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>The money will go from BTC and ETH into altcoins.
>All we have to do is wait for somebody to notice us xD
>we're le special damsel in distress who waits for the knight in shining armor
Bitch you'll turn to bones before the money from YFI, CORE, AMPL, BTC, ETH ever goes to you.


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i've been rearing up to buy some STA for the past 30 minutes, looking at other things, getting ducks in a row, and now after seeing this post I am completely turned off. just seems scammy. you either saved me a lot of money or i will rope if moons, I guess. whatever

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Relax man we're working on it.

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>still holding a useless pnd from august

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So useless, in fact, that you decided to post this in multiple Statera threads.

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Fuck you, you're not working on shit. Half Life 3 coming soon TM. STA is going to pull a BZRX. It can go fuck itself. So many other better projects you can be in right now.

Good, if a scam can't even be arsed to advertise itself then it doesn't deserve to make it. Lazy scams pandered to brainlets are the worst.
It's literally a hobby project by some freelancer guy who works at a snails pace and failed 5 other projects. He currently has a stablecoin that's pegged to some african currency, the stablecoin of course has no liquidity but the retard delusionally hopes he can reach TETHER or even DAI levels of liquidity.

What's worse than a scam is a delusional loser who thinks he's a winner, but can't be arsed to fulfill even step 1. "Relax bro I'll build an elevator, no need to climb up those stairs, bro" and what's worse is a religious cult centered around this Dunning Kruger syndrome. Fuck YOUUU.
What's worse than a rugpull is XRP. Fuck LINK too, should have longed during the Corona crash and sold at 20$ to get this shit over with.

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Hope all the moonboys just sell and forget about this coin because they are fucking annoying

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>So many other better projects you can be in right now.

People stick in STA are missing out on good gains right now

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If jumping from coin to coin to make gains is actually that easy I assume you are a millionaire by now.

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People who jumped from YFI clone to YFI clone have at least 6 figures right now, yes.

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Nah it's the fudders who are annoying, not the STA holders. For example, OP is a fudder pretending to be an annoying moon boy
Real STA holders generally have reasonable conversations in the threads. The fudders then derail the threads and turn them into shit. Either by spreading baseless fud, or pretending to be STA holders who are pathetic, trying to make us look bad

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you will rope. screencap this

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Holy SHIT you are salty LOL!
How much did you lose anon?
Let me guess...
>avg STA price of .4

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don't buy yes, wait till I acummulate more...

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I lost AMPL and YFI thanks to you >:( I hope you're happy, you slut.

You were meant to be nothing more than a slut like Acid, CAP.Fin, SWAP, XOR, BUIDL, ESH/GHOST which I pump & dumped to get into higher marketcap coins. You were the ultimate pump & dump considering all the glitches you had and the community manager couldn't be arsed to set the starting price of the Uniswap tokens where the previous token was. I literally could have made 500k off of you, you useful whore.

So congratulations you slut, you ruined my life. Now I'm carrying your baby for all eternity >:(
bottom 21 cents huh? Great buying pressure. Boy you sure bought all those dumps and dips, man look at that buy pressure. Please say the line again "more STA for me, proceed to buy a crappy 5,000 tokens worth not even a minimum wage cuck's salary from America"

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>music to my ears

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Nigger what’s there to advertise when it’s almost a half-finished product without the UI?

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The devs leaked they were going to rug. It’s over. No updates ever and address change probably happens soon.

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I won't advertise this project. Put in 5 ETH worth at .14 and already written it off as a loss.

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based 5 ETH investor

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This is HIGH-IQ FUD.
I mean, really. Top drawer.

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Buy a real DeFi coin with potential you moronic bagholders.

