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im about to capitulate bro's. talk me out of it. been holding for like 3 years now.

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just sell already cameron nobody cares faggot

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You said it yourself right? Capitulation is a sign that the bottom is in

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You might as well wait at this point. It'll probably hit 40c again at some point, who knows when though.

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what's the point of holding a coin that is given to others for free and that they dump on the market?
I don't get why you invested in the first place, like what sort of pumpamentals are there for this?

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the fact the supply is fixed and theres nearly 21 million users and real world adoption.

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ok bro's dont know if im gonna capitulate anymore now they updated the tip banner

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its the same fucking thing. why are they wasting time on stupid shit

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Do it faggot

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I'm nearing capitulation as well. I just can't take it anymore. This shit is worthless.

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I just sold half my stack today, it felt better than balls deep in Jenny!

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ok bro's im not capitulating again we're all gonna make it

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Why do you have so many BAT notifications

click that shit homie

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not my phone my dude. but i also let my notifications build up on my phone anyway because when i open my phone in public it makes me look popular. sometimes i play the facebook messenger beep tone when im on the bus or on dates on the speaker off youtube to look like im getting multiple messages and seem popular too

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Thank you anon, because of your sacrifice BAT can moon tomorrow!

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BAT will not moon until I and only I sell.

Misery loves company so welcome to the ride. We're gonna be here forever.

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I’d have close to half a million dollars in my portfolio if I hadn’t traded half my LINK for BAT when they were the same price (30c).
Don’t think it gets anymore JUST’ed than that.

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