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making money when your girl of 7+ years now ex left you for another
how do you do it?
how do you wake up and become financially free when you're so depressed you feel like you're both high and drunk
she's probably getting fucked as I speak
I wanted a family with her, she had the best dna for me and I'm getting too old now
god it hurts

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stop caring about women

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My friend DeShawn is always happy to rape for me in mineshafts.

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I could say you’ll get over her with time, but the truth is you’ll only actually get over her when you meet someone new :(

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been there anon. time will heal your wounds and compound interest will happen in the background
that being said, love is more important than money

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You stop being a pussy and grow up and realize whores ain't shit to cry over. She wasn't your first crush and won't be the last. Unless you're 50+ you're not too old to have kids as a man.

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why would you want to have kids in 2020? Just go to Pattaya and spend all the money you have then kys

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Time is the best medicine bro..
It's normal to feel completely JUSTed after a break-up..
Keep busy. Exercise, work, go out and meet some new people etc.
I know it doesn't feel that way right now, but you will get over her. It's only a matter of time. You will probably feel better in a few months.

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actually it's almost a year and the feeling is as intense as the first week, I just can't get her out of my head because I'm kind of a logical person and she had the best body I've seen + she was kind, well mannered, good taste and I know women are going to the man they find "better", I've been raised to want a family and I value that

I've made much efforts during that time allowing me to keep an income to not become homeless but sometimes I just realize the situation and it just feels like I'm trying to ignore reality and what I want and it's fucked up, any concrete advice appreciated except time

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Do a Fritzl

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sorry to hear that fren... I went through a brutal break-up afew years ago too..
Try meeting some new girls :/

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Generally i go to the strip club. Strippers have a power over me to forget all troubles and at least enjoy that night and spend all the money i brought. Wow good times its been a while locked down for over 2 years now

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step 1: sstop crying like a faget

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Down to talk about it? How was it towards the end and what was the guy she left you for like?

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to be honest chemicals felt like the only solution, I'll check that thanks

I do meet new girls, and talk to many, but it just feels like I'm lying to myself

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I didn't fell for the vaginal jew to begin with.

1 or 2 escorts a month is cheaper and enough to focus on making money

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toward the end, routine maybe, and she said that she didn't felt that I love her or that she loves me anymore, I probably did many mistakes because it was my first relationship above 1 year, I think I was just a poorfag that wasn't able to provide her what she expected, she probably saw me as a man who do nothing which might have been true since I'm rather poor (to improve you have to recognize where you're starting from)

the other I don't know much, he's maybe 3-4 years older, and he for sure earns more than me, but he's most certainly a wage slave, I don't know much more, probably he has a house and a fancy car and many friends

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>crybaby pussy
>women leave him
She is probably getting fucked by a guy who doesnt care about her at all and fucks her without emotion.
The black pill is that she got disgusted with you because you actually loved her and showed vulnerability to her.

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What country are you from? Do you think that conceivably in a relatively foreseeable time frame you may be able to surpass him in the areas that make him better than you?

This is not to get her back, just a way to motivate you to a point of laying the foundation of moving past her

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I learned about this too late, women always go toward someone they see as better if they have an opportunity, and somehow being always loving and kind is not what they want, go figure

western eu
I don't know, if crypto pumps and he has no crypto yes, but that is kind of random and not really fulfilling

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new girls do help somewhat, and increase your odds of finding love again. also, getting back together means the same problems as before, so no reason you wouldn't go through the same thing again.

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hey, you had 7 years of good times at least, some guys get 0 action lol.

that sucks though

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Don't worry, anon. I've been there. I'll just go ahead and chime in and say that they're a dime a dozen. Pick yourself up, I swear you'll be ok. There's honestly nothing any of us can say to make you feel better, but you'll slowly acquiesce and the memories won't be so painful. I know, I was in the exact same spot a few years ago. Even worse, our circles were very interconnected and everywhere I previously went to enjoy myself, I'd encounter some mutual acquaintance and it would ruin my day.

I moved to a new city. Did some searching about median wages in my line of work, etc, and thought long and hard about what I wanted out of life. Took a chance, and now I make more than before, have a gorgeous partner (I know she wants to get married, but honestly at this point I don't think I'll ever bother), a nice duplex in which I live in half, rent out the other to pay my mortgage... my life has improved in most every way... and to be honest, I'm not very bright. Really. In fact, I'm a fucking construction laborer... but I found a niche within that that pays well, and make more money than any brainlet has a right to.

