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How do you cure depression?

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You don't

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you don't

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you dont. You just live with it.

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You don't

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you don't

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prostate orgasm

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You stop being depressed

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most people on the chans larp about wanting to disappear in the woods or mountains and never talk to anyone again, so they are going to shit on this answer because they know it's true.

The ultimate answer is quality human relationships. Humans have evolved to crave a sense of community and belonging. To get to this point you need to get on a path to self improvement.

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I had a friend who had a ton of quality human relationships kill himself.

Therapy is really the only answer

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get a hobby

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Just stop being depressed lmao

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buy link

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based and redpilled dubs, OP has no choice but to accept and live with it

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There are boisterous, amiable people who are the life of the party and have massive groups of friends who still kill themselves

There's no "one solution" bullshit, never has been.

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this, find something healthy to be obsessed with.

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you don't

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Your friend likely couldn’t sense that he was truly cared about. Depression is deceiving.
If you endure you will have a better sense of importance in life than most. Trees that grow to heaven have roots that reach down to hell.

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Depression is not real. You need to start treating yourself with respect.

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Try simple things that may seem stupid on the surface but work for most people. Take cold showers twice a day (Make sure its shockingly cold), exercise daily, stop masturbating for at least a month (set small milestones e.g. 3 days, 1 week etc) and while social interaction may be hard try to get as much of it as you can.

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buy rsr

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Unironically meditation. Read The Power of Now and learn to meditate. Cured my life long depression.

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Make it from crypto
Don't interact with people ever again.
Depression cured.

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Easy, every day you must
Praise god
Study something(I study a language)
Get a hobby(Recently I've been shooting/plinking almost every day)
Abstain from porn, too much alcohol and drugs
Praise god before you go to bed.

Do this for three weeks straight, and you'll feel 80% better.

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this is correct
you learn to cope one way or another or you kill yourself, there is no reduction of the issue, it is uniquely yours.

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(((Therapy is the only answer)))

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have sex incel

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hey sweety *looks down at paper* looks like you get upset and even sad sometimes. Oh no no no that wont do im going to send you to see my specialist WHO RECOMMENDS LITHIUM FOR EVERY EMOTION, CONDITION, OR TRANSIENT FEELING YOU HAVE

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The first step is to try therapy but one must keep in mind that it wont work by itself. It may help to prepare oneself to self-improvement, thanks to deep introspection. But it may do some heavy damage if the therapist is nothing more than a medicine giver.

tldr : drugs & thots

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Killing or sterilising anyone displaying symptoms of depression, along with their children is they bred before being detected, would remove 90% of emo faggots in two generations, 99% in four.

It'll have to be a constant maintenance work though, since mutations means emo faggots will reemerge after a while.

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Lithium is a human rights violation

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it's not half as bad as antipsychotics
shrink nigger tried to give me one for depression, never went back, and honestly, since realizing psychiatry is a scam I've never felt better.

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no. Spending money to give the expensive jew doctor who always recommends pills is not the automatic first step, in fact id say avoiding therapy is the best thing you can do for depression. Therapists love to make us feel like boohoo victims who cant control our outcome

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yes im obviously against it if it wasnt clear i was larping in that post
All drugs that are targeted at emotions or perception of reality are really just variants of mood stabilizers aka making someone too stupid or tired to think or move

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I had a severe depression. Wanted to KMS. The only thing that held me was, that I'd hurt too many people that were close to me. I healed from depression by cutting of from things, which made me depressed in the first place. Like if you hate your nation leave it, if you hate your career patch change it, if you hate your family abandon it. I knew another person which was also depressed. Whoever I've heard who healed from depression had to do the same.

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>All drugs that are targeted at emotions or perception of reality are really just variants of mood stabilizers aka making someone too stupid or tired to think or move
more or less yeah, psych drugs are all on a spectrum between placebos and stupefying agents (although some stupefying agents are more pleasant than others)

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get pokimaines only fans

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If we killed 100% of humans, the depression rate would plummet to less than 10%.

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By killing niggers,
By killing niggers
(never stop)

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Make money and get rid of the people in your life causing you to be unhappy. You probably know what needs to be done, but you're either too poor, too scared, or both. When I started making good money I dropped my last gf. This had the benefit of also dropping her whole family and all her friends. That alone drastically improved my outlook on life. I then proceeded to drop several people in my family, especially the ones who against my happiness would have kept my head held firmly underwater for the rest of my life. I increased my investment in the people I actually liked and moved far enough away that people in general couldn't bother me. Slowly, but surely my life felt like I was swimming less and less in sludge and now these days I'm generally pretty happy. This legitimately "cured" my depression. I could have treated it, but it took a drastic change of my physical and social environment to actually cure it. I knew what I had to do way before I actually did it though. I was too busy trying to keep everyone happy.

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live with it or pic related, unironically

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Fuck no, do not go to therapy. Your mental health shouldn't be recorded, some nutcases are CEOs and should be in a straightjacket but they never get checked because they know...

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This is unironically my pick.

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This anon knows.

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Vitamin D

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unironically psychedelics. I like to think of them as a big "PUSH IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" button.
oh, and therapy helps too

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It's a Lifestyle Plus Girls Think its cool if you make it look good. inb4 Have Sex, I did

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Jesus Christ

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therapy is effective in about 70% of patients

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jesus OP face it

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You accept it, anon. And you don’t let it define you. And then you do what you want despite it telling you otherwise. And then you get money. And then you fuck bitches. And then it’s cured.

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Stop porn, video games, drugs and junk food. Get through the paws which is about 6 months to 2 years then start living.

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