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holy shit bros feels good. How's everyone doing?

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congrats. mine has skyrocketed in march thanks to the pandemic. didn't post a single video for 2 months, yet still made 30k in that time, kek

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Based, keep up the hard work fren

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i wonna start a youtube channel but i'm too autistic and also low iq (can't do proper video editing)

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thanks anon, hope to get to your level in due time

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Congrats. How many subs do you have? What content do you do? Care to share the channel?

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i was pretty depressed and in a rut early last year but decided to start anyway becuase no one is gonna do it for you

i do no commentary gameplay content and around 30k subs right now

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Can you share the channel?

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432€ a month?
How many views you got?

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>no commentary gameplay content
what game? If you don't want to tell us, what's the genre at least? How important do you think being skilled (at the game) is to growing a gaming channel?

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is that daily? how long did it take you? id need just £20/day to be comfy

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