates, instantly killing the other party while leaving no trace. Pic related.

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the coin is dead now, the shillers (who all are white) have now gone back to the PNK telegram group

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Thank you anon case closed

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Non meme answer is that the only reason kleros is so cheap is because the team don't care at all for marketing, much like the chainlink team in 2017 for those who remember, they only focus on delivering a good product and convincing companies to use it. Like it is right now it should at least

But really just look at the memes, since when a project with memes this good has made /biz/nessmen poors?

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sirs we are still here

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I hold all the big brain coins, like PNK, ARPA and SHROOM. (Jokes, only two out of three is actual big brain coins.)

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This, the coins merit is in the dev team. This is a few years hodl b4 you make it. Accumulate fellow pinkies and youll make it like the link marines have.
t. 200,000 pnk

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I wouldn't be that much optimistic, the team CEO is a genius but he is a little bit of a sperg and he isn't a good salesman, much like Vitalik.

That mean that i can definitely see the team delivering an excellent product nobody use because they haven't marketed it properly, or worse I can see them having their idea getting stole by a team who is better at marketing.

PNK is a good bet nonetheless

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Based, just finished my 100k stack today sirs will I make it??

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TFW only 25.5K, NGMI. Never visiting Mumbai by train for Curry and baths in corpse lake.

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A modest but comfy 10k here, I won't make it but I'll be able to buy myself some land and cows in India and live like a duke

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