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Uzbek Gold Edition

Why Gold?

Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm (EU)


>Bullion tax info by state:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCL6FKQZyoM&ab_channel=GarrettDetectors [Open]

Nitric Acid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mg9YcAShTo&ab_channel=FreeFunnChicago [Open]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgSXg-WOEVY&ab_channel=AboutAg [Open]

Russian/European coins

Relevant information regarding mining companies

Previous thread >>24559626

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First for not banned anymore.

Fuck jews. Fuck niggers and fuck jannies.

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You Know What I am Going to Say!!

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It's really satisfying to look at my coins once I get them in the cases

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Witnessed lml

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Big news from the Golden Triangle, Pretium Resources sells its Snowfield Prospect to its neighbor Seabridge Gold

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Hey frens, if I was to offer some hand poured silver /pmg/ rounds/bars, what kind of premiums would you look for? It looks like the lowest I'll be able to get is about 35%, which kind of sucks. Is there a premium you guys want me to aim for? I'd really hope to hit home on looks and price.

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can someone please shill me some copper miners in friendly jurisdictions?

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Would you say that was wise decision? I understand it'll allow Pretium to pay down a lot of its debt, which will good for focusing development on its other projects.

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What is that Uzbek Gold card?

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What will happen to gold and silver if platinum futures market blows out?


If it does, both Platinum and Palladium futures have blown out.

As both metals are precious metals, surely, traders won't be so confident anymore on gold & silver futures too?

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It's a new sort of parallel currency Uzbekistan is trying out. It can be bought and exchanged for cash at any branch if the Uzbekistan Central Bank. The card itself has all the features you'd expect on an Assay Card and is similarly sized to a credit card.

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>how much premium guys!
-50% plz

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I look forward to the US declaring war on them in about 2 months

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Americas working through its own shit

I think it'll be a little longer then 2 months

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Unless it's a big boy, I think the only guys that can do that are the sterling scrappers or the pic related med tech anon. Hand poured and special runs appear to be about 15% at best. I'll have to find some kind of innovation to overcome these costs.

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durr the us right wing can't organize fake video
But for real a war in a country that's a bitch to get to is perfect to reinvigorate the economy

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Isn’t that the reason why Obunga murdered Gaddafi?

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QC Copper bull flagging. Since flagpole ended copper has gained 13% whilst QCCU declined 5%. You`re buying into greed on copper so beware.


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Arguably yes
Maybe this is why the globohomo wanted Biden in so badly, he's more of a warmonger than Trump is lol

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Are you the anon from a previous edition that was considering using dies in a hydraulic press and stamping their own rounds? I'd be more interested in something like that than handpours, but there are small pours that are popular.

I can find you some potential customers if you're looking to market outside of just /pmg/, and that goes for rounds as well as handpours, depending on what you can produce.

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Received an email from interactive brokers informing me there was large insider buying of BHS on the 27/11, 12,581,507 shares at $0.1. im not sure why i only just received notification, i thought they had to disclose insider buying immediately. anyway, someones confident.

It's basically a massive long call on the price of silver. I acknowledge ill get wiped out if the price of silver declines or even stagnates for too long, but im very confident silver will see another major leg up within the next six months.

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Gaddafi was unironically the greatest leader in the world since ww2. The more you read about him, the more awakened you will become about the state of humanity and the war that is being waged upon us by certain (((forces))).

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Didn't he try to make a coalition of nationalist groups too or some shit

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Nah, not that anon. it'd be for us frens and anyone else that happens to come by. It would be nearly for free and for lulz, but I want to have enough of a margin to keep doing it longer term. I was interested in a press, but sourcing the sheets doesn't seem like something I have the capital/credit/resources to do.

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>In November 2000 Saddam Hussein of Iraq decreed that all oil payments would in future be made in euros, as he did not wish to deal “in the currency of the enemy”. [295] As has already been proven, the possession of weapons of mass destruction pretext was a deliberately concocted hoax and it was this currency decision, which cost Saddam Hussein his life and the destruction of his country. In similar circumstances Qathafi announced in 2010 the creation of the gold dinar as a replacement for the settlement of all foreign transactions in a proposed region of over 200 million people. Libya at that time possessed 144 tons of gold. What was intended was not a return to the gold standard per se, but a new unit of account with oil exports and other resources being paid for in gold dinars. [296] Qathafi
crossed a red line and paid the ultimate price.

>Since 2007 Iran has stipulated that payments be made in euro currency. On 17 February 2008 the Iranian Oil Bourse for trading in petroleum, petrochemicals and gas using primarily the euro, Iranian rial and a basket of non-US currencies was established. The first oil shipments under the new system were sold through this market in July 2011.This event must be deemed as one of the prime causes for the constant Israeli and American threats to annihilate Iran.

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Based, I might pick up that History of Central Banking book just due to the sheer amount of seething it causes the two AnCaps ITT

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No, that was me. If I did that I wouldn’t sell them, it would be far too difficult to get different coin designs going.

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I believe that Pretium and Seabridge are planning a merger, there already sharing key info between each other, as well as drilling equipment and personal. By doing this Seabridge adds to its already massive land package and existing 4 major minable ore deposits (the Kerr, Sulphurrets, Michelle, and Iron Cap). You are right that Seabridge is in a lot of debt, but they cant attract big investment in their current state, this is why I believe they will likely merge with Pretium to create a larger company and combined major land package which will look more enticing to the major investing interests. With projects like Pebble likely dead, investment will look elsewhere for safe, large scale open pit projects to put their money in, KSM is one that could be a district scale project ripe for the taking. KSM already has the blessing of local first nations and is safe from harming fish and wildlife. Infrastructure is provided by the existing Brucejack minesite only 2km away. It makes all kinds of sense for them to do this. This isnt a short term project though, it may take years for KSM to get going.

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Katusa points this out in his "Colder War". America tolerated everything the Iraqis did until they got themselves off the petrodollar. Then they had crossed the line.

That would make them like the definitive Golden Triangle major right? I'm guessing all the small companies' properties there will one day be consolidated by the Skeena's and Ascots and Pretiums. I wonder if Coere or Hecla would buy some of the little guys out here too.

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My favourite economists are Rothbard, Mises and Hoppe but I still realise there are (((special interests))) at play which are the primary reason why we need Gold and Silver.

Ancaps want to wash their hands in the whole human affair and just pretend that they can be left alone in a libertarian paradise. I wish they were right, and if it weren't for certain elements in our population they would be. But its just not the world we live in right now.

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>Didn't he try to make a coalition of nationalist groups too or some shit
Yes we wanted to make something akin to the EU but with the Arab world that was off of the dollar. He also was getting away from the dollar and this is why he was killed and his gold stolen.

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Anybody worried about btc stealing golds thunder over the next decade? Might not see a bull run like we want if institutions start buying in, which it looks like some are doing

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It’s a Good and easy read.

“Barren metal: a history of capitalism as the conflict between usury and labor” is also good but prepare for a 7 month straight reading sesh

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>1,456 pages
Good lord

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Gold exists to store wealth
Bitcoin can go as ape as it wants, gold will still be there even when China starts to call it quits
Not to mention that no government will ever treat Bitcoin as a legitimate currency since the Chinese literally control it
Crypto is amazing because it's a ton of inefficient markets with profit waiting to be had. It's not great for anything beyond that, really. Go make money, but don't trust it to stick around like a tangible object can. In the end, real, tangible property with no counterparty risk always wins

I say this as someone with money in crypto

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Crypto will certainly absorb some of the capital flight that would otherwise go into precious metals, but It will end badly for 'investors' of crypto.

There is a tremendous amount of counter-party risk for crypto that no one is considering and willing to acknowledge (largely because the bulk of investors are using it a get rich quick mechanism)

What happens when government(s) ban fiat on ramping? The australian government has already banned on ramping for monero and all privacy coins. Anyone who thinks the internet is a decentralised medium and is free from government intervention is naive as fuck.

Gold might not see the parabolic gains that bitcoin can see, which is why i am hedged with a crypto allocation. All parabolic gains that i do see in crypto, if at all, will be going into a genuine store of value.

These 'institutions' which are buying Bitcoin have motives of their own.

There has been a lot of talk of Paypal 'integrating' bitcoin as a payment mechanism. kek. they've done no such thing. all they've done is allow users to speculate on bitcoin by buying it with fiat and 'storing' it with paypal. Users cant do anything with this bitcoin other than sell it back to paypal for a loss or profit. All this has done is give paypal another revenue stream from all of those using paypal as a means to speculate on crypto.

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>Anybody worried about btc stealing golds thunder over the next decade?

No, the dollar is fucked and the world is becoming multi polar in regards to military strength. America is breaking down and nomies don’t really notice because of all the porn, media, video games and other social engineering meant to distract the goyim.

