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It's my 30th birthsday today

Wat do

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Buy me a beer and we can talk about the good ol times.

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Can I have yor stuff?

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Happy birthday, maybe you should pay some whore to suck your pee pee.

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Hey fren. It is my 32nd today.

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Sure thing buddy

I'm not planing to hero

My gf will surely oblidge but a little change would be nice desu

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Happy bday anon!

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Happy birthday frens

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So hows life anon? Happy with where you are at 30?

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Congrats anon.
Do something nice with your gf?
Maybe feast on a big mac in honor for Sirgay?

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Poo in the street

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A toast!

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if you're a wizard, pick your spells.

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Ugly man

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AYYYY nice trips
Happy birthday fren enjoy cyberpunk and put $999 on red at the reservation

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Well, I guess so.
Living comfy life succesfully larping as Chad, but deep inside I'm still an autismo warrior

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Excellent trips. Here's to you, OP.

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Now check mine

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Close enough fren

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stop posting here boomer
this site is for kids

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that's my deadline anon

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Guess I'll go back to the nuring house gramps

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Pay attention for when your first spell or arcane knowledge drops. I got arcane knowledge that blackpilled the shit out of me, you should hope for fireball or something.

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Checked and happy birthday
Biz has probably the oldest userbase of all boards which is why you don't see so many whiny incels here

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Happy birthday man :)

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Happy birthday OP. It is my 87th birthday. My mom is buying me a gameboy color.

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A lot of us have been here since the late 00's, back when were teens. In a couple of years, a considerable portion of the userbase will be over 40. I'm curious of the portfolios they'll post then.

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You know it'll be the same degenerate crypto shitcoins and meme stocks. They'll be even more desperate to "make it" once they feel their health deteriorating and real retirement looming.

Alternatively you'll see people flexing their 1000LINK stacks and getting treated like geniuses by the newfags the same way a 100BTC stack is treated today.

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my best friend and i bought budget chinese hookers in tokyo and i demanded a toothbrush because i had just eaten tapeworm-infested street kebab
i recommend that

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Happy birthday anon!

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Her boobs are too small.

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>87th birthday
>wants a gameboy
Yeah I call bullshit, your mom isn't buying a gameboy.

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Dude! It’s my 31st bday today! Congrats!

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Happy Birthday, Anon. Time to All in Statera.

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invest in some heavenly treasures fren. Also happy birthday

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Have birthday to our resident boom booms!

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Happy birthday anon.
Happy birthday and checked. Looks like someone has already given you his gift.

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Happy anniversary anon.

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