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What went so terribly wrong?

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nothing, it was all part of the plan

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SmartContract co. scam in the uk

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I didn't buy more in 2017

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Asleep at the wheel. Pretty sure they've been badly floundering for adoption for years but covered it 'pursuing' big players, can't keep that up forever though so it's just token dumps and hopes that someone gives them some interest. An absolute tonne of great tech ideas never get picked up, it's a risk of the arena.

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Nothing... now u buy n hold. U did sell at that 20 dollor bubble right?

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The world needs this, it has to happen.

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He's burnt out atm, let the man rest a couple years

Were all neets here anyway, we can wait a few more years

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we both know that no matter how many times you make this retarded thread every week, the answer is that you should have had a better job than flipping burgers or whatever it is that completely retarded faggots like you were doing back in 2017-2018 when it was cheap so that you could buy more
s and h

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Riddle anon here. A message to drunk anon. It's 2020 and we're the only ones left here. Finally the two of us, the two schitzos, have started communicating to each other. Bless thy soul. It is coming closer. The truth is out there. Do you want to believe?

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Yes everyone sold in those hours where it was at ATH. Literal hours in a 24/7 market. Literally everyone.

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A guy with the name Big Mac made a mess in Sir Gays asshole.

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