If you want to know a major indicator it was swhen Iran justly bombed US bases in Iraq after solamoni was assassinated proving they had accurate missile technology that could strike Israel (probably further) while also showing the USA wasn’t capable of doing anything in return. Because her military and economy have been sucked dry.

The dollar is done, that is why nations have been buying gold like crazy. BTC is just another place QE can flow just like stocks which is why both are ballooning. This stops inflation because it doesn’t go into joe bloes bank account and thus in the real economy. The elites are squeezing what they can in a looting operation which guides money into their (stocks).

Make no mistake they are all probably going to blow up and may very well go higher in the short term, long term though it is done for.. notice all the elites even down to Obama have bunkers in NZ or other places? Social unrest on a massive scale is far worse than any war especially when you have created a nation full of multicultural groups that cannot get along even when times are good. Imagine now there are no more gibs for niggers? No more handouts and the farms that once produced food for local economies have been turned into wastelands of basedbeans and corn.

That said once the flow of capital starts going into PM’s the dollar will officially die. Big players are positioning themselves and the rug will get pulled, but it will be after the elite are positioned which is currently happening. Things take time and history is made through the passage of time which is slow and unnoticed until things happen and when they do watch out!

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agreed, i am expecting something like a buy out faze to begin soon where a bunch of the more entrenched companies begin buying out or merging the other junior projects funded by outside money or larger enterprises like Barrick or Teck Resources. Also yes if those two merged they would have the largest land package in the district and would make them a giant exploration investment more appetizing to the market. I am also sure more junior companies would emerge to take the place of the current ones and exploration would continue, so little of the triangle has been properly looked over even now.

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i also don't want to have such an uncompetitive offer that no one is excited

Yeah, it seems like it will be about 125 oz or so to break even on a single run, and probably 300 oz to break even at all with hand pours, labor not included. literally no way to compete with the scale desu.

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Tell me about it nigga.

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>There has been a lot of talk of Paypal 'integrating' bitcoin as a payment mechanism. kek. they've done no such thing. all they've done is allow users to speculate on bitcoin by buying it with fiat and 'storing' it with paypal. Users cant do anything with this bitcoin other than sell it back to paypal for a loss or profit. All this has done is give paypal another revenue stream from all of those using paypal as a means to speculate on crypto.
Fucking lol
And here everyone was cumming themselves with the actual belief that Paypal was going to legitimize Bitcoin

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Basically they want normies to stay the fuck away from PM’s. Once they start going in the whole dollar is fucked. There is a wiki leaks email along those lines, also remember that BTC has 6X’s the market cap of physical silver. You could see an epic moon mission, especially since we are talking about the death of the worlds reserve currency. If it happens and we live it will be the most chaotic happening since the fall of the Roman Empire if not worse!

I need my farm but I am a poor fag..

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I know E. Michael Jones is an ultra Catholic, does that come through at all or does he focus on usury and the money changers?

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It's actually super bearish news for paypal since the overall price trend is up and they're probably either not buying and holding BTC at all or they're doing some fractional reserve bullshit. They're going to bleed money like crazy as the market pumps. Good short opportunity.

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It honestly is all tied together because Catholicism was the religion of Europe and had to deal with usury and the Jews being that the church was the government through Catholic kings until the reformation. That said he goes all the way to the collapse of 2008.

10/10 good read. Long as hell but a treasure trove of info with autistic amounts of sources. I’m almost done and it’s taken me a year. Some
Chapters are dry as fuck but good info.

>> No.24581924

it took me 2 years to read through the lotr trilogy

>> No.24581930

It does go back to Before Christ and Romes economy and the debasement of their currency and the beginning of money.

Literally a history of finance from the beginning until recent history.

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>they're probably either not buying and holding BTC at all or they're doing some fractional reserve bullshit
this would be fucking hilarious
no way to take the BTC out of PP, you can just trade it
holy shit I can't believe that no-one has exploited the normies like this yet

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I believe it. I had to teach my self to love reading after public school ruined it for me. Unfortunately it may have made me autistic because I don’t watch tv and focus on studying the history of Finance which makes women dryer than the Sahara and friends eyes glaze over. A blessing and a curse

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More Kruggers and some Italian gold

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Pretty sexy anon. I am a aquaponics stacklet. That said once I hit 1000oz I am going hard into the Gold.

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Anons please help me out atm I only hold silver (around 2,2 pund). Im thinking of buying a gold coin. Which one would you advice? Thinking of the maple leaf 1 ounce but it got a hefty premium price.

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I'm not kidding about being able to find you business outside /pmg/. I know one person that's already had a run of custom rounds done by... I think it was Intaglio Mint. It costs a lot anywhere to get custom work done, but if you can feasibly do it (or find an anon that might be able to cut dies) for smaller scales than the big guys will entertain, I'm sure you could get a decent premium.

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Platinum looks really sexy rn, but sadly if you want to invest in miners, 75% of the worldwide production come from south africa, an instable country full of the darkest kind of niggers. Their incompetence is laughable, half the year the mines are stopped because they can't do anything correctly. And the more they tighten their anti-white policies, the less efficient mines will become, since the few whites left there are the only ones keeping the show running. So that's a big no for me, too risky.

And if you want to invest in physical, the potential gains are significantly lowered by the insane premiums. It's really a tough one. If only the premiums were lower...
So i guess the only option left is to invest on ETFs. Am i getting this right?

>> No.24582526

I am deep into silver just shy under 900oz
You strike me as a humble Gentlemen and not a king. Go with the silver, it’s lower and you won’t brake the bank and will add a heaver amount of weight for your money. silver is extremely undervalued and gold is reaching its ATH.

Pray about it anon. I know I do when I am thinking about dropping some Jew bux.

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jelly of my stack ????

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Are €500 bills still even legal tender?

>> No.24582662


Btc seems way better than fiat and, as a currency better than precious metals. The problem I see is the governments not letting us use it which is the main reason I'm buying pm instead of crypto. But as long as people in other countries value the btc I can't see it going down and big players are piling in. Once these wealthy players start talking more and more we could start seeing normies fomo within the next year...

>> No.24582732

I have around $10k dollars ready to go for dumping into PMs and possibly crypto.

What is everyones allocation here for wealth preservation? 100% gold? 30%/30%/30% au/ag/crypto?

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I've got around 35k in miners, I would have nearly 20k physical if not for losing it in a boating accident, and maybe 145k cash

>> No.24582796

I'd say 50Au/30Ag/20crypto. But then again I don't consider crypto a storehold of wealth, they're speculative assets to me much like stocks (I also believe silver is a storehold of wealth only in times of economic turmoil)

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Meant for

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>Big players are positioning themselves
They already did for a good part, it was the x15 factor COMEX deliveries through the year. They probably will try to squeeze the few stocks left in the incoming delivery months. But for now the richfags are comfy in their bunker with a big stack, waiting for the right catalyst who'll trigger the shit to go south big time. I'm afraid we wont have much time left to stack frens.. I'm hoping since this summer for a sub $20 dip, but i start to think it will never happen. At this point, i regret not having profited from the $22 dip of last week.

>> No.24582846

>Btc seems way better than fiat
arguably yes
>and, as a currency better than precious metals
as a currency sure but we're not talking about PMs as a currency

I don't think that normies will FOMO, especially since it's being pushed EVERYWHERE and people are apathetic to it now because they expect 2017 round 2 with a dump coming soon
Like I said, PMs are a store of wealth. Crypto is good for the international chad who will still thrive in the chaos of post-USD reserve currencies, but for most people they will likely be able to trade PMs for other property (or bjs) and be okay

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>What is everyones allocation here for wealth preservation?
0% Au/90% Ag/10% miners (50% Au 50% Ag)/0% shitcoin
Silver is too much of a bargain rn for me to fall for the diversification meme.

>> No.24583055

I own Sibanye (SBSW). It’s the only one that I feel comfortable with and I wanted platinum exposure. So far I’ve more than doubled my money. I’m really hopeful that platinum is going to keep climbing into next year maybe 15 or 20%.

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What would you add to my poorfolio if you were me, /pmg/?

In b4

>more money

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Does anyone know when the auto industry is going back to using platinum for their catalytic converters? Hopefully palladium jumps off a cliff and I can get some cheapies

>> No.24583131

I'm looking for a 100% legitimate, unironic, genuine, non-Kiked response on this:

Is it worth allocating 60-70+% into silver? I keep hearing about the massive upside and that it is the deal of the century but I want to know about risks as well. What are the chances that silver drops significantly from where it is now?

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>What are the chances that silver drops significantly from where it is now?
Low, but not exceptionally low. When the market crashed in March silver took a dive with it down to $11 an ounce . But you couldn’t find it online for less than $17 an ounce, if you could find it at all. I’m personally waiting for it to drop down to $20 WITH premiums before I place a large order.

