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Where is spark token actually going to be deposited ? An etherum wallet ?

Did I fuck up ?
On xrp scan
When entering my xumm address it points the flare to my exodus wallet ether address
And when entering my exodus xrp address
It points to a ether wallet address I never seen before ?
All I did was click claim spark in the xrp exodus wallet and now it's connected to a ether wallet I have no access to ?

About to say fuck both and redo the whole flare thing on a new ledger S

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binance is supporting the drop. fuck everything else

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Fuck my life binace is not in ny
Funds are not safu

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What is a Flare address?
Flare uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine for smart contracts. Flare addresses are Ethereum style addresses that use the same key derivation scheme. Flare addresses are not "on" the Ethereum blockchain.

Get it now? Flare is a new chain that copies eth format, so the key to your eth wallet will also be key to your flare wallet

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