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Ask yourself this, newfags, why is the CEO of Coinbase, a website under seige from multiple fronts right now, the only person that knows the inner workings of the Treasury Department?
Why would Cheeto, who had four years to implement this measure, only rush to do it now when his second term is on the line? Why would give a shit about crypto right now?
You are being duped right now. Coinbase is deliberately dumping prices so that they can cover their side of trades (remember, their keys, their crypto) before shutting down leverage, and they desperately don't want you to use your own wallet "because they're illegal now, bruh."

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It all seems very suspicious. Armstrong is up to something

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i hear the sound of the mask when reading your text. is this normal?

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Yeah. Coinbase legal guy (mnuchins friend) get treasury job a few months back. Everybody happy. Now this week cb fucks up xrp and the site explodes the price to .93 while other exchanges only top at .77. Some say they ran out of xrp. Now the CEO has insider info about regs on COLD WALETS which are the NUMBER ONE THREAT TO EXCHANGES. he effectively crashes the market. Scares people into fearing cold storage so that people will keep coins on exchange and be tempted to trade. Him amd mnuchin are in on this together gauranteed.

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fuck armstrong fuck coinbase

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Mnuchin and friends wanted a comfy buy-in. That's all.

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you can bet he was deep underwater on some countertrades to his clients
funny how Kraken offers 3-5x leverage to all its US clients and never runs into these problems... probably because they arent a fucking bucket shop

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Came here to post this exact sentiment. Crypto traders are the absolute most beta sensitive faggots to ever exist and will sell at the sound of a fart.

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the flipside is that when India and China get the memo, they will regard it as a potential reduction in supply by the total volume of crypto held in US wallets. If they see it that way, it the price pumps are going to be absolutely fucking colossal.

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Yeah I'm expecting a massive candle when cb is back up. Problem is I can't log in to set any orders. Fucked.

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>second term is on the line
the levels of cope in this post is fucking nuts

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Fuck cuckbase and fuck poostrong.

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You're a big guy

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Damn. I definitely buy the idea of Coinbase trying to safely (for them) close out leveraged long positions.

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you sounded smart until, you admitted to using goybase

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