>> No.24583254

25% Fiat
10% Ammo/guns
5%Non GMO seeds

>> No.24583261

I'm tryna cop some rhodium desu

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>> No.24583318

there was some talk a while ago about the US auto industry adopting a new alloy mix for cat converters, I ll see if I can find the article but it was a mix of palladium and some other strange alloy.

>> No.24583343


>> No.24583486

>but it was a mix of palladium and some other strange alloy.
Would that mean they’re ditching the rhodium? Isn’t the only reason it’s in a gargantuan bubble right now because of the auto industry?

>> No.24583540

probably not, like everything i am sure it would be a slow change over to the new tech to make sure things actually work as intended in the field. Still looking for the popular mechanics link though it was interesting.

>> No.24583596

Pretty sure there are lab supply companies that will get you any element you can think of, as long as they’re allowed by federal law.

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Do you guys remember the big CIA dump after a FOAI of january 2017 about their remote viewing operations? With projects such as Grill Flame, Star Gate, Center Lane, all trying to find and create (since anyone have these kind of capacities, but the mind need to be trained for this) the best psychics to be used as a parapsychic army to find top secret documents, hidden military bases, find VIP for assassination, and even see the (probables) future, and what's up on others planets? Well, back then i dug through the hundreds and hundreds of CIA docs and let me tell you the results were really incredible. So much so it officially lasted for 30+ years, and CIA was often lending few of their agents to the DIA, the DOD and special ops, until they changed protocols and the FOIA request stopped during the mid-80's, but you better believe they continued and it is still a thing to this day.

Well anyway, last week dark journalist was interviewing one of the chief psychic trainer of the CIA during the 70's up to early 80's. And the dude explain that when his mission as contractor ended, the CIA oriented him toward traders and his mission was to predict the price of SILVER, it was right in the middle of the Hunt brothers shitshow. Traders were spooped by how the market would react to Hunt buyouts, and they timed their short positions against the market thanks to remote viewing, using a CIA wizard.

Can you imagine the absolute state of our clownworld, and the infinite possibilities, when wall streets sharks have to team up with the CIA and use extra-cognitive wizards just because 2 balding trolls are buying silver bars for the lulz?

Glowniggers and jews truly fear the Chad silver stacker. We are going to make it to extends you CANNOT even fathom, congrats frens, we already made it.

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>/pmg/- Paranormal metals general

>> No.24583816

I liked his previous week vid when he disclosed the market was 60:1 buyer:seller market, really bullish.

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heres a bit of ore posting. A nice looking silver copper quartz vein on Netalzul Mountain near Hazelton BC, worked on by Jaxon Mining this fall season. I am hoping they can get some drills turning next summer.

>> No.24583885

is this website in the OP actually any good? anyone order before?

>> No.24583902

Saw that one too
Based af

>> No.24583960
File: 1.29 MB, 195x229, 1604283858239.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait.. what?
What the actual fucking fuck?
Why i never heard about all this magical shit before?
My mind is blown. I... wtf..

Does it mean we all have magic powers?
d-does it mean we truly summoned an ancient egyptian chaos god looking like a smug frog?
Does it mean stinkies truly made their shitcoin moon, and who eventually became a saturnian tool used by a literal Bond villain to enslave humanity?

d-does it mean we can make the price of PMs going up if we send bull brain vibes in the cosmos or something?

>> No.24583978

>the global consciousness dot likes this

>> No.24584003

>/pmg/ psychic magic general

>> No.24584010

Pretty sure 4Chan was a Glow-Nigger experiment gone wrong.

>> No.24584055

if it does exist, its probably only vestigial in most people. I ve been reading up on some of this stuff from the Freedom of info requests and its honestly bonkers and reads like scifi bs but this was funded for a VERY long time.

>> No.24584083


duh, but you need a bunch of people to make it work.

That's how /tv/ crashed a plane outside of Bane with no survivors, /pol/ got a reality TV host elected President, and LINK is going to $1000

>> No.24584098
File: 91 KB, 780x1024, AAB934BF-E881-44F9-86FA-A7519BF4E7DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ironically 4chan was created by a break away segment of operation paper clip to allow free thought in the a un restricted part of the internet that would leak into the normie sphere allowing for a counter revolution against the Jews by raising the consciousness of the general public.

This will allow the Nazi break away civilization to eventually arrive and instead of being seen as evil invaders by the propagandized masses will be greeted as liberators.

>> No.24584126


>> No.24584150
File: 148 KB, 524x522, 1482931713287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stuff like this really make me believe the whole muh science muh atheism we are teached at school and get shoved down our throats on a daily is literally bullshit for the serfs like us, so we never try to use our true potential and never believe in ourselves. Literally a matrix of hopelessness, while they create the future they want and we can just follow.

>no goyim, you are just a tiny ant in the infinite universe!
>no goyim, reality is just what you can see and touch, don't dig further, it's just hallucinations if you can see more!
>no goyim, you aren't having an out of body experience, it was just a dream!
>no goyim, you used to be a worm then a fish then a monkey, nothing to see there, please just wageslave, watch netflix and die!

>> No.24584158
File: 636 KB, 888x1043, 1590641979690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can you give me a sense of the amount of capital and the scale? I'm pretty sure I'm a bit too "cash-poor", but I'd like to get a better sense of these costs in general.
>OC for your troubles

>> No.24584173

Honestly I think anyone who’s ever consumed psilocybin or a handful of other psychedelics would believe that some thing like this is possible. Maybe not in all people, but I don’t see why that would mean that it wasn’t possible. We certainly don’t understand a lot of what is going on around us on this planet.

>> No.24584249


lmao you ever doubted it? the difference between a consoomer and a man, at its root, is that a man understands he's a link in a chain that goes all the way back to the first single-celled organism, and hopefully goes forward to whatever race replaces humans. And a man understands that life requires struggle, that literally every cell in the body is burning energy to continue to exist and reproduce. They therefore strive to be the best link possible.

Consoomers see themselves as pointless temporary atoms floating for a few decades in an uncaring universe, who've got nothing better to do than to satisfy some temporary desires before they die.

If you're in the business of selling stuff, especially stuff that nobody actually needs, what sort of people do you want to be dealing with?

>> No.24584258
File: 59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This will allow the Nazi break away civilization to eventually arrive
Based and Joseph P Farrell pilled

>> No.24584307

well, buy gold and silver at huge premiums this week or keep saving for an overpricedhouse? feeling blackpilled

>> No.24584328

I would remove the ETFs and add PGM/NFG. Can't go wrong with either of those
There is risk involved but on the other hand physical cannot ever go to zero so even if it goes down for the next ten years it will eventually come back up regardless. But I want to say that you shouldn't go into physical PM's expecting to make huge profits
Nice quartz vein! Interesting that it hosts Cu and Ag. Pretty unusual combo I think?

>> No.24584350
File: 63 KB, 450x600, FEB280DF-5ADF-46C4-BF8B-CA0DD6D9937A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take the trailer pill anon. Homes are over priced. Buy some land. Pull on a trailer and then in your free time build your own house. No need to become a slave to the usurers.

That said I know that feel.

>> No.24584362
File: 104 KB, 378x504, 66798096_2390838737644335_7637202522377027584_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not really, i ve seen veins like that in many places, its just different fluids that came up with the quartz veins during formation. My high grade silver / gold spot for example has high copper counts, up to %6 in some samples. the blues and greens in pic related are copper sulfides like malachite and azurite.

>> No.24584365
File: 694 KB, 1456x881, 1542823081245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you're in the business of selling stuff, especially stuff that nobody actually needs, what sort of people do you want to be dealing with?

Very good point.
How do i start to regain self confidence and be one with the cosmos? This jewed timeline totally doompilled me, i feel like i'm dead inside since a decade...

>> No.24584390

One of the best edits so far. Love this artist and the original already has meme potential with the Nvidia graphics cards. I literally could fap to this shit 10/10

>> No.24584433


>> No.24584447

I think its moose season

>> No.24584456

Ah yes of course... Forgot that base metals deposits are the biggest source of silver production. I've watched the first Sprott geophysics video you posted so I'm trying to learn a bit. Are quartz hosted surface deposits like that sulphidation deposits? And porphyry deposits are usually high tonnage, low grade and extend over long distances near surface (in soil)?

>> No.24584464

SBSW's Stillwater property is in Montana. Group Ten Metals has a property directly beside it.

>> No.24584467
File: 313 KB, 1198x1091, D6E59796-9659-4A00-AAFF-20ED8019E931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unironically pray the rosary. I almost blew my brains out after realizing my 5 years in the military was just to serve kikes.

