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Top 200 link holder here. I've been pushed down over 10 places on ethscan during the last few days. The lowest wallet in the top 200 owns 180k link. Do with this information what you will.

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I’m 240K LINK and had me around #146 collectively
Large accumulation has been taken place for yrs now

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where to check rank? I have 50 link coins

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Top 3 wallet here. Going to be selling a couple million here gotta a little bit of a golden arch craving here

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Top 250 link holder here.
This explains why I had a harder time to find my wallet.
I should write down my ranking because I never remember it.
Do you know which wallets moved this ranking?

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Sure is Pajeet and Ranjeet ITT.

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You have 3-4 million dollars and you’re spending time on a Peruvian cattle shearing forum. Why

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If I ever make it I probably will just keep shitposting

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#2 holder here

you're basically all my subjects besides Sirgay

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me on the left

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i’m only in the top 2000
feels bad man

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It may be a lot harder to change yourself enough to make a difference in your life than to become a millionaire.
I can't even manage to think of stopping wageslaving despite not needing it.
Once you make it you will realize the biggest prison is your mind.

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At least some of it has come from walkets holding 200k link exactly. These have definitely gone up in number but I couldn't say by how many, i just noticed there's more of them. But then theres a wallet that's now directly above me and it's bought around 10k link in the last week. It's pissed me off cause it's only a few link more than me, & is going to make me buy more just to get above it again

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I only have 500 linkies:(
Will I be able to afford a new car?

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kinda weird how most of these top 200 wallets remain untouch lol.

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Still in the top 150 here. pretty much unchanged rank with a little over 250k

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You are at the top 89,122

A little more and you could be top 89,000

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You are top 89k. Damn. Such accumulation

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This feels like 2018 again. It's never enough...
Good luck on your quest to become the number 1 wallet!

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Top 1 wallet here. Thinking of selling all my linkies and then buying them up again a couple of days later after the price has sunk to $0.50

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Fuck. Ive lost 2 spaces. #148 now

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My wallet is in the top 750 which is pretty crazy, still sliding in spots though. People keep buying 10-30 link a day and sliding me

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a top ~ 750 wallet today was in the mid 800s before the march crash

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Fuck your link lol

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Good 1 anon. What should I be doing if my law office is closed due to COVID19?

Here’s page 1 of 6 for my market buy in July 2018.

Suck it fag.

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Page 6

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As in it went up in rank, or $800k?

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Depends 9n the model

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Do you think of quitting your job when you reach 10+ million?
Or do you like your work and plan to continue doing it?

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First things first.

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How nice of you to let us know OP, always looking out for your anonymous friends.

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1 billion wallets EOY

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>ctrl + f
>no schwab

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>this guy
>ctrl + f: girls fucked

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but how do you actually calculate your rank, like, x is in top 5%?

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I’ll continue working through my contractual obligations, which end 2023.
Might end up being perfect timing.

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Just look on ethscan at the holders, it only shows the top 1000 though

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>You have 3-4 million dollars and you’re spending time on a Peruvian cattle shearing forum. Why
>Once you make it you will realize the biggest prison is your mind.

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Travel bans, restrictions, curfews, social distancing. Same shit like everybody else.

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it would have been ranked in the top ~850 wallets in march

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>Once you make it you will realize the biggest prison is your mind.

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Do you guys hold Bitcoin too or just pure LINK?

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i hold wlink on the bitcoin blockchain

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fuck off retard

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holy shit the amount of larp ITT, yeah sure some autists are the top 250 holders of one of the top 10 crypto. and just because you bought in 2018 like this retard >>24706347 it doesn’t meant you still have that much today. fuck all of you for demoralizing us.

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Just keep buying

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kek you idiot, were you not here in 2017 when half of biz jumped in the ico? I didnt' even try for much and I'm top 750 in the world.

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Not larping

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I’m trying but it’s too expensive for me, can barely accumulate 100 a month

no, I wasn’t and yeah I believe that anons bought in early but you’re telling me they held all these years without selling a single one? I find that extremely unlikely

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Just keep buying whatever you can. There is a guy above me in wallets and he accumulates some every week. Since the summer it's only been small amounts he's added, like 20 link sometimes. But he still adds some every week

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Fucking scammers. Every time link crashes they're on here shilling.

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Dats rite wite boi. Crypto is r cultur n sheet ya kno wat i meen? We da top holdas now nigga, how u feel cracka? U mad? U angry? U never b #1 bc i run da jungl nigga.

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Not larping, I really have 1k LINK.

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Feels so comfy that newfags don’t believe that 2017 buyers have at least 50k link.

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Ok this is stupid. Tracking your wallet based on ranks is dumb because you can just split up your holdings in multiple wallets.

T. Whale who bought in 2018. Ico buyer with 12 different wallets

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I was late to the party, only found link in 2020 and I have 15k.

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Its all so tiresome.

I did say “collectively”

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What’s ur total stack

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top 300 wallet here. i just farted. do with this information what you will.

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