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>"quant will power every phone / gadget in the future"
>"all banks will adopt XRP"
>muh bitcoin mass adoption
you retards are absolutely delusional. nobody cares about your imaginary internet memecoins. no mass adoption ever!
t. /smg/ chad

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also fuck link

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relentlessly based thread

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Quant chads are going to make it, anon.

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There absolutely will be mass adoption
Of proprietary chains
With proprietary interlinks
With (((exchanges)))
Little people have been allowed a 10 year window to accumulate some trinkets, for which they will not be punished, if they behave appropriately, and invest their gains (((wisely)))

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rlc is way better then anything you just said

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You’re correct.
Bitcoin will be allowed to remain.
Private chains will interoperate with Quant.
Unregulated DEX and CEX will be outlawed.
Most alts will go to zero.

It’s dystopian but we get what we vote for.

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