>> No.24584513

>6% Cu
Exceptional, very nice

>> No.24584543

Marin Katusa shared a similar view from his premium newsletter, according to Eric Townsend. One final dump for december. Be ready with cash in your hands.

>> No.24584561

>One final dump for december.
I hope I bought at 22 but used the wrong checking account and my order didn’t go through. Talk about a boot move..

>> No.24584586
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>it's another schizo echo chamber thread

>> No.24584591

ok, to best answer your question is a very complicated answer which might not help so instead i ll direct you to 911 metallurgists website on the subjects https://www.911metallurgist.com/blog/epithermal-gold-deposits-characteristics
I could write it out, but it would be a lectures worth of info.

>> No.24584621

Alright thanks I'll check those links out and learn

>> No.24584627
File: 87 KB, 886x862, 0A8CCC9B-667C-47E1-956F-670D8957D081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>24584586 >(((you)))

>> No.24584648
File: 693 KB, 888x1043, 1580555097224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon. I'll play with the graphics card ones next time. can't believe i didn't think of that

>> No.24584675

there recaps of the same vids your watching bit a little easier to digest. Also trust me, some info may contradict other bits, its because geologists havent got these deposits entirely figured out yet, and there are always exceptions to these models.

>> No.24584690

Yeah it's by an anon, other anons have ordered from him before
Shipping takes at least a month though

>> No.24584807

I suppose there are two trains of thought with this: on one hand, an "EU" like entity of any sort leads to globalist tendencies, which I'm sure most of us are against. On the other, there's the potential of it working within Arab nations as they can deal with their own and would probably help stop the flood of migrants into European Nations and NA as a whole, as they'd be more focused on making their own economies worth a shit.

Perhaps his intentions were good, and could have even set a working model given a few decades to play out. That in and of itself the EU (or UN as a whole) wouldn't stand for because if it did work out, all of the flaws we see would be exposed to the general population of the world. And it all goes back to the gold standard and freeing yourself and your people from corrupt money.

>> No.24584814

Holy shit this Uzbek gold is awesome. Would there be any customs issues if I asked an Uzbekistani friend to carry a few of these with him back to the U.S.?

>> No.24584824
File: 14 KB, 300x295, 1451001223344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24584877

>Btc seems way better than fiat and, as a currency better than precious metals.

it isn't. it fails as a medium of exchange and fails as a store of value. fiat also fails in these regards.

Governments and financial institutions(which are one and the same), are allowing capital flight and attention being drawn to crypto away from the fiat system and particuarly away from gold.

Notice the consistent FUD from MMS regarding PM's, yet an increasingly bullish attitude towards crypto? It's all by design, the will pump crypto and then pull the rug out from under it with all the means at their disposal.

>> No.24584922


Just remember you're a link, and the chain goes forward in time as well as backward. Be the best link you can be. That means being the strongest, smartest, richest, most courageous, clearest-thinking link possible.

The hard thing is changing your perspective, once you think in those terms, what to do sort of becomes obvious.

Also, orthodox religion is useful because any one that's been around for a few thousand years clearly has rules that have lead to success for its followers, otherwise it would've died out. If you see a bunch of religions agree on a rule, it's probably one that's useful to practice.

>> No.24585098
File: 696 KB, 888x1043, 1599253982783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24585137
File: 28 KB, 326x261, 1545881774500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not only it's awesome, but it's also issued by their central bank, so i think you'll require to have uzbek citizenship to buy it.
Desu i get some mixed feeling about this. On one hand it's amazing for central banks to redistribute a bit of wealth in form of gold to their citizens, it could protect them big time for what's coming. Also it'll send a strong message to the population about what's still considered as the only real money for the central power.

Another megabullish feeling i have is usually Uzbekistan always has been the testing ground used by Russia/USSR to see if new things catch up. So government issued traceable gold could soon be issued by others central banks in the region, especially Russia.

On the other hand, now the dollar hegemony is crumbling from all parts, countries all around the globe try to flex their muscles to reorganize a new way to determine currencies' value in a post-bretton woods global market.
And without the dollar, one of the main strength of central banks will be the amount of gold they have in reserve to back up their nation's currency. So why would Uzbekistan central bank decide to dump their gold for worthless fiat at the very moment where it's the most VITAL for them to show up they have big reserves? Meanwhile India/China/Russia prepared for this day since 2010 and have gigastacks to flex more than others.

Then you have Canada, with 0 grams of gold in reserve when their biggest trade partner's currency is going down the gutter. lmao

>> No.24585254

>Then you have Canada, with 0 grams of gold in reserve when their biggest trade partner's currency is going down the gutter. lmao

god that place is so fucked. makes me scared to have my miners listed/operating there.

>> No.24585305

The hilarious part is trudeau talks about the great reset then flips and calls it a conspiracy theory

>> No.24585339

>So why would Uzbekistan central bank decide to dump their gold for worthless fiat at the very moment where it's the most VITAL for them to show up they have big reserves?
Were you going to answer this in your post or was it a rhetorical question?

>> No.24585341

>Then you have Canada, with 0 grams of gold in reserve
kek, this will never not make me laugh.
But seriously canucks, hang the traitors who allowed this, your politicians are pushing your country toward Holodomor 2.0 at warp speed. It's like they desire to see the canadians to suffer more than any others.

>> No.24585344

>Canadians technically don't own property
>Canada is getting retardedly into debt
>Trudeau is touting the reset meme as the next best thing
holy shit
he's going to hand over literally all of canada in exchange for nuking the national debt

not really but knowing how fucking retarded he is I wouldn't be surprised

>> No.24585362

thing is since our mining / mining investment sector is so strong and politically powerful Trudeau dares not touch it. Some of the Trudeau families oldest allies are mining dynasties formed during the dirty thirties.

>> No.24585405

That'll happen eventually, but first we need WEXIT so that Canada at large no longer has any value generating assets
This would probably kick off a civil war but oh well

>> No.24585406

its simply because the people running the show know that they wont face any reprisal for where they put the country other than a change in government to the "other party". As things get worse I expect to see a whole lot of blocked railways, damaged power lines and all manor of minor disruptions towards our government.

>> No.24585435

well, that gives me some peace of mind. just like here in australia, without natural resources and mining we would be a third world country.

>> No.24585609

thats not to say the big boys dont let everything go down the toilet and than take over the leftovers once the dust has settled, but i honestly dont think Trudeau has any actual plans on this. Hes following orders from others, thats why he so easily slipped up with the great reset bs. Hes reading a script and nothing more.

>> No.24585776

Do tell more. Who are these mining dynasties

>> No.24585940

I am not totally sure how many of these families know or have worked with the Trudeau family over the years but the list is long. The Pollitts family and Felderhofs have made money through political favors to do with Trudeau's father and other political allies over the decades. I believe back in the day Rob McEwen's father Don also made deals with Trudeau's father but that was a little before my time so i may be wrong. Quebec and Ontario's political power comes from the wealthy investment base that operates there, and they in turn control what works its way into provincial and federal law. Its typical backscratching.

>> No.24585993

Copper, aluminum, iron, lead, Uranium, and steel are having crazy good years and breakouts right now. Could be a situation where the industrial use of silver helps raise the price. However I don't think the commodity bull market is here just yet, so I think broader commodity prices right now are headfaking before forming a bottom.

>> No.24586009

One mining dynasty that I am family friends with are the McLeods of the Stewart / Hyder mining district fame. Some of Don McLeod's discoveries include the Scottie Gold mine and the Snowfield deposit which just changed hands to Seabridge Gold. My family and theirs are friends through his other passion, fly fishing. My father would guide for him often and I ended up working on many of the projects that Newhawk, his company would operate on up until their merger with Silver Standard. They still have a summer home in Stewart but the family now works from Toronto and Vancouver.

>> No.24586024

>However I don't think the commodity bull market is here just yet, so I think broader commodity prices right now are headfaking before forming a bottom.

i think it's pretty obvious the bull market has begun. we are in the early stages of the awareness phase.

>> No.24586175

It's mostly everyone trying to evac from the USD before Biden spams more worthless paper into the economy and achieves nothing

>> No.24586200

Past 3 presidents have hit the print button. You should be stacking regardless of which team is in the WH. It is the banker's game to think that you ever need to stop.

>> No.24586203

What ENB are you using for Skyrim?

>> No.24586234

I'm not saying that's my personal view, it's just that all the other investors who haven't caught on to the banker's game are suddenly having a collective realization and diving for shelter.
I personally really enjoy stacking and probably won't stop so that my kids can have a little treasure pile

>> No.24586286
File: 1.09 MB, 960x739, basedleaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The bull market for commodities? Or just a few? I don't see lumber or the base and battery metals getting as much demand when we inevitably have to go through a protracted insolvency event. Things look just fine right now but we're in an airpocket where things seem fine until they start breaking down. If we're going through inflation then it'd also look like their prices may be breaking out but their relative value would be breaking down. Like a real rate.

