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>Let's circle back to that item later, it seems out of scope
>I added Kevin's team to the weekly meeting, I'm hoping to leverage some synergy between groups if we focus on our core competencies
>We can touch base during tomorrow's stand-up, give you some time to get the lay of the land
>I want to highlight our value add and show that this is a win-win
>I'm feeling out of the loop here, when was the last time Frank ran the numbers?
>Brandon is going to do a deep dive into the data and perform a drill down into our key customer segments
>This initiative is really going to move the needle on our top KPI's
>We can already make this a game changer by taking care of some low hanging fruit
>Let's take that off-line, ping me when you know you'll be available
>We're not trying to boil the ocean here, our north star hasn't changed
>I'm just looking for a high-level overview
>We're just going to give a brief scope of the current landscape

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.... do wagesluts really?

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> 50% percent increase to team velocity.

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Companies should iq test non adjusted for age at entry and give positions out by iq

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>it's a group interview with the HR department instead of a job interview with someone relevant

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>>We're not trying to boil the ocean here, our north star hasn't changed
I actually like this one. its comfy.
"we're not trying to do something crazy here, we're sticking to our original goals"

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Half that shit gets used in my daily standup. I'm going to start peppering these in ironically.

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What is "management buzzspeak that exuberates incompetence"

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kek, I will literally have this meeting in 30 minutes

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That is a special kind of hell. I’m sorry you went through that anon

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capitalism really is a joke, huh. can't wait til we have an alternative

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Office culture is not capitalism

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there are a few companies that do this already. Each military branch.

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I appreciate your input but we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here David. I mean it's not healthy, we're worried about your obsession with wheel engineering.

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Let's circle back to that item later comrade David, it seems out of scope.

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I'm so happy I took off this week fuck boomer office jargon

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>interview involved displaying my "communication skills" by explaining the process of tying shoe laces to the interviewer

I wish i was fucking joking

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You are a nigger, huh.

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I hate this fucking shit so much. I wish I was born 60 years ago and I could've just become a sales guy or a factory worker or some shit who earns enough to afford a decent house and a family and just drink all day with my buddies on days off.

I hate living in this shitty studio apartment and listening to these soulless grey looking fucks talk about "diversifying market opportunities" for their billionaire overlords.

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Wagie has the holiday off all he had to do was use all his vacation for the quarter. Bless up

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esg is a socialist ideal actually because it literally has social in the acronym

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i heard buying a rope is a good alternative

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>Let's take it offline

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Doesn't work i could've chose anything but i went with artillery because combat arms had the highest sign on bonus

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>1 am
>Rewriting my coworkers' code AGAIN
>They spent months writing this the first time and then having to debug it over and over again
>Finally boil it down to a bug that can't be fixed without refactoring an entire feature
>Work on it for a month
>Boss wants it done with code review with the original engineers by the daily scrum tomorrow (8 hours from now)

I want to make it frens. I want to make it, then just build some BS apps or mobile games or some shit and then just do hobbies forever.

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>cross pollination of knowledge
>I don't have bandwidth for that right now

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I'm off the week of Christmas and I'm quitting in January. It's almost over
It's worse than hell it's purgatory

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>We decided to implement Agile so Stacy is now your scrum master aka snitch to the management while she does hardly any work.

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And earn more than you

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>let's make this a bit leaner

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Where the fuck do you all work ? Seriously in my department the "managers" if you want to call them that are all technical people who know their shit. I earn a bunch of money, have 30 vacation days and only work 35h a week. The wagie life really isnt that bad if you get into a good company anons. Or maybe it is just more comfy here in germany.

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All my friends live this life. Im so glad I decided to say fuck it and lived in poverty and relative freedom for 10 years

Now I made it and nobody tells me what to do. Wage on wagies

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I had this at a bank in the Netherlands.
Comfy 40h paid and 20h work of which 10h bullshit talk like OP

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>anon is a silo of knowledge

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I do this most days.

>Wake up at 9am
>Play on phone for an hour or two while keeping and eye on my emails on my phone
>have some food and a shower
>log in around 11/11:30am
>send some emails out full of jargon
>make sure my two grads are working
>lunch, I'll be back at 2pm
>30min prep for 3pm call
>present all the work my grads did, give any feedback directly back to them
>any technical questions or issues with work being late I just spout business jargon
>its been 8 months now
>got the top rating in my q3 review, on for xmas bonus

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How much do go get paid? How much you pay in taxes?

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>>I'm feeling out of the loop here, when was the last time Frank ran the numbers?
>>Brandon is going to do a deep dive into the data and perform a drill down into our key customer segments

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>We are not just coworkers, we are family

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Sounds so boring

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>>I'm just looking for a high-level overview
>>We're just going to give a brief scope of the current landscape

>tfw you added these two after I replied in the last one

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That's the real IQ test anon, the ASVAB is a fakeout. Only an idiot would go for artillery

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Everytime I see this im reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George gets a job and he knows 0 of what he is actually responsible for and supposed to be doing and it strikes me with deep unnerving anxiety

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:^) fpbp. had to include them.

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Let's take that offline. Take it offline. Offline.


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>we need to lean into this
>let’s shelve this for the time being

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Cope harder, we can hear the spittle through your seething teeth from here.

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Working with retard programmers is hell.
If you're good though just move to somewhere comfier

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Checked, if by family you mean backstabbing me, betraying me, belittling me and all round being a fuckwit yes family. God I hate working in corporate so much but the money. It’s not even that fucking good uggh

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I feel like anywhere else I'd be the retart programmer, but i'd welcome that change...

lol just got a test notification from Celsius

...at this point. I'd rather be the retard of the bunch and learning.

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