Anyways, I've gotten off-course... this is about you; I just wanted to relate that you're going to be fine, man. Clean yourself up, spend time with some friends, and when you feel like putting yourself out there, don't go to bars to meet a woman, join some coed sport or fitness group. Don't be a total weirdo, and don't jump the gun and hit on roasties right away, and you'll get plenty of chances.

It's going to be ok, my dude.

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thanks for the words, kind of help a bit to know it happens to others here. if you kept your time comparing her to others for years and determining that she was objectively the best though it's very bad, don't do it, now I couldn't find her flaws which she probably had, and it makes it orders of magnitude harder to handle I feel

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Two scenarios.
1: She's genuinely as kind as you say she is, and so she probably would've wanted you to move on and find happiness, so do right by her and try to do that.

2: She isn't all that kind and never cared how well you would do, so stop caring what she thinks and mentally tell her to fuck off, and go find someone better.

>she's probably getting fucked as I speak
And you had fun fucking her for 7+ years, maybe there were a bunch of guys jealous of you during that time. And if this person who you say is so beautiful and kind and what not wanted to be exclusive with you for that long, you probably aren't all that bad yourself. She clearly liked you at some point, and saw you as equal to her. So don't assume you were the lucky one in the relationship. Maybe later she'll realize that she was the one that changed, and she was the one who fucked up and ended the relationship.

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Read this faggot let me know what you think

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If it makes you feel any better, she'll probably jump to another relationship or two, and then marry out of desperation to someone weaker than you.

"Success is the best revenge" sounds like absolute cliched garbage, but it's absolutely true.

The woman I almost necked myself over, ended up getting knocked up by a failed musician and now works at a call-center, a single mother. I thought she was perfect, too, but damned if her life's trajectory didn't prove me dead wrong.

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Know your pain lad. Broke up with a 10/10 gril in May. Not because I didn't love her, because she wasjust too crazy to deal with, many mental health problems. We had a 6 month old at the time. Shit was awful and I neeted for 6 months trading crypto from my bed. Recently though things are improving, I lift dumbells and stopped ordering takeaway food, I go for a long walk every night and I am starting to feel better. She got me charged with domestic abuse when I broke up wilth her and I am still waiting for my trial where I am going to take her to pieces. Not something I want to do but she forced my hand. I have not seen my daughter since May.
Get some exercise, eat well and start getting out and about and things will improve. Good luck.

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kill her in minecraft

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did she leave you for a big black man?

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Stop being a faggot and forget about her. Focus on yourself, your personal development, and building wealth. Women will come out of the woodwork.

Probably your ex too... wondering why you haven't called her

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You had 7 years to knock her up. She was probably getting impatient with you

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Everyone is going to tell you that it's going to be okay and you'll get over it. Time heals all wounds, etc.

But the truth is, she left you because you became a huge complacent faggot. Same old story told a million different ways. She probably gave you signs that she was falling out of love with you, but your dumb ass ignored it. Then one day she broke up with you, and let me guess, it just "came out of nowhere"

She didn't want to waste any more time with you, and found someone better. Btw, she's not going to leave until someone else is in the picture. So yes, she is happily fucking a new guy. He's going to the be the right man for her now, not you. If for some reason, that idiot dumps her, she will call you back crying and you'll probably take her back. But she doesn't actually want you back, she just wants to know she is wanted.

You have to examine yourself and do some introspection. You have to learn where and why you fucked up.

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I fuckin hate you frenchy

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She didn’t have the best dna for you or else she wouldn’t have left you. My girlfriend insists I’m the most attractive guy in the world and that I’m her soulmate. Even though I’m an 8/10 on a good day. That’s the power of compatible dna. So you should be thankful that now you have an opportunity to find the person who actually is meant for you.

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based brainlet

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exact thing happened to me end of 2017
i simply started pouring everything into chainlink like a retard
three years later life is easy
also got married a month ago

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Why is this board being raided by simping cucks lately

Pro tip dude no one gives a shit about your whore of a gf and mother to match

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Fuck imagine getting this fucked up over a roastie. Just get a new one dude and you’ll forget about your ex after a few months tops.

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