That's very cool. They never teach you this stuff where I'm from. It sounds like there's an elite group of families in Canada that are connected from Canadian history. Sort of like a secret nobility class that most city people would never hear of. I would've never imagined but it makes total sense.

>> No.24586351

Do you faggots want me to post a guide to magic in the mortal realms 101? I'm a literal weather mage and while I can't make you as strong as I am, I can walk you guys through the basics. Luckily, silver factors in heavily so you should be able to use your stacks to achieve heightened abilities. The powers that be probably won't like me doing this, but fuck 'em. I got something like a hundred thousand years or so of life in the flesh because of certain interactions and a whole lot of luck - but there is no such thing as luck, which is a great mystery in and of itself. If there's enough interest I'll sit down and type out a whole diatribe with pics and post it here later on.

>> No.24586382

I think Don McLeod would find that hilarious. He came from poverty in Scotland and his hard efforts got him and his kids to where they are now, 4 generations of prospectors and promoters. He was one of the kindest but harsh men I ve ever known. If he smelled bs he called it out. He spent much of his elderly years taking apprentices like myself out into the wilderness and teaching them how to find resources the same way he did, but also impressing the importance of modern know how and tech at the same time. If he were still alive he would have loved these sorts of forums.

>> No.24586431

Sounds like a great man and some great Canadian history.

>> No.24586490

You can read more about him here in obituary in CIM Magazine. https://magazine.cim.org/en/news/2017/don-mcleod-dies-at-88/

>> No.24586508

>use your stacks to achieve heightened abilities
Sounds good, sign me up

>> No.24586556

Good read. rest in piece.

>> No.24586632

Do it nigga,if not in this thread in any /PMG/.

>> No.24586636
File: 115 KB, 557x393, Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 15.51.33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't see lumber or the base and battery metals getting as much demand when we inevitably have to go through a protracted insolvency event.

perhaps initially. you need to consider the ramifications of this event in history we are living through. this is a fiat crisis. a money crisis, where the failed fiat experiment is coming to an end. there is going to be enormous capital flight away from this dying paper, ponzi scheme and into tangible assets.

who emerges from this crisis with the most tangible assets and REAL wealth will determine how power across the world will be distributed.

it is not the immediate 'industrial demand' from production that we are most concerned with - it is the enormous demand for 'money' to find a home in tangible assets.

Understanding the transformation that is unfolding now is the key to generational wealth.

>> No.24586716

should i buy copper? i was going to because i cant afford a gold bar and want to feel rich but now im thinking its a good idea

>> No.24586740
File: 9 KB, 247x204, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

copper colored ID. what could it mean?

>> No.24586780

buying physical copper probably isnt the best plan unless your planning to buy it by the pallet. Go for silver mate, its cheaper than gold but still precious.

>> No.24586811
File: 51 KB, 832x1152, 82B7FD5D-E42F-4D30-8FB3-34E8C7160700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It means buy yourself a big ‘ol bar of everyone’s favourite electrical conductor

>> No.24586822

I wouldnt buy physical copper lad. Junior copper miners would be a very asymmetrical risk:reward play, if you can find the right ones. Search on the archives for some info, there was been some mentioned around here recently.

If you want something physical, silver is your best play.

>> No.24586845

Roger roger. I'll get on that, no idea when I'll be posting it. For now, Bix might be a weird boomer but his first 7 or so minutes of this video are bang-on the money for how you need to look at life in order to get your hands on some REAL juice. I did it by being one of if not the most annoying people on the planet, but I don't recommend that particular method to anyone else, if only because I met some VERY stringent prereqs for what I got my dirty little paws on. The most important thing to keep in mind is you CHOSE to be here, even if it doesn't really feel like it.
Recommended reading list:
>corpus hermeticum
>area 51 uncensored history/annie jacobsen
>a man called intrepid
>any sean connery bond film
>fear and loathing in las vegas (book AND film)
>the 37th parallel/ben mezrich
>conversations with god book 4: awaken the species
>Salvatore Cezar Pais patents in US patent office
>>>/x/ : loa threads

>> No.24586869

This is how it goes. Gold
- stable
- very short in supply
- main metal for economic reset
- No swing trading
- Does not have very common industrial use due to silver and copper.
- Has both hedges in financial and industrial use
- Rare like Gold
- Cannot be salvaged over time with 100%
- more volitility
- based on two makets so creates extream downward pressue
- is currently rigged harder than the WHO rigging the pandemic narritive to give a blowie to Xi Zingping
- More plentiful
- Has more Industrial use
- It also has some financial benefit
- Almost no economic hedge
- Very reusable
- The last resort, and the peasent money from history.

>> No.24586930
File: 31 KB, 641x527, 1602378672048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I own a kilo bar of .999 fine copper, not because I think it's valuable, but because it's cool and with the proper treatment you can use it as a weapon in your dreams. You can get also get 5 oz titanium cubes for about $45, which is probably not the best use of your money but very cool nonetheless.

>> No.24587067

i was thinking it would be funny to have a pallet of copper lying around for when i have a guest over. silver does seem interesting though. especially after reading >>24586869.
checked. i will buy the copper, anon
thanks for the info friend
these titanium cubes you speak of seem interesting

>> No.24587312

And the government would never seize your PM's...

>> No.24587744
File: 67 KB, 629x487, homestake.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gold miners jump 5-10x in value during Great Depression
>gold barely gains over 2x
>gold also gets confiscated
Why are miners considered higher risk than physical?

>> No.24588302

because nobody can come get your physical. America tried it during with their bullshit about returning gold to gov, but very few people actually did it, only patriot and they got scammed. They will take it from 1 or 2 person but information get very fast nowadays, no way they get away with it.

>> No.24588548

>Why are miners considered higher risk than physical?

because all miners are leveredged to the price of the commoditie(s) they are mining. when the price is bearish, the miners will struggle to stay alive. and we're not even talking about the other multitude of problems miners face.

when the price of the commodities is bullish - the risks are massively mitigated, as the potential net profits rise exponentially with the rising price of the commodity.

investors who understand this can amass fortunes. the averege joe doesnt understand this and never will. he will buy miners at the top of a bull mania, and then hold them throughout the bear market while losing 99% of his 'investment', sell at the bottom, and then proceed to tell everyone that miners are for gamblers.

>> No.24588581
File: 80 KB, 624x516, Gold Miners vs S&P 500 73-74'.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24588616
File: 91 KB, 624x496, Gold Miners vs NASDAQ tech bust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24588641

Thank you wizardanon. Love the /x/ and /pmg/ crossovers, that come up from time to time.

>> No.24588684

How does it fail as medium of exchange?

>> No.24588875
File: 175 KB, 1280x720, 1607150928676-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao no problem. I can already feel those jackwagons getting irritated with me, which is good because somebody fucked up somewhere and let their frogs (and a whole bunch of other shit, but the frogs are the most important part) get out of hand. I'm just giving back to the community that got me to where I am today. You lads just keep on trucking and we'll all make it someday.

>> No.24588943

It is a shame I lost all my gold in a boating accident a couple weeks ago. Sure would love to donate to help Government fight hyperinflation.

>> No.24588980

nice ones

I don't understand why Italy doesn't produce modern gold bullion, they even shill gold stacking on the national bank website


I live here and have to buy commonwealth coins or austrian phillies

>> No.24589030 [DELETED] 

they do mint some nice proofs though

>> No.24589395

The medium of exchange is the tool that facilitates the indirect exchange system, which we created as a solution to the inefficient barter system.

Instead of having to 'sell' the good that you dont want directly for the good you do want to 'buy' (barter), you can now 'sell' the good for another good(the medium of exchange), and then 'buy' the goods and services you want with the medium of exchange.

For this to work, the medium of exchange(money) must be a useful commodity that can retain consistent tangible value and utility, and therefore always have demand from others who are in turn looking to exchange their goods for said commodity (now the means of exchange). One of the most important benifits of this is that the medium of exchange can now act as a 'store of value', where 'purchasing power' can be stored in a commodity that can reliably be predicted to retain value over time.

Many commodities have been used as the means of exchange throughout history, but the free market has determined Gold and Silver suit our purposes for a means of exchange best.

Crypto currency fails as a means of exchange as it is not a commodity with any utility in and of itself, therefore cannot be a store of value. Despite its advantages over commodities in a digital sense, it is still expensive, slow, and not easy to use.

>> No.24589480

I must point out the despite the beliefs of the crypto investing public, cryptocurrency is still plagued with the primary problem that baseless Fiat money has - and that is not infinite supply cap, but the simple fact that it has no tangible, inherent value in and of itself.