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Fucking moon retards LET IT GO MAN

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retard do it yourself, there are plenty of people in the community advertising sta, spamming it on twitter and also integrating it into their own projects
your $100 isnt needed, go buy a scam and come back to us in a few months and buy in at $1.38++++
same could be said about literally every defi token
u bought the top of all these projects didnt you, its ok bro sta is still early you can recover with us, just buy more wgmi
safe investment with a stable price proven to not be a scam and unless you have room temp IQ you KNOW its going to moon in the next 2 months with the developments release - or just go ahead and literally gamble on being able to cash out of a rugpull before the rug is pulled, i think ill stick with statera
if you wernt so poor and retarded you wouldve bought link <$1 and had plenty of money to diversify and hold plenty of shitcoins, this is literally just a repeat of that, you're going to be sperging the rest of your life about your missed opportunities cos you're a weak handed faggot

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This. Wait and accumulate. I don't think STA should be your only bag, but I do throw some gains in it. It will pop off when it does, and I'm interested to try the pooling.
They're getting better at hitting it from all angles, but still pretty transparent

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Extremely based and knowing.

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this shit is literally suterusu tier. look for these threads to slowly disappear as these fags capitulate by 2021

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Their early FUD was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when STA came out in '20,I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole project has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the coin a big boost. He's been compared to Satoshi Nakamoto, but I think Scott has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humour.
In '20, Scott released this, Fore, their most accomplished project. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip to be STATERA", a project so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the FUD. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of Immutable deflation, it's also a personal statement about the project itself.
[raises axe above head] Hey FUDDER!
[he bashes FUDDER's head in with the axe, and blood splatters over him]

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Please stop bumping this trash thread from that lamenting YFI faggot. God you guys are retarded

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absolutely unhinged committment to the project. we are reaching levels of bag marriage that shouldnt be possible
never change biz

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Based Bateman poster

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Fuders has mistaken me for this dickhead Marcus PIGERz. It seems logical because PIGERz also works as IQ39 and in fact does the same exact thing I do and he also has a penchant for Valentino suits and getting his bags bigger. Fuder and I even go to the same barber, although I have a slightly better haircut.

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There is an idea of statera mooning. Something illusory. It simply. will not. happen.

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I'm into, uh, well, balancing and deflation, mostly.

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Holy shit dude pull it together

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embarrassing as it gets

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Dashboard and secret project is approaching. Feeling comfy.

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>he knows

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>for me - it's indexed deflationary tokens

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Will never happen you niggerfuck. Or maybe it will, sometime next year? It has already got delayed three times who know's how long until they are finished.

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Topkek, fren!

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This guy gets it
Comfy af

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is it over bros?

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IYKYK, oldfags been through this before.

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Any reason at all to think that they are approaching? At this rate it feels like we'll have to wait until next summer.

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Don't worry about it so much
It's well known that the team is slow at releasing things, and the fudders will try to use this to get you to sell
The best advice I can give you is to sit back and relax. The dashboard and other projects will come eventually, and STA isn't going to die in the meantime. We all knew STA was going to be a long term hold
If you're getting stressed about it, just take a few weeks off. Don't look at the price, the biz threads, or the tg. Just live your life, and hopefully the investment you made will pay off in the long run

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Since this image was posted (1 month ago):
>supply STILL at 85M, no sign of the promised decrease in supply
># of holders went from 4440 to 4379, -60 holders or -1.3%

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>It took me a few weeks to get it so don't worry. But as the one anon here said once you get it you REALLY get it.

>Essentially STA is inserted into a liquidity pool. The balancer keeps the liquidity pool in perfect balanced ratio. So if one of the tokens go up, it will sell that token to buy the others so that the growth is steady. So you believe in crypto to succeed then you believe in STA to grow. Also, everytime STA is involved in a transaction (sold/bought/ratio corrected by the balancer) it will burn 1% of that STA, creating deflation and more volume. Now if the demand remains the same or grows, price WILL increase due to deflation. Any of the balancing creates volume which creates more fees.

But what if STA dies and has no volume you say? It does not matter, because the Statera involved in the pool means that volume is also counted for everything else in the pool, so eth btc link snx. Do you really think these will have no volume?

