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I understand there is a certain order and unspoken hierarchy in /biz/ that goes on in the background. You have different factions pushing their agenda one way or another by fud, LARP, shill, etc. The oldfags feed on the newfags and if the newfags survive the brutal baptism of rugpulls, bad trades, buying tops, they eventually become an oldfag and begin feeding on the newcommers like the rest of us piranhas.

I understand this hierarchy but I am creature of chaos so I will endlessly fuck eith every established system in an attempt to disassemble it.

Hear yee hear yee my newfriends, who jut discovered the crypto market, XRP is easily one of the mot trusted projects in the crypto space. Like come on, ripple signed a contract with Bank of America. Regardless of XRP being a seperate thing from Ripple, they wouldn't invest millions of dollars in work hours of actual professional american coders and cryptographers, just to create a 30-50 c scam, thus risking the integrity of the whole company.

If you want a safe hold, guaranteed gains and peace of mind, just accumulate XRP in the 30-60 range.

I'll imagine your gratitude next year.

XRP schizos are crazy but right.

EVERYONE holds at least some XRP

ALL the people shitting on it are either holders who are accumulating more, or actual dipshits.

Tits for attention, it's the president of Croatia

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> that spacing
Go back, also no, you don't need to be horrible at trading to be an oldfag lmfao.

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I sure would turn that man out! LOL

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Based BOOBA poster.

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Niggers and boomers love XRP. Do with this information what you will.

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Observe newfags, you will encounter a lot of wretched creatures like this one, they spit, piss and shit everywhere as they walk and 90% of everything they post on here is meaningless. They don't even know why they do it.

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Niggers and boomers and chink and indians and fucking Eskimos, I want all of them to love XRP because they will buy it. That's the whole point of adoption, right friend?

Based post

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>a fucking ripple thread

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How many BTC to breed her 10 times?

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Yes, it's amazing what a hot topic XRP has become lately, isn't it? I wonder what publicity and attention might do to the price?...

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This is wonderful site

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>fuck jannies
>fuck discord trannies
>fuck niggers
>fuck jews
>fuck you

Elon Musk is Satoshi, 100k per BTC, 1K per LINK and 10k per ETH will be the bottom in 5 years and I will pay your salary in XRP so that you can shill stocks and coins for me.

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