They will argue that its inherent value is that it's a 'superior means of exchange to anything else', but this is folly, and rooted in economic ignorance. It is no surprise, considering for the past 100 years+ the general public has been kept totally ignorant of even the most basic economics i am describing here.

Cryptocurrency certainly is superior to Fiat in its qualities, the most obvious being a limited/predictable supply. But unfortunately this is not enough, and ultimately time will prove it to not be adequate when capital flight flees from crypto and into a genuine store of value, precious metals.

>> No.24589540

>it is still expensive
Researching for a crypto ETF the cheaper options I found had a yearly commission of 2%. I only pay .5% for silver.

>> No.24589660

Crypto cucks on suicide watch.

>> No.24590618


Bitcoin is not digital gold, because it doesn't have properties of gold:

1. Independent
Physical gold is independent due to it being not only a physical item, but also a chemical element, atomic number 79 in the periodic table.

Gold does not depend on anything, including network, infrastructure, financial system, or counter-party.

There is no ecology or infrastructure that needs to exist for physical gold to be a physical gold.

Independence is important especially if there are problems with the other things.

Nothing needs to exist for physical gold to be physical gold.

2. Lasting nature & permanent
Because gold has nothing associated with human endeavor, except for itself, it lasts thousands of years through different empires, systems, technology, and preferences.

Gold remains because it doesn't need anything to exist.

3. Genuine scarcity
Gold has genuine physical scarcity because it cannot be multiplied. Talented alchemists have spent centuries to produce gold out of base metals to no success.

Gold is naturally limited. Mining is expensive, difficult, takes a long time, requires tremendous effort, and only adds 1.5% to existing stock of gold.

4. Lingua Franca of Barter
Gold is the lingua franca of barter.
Gold is the common denominator for barter of goods for goods.

>> No.24590656

Cope nigger and divrersify your folio ot stay poor
>muh silver
>muh shiny rocks
>muh ancient trae

>> No.24590699

>undpredictable supply

The feed prints out face monies everyone the government fucks up. What does daddy Adam Smith say about that?

Good bait tho

>> No.24590703

Hes a gay faggot and you people need to hang him.

>> No.24590857

Also Greshams law. BTC is deflationary (not by design, but in practice). By deflationary I mean that once supply is essentially 21 million, the actual tradable supply will decrease. Memory loss, power surges frying non-backed up wallets, wrapped btc trapped in poorly written contracts, etc. Because of this (if we assume that everyone agrees that BTC is the best store of wealth lol) everyone will expect the price to rise relative to other exchange media. This creates an enivronment where if someone receives BTC, they save it and if someone recieves other money that increases in supply (gold, silver, crypto, etc) they go out and spend that instead. With gold this isn't a problem, because ultimately it first had value because it was used in jewelry. But the only value of bitcoin is being able to give it to someone else.
It's paradoxical. BTC has value only because you can trade it, but no one uses it for trading.

>> No.24591145

Many commodities went bull early this year including lumber, ah products, precious metals, base metals. Others are cyclical so expect natural gas/heating oil and orange juice runs in winter months to catch up.

>> No.24591160

The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women. Syncytin-1 is also found in sperm.

>> No.24591186

Isn't silver actually plentiful, at least when compared to gold?

>> No.24591239

not an argument, not entirely sure what point you're even making

>> No.24591278

not an argument

>> No.24591769

>orange juice runs
Is this realistic given that there isn't gonna be a supply shortage from Brazil unless you know something I dont

>> No.24592063
File: 82 KB, 783x590, 1595871205949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sell btc for silver again

>> No.24592072

Is Rob McEwen really the son of Don McLeod? Couldn't find anything confirming that online. Other than that, fascinating knowledge Pan Man. Seems like he was a great person in many ways. To think that a living Legend has mentored you! I can also see why you're so into the Golden Triangle now lol

>> No.24592120

Pan Man, have you heard anything good or bad about Copper Mountain Mining?

>> No.24592174
File: 216 KB, 500x575, 1596636167460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know whats going on w/ GORO?

>> No.24592484

Seems like they wildly miss earnings earnings almost every quarter, and a literal 10k P/E ratio doesn't seem like it's healthy at all. I remember flipping this for a quick buck last year. Do they have something interesting on the horizon?

>> No.24592602

I think they're splitting the company into two separate companies

>> No.24592670

Ask your bank for a box of pennies if they will let you. You can sort out the pre 1982 pennies for 95% copper. And $1.51 in pennies is a pound of copper. You can't melt them down, but at some point they will let you. People have been sorting out the copper for decades. Same as silver dimes and quarters, Also, all nickels are worth keeping, Just turn cash into nickel.

>> No.24592761

>Also, all nickels are worth keeping, Just turn cash into nickel.
Aren’t you the guy that buys $20 face value of nickels a week?

>> No.24592793

It's more common, but at these prices, silver is not deliberately mined. It's more of a bonus when mining copper or gold.

>> No.24592831

The profession of private detectives is getting more popular nowadays. That’s why after the prospective pre-sale the GTX price can rise x10!

>> No.24592907

Not me. I used to sort through my change a year ago for the copper pennies. I also keep nickels too.

>> No.24593000

I remember Pan Man (I think) mentioning this a few times back. He definitely has more knowledge on this. To my recollection, they're splitting certain elements such as their production/mining department off.

>> No.24593072

I also sort through my change for silver and copper. So far the only silver I’ve found was a war nickel, and I find copper less often now.

>> No.24593075

I would argue that silver riggers are actually doing us all a pretty good favor and that it's a positive. Even if it doesn't pay off for another few years.

>> No.24593147

A decade ago, people had ryedale machines which would sort copper pennies automatically. People were hitting up every bank in the area for boxes of pennies and sorting them and loading up paint buckets FULL of copper pennies for when it becomes legal to melt. People would sell them online for a discount to the metal value as well. Easiest money you could make, but it stopped being so popular when the copper value dropped back down from being $4 a pound in 2009.

>> No.24593221

I've been considering picking one of those up.

>> No.24593269

I dunno guys. convince me not to do ETH or Bitcoin and choose gold instead?

>> No.24593315

Might be tough if there is a 'coin shortage'. The golden era of that is probably long gone. I used to do it manually while watching TV, It was surprisingly fun

>> No.24593356

You’re probably buying a top right now for one
Not a good store of wealth for another

It may go up but I’d be skeptical, especially since it has been crabbing for a week

>> No.24593371

How did you turn back in to the bank? Do they accept unrolled buckets of loose pennies?

>> No.24593372
File: 672 KB, 584x553, 1534716035331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gold and silver are both money and the best hedge against inflation.

>> No.24593449

what about coins becoming th next true fiat currency. Visa and paypal taking them seriously is a huge flag right?

>> No.24593454

It seems like December as a month is bullish for miners, is this one no exception? Shall i load up on miners?

>> No.24593531

PayPal lets people trade them, not use them. Pretty useless recognition if you ask me. As for Visa, it’s a fintech company so them accepting it doesn’t mean much. They’re hedging it because big number go up

But I wouldn’t even begin to trust a “next fiat currency” to something that’s controlled by China

>> No.24593537

You just roll them back up in the paper and cash them in at a different bank. Never churn and burn a single branch. I was never dealing in massive quantities either.
You could also scavenge through rolls of quarters and dimes for silver, and ask if they have half dollars for sale. I've found silver that way too. A branch in a grocery store is best because it will have more traffic.

>> No.24593549

ok. you convinced me on gold.
what is an actual strategy for "taking gains" on gold? Or is that not on the table (ie, just accumulate forever). If gold does really well, I'd like a strategy to actually liquidate it and use it ...
thanks for all the info.

>> No.24593592

You sell gold like you’d sell anything else. That’s how you take gains, basically. Not super complex.

Keep in mind that crypto may very well go up. I’m unconvinced though because the market conditions don’t seem to favourable a bull run, especially with low volume driving the price right now

>> No.24593603

gold and silver have 5000 years history of being used. What about cryptocurrency ? I have nothing against technology, you can speculate on coins, but seriously, you just can't trust it. At least I won't put more than I can afford to lose in those things.

>> No.24593619

If you already have btc and eth, open a kinesis account and trade directly into gold/silver without going through kyc

>> No.24594324

What are your opinions on Stroud Resources and StrikePoint Gold?

>> No.24594552

Make pepe coins and I'll buy at 35% markup.

>> No.24594558

I have gold and miners but so far the only reasons I've heard given are that bitcoin only goes up because nobody sells it which would mean you are guaranteed a buyer and it's the best store of wealth.