>As pool integrations grow, so do arbing opportunities creating more opportunities and more volume -> burn + fees. You could literally be the only one running the pool and get enormous returns. That's why many of the top wallets are buying more. Because if STA goes up in price, the APY from the pool will be absolutely insane. It's not a regular hold and sell.

>Of course there is much more to this, but this is the basic idea.

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Great stats. $2k volume and $180k total liquidity

>> No.23844570

Well I be damned, sir! Upvoted your post for great information, which sub did you find us at btw? Narwhales sing at night am i right? hehe

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Are you going to say something about the fact that nobody wants a fund with statera in it (which is basically donating to STA holders when volatility happens) or are you just going to call me a redditor? Statera is fundamentally flawed.
>as pool integrations grow
not happening since adding statera will make a fund perform worse

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>he's been posting in STA threads for at least a month
Kek. What's the going rate for a biz post, sir?

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>>he's been posting in STA threads for at least a month
No, your resident shills post this image

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How much of your portfolio is in sta?

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How many figures? I don't want to be accused of datamining, just approximately how much.

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k senpai

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So what the fuck happened to Thanos? did the Delta token fuck him up? Thanos was suppose to keep the volume up 24/7. The volume should had been at least 3x180k inside Balancer and even on Uniswap 3x the liquidity provided.

>> No.23844921

literally just use the archive and you'll see it's true. it's paired with some other pasta image

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>very nice

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Everyone knows that liquidity is only low because people are waiting for a pump. Pooling now is pointless, so no one is doing it.
I guarantee that after the next pump the liquidity goes over $500k

>> No.23844989

Delta token made the initial idea of balancer rebalancing increasing volume(burning) obsolete. I haven't investigated the mechanics of how demand for delta from phoenix will affect burning in the uni pool but who cares. I'm just enjoying the demise of STA and the deluded holders.

>> No.23845021

I hope the surprise announcement moves us back to something like the original idea.

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I'm sorry I made you mad, fren. Please don't be upset.

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It's just weird. The arbitrage bot was working fine at 1-3cents and I even commented on how Coinmarketcap will notice the constant volume on the token.
You could see the bot in action right on Uniswap. Did they remove it while we weren't paying attention? we fed him too much STA?

>> No.23845104

Could someone explain to me why using Delta instead of STA makes any difference? From what I understand the burn is still happening, just through Uniswap instead of Balancer directly. Am I missing something?

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I'd rather not disclose that, but just know I have been here since 2017. To some a newfag, and to others a LINK og.

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Delta is a fund (ETH/STA), holding jsut STA gives you direct exposure to the token and gives you pooling power.

>> No.23845205

Delta wraps STA/ETH so no burning going on. This is required for balancer. The initial idea was balancer volume burning STA.

>> No.23845281

But doesn't Delta then have to rebalance, which causes STA to burn?

>> No.23845292

Did you actually buy and hold on to link?

>> No.23845300

That I get it, the whole point was being the boomer version of YFI; instead of arbitraging pairs it arbitrages pools, but where the fuck is the bot? It should still be trading on Uniswap and still be trading on Balancer even without the burn.

>> No.23845354

I understand the difference between STA and Delta, that's not what I'm confused about
People are acting like the Phoenix pool is inferior to the original pool because it uses Delta instead of STA. I've never gotten a good explanation as to why that is, other than not being able to pool your STA directly

>> No.23845388

STA and LINK are funny. If you had swinged them every opportunity you could in theory own 51% or 90% of the total supply.
What CZ pulled off during the Corona crash mimicked Balancer's hack.
LINK was sitting at 1 cent and 1/10th of a cent. Asshole chink stole 1 million LINK. Imagine if 99% of the supply was sitting on Binance instead of disparaged through other places.
And for STA imagine if Balancer got hacked for the liquidity on Uniswap too right at the top at 15-22cents.

