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On this episode of BAT SATURDAYS

-Brendans Macbook froze taking with it his collection of covid data notarized as 'B-drops' on his hard drive.

-Gemini wallet confirmed for brave integration for the, quote jennie "virgins who cant use uphold because their mom hasn't let them use their ID"

-Brave travala new tab ad sends user to a broken link

as always - check fellow IPA anon aka memeatlass anons website memeatlas.com for the latest eich edits

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not exactly but here it goes

back in college i had a gf who i simped for hard, when she broke up with me she went out of her way to wreck my friend group. a few of them still talk but it was split in half, one half only stays in contact to try to make fun of me even though all of their lives are equally or more pathetic than mine, the other I stayed friends with. i had a few relationships, jobs, moved away from my shitty family since her but never really got over the damage. shed tease me with spotify playlists (i know how pathetic that sounds). in late 2018 i really got into /biz/ and really liked the idea of BAT, went all in with around $20k, mostly from holding litecoin during the 2017 bullrun. spent 2019 shit posting but started losing it when it broke btc support and completely missed link until it was $2. ive made some good gains but I would have been a millionaire had I chose link instead. i was really pissed and started sharing details about my life on /biz/, by early 2020 people had figured out who I was, pretty sure people who knew my cousin who I had stayed a few months with. i was making empty threats against her when i deduced from spotify that she had fallen pregnant with her bf, now husband. they contacted her and introduced her to /biz/ and gave her tips on what was going to moon to make her rich through discord channels that i had never joined because i was just shit posting, not realizing the alpha tips were being handed out there. mid 2020 over at /adv/ she admitted to all the times she had cheated on me and i absolutely lost my mind and started making slightly less empty threats. now were here.

she ended up helping with Flow protocol, if you had ever seen a "Fuck you." thread, those were directed at me after i started making empty threats against the link marines in those channels that gave her the alpha tips. i haven't said enough to get me arrested but they tried and are still trying to bait me into saying something that would.

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and before everyone else can post it:


Spyware .. don't a cuck

>it's an ad-driven browser that panders to advertising agencies with a blockchain-redistribution scheme while pretending to be ethical by hardcoding deprecated web extensions into it's core (https everywhere & adblock plus)

>and contains a ledger system that measures user attention aggregate to accurately reward publishers.

>The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BATs.


>the data is stored in-browser

>uses open source, fucks over anyone who forks from them...

>The browser sees everything you do, including actions to stop that annoying phenomenon of retargeting where an ad chases you around the Web, often for something you just bought or decided not to buy. We keep user data out of our cloud Brave Vault by default.

>Brave has been redirecting searches to crypto companies to affiliate links that give it a commission.

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i think i've covered all the usual stuff gents. anyone got any brave info from this week? the reddit is silent. wheres the github nerds ?

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man these are pathetic. im going to go jerk off.

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damn dude, she sounds like a cunt, got any other info on her?

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Brave today hits main release next tuesday (dec 8th) Razer has also been running black friday ads.

As for github, I did a lot of digging last sunday. I came across a few things. One appears to be a BAT enabled "brave together" application. Wasn't able to find a whole lot on it, but im curious as to why or what purpose BAT is going to bring to the video meet feature. Possible premium content streams like screen shared fights or movies? Camwhores? who knows, but I wasn't even expecting it so its welcomed. Another thing I found was what appeared to be a new promotional tool to get people to turn on rewards. It looked like some sort of faucet for advertisers or anyone who wants to host an "airdrop" its rate limited and has timed deposits so nobody can drain it. Pretty cool feature if that is what it is. All the other work appears to be ongoing. Something else I found was tens of thousands of commits going to private repositories for a year or longer. Im assuming this is self serve, some additional ad systems, and maybe that "youtube killer" point being is there is a whole lot of stuff they are building that I don't know about. Then theres the people who don't follow github so they don't even know what I know about. Then theres people that don't even follow BAT so they think its only and forever going to be some "tipping token" BAT could catch them off guard, and potentially soon.

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can you explain the faucet or airdrop thing a little more?

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Explain why I only get 0.5-1 Bat every month when I got 20-40 sometimes earlier. What changed? I verified my wallet and can now use the earned BAT. Are you trying to Jew people out for wanting to get their money?
>T. Ico holder

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because they're expecting the price to pump soon. itll be funny to watch whales dump on everyone.

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So they have basically built a function to allow websites to take BAT from your wallet for payments via the SKU. This appears to be a function that allows websites to add to your wallet. It seems like its an airdrop function but for the whole web. If that is what it is, I don't think I have ever seen any online promo system like it. You could dump these promos into welcome emails when you become a new user on a site. It doesn't have to be much, but nobody is doing anything quite like it.

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Hope you lads had a great Thanksgiving.

Away from the desktop and hard drives so I won’t have much thots to post until next Saturday. If any lad wants to take the helm, feel free to.

I’m giving out several OnlyFans accounts, PornHub passes and other goodies every Saturday BAT thread for the holidays starting next week so stay tuned.

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did it take you less than 1 minutes and 30 seconds to beat off? wtf can someone fact check verify this anon for me

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you cant jerk off and browse /biz/ at the same time? but also yes i have an olympian prostate so i cum in less than a minute, but i can also cum multiple times without losing erection. if a girl is hot i can easily cum 3-4 times during one sex session, they love it

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Don't forget to listen to the podcast bros.

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Same, it's a superpower until you get married, then she shifts to "one's all you get" and finishes herself off with a vibrator then rolls over and hates you because she chose to make the sex bad.

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Is marriage really like this, lads?

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if i get married and my wife ever says no im going to rape the ever living shit out of her and shes going to like it

not if you have high testosterone

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this anon is blackpilled af

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Nope, it is pretty great. Kids make it difficult at times but unless you marry a frigid cunt twice a day is not unusual.

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including days that you arent around ;)

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Either you're the luckiest man alive or you hit the jackpot. Twice a day? Lmao, said every married man ever.

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I consider myself lucky, although we are only in year three of marriage. It could change as time goes on but it’s been a good ride so far.

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Happy Thanksgiving Based Brapper Bro.

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>Brave today hits main release next tuesday (dec 8th)
I'm keen for this. It actually seems like it will be useful. Does it pay in BAT if we enable it?

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What can I do with BAT I have 500 BAT

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give it to people for free lol

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tip it, buy stuff on the brave store.

or just hold it would be the smart thing to do. :)

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Wish they would have done and out for the beginning of this covid crap. Maybe it will still catch on.

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Wanting sex twice a day is unimaginable to me. I must be missing some coomer gene because whenever I have sex I feel unusually tired for the next 2-3 days (even though I'm only 26). Daily sex would make me feel like I'm being drained by a succubus.

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OK I will hold ty
Not giving it away for free lmao

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reminder that smile posts are made by women who want you to lose money

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No, it doesnt pay in BAT as far as im aware. It looks like brave has deals set up with the publishers. Anyone can opt out, but its not really necessary. It doesnt take up any real estate and you have to make a slight effort to access. Some will probably say its bloat, but its actually a pretty good curated news feed you can adjust. I would trust it over something like twitter. My whole thought process is that it was a relatively easy feature to implement that could drive some revenue from users who were not worth a whole lot before. Should be easy to add more calls to action for brave rewards. I think brave just secured a search deal with yandex also so its looking like brave could be closing in on profitability very soon.

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>I think brave just secured a search deal with yandex also so its looking like brave could be closing in on profitability very soon.
Don't they already have a deal with DDG? I thought there were rumors' about them working with apple for their search engine?

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