No intrinsic value is other argument but that hasn't stopped gold

>> No.24594569

no different Don, Don McEwen. Also yes it was an honor to wander with him, he was in his 70s when i apprenticed under him, he had so much info in his head, and he was always happy to help with problems.
nope there a strong copper producer based out of southern BC, good company.

>> No.24594664
File: 93 KB, 510x680, Strikepoint Gold lead Geo repelling to sample newly exposed VMS at Willouby Prospect 2020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont think ive heard of Stroud Resources but i ll look them up. Strikepoints a good explorer with excellent territory in the Golden Triangle, including the past producing Porter Idaho Mine.

>> No.24594944


Hey Pan Man here's a geology interview with Brent Cook and Ron Parratt with Lobo Tiggre, mentions of the Brucejack mine resource estimates being off at this timestamp.


>> No.24594998
File: 92 KB, 595x584, DtREqIeUUAAqTy4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget that schizophrenia is seen as a disease when in actuality it's people breaking out of the conditioning and seeing what really exists. I got diagnosed with schizophrenia and I fucking can't believe how blinded the masses are. Their entire reality is false, and they just sit there and believe that people like me are "sick" or "damaged" in some way just because we've opened our third eyes to uncomfortable truths of our world. It's the alienation they caused schizophrenics to actually lose it. When everyone tells you that YOU are wrong when you know deep down you're right. There's a reason schizophrenia usually manifests in adulthood, around the late 20's. There's a reason why psychedelics (mind enhancers that truly let you experience reality for what it is) less to "schizophrenics breaks" in some people; they've bitten into the apple of forbidden knowledge and can no longer return to the world they see as a fabrication. You will all see on death - the schizophrenic are essentially profits.

>> No.24595031

I cant describe how much I love that "Valley of the Kings" zone and Brucejack area. Theres visible gold in quartz stringers all over the place on those ridge lines, you could spend days just happily picking samples... good times.

>> No.24595087

Say i accumulate a couple small bars of gold. Do you just find a local dealer and say, ask to sell a certain amount, and get a smaller portion of gold (and cash) back? Should you only buy portions of gold that you are comfortable selling whole?

>> No.24595596
File: 188 KB, 1200x962, proxy-image (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All those normies care about is bread and circuses. They do not care about the finality of the world, nor the unseachable truths. They just want to eat, sleep, fuck, and repeat. Just mindless sheep to the slaughter. They are men without souls claiming they have them.

>> No.24596014

They are very flexible. They know the product and can make it work.

>> No.24596451
File: 125 KB, 602x548, surge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surge Copper CEO goes over first drill result. More results pending.


>> No.24596496

o I bet my mates out there are going to be thrilled, should go for a visit next summer while I am out at Ootsa Lake on my ground.

>> No.24597350

Very nice assay so far. I'm not invested but that resistivity target area could be a major deposit. Exciting stuff

>> No.24597379

Anyone have any more details about Abaxx?

>> No.24597454

there are quite a few targets like that along Ootsa Lake, including a porphyry exposure right on the main access road thats bright green with oxidization. I am hoping they find another Huckleberry sized mine there in the coming years.

>> No.24597730

>other human hungers
I think I know what these are but I need anons to weigh in to make sure that I'm not just an NPC
What does everyone suggest that these hungers are?

>> No.24597871

>When gold falls their profit is also x times lower than reduction in the gold price or even become non profitable.

>A lot of mines are located in very conflictive countries. War, expropriation or airborne AIDS are real threats

Also even you are giving arguments that's more risky, in finances risk is deviation from the expected value, either positive or negative.

>> No.24598107

Lust for the gain of honour,for one
Lust for conquest and adventure

>> No.24598227

Yeah aight so pretty normal desires that le overlords don't want you to have because it threatens their position
I wasn't sure how esoteric it was getting

>> No.24598899

Homestake had a guaranteed buyer under Bretton Woods, but they're considered higher risk as mines can and often will have various problems.

>> No.24599197

Maples are good, as well as Krugerrands and Philharmonics as they are .999 or .9999. Eagles are not my favorite because they are only 0.9100. they carry a premium, but a st gaudens $20 double eagle is about as kino as it gets. Incuse $2 and $5 indians are my personal second favorite. Pre 33 gold is my PM addiction.

>> No.24599343

If I could swap mt generic rounds out for eagles I would in a heart beat. They are so nice looking.

>> No.24599630

I buy eagles because they are easy to liquidate, I see them sold around here at auctions all the time, often above spot, it may be a lot harder to liquidate silver that isn't easily recognizable to the average person.

>> No.24599713

Don’t you think buffalos would be as good or better? Seems like they’d be easier to authenticate given they’re not an alloy

>> No.24599770

Eagles are easier than buffalos. Everyone wants them and they don’t scratch easily like buffalos.

>> No.24599781

Sure, I just like Eagles, but anything government issued should be fine, it's the foreign coins or blanks that seem to have a hard time selling at auction, I have seen Eagles sell for 30+ this year and in the same auction some commemorative coin with the same amount of silver in it was selling for like 15.

>> No.24599988

Who cares about scratches on bullion honestly... is that even a thing?

>> No.24600147

The jews like to scratch off little bits and pieces of bullion with toe nail clippers and steal your bullion.

>> No.24600211

Buy whichever you like. It doesn’t matter much. Eagles are just more well known and more common.

>> No.24600249

If you like I have a copy of the remote viewing training tapes the Monroe institute made, they're pretty expensive.

>> No.24600253

so should I buy bars of gold, or coins?

>> No.24600297

Well known coins. It's well known that Jews fill tungsten filled bars and coat them in gold.

>> No.24600313

Yea I will buy whatever I want but I also want to hear others opinions.

Personally I know it is easier to counterfeit an eagle than a buffalo, but the recognizability is an important point

>> No.24600360
File: 93 KB, 1000x800, 1546643572648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, that'd be great fren!

>> No.24600530

>Isn't silver actually plentiful
Do you know the average silver concentration in the earth crust by any chance anon?

>> No.24601452

Just read through this. Pretty interesting, but I really don't buy the initial valuation as being that high.


>> No.24601956

Pmg more dead than usual

>> No.24602035



>> No.24602060

There's only so much discussion you can hold before weak hands shake out and the true hodlers run out of things to say. Why else do you think we discuss conspiracies and magic and shit?

>> No.24602194

Silver can go to zero or 100 dollars, I don't care, I just want something to happen

>> No.24602204

I am busy today but things will pop up again like anon said theres only so much we can talk about at once.

>> No.24602361

How does copper relate to gold and silver? I know in the SW states they get a lot of silver while mining copper but in the UP it was all native copper and relatively no other ores from my understanding.

>> No.24602427

people are going crazy over uranium in $UUUU. i was the anon with a bunch of miner stocks that has been shilling that here for months. kek.

>> No.24602540
File: 219 KB, 550x550, halfie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in the UP it was all native copper and relatively no other ores from my understanding.
the area is famous for its copper-silver crystals, called halfbreeds.

>> No.24602593

Yeah I remember that. Why is it pumping again? All commodities going up?

>> No.24602599

Thats a shit company fren

>> No.24602677

It's on its way, don't you worry. I've been getting divinations about my financial future and I'm set in stone for being set for life lol and I have 1500+ toz silver 4 toz gold.

>> No.24602748

Different regional geology generates different ore structures. Ore deposits often get modified by later geology as well so you can get multiple layered structures on top of each other. I am not well versed in the Michigan silver / copper belt geologically but i can investigate later, but for ore bodies on the west coast, use this link, it explains most of whats going on, as i dont have time to write a whole lecture. https://www.911metallurgist.com/blog/geology-of-porphyry-copper-deposits

>> No.24602802
File: 14 KB, 300x230, 1606704541391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best place to order PMs online from as a Canadian?

>> No.24602907

>14 billion pounds of copper to 1 million pounds of silver.
I didn’t say there weren’t silver deposits, I said “relatively no other ores”. What I mean is why is copper considered a harbinger of silver when in the UP silver was found at a rate of .00007% compared to copper.

>> No.24602935

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

>> No.24602958

>How does copper relate to gold and silver?
Basically all those metals melted and sank into the core of the Earth billions of years ago. But within the liquid lava mantle there's currents of magma that can bring metals up to the surface from the core and leak them into the crust as ore deposits. It takes a particularly violent movement of magma to transport heavy metals from the area of the core to the surface. Not all ore deposits came from magma flows that deep and that powerful. So some ore deposits are rich in one or more types of metal while lacking others.

Once the magma hits the crust it cools and loses energy and the metals crystalize out, but they crystalize out at various places because of different weights and solubility. So iron and gold tend to crystalize out together. Lead and silver go together. Copper and nickel. Zinc and tin. These metals often appear together, but not always.

after that initial sorting the metals can be re-dissolved and re-deposited by hot water and various chemical solvents in the ground. But just like in the magma deposits, certain metals tend to dissolve and crystalize together. However conditions may not be right to move all those metals and we find cases where only a couple minerals were dissolved and re-deposited, with the remainder probably lost below the crust of the Earth.