>> No.23845456

based, dont buy coins where the community is seemingly delusional
like sent, xrp, sta, pnk, fta shit like that

>> No.23845483

I did. For more than a year.
Had avg price of .60 cents.
I sold because I had other debt I had to take care of. I wish I still had my LINK.
But god damn I am in love with STA, the room for growth is amazing. Just check cmc and look at what are considered "Top 100" projects.
Statera is a gem.

>> No.23845948

Can someone give me some STA advice? I have it on good news that a coin will moon on the 16th this month. I 99 percent know it will. The problem is 8k of my money is into STA. Do you think I should sell my STA before the 16th and buy back in after the moon mission? Or will STA pump before the 18th?

>> No.23846198

Wanna help statera? Pool a small chunk of your bag to support the ecosystem

>> No.23846246

Are you the same dude who was LARPing about selling Statera on November 9th, "no matter what"?

Statera is solid as fuck, guys. Don't worry aboit short term prices. Its success is inevitable.
Fact, not opinion.

>> No.23846491

I'm bullish on STA, but you're probably fine
It's highly unlikely that STA will moon in the next week

>> No.23846681

Not all moonboys are STA holders, but all STA holders are moonboys.
(50k stack)

>> No.23847111

How much money would I have to put in to be a STATERA whale?
What about having multiple whale wallets worth 100k USD each? Would I have enough power to move the price when I wanted? Or would I need to out more money in?

>> No.23847258

to be top 13 you need 1million tokens (65,000usd)
check the holders yourself

>> No.23847293

Try to sell your stack on Hotbit, Saturn, Hoo, Bamboo or any exchange which supports sell limits. That way you don't imbalance the liquidity on Uniswap more than it already is.
Piece of shit liquidity. How the fuck can SLP token have such an insane disparage between buy and sell walls on an AMM exchange.

>> No.23847420

Honestly I don't see the purpose(yet) of being a whale. There's no holding incentives, there's no liquidity to sell immediately to so even if it pumps you'll probably wait 4-7 days till everyone manages to buy your entire stack.
Unless the faggot devs pull a UNIcorn where you needed to hold 1M tokens and pool on Balancer since September to receive some rewards like rare NFTs, extra gains, behind the scenes info, free BAL tokens or some shit.

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Impressive, very nice, let's see PIGERz Telegram Groups...

>> No.23847517

you guys are worse than the xrp schizos

>> No.23847566

Let me in!!! Let me in!!! I deserve to be there! I did my time. I hedl like a motherfucker, we all did. It's enough for 1 faggot whale in the top 20 to have a psychotic phase to dump on everyone.
It scares me how much the top 100 can hold. I would had been much comfier if I knew their portfolios wasn't 100% STA or if they were locked or if it was just a few whales not planning to cash out till 2026 again because their portfolio isn't 100% STA.

>> No.23847585

That's a compliment at this point. We revel in our insanity and smugness.

>> No.23847761

do something other than hodling to drive the price up bitch

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No need to worry, this is Investor group, investing in STA development, you can always donate if you want. It is not a group for whales, but group for people that invested nice amount to development.

>> No.23847804

why do you think I am in that group? How much did you donated to development? Me? 5 figures in $. It is expensive, especially when you give over half a mil. back to community(holders) out of your own pocket.

>> No.23847808
File: 49 KB, 1080x608, epix-AmericanPsycho_16068-Full-Image_GalleryBackground-en-US-1558711476921._SX1080_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bagholder, get down on your knees so Megan can see your asshole.

>> No.23847827

There are literally people that donated 4/5 figures when it was needed. Talking about believing in project.

>> No.23847853

Fuder, get down and dailate so people can see how poor you are to FUD every thread

>> No.23847902


>> No.23847921

Maybe we should get our own investor group going and employ some malaysians or pajeets to code us a flashy dashboard, at least itll be out before 2025 that way ;)

>> No.23847924


>> No.23847942

Then sell and get those limp wristed hands out of here, but don't come and FUD after stable 1$...

>> No.23848093

Doing gods work anon

>> No.23848462

Just sold 9.9 ETH worth. I’m done.

>> No.23848560

I just lost 5 whole ETH on this scam

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