UP is mostly the first and second type of deposit, a primary deposit of copper and some silver that came from magma lacking gold and lead and iron. Some secondary deposits also exist, where the metal was dissolved from that cooled lava and leaked into surrounding rocks.

Upshot is pm's usually appear together in ore with other metals, usually in predictable series. But there's a few possible reasons why they might not. And often enough they don't show up together in any significant quantities.

>> No.24602997

I've been looking at bordergold and the coinhunter/silver maple, it's high volume subsidiary. Bordergold seems to be the best price for gold maples while coinhunter seems to have the best premiums on silver

>> No.24603036

so every thread we have some crypto kiddie come in here and post about how asteroid mining will soon make pm's worthless, it's nonsense and we know it but it made me think, why isn't ocean mining a thing? 2/3 of the earth's surface is ocean, surely there must be gold and silver fields on the bottom that are loads better than anything ever found on land, what's stopping ocean mining from being profitable? Cause we will definitely have ocean mining before we ever get asteroid mining.

>> No.24603082

>debt free
>CEO a mining guy
>US based
ok, tell me the bad news now
flight to yield value.

>> No.24603117
File: 72 KB, 800x675, Management.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its been tried but its just not economical to extract metals dissolved in solution, and now many nations want to ban deep sea mining off their coasts because its too hazardous to marine life. Also its a problem of tech not being able to handle the work its designed to do. These deep sea mining rigs all failed in their first 2 hours of test operations on black smokers.

>> No.24603150

>surely there must be gold and silver fields on the bottom that are loads better than anything ever found on land
ores come from magma rising to the surface in extremely strong currents that push up land and move techtonic plates. Also the movement of techtonic plates produces weak areas at the subduction edge where ores come out as volcanos. Because of this dynamic most ore deposits are found not just on the continents, but on the mountains of the continents. There is no gold ore on the bottom of the ocean worth mining because gold ore is by nature deposited in mountains on continents. Also most of the world's gold was deposited at a very specific time in the past because of a geological event that happened then and hasn't happened before or since.

there is gold dissolved in seawater, but not enough to pay for the energy cost of harvesting it.

>> No.24603181

the ocean has tons of mountains though and tons of very active volcanoes are underwater

>> No.24603189

>UP is mostly the first and second type of deposit, a primary deposit of copper and some silver that came from magma lacking gold and lead and iron
In 1994 the UP produced 95% of the Iron ore in the US.

>> No.24603210
File: 201 KB, 660x780, 1599557537010.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I wasn't going to poat these, but I really want to share. Anybody remember the redpills I dropped a while back regarding cesium and rubidium? Well here's some more info on those technologies. Do whatever you want with this info my dudes.



I'm not going to sit down and seperate all the bullshit from the truth for you guys because that's part of the fun. If you go througn my read/watch recs posted earlier you should be able to get a general understanding of what's really going on up there.

>> No.24603236

For me, it's ambergris

>> No.24603253

show stack

>> No.24603271

Thanks dude. Coinhunter seems to have much better prices than bullionmart.ca

>> No.24603287

Haven't posted to fark in over a decade. Used to be a really smart fun place, now it's one of the worst places on the internet, shame

>> No.24603299

not from the right age
>In 1994 the UP produced 95% of the Iron ore in the US.
yep. That ore deposit is a different sort than the copper. My understanding is that it's mostly biological in origin, copper from the oxygen catastrophe.

>> No.24603308

not quite true, many deposits started out as sea bed, often as black smokers or other structures on the sea floor which were buried than brought back to the surface in mountain building or through accretion to a continent as the sea floor subducts below. The VMS deposits in the golden triangle for example often started out as these formations and than were modified though further actions. There are a lot of different ways PMs can become ore bodies these videos are still the best in my opinion for describing them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXqE82UIVVU&t=53s

>> No.24603311

I guess I should have differentiated my first post. When talking about the silver and copper I was primarily referring to the keweenaw region in the UP. The rest of the western mining region of the UP is Iron mines for the most part.

>> No.24603324

>copper from the oxygen catastrophe.

>> No.24603335

It's a better buy than cameco?

>> No.24603360

yes but these are also very "new" in geologic terms. The deposits growing from this activity will likely not have had enough time to become as rich as their earlier counterparts now part of mountain formations on land.

>> No.24603376

Do you believe that quantum computers are currently online and processing meaningful data?

>> No.24603386

yep, but the process of deposition by its nature lifted the land, and by its location resulted in the land lifting. And the location was no accident, ore is usually deposited on the edges of the continent where one side is rising and the other dropping. And the side that drops is destroyed, leaving only the rising ore bodies.

>> No.24603436

>Do you believe that quantum computers are currently online and processing meaningful data?
there are, but for very specific processes, there is no "generic" quantum processor like your CPU is designed for general computing, but there are specialized ones up and running like a graphics card is designed for graphics.

>> No.24603453

New thread


>> No.24603467

yep thanks to all that subduction action driving melting on the continental contact, all those nice metals and minerals flow up and become magma which ends up generating copper porphories, skarns and the movement generates the fissures for quartz vein fluids to form. Everythings connected.

>> No.24603496

Thanks but I’m interested in the schizo opinion (no offense intended)

>> No.24603501

It's a beautiful dance

>> No.24603520
File: 275 KB, 1948x1095, Sigil of Civilization Disruption.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24603554

Explain, they're probably the best producer pick.
Tomorrow I'm picking up some more Canalaska, UEX, and Goviex. I bought the bottom, time to add on breakout. Already Fission, Encore, Nexgen, Energy Fuels, Cameco, Denison, global atomic, Uranium Royalty, Ur-energy

>> No.24603582

When I did my research (back in July), yes. I watched some youtube videos with the CEO and that + the recent insider buys made it an easy buy. plus the ticker is memorable and people will remember it. I like the idea of having it based in the US the most and that they're debt free.

>> No.24603604

Honestly I have no idea what quantum computing can reall do. I do think that normal computers have been intentionally gimped, backdoored on the chips, and a bunch of them have antennas that can pick up on stuff you wouldn't believe. When was the last time you looked at all the towers with antennas on them and asked yourself if you knew what each and every one of them was doing?

>> No.24603626

That bring up an interesting thought; why is there no interest in ocean mining?
>inb4 drilling for oil

>> No.24603706

We need a new thread someone

>> No.24603722
File: 2.61 MB, 2500x1608, deep sea miner 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

again because its never been profitable, its too technically challenging. Most of these high value targets found on the sea floor are kms from the surface and machines just dont seem to work great at crushing depths. This gear cost 20 million to develop and a specialized mining rig ship that cost probably 100 million to build but it never worked.

>> No.24603757

should just show any asteroid posters that pic and ask them if their asteroid miner will be cheaper lol

>> No.24603765

Do it yourself instead of complaining you faggot bitch

>> No.24603781


>> No.24603805
File: 31 KB, 917x1027, 1602025699661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then don't complain about not having bread

>> No.24603808

yep if we cant even properly strip mine the sea floors how the hell are we going to mine space.

>> No.24603828

that was madsci's argument with hampture
Anything we dream of doing in space would be much cheaper and easier to first do in the oceans. And we're not doing shit in the deep oceans.

>> No.24603852

Give me some info on this, looking for something interesting to read about. I’ve never heard of it before.

>> No.24603888

Anyone ever mined in Hawaii?

>> No.24603902

Who’s baking?

>> No.24603904

Good answer. I believe you a little more now. I hope you stick around in the next thread.

>> No.24603915

>we're not doing shit in the deep oceans
*that we know of
You guys have been lied to about literally everything in your world for all your lives. Who says we're not doing anything in the deep oceans? I'll give you a hint: the US.gov protects its deep-sea assets more than any other secret.

>> No.24603922
File: 576 KB, 720x599, prirazlomnaya_offshore_ice_resistant_stationary_platform.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Russians have been pumping shitloads of oil out of the arctic as it`s easier recently since ice has been melting.

>> No.24603932

heres Nautilus Minings obituary in Mining.com from last year. https://www.mining.com/nautilus-minerals-officially-sinks-shares-still-trading/
Simply put the company made new tech and hyped the world on deep sea mining but nothing worked. Eventually Anglo American mining pulled out as a partner and the company kept sinking in debt til it caved in.

>> No.24603965
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Pic is a massive platform they have with huge shields against ice.

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nothing but pure sulfur mining done in the turn of the century if my memory serves, its the wrong kind of volcanology for PMs to form.

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On my list. Just read the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. E Michael Jones is a SAINT.

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